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Any Language in 100-Day Challenge (Speak Now!)

teacher avatar Francesco Samarelli, TEDx Speaker | Author | Father

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Intro: Study ANY Language in a 100 DAY Challenge!

    • 2. WHY?

    • 3. HOW?

    • 4. WHAT?

    • 5. Course Project

    • 6. Day 0 - 10

    • 7. Day 11 - 50

    • 8. Day 51 - 100

    • 9. Tools & Tips

    • 10. Closing Motivation!

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About This Class

Do you want to LEARN another language?

Is it your dream to speak freely in a foreign language?

You found the right course, where I walk you by the hand!

After 10 years and 7 languages, I have built a method that works with a 100-DAY Challenge!

Which languages is this method for?


I have used this method to learn

  • French
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
  • German

I am Fluent or Conversational in these languages and I show you exactly what I have done.

Quick bio: TEDx speaker & coach, author & flight attendant who believes in languages leads to more empathy. 


  • Intro to how this method works
  • Resources (FREE and paid-services)
  • 100-Day Calendar format with goals
  • Tips & Insights

What are you waiting for? Become fluent in your dream language today and not for a “perfect day” in the future that doesn’t exist!

100-DAY Challenge to the LANGUAGE you have always wanted to LEARN starts TODAY!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Francesco Samarelli

TEDx Speaker | Author | Father



Simply passionate.

As a TEDx speaker & TEDx speaker coach, author and entrepreneur my goal is to humbly share with others what has helped me get so far. 

As the founder of and becoming a father, I quickly realized that we need to be the best versions of ourselves in order to guide others. And that is why I am here, to show our growing community that we have the strength within to follow our dreams. 

What am I passionate about teaching?

Public speaking (How to give a TED talk) Self-worth & Build up confidence Becoming Fluent in a new Language Cooking & more!

Check this out this video below to see who I truly am!

If you'd like to find out more, please do my SKILLSHARE profile, and if you're a fan of my ... See full profile

