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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

18 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro to Brush Lettering

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. The Lines

    • 4. The Line Letters and Words

    • 5. The Mountains

    • 6. The Mountain Letters and Words

    • 7. The Valleys

    • 8. They Valley Letters and Words

    • 9. The Circles

    • 10. The Circle Letters and Words

    • 11. The Crescent Moon

    • 12. The Crescent Moon Letters and Words

    • 13. The Backwards Crescent

    • 14. The Backwards Crescent Letters and Words

    • 15. The Weirdos

    • 16. The Weirdo Letters and Words

    • 17. Final Project

    • 18. Thank You!

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About This Class

This class is for the absolute beginner to brush lettering - especially someone who's been frustrated by learning brush lettering before!

In this class, I break up the alphabet in a unique way, forcing you to see the shapes of the letters - and then quickly moving onto simple words.  This way you can see what you're learning right away.

This class includes a 20 page brush lettering practice sheet set - all to get you started on your journey.

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Sarah Leigh

I'm Knot Tangled - Illustrations & Art


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1. Intro to Brush Lettering: hello and welcome to anyone from brush Letter. I strongly believe that with the right tools and their way of looking at letters on a bit of practice, anyone you make beautiful brush letter pieces of art in this over the proper tools. Then, from there, we're going to look at shapes from their shapes, will make letters and immediately after make works so that you can feel successful right away. I made this class because I had a lot of trouble living the breast letter. Um, a lot of failed attempts a lot. So I found a second if it worked for me and that I don't work for you too, and that you could be successful and happy your letter. So can't wait to see what you create. And I can't wait to see how much fun you're gonna have. Thanks and enjoy 2. Supplies: Hey, the great thing about brush lettering is that you don't need a lot of supplies. So big thumbs up for that. Okay? Generally, what you're gonna want is a water based brush pen. Now, there are a lot of different options. I don't even have them all here. But for the one we're focused on, mostly for this class is the Tom Bo. Um, it's water based and think so nice. Big brush pen for that. Another great one is the Royal Talons ego line. It's a little bit of a software one, but beautiful color. Big, big fan of those lots of I'm Inc and saturation. Another pretty one I just recently discovered is this coy, beautiful colors again. A very, very soft tip. A little bit smaller than the Tom Bow, which is kind of a fun change. Um, another one is this is the They have these in Tom Bow to the hard and soft tips. There are a lot smaller if you want to see a comparison, right, big, big difference. And for this, I'm gonna want you guys to make a larger variation in thin and thick lines. So I prefer you to start bigger, however, and this is all you have. It's gonna be great. Um, if you are outside the United States, I know in Australia, the art sticks are really popular. They look kind of like Legos. They're pretty cool that anything you can get that has a large tip like this should be pretty good for this paper. It is £32 laser jet printer paper, and it's very important that you print on laser jut if you can, because almost every other pennant printer paper is going to destroy your markers. It'll make him fry. And, uh, what that means is pretty much by the end of this lesson, your marker would not be good for lettering. So if you were in a bind and you can only find regular printer paper, just realize you might have to throw out your pen at the end of this These air a couple dollars. So it might not be a bad trade. Just something to realize when you notice your lines will get less and less crisp. But in general, you want aim for laser jet printer paper? That's the better deal. All right. On to your next lesson 3. The Lines: So at this point, you guys, I'm sure if printed out your brush pen, lettering, paper, which is great. And we're gonna get started. And the thing to remember this is this is just shape. So try not to think of these is a creating a letter. At this point, you're just gonna be making lines and you guys can make lines. I believe in you. Lines are definitely doable. So what I want you guys to do with this first part right here is you're just gonna Theresa or what I've done. You're gonna take your marker and hold it. However, you're comfortable. Um, what you're gonna do you, especially for this 1st 1 is you're gonna press down really hard. Do