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6 Videos (23m)
    • 1 So You Want to Paint Faces

    • 2 The Paint

    • 3 Brushes, Sponges, etc

    • 4 Basic Techniques

    • 5 The Project

    • 6 Final Thoughts


About This Class

The perfect introduction to face painting and products in the professional industry. Great for beginners or people wishing to brush up on the basics. This class will walk you through a basic kit and explore the different types of paint and brushes. A few basic techniques are also covered. Watch this class to discover if face painting is right for you! 


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This was brilliant. For people completely new to art supplies this might leave you with a few questions (nothing too hard to find answers for though). For me and others however who are somewhat familiar this goes at the perfect pace to understand what is different from what you are familiar with and what is not. I found it an awesome crash course and a quick way of getting my bearings. Thank you for teaching it!
Her passion is very inspiring and evident in this lesson. Very informative and helpful as well.
All the basics to help someone get started. Loved it!!





Laura Pennock

Professional Face Painter

Crafts Lifestyle