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1. Intro: Study ANY Language in a 100 DAY Challenge!: Do you want to learn a new language? Heavy always dreamed about speaking this exotic language every time you watch the movie or hurt someone speaking that in the streets. I know that feeling and I know that you can learn a language in 100 days. How do I know this? Well, I've done it seven times. I've done it seven times because I had a system, had a program, and it had all these materials ready. And in this course, I'm going to share with you my secrets, my method, how I did it, and how you can do it to listen. I am not special by any means. I just found out what works for me and what has worked for other people. Not only my friends and my family, but a hundreds of people I've coached throughout the years. Who am I? Well, I'm Francesco Samara Li. I'm a tech speaker and author and a loving father. I also happen to speak seven languages and coach people throughout the world and how they can do it too. In this course, I'm going to go over every single detail, every single resource, every single program in book that I can share with you. And ultimately I'm going to motivate you to understand that in 100 days you can become fluent, conversational or whatever your goal is. I'm also going to be going over the tips in the skills that are required to start and finish this project. I have a course project that actually has what, a 100 days of a calendar that you have to mark off, keeping yourself accountable and making sure that you cross in signed that contract, that you dedicate it to yourself because there's no more time putting this to the side. You've been saying this for years. You want to learn this new language. You've been seeing this forever to many people that I would love that or I don't know if I can. I'm here to tell you. You can 100% fact of life, you can learn a new language. All it really takes is that a cation and a time slot per day to make sure that you start and finish it. Do not push this aside any longer. You deserve this. And I'm guaranteeing at the end of a 100 days, me walking you by the hand and not just do this video course. I will be there for you to message me anytime, anywhere and I will respond because I care that much about your success. In this course. I do go over the small details. Ultimately, I'm here to make you understand that this is in your power. No more excuses, no more. I don't know when I don't know if I can you can do it. And everyone in this community is going to help one another. I go over the why, the, what the, how the resources, and I make you see from an outside perspective that you can do this. You just need a program, You need a system, you need a plan. And I came up with it in this course, I guarantee you you're going to do it. Thank you so much for watching the intro video. Now, it's time to click on the next video, which is the y. 2. WHY?: Start with why. Why are you learning this language? Maybe you have a partner that speaks this language, or maybe you're living in a new country, or maybe this is the language of your ancestors. Whatever the reason is, please please write it down. I have the PDF setup with questions. Put it in there because if you know your why, then it's going to help you along the way. You'll always be reminded of how important this is for you. If you do not have a wide as shrunk enough, I highly recommend building one. Maybe you want to visit a country to volunteer, or maybe you know, someone that you could speak to in this language is very important. I know somebody who just love Italian food so much that they want to learn the language just a bit closer to that culture. If you have a trip planned in the future, this course is perfect for you because within a 100 days you will be insulin level where your conversational uncomfortable. However, if your why isn't strong enough? I feel that it just takes away that arm, that drive and that passion that you could have. So in the PDF or anywhere in your phone or write it down in the notes. What is your why? Because that's going to help and that's going to be your guiding star. 3. HOW?: Let's get into the how you're going to learn a language in 100 days. Each day is dedicated to a specific task. When you are, whether you're starting from 0 or whether you're starting as an intermediate or an advance. Each day is dedicated. How are you going to do that? The most important aspect in my opinion is to make sure you're enjoying it. Make sure there's some playfulness there. Yes, this is a rigid schedule. Yes, you must do it every single day. But if you're not enjoying and if it's not playful and you do not trust the system, it may not work as well. How do I know this works? Well, I did it myself, but I'm also watching my son learn. If he's not enjoying our playtime, he's not absorbing. And if he's not absorbing, it doesn't stick. And if it doesn't stick, There's no point in doing it. So making sure that it's enjoyable, pleasurable, is highly, highly important. We also need a target. So day 100 is the target. Some people like to make sure there's a test on day 100, like we used to do in high school or in university. The point is day 100 has to have something. Maybe you want to record a 15 minute video conversing with someone in that language. Whatever the target is, figure it out because it's up to you to make sure that you reach that goal. So again, whether it's a test or speaking to someone on video or doing whatever you feel is enough for your day 100 goal. Please, please make sure you write it in the PDF calendar that I have listed here in the course project. Another part of the how is active learning in passive learning? Active learning is