you have that kind of makes a noise and you can see that it's going to resist it a little bit. Press down pretty hard. Take a My really good way to think about this is you could take it in hell and exhale Go down So inhale Exhale, go down And I'm pressing down really hard so you guys can hear the pressure that I'm putting down with. And that's one of the things that makes brush lettering. So cool is this variation between the thin and thick mines. So just foregoes, making some really thick lines Try to make them up and down as much as you can. Try not to do a slant to them because the style we're gonna be doing is up and down. I know it's kind of fun. It's It might be a little hard to see in the camera, but there's a little variation and color sees little darker up there a little later. If there that's just these markers. So your aim for that sound all right, Your next one, This is our upstroke. So as you can see up here, we just did a down stroke in case of down is always gonna be hard. Heavy up is always going to be light light pressure. So think of it when you breathe, you inhale with your Upshur. You know, I'm just using the tip there. Make a hand your back a little further so you can see inhale. Go up. Now you might find one stroke a little harder than the other. That's totally normal. Let's take your time and trying not to rush these. It's really nice on instagram and other things. You'll see some lettering artists, and they're just moving so quickly. And after some practice, you can move a little quicker. But in general, when you're beginning, take your time. I'm not gonna go anywhere. So we're just gonna take an inhale, Take it up and hell go. And how go? Please tell me you're exhaling in this, too and how? Go up, see? And you can even take your time. And if it's a little wobbly and it's OK, sometimes even going slower will make it go a little wobbly And how go and he'll go up and it's a little easier if you notice I'm trying to show you guys from an angle, but to even do the up you do the pen a little bit more straight up and down. It's a little harder to do it from the side. So and, yeah, I want you guys to do this whole line. I know this is probably the least phone you like. What is this really gonna be? I'm just making lines that it can be relaxing, growing some fun music. Um, take your time. I would recommend watching the video sitting down and doing it and then maybe watching the video again, So trying maybe Teoh, see how this is going to go first. So this is just a shorter down stroke. I'm not going over the parts of the lines yet or what this half line might be, and that's okay. I want you guys again just to think of these as lines to begin with. Not letters. Minds. So just trace ever inhale. Exhale down, inhale. Exhale down, inhale, Exhale down and how Exhale down. Yeah, I hear the noise. Inhale. Exhale, then this is really what's going to make a big difference with this. I know there's a lot of different ways calligraphy could be exploiting. There's so many different types, like copper plate in Gothic. But for this style and more modern brush calligraphy, the variation in the lines really can make a big difference. Even just starting out can kind of set you apart, which is fun. All right, now go practice your sheets, goes you all of these lines and come back and we're gonna see what magically creating next with us. 4. The Line Letters and Words: Okay, so we've just been doing this. And what? What do you think we have to do for this one? We pressed down, right? Because it's thicker. Exactly. Just like we did for this one rates. So we're going to do for this eyes, we're just gonna press down, and then we're gonna lift up a little at the bottom. You're having trouble with that. And then you just dotted at the top, right? You having trouble lifting up the top? Don't worry about it. Maybe skip it for now. Just think about pressing down and adding that thought. Okay, They want you to trace ever all these. But I'm gonna show you for each one example this T you're gonna press down. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Cross. Press down with lift. Lift across for a look at this. You got two letters in. Very exciting. All right, now for this next letter the J. What? You're gonna dio same idea. We're just gonna go below into her to suddenly airline. Okay, we're gonna do is press down. Down, down, down, down, down, down And left a little for the J press. Down, down, down, down, down left a little bit for the j dot dot Go over the l over the l now And I want you guys to dio for each of these letters. Grab your blank sheet. You can even look at them like this, right? So you can see both. Now, let's doing together I Let's do this one with the tail, huh? Tell with a t to t start here. Make your j little tail at the bottom. You see it don't Awesome. Now let's just do our ill little tail at the