Anyone Can Draw : 80 Easy Floral Illustrations - Sell it or Use it ! (Part 1) | Hanny Agustine | Skillshare

Anyone Can Draw : 80 Easy Floral Illustrations - Sell it or Use it ! (Part 1)

Hanny Agustine, Artist | Designer | Teacher

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6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Tools & Drawing Practice Sheets

    • 3. Draw 14 Flowers

    • 4. Draw Another 18 flowers

    • 5. Sell it or Use it !

    • 6. Project Assignment


About This Class


Drawing floral is always interesting. It explores our creativity and after you join this floral illustrations class, you can SELL or USE personally because your illustration will look so amazing on wrapping paper, mug, book cover, greeting card, placemat and so forth like my drawing below.


In this class I will teach you how to draw 80 easy floral illustrations that you can apply it later on everything. Drawing floral or flower should not always as real flower in our garden, right ? Because floral illustration can be drawn by any shape, dots and lines.

The illustration that you will learn here is super super easy and super creative. Everybody can join this class. You only need a paper or sketchbook and black pen.

I make it into 2 classes to save your watching time, so make sure you join Part 1 and Part 2 class.

In Part 1, you will learn :

  • How to draw 14 floral illustrations
  • Step by step to draw another 18 florals, so total you learn to draw 32 floral illustrations

In Part 2, you will learn :

  • How to draw another 48 floral illustrations
  • Apply your skill to draw on everything such as mug, cup, envelopes, book cover, wreath and so forth

You also can practice on Drawing Sheets that I provide it in Class Project attachment. Just download it, print it and you can practice drawing each of my floral illustration at the blank space.

Watch my class and submit your project very soon. You can WIN COMPETITION. At this time, for the winner I provide a special gift as shown below, this pouch is designed with iPad, print it on fabric and sew it to be a nice pouch with leather handle.



Oh yes, you can learn how to draw with iPad like that in my class "From iPad to Home Decor - with Paper53 and Photoshop". It's FREE.

Win this special gift for the best project of each class in Part 1 and Part 2. I will send it to your door personally.

I appreciate your Like in this class, and please WRITE A REVIEW for me and .... I can't wait to having your project submission very soon.

Don't forget to post your project in your Instagram and tag me @hanny.agustine, so I can repost your project.

I would be very happy to have any question you may have after joining my class.

Happy Drawing Floral,