when you really absorbed into the material. There is no distraction. You just go into the book or you going into the programmer, you're going into the course and you're making sure that you're conversing with someone actively, then there's passive learning. And that's sometimes when you listen to a podcast while cleaning, or maybe you're just listening to a YouTube channel while doing something else. In this course, Mano tasking is going to be your major driver into learning. It's actually growing. So if you're not doing that, yes, passive learning can help. And again, sometimes you're walking, taking a bus or taking the train or driving and you want to listen to something along the way, It's helpful. I'm not going to deny it. But if you're actively learning and I think you all already know this, it's going to help absorb more. So have a combination, making sure that active learning is the side that you're learning more on. And I also want to talk about fluency is very, very important to know that fluency can mean many different things. If you Google it and find the definition, it means that you are proficient in the language where you can speak and express yourself to a high degree or two. Intermediate degree. In my opinion, into intermediate is fluency enough. But it really is up to you whether you want to converse on a basic level. I really believe in 100 days it can be done whether you want to speak at a native level. I can say that a 100 days isn't enough. But whatever the definition of fluency in conversationalists for you, I really believe in 100 days you can do it if you put your mind to it and if you have a game plan. So with the 108 calendar that you have it a PDF, you can make sure it happens. But do not put that pressure on yourself as if if I'm not a native level within a 100 days, then I'm a failure. I really believed that when you shoot for the, for the Mars, you may still end up on the moon. So China put that in your head that it doesn't really matter if you reach Mars. But as long as you have a target, you will reach eventually the moon or really far destination. I hope you understand that and I hope you can at least figure out what that deadline is, that target. And remember that you are fluent or conversational in your heart of hearts, especially after doing all of this every single day for a 100 days. 4. WHAT?: Let's get into the what's the, what is the material, the resources in anything that you can find that's going to help you. It could be a program, it could be a website, it could be a podcast, YouTube videos, channels, anything that you find to be helpful material is the what. In this video I'm going to be talking about a few free options as well as paid options. But ultimately, feel comfortable with what is right for you, whatever is available in helpful, go with it. If you feel that my advice as far as the resources can be good for you, go ahead and acquire it or find it, or maybe even borrow it from a library. So now that you can find what you feel most comfortable with you, I'm going to go over the exact resources that I use for my 100 a plan. The first thing I do is I make sure I go to ominously got dot-com. I'm really is a great website just to show you the introduction to the language. So if you're starting from 0, this is a great website. It's free. You can see all the greetings in the phrases that can help you survive in a new country. And I find a super-helpful because you don't have to research phrase by phrase. It's all there on one site. Find language and go ahead and use this for yourself for the first few days. I'll break this down in the next course project. But the idea is go to Omniglot because it's free and it's one of, the second thing that I always recommend is a simple ASS IM IL, a C meal is wonderful. 100-day lesson plan. Now I know that if you're starting with Omniglot, you may lose out on some days. But each course or each lesson in a Simeon is swelled to 15 minutes. Each. You can either just read the lesson plan or you can listen to the audio. I like to just read because I need to understand the grammar and it gives you 100 lessons. Each lesson is about 15 sentences with a dialogue. Why do I find that to be important in great, because the dialogues are what I'm looking for when it comes to a conversation. And because they usually make rarely really funny dialogues, it helps me remember it. And again, it's playful. Playfulness makes me trusted and have fun with learning the language. So a symbol is my second go to my third goto is finally conversational partner or hiring a teacher on I I make sure that I find someone I relate to, whether it's a conversational partner, which we do a language exchange. Or I find a teacher where the whole hour or 30 minutes is dedicated to just me and my learning. You could find seizures for $4 an hour, but you can also find teachers for a higher price with a different expertise. The important aspect is you find something you're comfortable with. And also that is in the realm or in the field that you want to learn the language in. So if you're an engineer and you want to learn engineering terms or a doctor and you want to learn the medical terms, you find some that you can connect with. You could do the free route, which is an exchange partner, a conversational exchange partner. Or you can find a teacher that is dedicated to what you want in a time slots that you need. Then there's memorize. Memorize is a competitor of Duolingo. I find them both to be wonderful. However, memorize just works better for me. The way that they structure their space repetition gives me the opportunity to learn the language actively. So I would say both work, but for me memorize, I'm gonna go in