bottom. So, press press press for us for us lifted up at the top. Nice. All right, we got some basic letters down just being making shapes. So these were some words you can put together with your new letters. So let me show you just how some of them are drawn again. You're just gonna connect them? Don't overthink it. If you can doodle, you can do this. So you want to dio we're done dry. You see how you do that little tail under your team right now? Let's say Oh, they didn't quite Hlinka. No, it's OK. There's two different ways you can do that. You concurrent because you're learning. Force it there. See? You have control. You know, to use that tip, or you can leave them separate. Did you look more like this? And then the clinic. You too. So is something else you wanna watch while you're starting to do these letters really pay attention between the spacing between your letters right now, you can space them as far apart as you'd like, or even as close as you like, but realized the readability might be affected based on how close, together or far apart the letters are. Much like we just associate certain symbols with letters. It's the same idea. You generally want to do whatever you're doing on purpose. So if you want to put him really close together and then they're hard to read, just make sure you're doing it on purpose. So another word we can do is ill. You can just begin to connect them like that. And then another word we can do is Jill. So let's just do if you want to make more words from less fuel free. Um, and do you realize that this part your hand might be starting to hurt? That is really normal because you probably gripping it with a death grip. Right? Nazi. You can even see the white of my hands. Some of you might be gripping it like this. And that's okay. I'm your new take a break or stretch. That should not be torture. It gets easier with time, America men ruling your shoulders. To be honest, I actually, like hurt my neck muscles first. During this, I was so intense. I know somebody that actually pulled the seat muscle. So try to take it easy. When you're first learning, you're going to make mistakes. It's not gonna be perfect. That's okay. Some to your eye, your l and your Oh, boom. Look at that. I hurt somebody's name. Here is Jill because we just wrote your name. All right, here are your basic first lines and some words. Go take a break and I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. The Mountains: Okay, this point. Hope you've done some wrist roles, Maybe stretched out your fingers a little bit, taking some deep breaths. Relaxed, because now we're onto our mountain shape. Very exciting, right? You guys excited? I'm excited again. Always. Trace is very important to trace. I know with other forms of our lettering. Oh, tracing is the worst. No trace trees away with this because it's a little bit different. Um, you can start changing the letters whenever you want, but this is definitely one words really helpful to learn the rules and then break them. So for this one, we're going to make little hills and mountains. So as you might notice, this is gonna be an upstroke. This part's gonna be the down stroke, right? So what that means as we're gonna inhale when we go up to about there trying to stop, though, and then exhale when you go down. So inhale up, exhale down and try to keep it completely up in down because that's the type of shape we would prefer created this point again. Think of them as shapes. Um, if you guys, um Zen tangle or Zen doodle or just like to doodle again. These are just little mountains you're making just upright. So you're just gonna end? Hell, go up. Ah, Feel they're down zero. It made that noise and, uh, uh, scaled down. And I did these lines actually made this paper. I was really excited about it because they want you guys to really focus on getting your shapes up and down. So if you really need to use, these guys were like, Wait, where is free to just use and abuse so you can make sure you get it up and down. Try to keep your shapes open, try to have a large variants, and I want to see you guys fill up this paper with, um, put in many years. Here is you can but take your time again. Thrown some music. Some people argue against this, but if you have a favorite movie that you don't have to pay super close attention to, but it's really relaxing. Put that on, enjoy that and just makes a mountain shapes 6. The Mountain Letters and Words: all right. Now, these mountain shapes was starting to look a little more familiar, aren't they especially combined with our straight lines and possibly some other letters we've done before? So I want you guys to trace over all of these letters first, are you noticing a pattern? There's a pattern. For example, What you're gonna do is just that. Exhale straight line down. Then you're gonna inhale lift. Exhale down, street line down. Let's get you guys some