more details to the breakdown, but I'm just giving you the what in this video. And then there's podcasts. There's YouTube videos in on the language that you want to learn. Everything that I'm breaking down for you can be any language. So whether it's Omniglot or a seminal, they have tons of languages. If the language you want to learn is not there, then I would love to help you find it. All you have to do is message me again, I am your personal coach throughout this video, please always take advantage of that. When I'm trying to say is, if you can't find the language will find a program that fits, but a symbol is wonderful. You can either find it at your local library and borrow it, or you can acquire it. Or you can even ask someone in the community who already has it and you can lend it, you can borrow in that sense. So it's all about trying to work with what you have. If you do not want to buy a symbol. We can either do a quick Google search and find a 50 day program of learning the basics of a language in it could be fun. So you don't have to go out of your way some buy something, but it is great to use this program because it works. I don't not affiliate with them. They don't sponsor me. It's just that being a part of many conferences and many polyglots around the world, a C meal has a wonderful structure that gives you the basic foundations to make sure you can start the language and finish it within a great time slot, right in the next video we're going to go over the course project. Please stay with me and let's do this one in a 100 days. 5. Course Project: I already went over the why, the how, and the what. Now I would like to go over the course project, because this is where you get to actually see they wanted, they went 100. And you can track yourself to keep yourself accountable. And you go into make sure that every single day camps. So the course project is 100 days, right? The PDF that I have attached in this course is simply a blank calendar. And in the blank calendar, you print it out three times and there you can fill it in. What I do is I tape it. Sometimes they tape it very nicely, so then it can look presentable wherever I am. Sometimes I put it in inside a closet so I can look at it often wherever you want to put these three counters. I highly recommend that other people see it too. It's a wonderful conversation starter, but it also is easily accessible so you can keep seeing it. Basically, you're marketing to yourself that you need to study today. So you don't want to be guilt tripping yourself, but you want to remind yourself that, hey, today I need to study 12 minutes of this or 15 minutes of that. So please print out the PDF because it's going to be super-helpful. Another thing is that if you have this calendar, you can fill it in the way you want. And I highly recommend at the bottom of these counters, you sign your name. You basically you have giving yourself a contract to start and finish is one 100 day challenge. You deserve it. This is something you really want your art to see taking this course because you want to learn a new language. So instead of just printing it in, in hiding it away or filling in your calendar on your phone or on your laptop. Maybe you can take this out, printed, even take a picture of it. And if you're on social media, share with the world. Because now you have more people keeping you accountable for your golden in your dreams. Remember, these 100 days, you're not alone. You could always message me directly and I will always give you those encouraging words, motivation to keep going. Because after the 100 days would be proud of yourself. You'll have all of these new vocabulary in conversations in your blood, and it makes you fulfill your dream. 6. Day 0 - 10: So day 0 to day 10, you have your calendar out. You could either use your phone or the printed ones that I recommend. And now you're going to fill that in because we make sure that we know what is ahead every day is planned. I don't want to beat yourself up if you're, if you're missing a day. But I really highly recommend Nazi because 12 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour a day is doable. And when you put that in your schedule, it's going to give you that power in that encouragement. And remember, printing this and posting this everywhere can help you. Just remind yourself that you have to do that today. It's important, it's 100 days and then you reach fluency or conversation level you've been dreaming of. So how do we start on day 0 to day 10? You wanna make sure you have the basic survival phrases I already recommended Omniglot in the what video. You could also use your own deck that you have found. You can make sure that the words are dedicated to your realm. So if you're going on a vacation and you wanted to know the survival phrases. Wonderful. But if you want to know some of your specific area of expertise, you can do that too. Ultimately, makes sure that it fits your vocabulary that you want to know. So if you're visiting some churches and you want to know the vocabulary of that church or that religion, makes sure that if it's in, however, I don't want you to dive too deep into the specifics of that part of the language. The survival phrases if you're starting from 0, are highly, highly important. So go to Omniglot or you can find your own deck and making sure that you can just find that those phrases and then memorize them from day 0 to day 10. So now that you have the list, you want to make sure that you could break it down. So 10 to 15 minutes a day is great. I recommend 30 minutes a day in the beginning because it gives you this opportunity to make sure that you keep repeating those phrases. Omniglot has the audio there. Can just keep memorizing it. If you really wanted to do something else, you can use an Anki deck. I don't want to overwhelm you, but if an Anki deck helps you to, it's a way of space repeating the actual phrases. It can give you that the comfort in that confidence. So either using Omniglot in conjunction with Anki decks or just keep repeating the phrases at a certain amount of time a day. They usually designated that you put on the calendar. So for example, 9AM to 930. I'm going to be reviewing that without any interruptions, non-negotiable for that 30 minutes. I'm going to keep repeating that. Does that make sense? Let's say that the survival phrases are something you could do in a quicker amount of time. I highly recommend a program called Michel Thomas. This gentlemen is a polyglot. He learned many languages. He's gone through a lot. He's not here with us anymore, but he developed a program and he shared it with the world. He helped many people. If you look at Michel Thomas, you'll find out that he has many, many languages. Hopefully has the language you're searching for. If not, please do not worry, I can help you find that something similar. But if the language that you're looking for Michelle Thomas has, you can download his app or you can just download his MP3s. You can either borrow from a library or you can ask a friend who already has a program. But Michelle Thomas is a wonderful way to get from 0 to a great place in 10 days. So I highly recommend that if the Omniglot survival phrases in the first 10 days is not enough. But again, make sure that you dedicate the time every single day for this survival phrases. So you have the calendar and every single data you have accomplished your goal. Make sure you put an X there. It gives you this confidence that, Hey, I started and I finished the one day, two, day three. Make sure you put that on that counter. It's very, very strong confidence booster. Aside from marking the calendar, I highly recommend getting it an accountability partner. Whether it's your partner or a friend, or maybe the language exchange partner that you already found or your future teacher, whoever it is, makes sure that they are aware of your daily goals. Because if they know that you have to do that today, it gives you that pressure and it can be a positive pressure to make sure you start and finish it. So that wraps up the zeros at day 10. I want you to please go into the calendar. Mark off every single day that you're going to do 30 minutes of this, or it could be one hour. Your schedule is your schedule, but make sure you put the time allotted and be specific about the tasks you're going to do. Whether you're going to keep repeating the survival phrases, or whether you're going to be doing the Michel Thomas program or you, but you're going to start doing the memorize app or the Duolingo app. The idea is to make sure that those 10 days or dedicated, What a time slot that you go into, Learn the survival phrases or whatever level that you're interested in. I'm really proud of you. I'm really happy for you. In the next video, we're going to be going over day ten and beyond. 7. Day 11 - 50: Great. So now you have marked the first 10 days. Now you have to get into the next 40 days. So from day 11 said they 40. I want you to start concentrating on the grammar and the phrases that you need, not only for survival, but for more. So which free courses can you find? Whatever the language you're learning, you can either either go to Google and say free program in that language in 30 days or 40 days, or you can go to my go-to plan. I always use a semicolon That's ASS IM IL. A symbol has a couple of options. You can either learn a language from English to their target language, or possibly your mother tongue. So if you speak French as a native language, you can use that to make sure you learn, Let's say Italian. So from French to Italian, I highly recommend learning the language you love from your native language. But if a simul doesn't have it, then maybe use it in English or whatever language it feels most comfortable for you. Again, a similar has worked wonders forming. It's a 100 day lesson plan. And I usually break that 100 days into 50 days or 20 days because I have the time and I really find it to be wonderful to knock everything out before I move to the next level in these 40 days, you can use any question like just make sure again, like the first 10 days, do you put that dedicated a lot of time for yourself? I repeat. This is non negotiable. This is something you promise yourself. You printed this calendar, you put it up everywhere. And you even told people, you don't want to disappoint yourself. You don't want this appoint the people that are watching you. So make sure that you put into that calendar, that time program, like for me a Simeon, and how you're going to break that down. So if a female has 100 lessons and I have 40 days to do it, well then that means I have to do two or three per day to knock it out. Whatever it is. Please make sure that you dedicated, focus on it and make sure you run through that program because you're going to actually get so much of the fundamentals in your blood aside from doing the similar program or the program you found to do in the 40 days to get the foundation of the language, I highly recommend complementing it with something else, like memorize or Duolingo or podcasts. The ones that you choose have to already be dedicated for this program. So before you start day 0, make sure this is all already set up so that you could just run through the program. I know it seems mechanical, robotic, but the idea is to make sure you have everything so that you can run to the system. As I told you earlier, has to be playful and enjoyable. So you can trust not only yourself but the program, but you can have fun while doing it. Because if there is no fun, why do it so that you have it there 11 a day, 40, you know what to do. Make sure you cross off every single day, share with your accountability partner, make sure you moving forward. Never, ever hesitate to contact me. I'm here to motivate, inspire, and to answer any questions. Find a program with you, but never forget, you're not alone. In the next video, we're going to be going over the 50 and beyond. 