better lighting in here. All right, Straight down. Inhale up. Go down and inhale up. Go down. So same idea for the age. Straight down. Inhale lift. Exhale down. Cool. I can show you, but beneath each one how that's gonna look. Zoom in a little bit. Jury Landau, Live. And down. There's urine. Straight line down. Lift on down. All right, let's do an M street. Linden. Lift down. Down. You see how each part is lifted up? Really? Trying to make sure you get those thin parts in these and that you keep the thick parts. Think so. What's your each spirit down? Live and down. Now, here's something to be a little careful. Beth, You're gonna notice I did not make this line very high for my age. Now here's the tricky thing Is that in each Renan, you probably can't tell. And that's something you want to be careful of when you work with your letters. Um, watch some of your line heights to make sure they match so we can do some words now. Now that we have I j l I m n h you got a bunch of things we can make So let's start with Hill. That's a nice, easy one, right? So we're gonna do a straight line down again. Think of these shapes than we're gonna lift and go down. See, it's a lot easier to tell that one than H, because that was a little higher. Now you can just do a little flick up if you'd like, wake up and dot it straight down, lift, lift. And I know you guys can see most of this is a very thick line situation, but also with a little bit of thin nous there said something you want to take into account . Also, the thin parts here keep this very simple to begin with. That's why we're learning these shapes. This way. First, more exciting things will come with time, but just start by doing them simple like this. They're easy to read. It's kind of fun. Here's another one. We'll do hit. So just another H than thin, thin, thin, thin press down. Do your little curve at the bottom. We'll do one more. Well, dio uh, men. So and if you guys noticed, I am taking each shape each part separately, and that can be tricky if you're used to just scribbling out a word because sometimes our brains thinks how much faster than we right? We're already on word three and we're writing word one. So with this, you just kind of want to take your time. Almost want to shut off that part of your brain that's doing this kind of like a gun when you doodle. Um, so just think each shape Crestone Well, if we've lived, press down, lift proof. So done. All right. Now let's be moving on to our next shape. Go rushed your hands. Go relax and I'll see you soon 7. The Valleys: Now we're on to our next shape. We're going to call it the Valley Shape Super Technical here. Now we're getting Now you might notice that you have this mountain shape or Valley shape all of a sudden gets really tricky. And your brain, it might stop and totally kind of panic. And that's okay. Take your time with it. Um, it's really weird, right? Because these seem like such simple shapes, and all of a sudden you might have a little bit of a brain issue, but that's cool. So are you going to do is just press, press, press a live with lift press, press press lived with lift Press down, Press down President on lift, lift, lift. So press down. Press stompers down. Lift, lift. Press down, press down, press down lived lift, lift, lift, lift. Okay, so go fill up this whole sheet with the shape you want to get thick on one side, thin on the other. You should see a big difference. Make sure you exhale. Here, inhale here. So exhale down. Inhale up. If you feel like you're shaking a little bit, that can be totally normal. So you come down here and there when you lived. It's a little wobbly. That's okay. Um, motive advice. Make sure you're not hungry or that you've not had too much caffeine, but otherwise that will come with practice. So take your time, Philip, this sheet, and I'll see you in a little bit. 8. They Valley Letters and Words: okay, you could have predicted. Now we will be making use and W's and wise with our value shape and lines exciting. Right? So I got I just think of these is shaped building. Um, try to trick your brain a little bit, so of course, Trace over the letters. Press down, press down, press down Lift, lift, lift Press down Press down Lift press down Press stone lift, lift, lift Crestone Press down Lift. Okay. There's your you w Same idea. Press down, press down. Lift, lift, lift. Press down, press down. Lift, lift, lift. Okay, so let's do a You down here. Press down for stone lift, lift, lift. Pro stone Press down Lift Sound pressed down lift with lived Kristen Lift. All right, Lizzie, you try to make sure that you keep the same distance here as you do here, just the way we're doing him. So Chris down first down, lived with lift. First down, Preston lived. All right, press down for stone Lift, lift, lift. It's down and left. Awesome. Why? Same idea. Press down. Press down on live with