8. Day 51 - 100: It's now day 51. It's a day 100. Your goal, your deadline. What are we going to do? We're going to jump into conversations, whether with the teacher or with a language exchange partner. No matter what it is, The goal is to make sure that you're using what you learn. Because you already have the theory, the grammar, the survival phrases, and the specific phrases that you dedicated to your specific field to learn. Now it's time to use it. So you can learn all day how to ride a bike, watching YouTube videos. But if you don't jump on a bike, It's going to be really hard to actually know how to do it. In this video right now we're going to dedicate, how can we make sure we find a teacher or a language exchange partner and what to do about it, whether a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Again, watching this video, you're going to fill out your calendar. So what can you do? Since you already know this is day 51? On day 51, you should already have a lesson book to whether what the teacher on I talky or with a language exchange partner. You found whoever you choose as your language exchange partner, make sure they are very reliable because your goal depends on it. That's why I highly recommend. I talked to you. You can find teachers for $4 an hour, but if that's not your situation, Finally, someone that you trust is very, very important. You can either do 30 minutes in your language and 30 minutes in their language and making sure that you guys help each other no matter what. This is a big, big deal because if they're not there, then you can practice. You can't ride the bike. So what should you do? She speaks at that every single day. Should you do it once a week? This is really up to you. I highly recommend minimum once a week, but it's like going to the gym. If you go to the gym once a week, yes, you will see some improvement. Is that exactly the improvement you want to see? Maybe. But I highly recommend at least three times a week. It's just like the gym is. We go to the gym three times a week. You'll see some improvement. If you go to the gym seven times a week, you're gonna see even more. So dedicating that 30 minutes to one hour a day. Remember pulling the exact time you're going to meet them and pulling the exact conversations you want to have is extremely important in conjunction with your teacher, you're going to always make sure you have the podcasts that you like, the YouTube channel you like, and making sure that you have some extra passive learning. If you want some extra active learning, remember that memorize is super-helpful, is for free. You can use it until a certain point. The idea is to make sure that you're surrounded by the language without even being in that country. What I also find to be very important in lists to practicing the dialogues that you want. So I'm a flight attendants, I really want to make sure that I can speak to my passengers so I already know what the conversations look like. A my target language. I'm going to translate them and I'm going to practice them. And when I speak to my language partner or to my teacher and I talking, I want to make sure that we're practicing exactly what I need it for. So go with what you feel is the important vocabulary that you need. So you know that they 100 is when you have to take the test, right? Whether it's recording a video of you speaking that target language for 15 minutes with your friend or with a teacher. Or whether you're taking a big tests that you found online that shows your, your fluency in your proficiency, whatever it is they want. A 100 is around the corner. You've marked off your calendar, crossing off every single day. You already know what resources and programs you have. You do not want to ever miss a day. This is a non-negotiable. Of course, if you're sick, if there's an emergency situation, you have to. But if you didn't have an emergency situation and you didn't dedicate that 30 minutes or an hour day? Well, you have to be a little more serious about it, then you have to restart this. But as long as you have the program, the system you can run through, and I guarantee you, you will succeed. Again. I'm always here for you to add this a 100 days. You can message me as much. 9. Tools & Tips: In this video, I'm going to share with you the tools and the tips and motivational words that have helped me. And I really want to make sure that they help you. First things first, never give up. They want is as important as the 100. Every single day matters. Crossing off that day on your calendar can give you this feeling and the motivation to continue. You deserve it. So don't ever give up. The next thing is that this is a non-negotiable. If someone says, Hey, can you pick me up? Hey, can you help me out with this? Sure, I can pick you up. Sure, I can help you out with this. Show. I can dedicate my time to make sure I'm value of view. But only after I finished my goal of the day. Because if you don't finish your goal of xj and help others, well, you're not fulfilling your goal. So this is a non-negotiable dedicate that 30 minutes or one hour, whatever you put on that calendar. It's a contract