lift crystal longer lift. Okay, We'll do whatever here to see you guys can see first down pressed and I'm lift. Lift, lift. There you go again. Keep the shape the same here as it is there. Now we got a couple of words we can practice with. What's draw him out. So 1st 1 will do Own Press down, lift Press down, lift Chris Stone, Lift it up and left it up. Um, there is another word you could you could say Jill. Um Hi. There we go. Look, you have a pretty awkward sons. Say you got another word. Weaken Dio. It's do nuts and awesome. Lastly, we'll do touch really reaching with some of these words, guys, I know it also helps to start with the words I'm guessing you probably guessed this, but being short that way you give your hand a break after each one. And yes, I am pretty certain your hand will be hurting around this time. This is normal. Stretch it out. Relax, t you awesome! So we're going getting these basic shapes. Fill this up. You want to come up with other words? Go for it and I will see you in the next lesson 9. The Circles: Okay, Now we're onto our whole or over shape. Yes. What letter? This is gonna be. You probably guessed it anyway, so don't try to think of it as a shape more than a letter. Steve still work with that? So we're gonna do here. It's actually very similar to the Valley shape we did. We're gonna We're gonna do it at an angle done. Right. So we're just gonna press down, down, down and lift on an angle Down, down, down, left at an angle. And it's really easy. When I first see people do these, they do them really narrow, right? Don't do that. Open, um, force it open, press out and lift back up. Think about making them very open. So rust down and lift up. Cool. Right. Press down and lived a great. Now you get to fill this whole sheet with us. Don't do that One. Also, it's here. You're gonna notice again. One of these shapes is gonna be really difficult for you. That's okay. Take your time with it. Play with it. If you feel really stark, message me. Um, send me a picture, post the picture and be like, What am I doing wrong. I'll tell you what you're doing wrong. We'll walk through. Not a big deal. Otherwise there are your ocean. There is Euro shape. And I will see you in the next video to see what we're gonna make with this. 10. The Circle Letters and Words: Okay, I know you all are surprised, but we're actually making an O with those. But since I've been forcing you to make these letters, So, um, with little floor showing and kind of plane, I thought this could be a fun lettered Add some flourished, too. So, what you're gonna do again, in a way, streets here, your letters. First, you're gonna press down, down, down, and then you're gonna lift it up, and you can make it Curly Q. Now, if this is really awful to you, skip it for now. Come back to it later. And just style. It's not completely necessary for the letter. So we're gonna press down, Down, down, down, down, Lift up, girl. What do we got? Breasts down, Down, Down, down, down. Lift up, Pearl Now one really important thing with this to really easy when you first start doing this to do things like this. Except what letter is that? Nobody knows. It could be a you. It could be a bad a. It's very hard to tell what that is, says nihilistic Lee. If you want to play with it, feel free, but realize it's It's a difficult letter to understand. If you keep them separated, you're gonna want to keep them closed. So we have more words we can make. And so we got taught young keeping these 2 to 3 letters apiece. So just tea. Oh, to we'll do too. Also, team, make sure you keep this thin. You must always wanna have your extra parts. Whether it's this there, your lines Generally, it's good to remember that you're straight across and up. Lines are going to be thin, but also to your thinner lines. They're gonna, um, probably take a little less attention away from the eye. So you're going to really notice these bold, thick lines, right? So keep all these extra lines a little thinner, Otherwise they will start to compete. And you don't want that. So it's tomb will do. Jot next, Herges straight down. And then you're like, Oh, no, I love too much of a space in your back And fix that you can cheat. Okay. See on straight down and lift. Cool. It's do Mom, you can see here. I didn't use the lines. Use the lines. I'm just trying to show you that it comparison when you concede it does really help them toe. Look at the word right, as you draw it too. Um, so one thing you can do with that is you can just, like, put your lines, like, right underneath, and then draw it too. So here is our oh, shape. You're done with that. You can even up. We forgot a word to Tom's 30. Awesome. All right, let's move on to our next shape. Have some fun with your words and letters. Feel free to make more. Take your time. Thanks. 11. The Crescent Moon: much like our oh, shape. I'm guessing you could figure out what this shape is gonna be. So for this one is actually gonna be very similar to the O that we just made. So you start thin press down, down, down, down, down Lift can show you with that Looks like Preston or lift press down, down, down, down, Down Left Kristen on live with liquid lift But you see how I push out with that shape Kind of like I just did with our Oh, so very similar to how we just did our before So I just start a little bit lower for there you go. Some people find this to be their tricky shape. Let me know in the comments which one is your tricky shape? Um, practice this. Fill up the whole sheet and I will see you next. 12. The Crescent Moon Letters and Words: Well, I bought with that. See letter. You thought you were just going to be making sees, but actually, you could make a bunch of letters. So let's trace him and make him. So you just make your she's c shape lifted up, and then a straight line makes you know. So press out, press out, press down, press stone and lift. Okay? And I don't quite look how it jumped there, so, you know, I'm gonna fix it. Okay? For D. Press out. President Chris Town President Lift. Do now fix that there, too. Word of caution again, much like past letters we've seen. Watch the height there, because if you notice that's a really similar letter. But if you happen to not put your d, we'll just say hi up high enough. It can look like a different letter. So be careful. Without so another letter we're gonna dio very similar. We just saw this one or C. There's your C. We'll do it. G and a Q and an E. Let's to eat first. So he is just that C shape and then just connect it que you're gonna go up, Up, up, up, down, down, down just make that C shape go straight down and make it to my markers. Jumping around a lot There. That's OK. You can fix it. So let's make a g put it in there. Kind of close, huh? Awesome. Now let's go over a couple letters we can make. You can do, Dad, so I d okay. De awesome. Ah, fun Scrabble word. She see? So go forth. Fun with your new C shape and take a break. Please take breaks in between. Your wrist will hurt. Thanks. Bye. 13. The Backwards Crescent: Our next shape is a backward. See, Some people find this one really easy. Sometime people find this one really tricky. Take your time. Have fun with it. Your pressure. Um, I was said this in the beginning, but I will say this again. Um, brush lettering does take some practice, but once you get it, it's good. Like it might take, like, a month or two to start to really become comfortable. This and this is, like 10 minute today, Not like huge amounts of time, maybe longer. And then you're going to start getting more comfortable with this if you don't get it right away. So it does take some time, watch a ton of videos, practice a lot of fun with it. So for this one, we're gonna press down, press down crystal lift. So live Preston Preston lived with Kristen. Purse down left. Okay, Philip, your whole sheet with this, um, make sure you do inhale at first Excel. Come down. Inhale Left. There you go. See you with the next actual letters. This is our backwards crescent again. Both. By the way, 14. The Backwards Crescent Letters and Words: okay with our backcourts present were able to make two more letters. So we're making B and P. So for B again Trey Street down lift Go down straight across. So straight down left, Go down straight across p Same idea. Straight down lift and go down straight cross. So straight down lift Go down straight across. And yeah, I went below the December going for this just cause I wanted to show the full shape. Now that we have B and P, there are more words we can make. Like Bob. I've had a lot of fun doing the names here and I know some nice Bob's too. So Suri down, lift go down and up Then we're gonna dio You can do a little connector there if you'd like , but press out for euro lift and come up straight down. Awesome. All right, let's do pill three down. Great. We'll do pop and then gap straight down. Well, for us. Down and up. Okay, so that's it for our backwards c u shaped or crescent Shoot and we will be moving on. Thanks 15. The Weirdos: I am so excited that you've made it this far. Um, decided done to keep these letters a little strange. This is it. This is the rest of the alphabet. You guys know everything else, Uh, which is a really exciting place to be. I call these the weirdos. Um, I know there's sometimes a little bit more of a simpler way to make thes, but I thought for these letters to keep him a little weird for the kay. You go straight down, then I do a little bit of a thin line. Thick lines in line. So they're straight down. Thin line, thick line, thin line. You can even make that top one a little longer. Aereo X is extremely complicated. Just kidding. It's just gonna be one hard pressed that way and then inhale lift up the other way. It's too. So for this V, Sure, you down