and you cannot break it, of course, unless there's an emergency or health reasons, but please do not make sure that no one can take that away from you. No one. Remember, all your material is already there. Whether you're using Michel Thomas or memorize or a meal or your Anki decks. And you found your eye talky teacher. All of this has to be done before. Imagine all of these resources that I just said and the 100 a plan as a GPS. So this is Google Maps. You have to make sure that everything is in plane University know the address, which is they were a 100. You have to have inputted, then you have to run to the program. So make sure you have everything here because you want to make sure that they were a 100. You're not scrambling for resources. Everything has to be set before. All you need is a couple of hours, maybe even 30 minutes To be honest with you, to get all the resources. So when the day comes, all you have to do is open it up in start. I hope that helps because it really, really is important to have that plan before. Another tip I want to share with you is finding a teacher or language exchange. A partner who really cares, who really connects with you, who's making this pleasurable, playful and having that trusting relationship. Because they 50, like I said, is the data. You have to start speaking to that person and making sure that you speak to them in the target language. As scary, as embarrassing, as with many mistakes you're making, it's important to find someone you trust. And speaking of mistakes, embrace your mistakes. Newborns that turn one to three years old, make a ton of mistakes. Q. Right. And we, as adults, would think, will I don't want to look like a child. However, when you're learning, you will make many mistakes as a child. So embrace them, have fun with them. Many people find a charming. In fact, many people would like even more because you tried to learn their language. So embrace the mistakes. I always repeat this in a genuinely minutes. Message me personally, Francesco, I don't know what to do about this. I don't know which program. I feel that I can't continue. I'm here for you throughout the whole 100 days. Never hesitate. You could also put comments in the discussion. You could also ask some other people around here because this is a community. You're not alone. We all want to learn a new language. I never met one person, whoever has ever said, no, I don't want to learn another language. I'm I'm fine speaking a merch and pig Azzam American and no American Sign Language. But my point is, I've never heard anyone say that. So remember, you're not alone. You have a 100 day plan, whether you're starting from 0 or intermediate, you have to make sure that you dedicate the time slots and never, ever give up. I'm here with you the whole way. In the next video, we're going to be giving some closing remarks. 10. Closing Motivation!: You reach the end of the course. This is my closing words and I want you to understand that if you want this bad enough, then you will do it. And if you ever have any insecurities or moments that you need help, always contact. I also want you to know how important it is that 100 days is just a timeframe. It's a day that has a deadline. So if you wanted to extend this to 200 days, 300 days, It's really up to you as adults. I know that we always find these excuses that i'll I can't learn a language because I don't have time. But children who have deadlines in school or high school or university, everyone has this dedicated tests or final day that they need to do this by. And that's what I want you to do that for yourself. So maybe what, a 100 days isn't ideal for you. Figure out the day that works for you. And if you have a question about other strategies, I'm here to help. Ultimately. I want you to understand that we're not here forever. We're here for a certain amount of time and 100 days is not promised, but at least we have something dedicated within the near future. So you deserve it. You deserve to make sure you start and finish it. And remember that this is something that you've been wanting for years. This is a goal and dream that you've been thinking about every time someone mentions that country or that language, you've always wanted it. So why not actually do it? So please continue to start and finish your programs of the day and know that I'm here. I have also mentioned all the programs and the courses that I've used. If there's something that doesn't seem right, just message me, Hey, can you recommend this one? I'm always here for you. If you found something, please share it in discussion saying how this one works well for you. It's a short program. Ultimately, we're a community where tribe and helping each other is valuable. If you want private lessons, live coaching online, I'm here to help to. However, if you want to just message me to that too, in the end, I want to make sure that you succeed. If you succeed, I succeed. And I could also help more and more people follow their dreams. Actually, I'm not even helping, I'm just guiding. You're doing all the work. But knowing that someone's here for you, hold in your hand has always been really valuable to me. So never forget that we have reached the end. Please share any comments in the discussions. Message me, makes sure that you start and finish this and know that everything is in your power. That's how many dedicate, you know it. Again, my name is Francesco. I'm so honored to have been your teacher throughout this course. And I'm looking forward to see you seeing, seeing you take those pictures of your counters and whether they day one or day 100, I want to see them. So please, please share and know that this community is all about growth.