lift curlicue. Yeah, Just a little bit different there. Straight down. Lift. Curly Q. Awesome. Now I know innocent people would have thought this before. Really like to make the curse of Z if you want to go for it. If not straight across down straight cross Andruzzi f did You guys could use a little bit of a fancy letter here. So for with that, come now. So for us, we lift up. Come down, go through then Our this one can get a lot of fun With this loop, you can really occur Easy with a sleep. You see, some people make a giant. You don't need to make it that giant. You could make it small if you like. There, you and you have literally, now the entire alphabet. So let's make some more words now that you have the entire alphabet, go crazy and we'll write a couple together after you've taken a break and I'll see you soon . 16. The Weirdo Letters and Words: So you guys might have done words like this in, um, perhaps in school. But this phrase finks of black ports Judge, my vow literally contains all of the letters that we went over. So we'll right that all together. And then I just want to say thanks. Thanks for taking the class. This is awesome. I really appreciate this. I've had a lot of passion for brush lettering, and it was really, really tricky for me to learn. I had a lot of mental blocks with, uh, it was Jews years learning It's a little embarrassing. Bleda, I'm glad that you're here with me and sticking with it. And don't be upset if it's a little tricky. So the first word we're gonna do is Sphinx, So it'll be an S than a P Street. Landau, come around, make a little tail for Why not high? Got it. You've been to our end and then from here. What I do is I'll just do that straight line down then from the tail. We'll just go up. Thanks. We'll do of great. That will do black. So just you were be It is a tip. You're going to see this is really quick. You might even see this on my example sheet. You want to make sure that you do your line far enough away over here? That it doesn't look like this. Because what does that look like to you? That looks like a D, huh? Even with this here, it's kind of like What is that? A CNN L What is that? So make sure again that you keep your letters separated so people can read what they say before just gonna cross that out. It's two courts, so cue. Well, uh, street tail. You okay? We're gonna come up here. Do You were a little loopy. Straight down, T straight down, straight courts, most on soup. A shoot. This way, you can see a little close their hand a little further away. Just so you get a couple different views of the lettering. So straight down for the J lift. No, you might be like I am, like, so comfortable with us. You're like I got this down. One thing you can start to do different is you can start to take this G over here. A little bit of a deal. So up to you. But make sure you got this one down first. So let's do my and again, you can do your wife straight down. Are you a little fancier and outer tail? A little too fancy there. What am I doing? And then the last word about All right with this we have literally drawn every single letter. So thank you guys. Thank you so much. Keep practicing with this. Enjoy your pens. Have fun. Make sure to stretch Juris and your fingers. You're going to probably get dirty. Maybe that's just me. Otherwise, I hope you guys enjoy your new hobby. Have fun with it. Make cards, make letters. I will see you for what we're gonna do with the final project. Otherwise, go relax. Have fun. Bye. 17. Final Project: Okay, So for your final project, just try to draw word that we haven't practiced. If you need help doing that, let me know we can walk through, but try to put your own letters together and make a word and post that I'd love to see you share it on social media or in class again. If you have questions, please feel free to ask me. I'll try to see what we can do to get you really happy with your brush lettering and to make something beautiful. Thanks so much. I'm so glad you guys took the class and can't wait to see what you create. 18. Thank You!: Hello. What? You've made it to the end of the classes. Thank you so much for taking this. It really means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it. I also hope that you felt a bit of successful brush lettering and to remember that it takes a lot of patients with this art form and to trace a lot in a weird I know. But check in on your work after about a month of practicing and you will be amazed how good you've become. So give yourself some time. Practice, practice, practice and just enjoy yourself. There's so many free or affordable resource is out there on the Web. Take advantage of them and feel free to post them on. Instagram show off your work. I bet you're doing great things. So don't be afraid to show off. Have a bit of fun. And I look forward to seeing you in my other classes. Thanks so much