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11 Lessons (45m)
    • 1. Römische Astrologie für Einsteiger

    • 2. Die Lehre der Stoa

    • 3. Römische Astrologen

    • 4. Das Weltenhoroskop

    • 5. Der Mathematicos

    • 6. Das Astrolabium

    • 7. Das Pinax

    • 8. Zodiacus Die Tierkreiszeichen

    • 9. Die 12 Häuser 1

    • 10. Die 12 Häuser 2

    • 11. Zusammenfassung und Ausblick

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About This Class

Hier hast du die Möglichkeit dir einen Überblick zu verschaffen wie in der Antike, speziell in der Römischen Epoche Astrologie betrieben wurde. Die Moderne Astrologie hat dort ihre Wurzeln. Seit erst ca. 20 Jahren werden diese alten Techniken durch Erstübersetzungen uns wieder zugänglich gemacht. Ich gehöre zur ersten Generation von Astrologen, die diesen Methoden wieder leben einhauchen.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Michael Schnitzer

Astrologer, Astronomical Facilitator


I am a astro- facilitator which helps you diving into methods of modern and ancient astrologoy which can be used to do either character analsis or prognostics. My aim is to provide astronomical input so that you can get out  to connect yoursell with the nightsky by knowing how that all works.

Adittionally I show you different methods (from 2000 years till now) how to interpret that celestial bodies to help you contextualizing your own life.


Ich bin ein Astro-Berater, der dir zeigt welche antiken und neuen Werkzeuge der Astrologie zur Verfügung stehen um sowohl Chrakteranalyse als auch Prognostik zu betreiben. Ich möchte dir praktisches Sternenwissen an die Hand geben, sodass du selbst am Abend hinausgehen kannst um dich mit dem Sternenhimm... See full profile

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1. Römische Astrologie für Einsteiger: Yeah. How could we common my nomis? Mikhail Schmitz Crippen A hard bit The shoal Astronomical. Crooned it is, um, from a face to testifies in protecting around my four. Oh, uh, in the room. Or seen the room. Isha. After lucky for Stella in touch, profiting around beneath the moment or so I'm not there Else that is ma in English, rocking around Mr. Showing me. Oppa See it? The roadside sponsor. Young voters Project Hint site. I'm their remission. Khmer text there from my creation in English Ever sets on this well, the proud, eternally astrological technique and get tested on feeder Believed on the skip tha se at Italia the offside again from bush in the fun remission after a long on. You're a Schuler Tishreen, born in Italy. Thomas are string behind Lara and on site circumference in ya. Honest. This material was set on the bar on site from 15. Yon innocent as too long. That by this is our accounting of them. Nominee Hellenistic has to Loki. He's a Matori. Can notices a complex, own lovely complexes. Seat by. They're after Loki. Read it to believe him. Um, yeah, when, uh I mean it's a tough life experiment. Tele Arguello Gate as married for shot It is a I off mathematician construct their, um we pass Indian the oy ticket side on common. So was not spiders and yon unlamented communist and mention Al to Putin riding the story show people sign this very built in demand is a technique mentioned. This cans now that is eyes once already think it's finish Doesn't place yet Indecent cools get comes on gruelling this toe remission After Loki, it's weird up a 214 staring TD a rumor shown prevented harm to pashminas Astro Labuan to a better know this Aston then this dear Christ trying to scare rd some type of Kentucky port ALF Kids vile our mental emotional sort of keep I keep what There this horoscope was Yeah, the strong showers as a woman out was coping and underfunding up to personally see Aaron in poppy donation war untended The washroom promoted world tells to Loki things helped safely . Um oh, give mine shaft. We have buried horoscope funhouse shun form life confronting Perry in But after the Hellenistic in after Loki awarded and this is horoscope process of personally see it Let's keep Altera's coop on Greek. It won't prevent it. Um, yeah. When I doesn't receive doesn't help charity. Apparat would feed us to shun the camp. Done site? Yeah, here. But you didn't hear me frying then. Here. Are you feeling cools in China? 2. Die Lehre der Stoa: Yes. Finish. I scan must sort some very built their rumor at saying in deem the rim shots to Lucky Foods . Faster contact. Give arguably toe up unit for Christos system off. Comments. Christian terms would suffer ankle on this case in terms of on there. And they are right there in the wake of the situation. Phillips, screw up. Tisza Continental. I gave mine fast. Do you layer Women took a lesson Height Come on. T P route often unveiled Built this it was understand, Has once a first and misters our homes Gigabyte disk in typical okey side Sigmund Freud by this key. And, um, cash often had the rent. We could talk now so I ve Day is in the freedom Does complexion and fry and villain hearts Can you outside Beale And in fact ish he might be right and child on Don't never habitually say in global humoredly can't shine back This is destroy Kasan is next. So in this situation by the slim feel Mayor four hair Bish Tim, them sheikhs. I'll take Lipitor. I'm to get Messan on the six Irvine Little side punked jacket poor by the steam piston. Does he run out. So extremist issues starting This is our let's know for having them to this individual kinda in China owns five height uh, dancer role now I mean, we do involved by nine. Grind in the heart. I'll just give you some 40 break nor almonds distance sitting Bull Sheikh side in on time they put us under Loki I am Linda. And if you try for Baruch, said human Tate cylinder up, they are in a side owned Afghan front. Is that still immigration form? What's with the mom would meet, uh, the back hole. Roland, I would feel eyes on your friend. Nine would give me a sign of formal craft with Massa on the very keen on Toral and also s and give isn't buys a tour sign. Sign Doherty material this same week for Halbish him that's can actually signed a star. The Hindu Nissim Vague leaked from big upcoming That's the Big hole play gets dark sign sign. It's time to give it so therefore habits Kempton. So her little artificial waker and from well, mostly 40 remesy me for I listened. Child In was last month for many years in a fry height in MSM for her. Wish him kind of the spot. The polish off the Astra. Loki? Um, anything after looking Laub was he to give us a mass off determinist sign the Medicis esteem, Our home lickety meeting it the six or Tom the atom contest. Exactly. After lucky attendees. A complexity that we can Mrs service Fianna Na Chris to start on. No nobody palace! Ah ah Araba! Donna Indian Calm right And making golden guns feel is funded business right there in the modern and after lucky he's off the 100 Yon on substance Boussoufa Legacy It is now past the smell could have ourselves a posting factor Sticky You I mean anarchy to the axe effigy . But I Injury Moon Um What? All this? Yes. We've seen for this important hot, dusty after Loki down with one arm between. So as it was for like that. You want us to look you by now on the property? Prima. She has to. Lucky to the attack comes on the smells in the freedom language, So I understand. Good. This family was toe basic my room. This, um So when they ask, you plate the form border. It's a snake. This very situation. Par remission After Lewton forced 3. Römische Astrologen: It's indecent video. British always in power room ish A after a long forced then owned D'Rivera k didn't used to for Duncan harm us were how he it tried to in l. A or personas remission as Loki, the Time Kernan Comets. And secondly, my significant ist not a for me significant is See you asked along. Roski sold S Kate solos on courts for Christie. Keep Werth there. Trash kilos. Trachsel's come out, Alexandra Hot off rodeos often application instruments Making. This touched markets Rose had talked. And Kaiser tip Aereo's Candyland de Barrios most after two sides. To this outside the CDA Hoelscher High and Hope Astral there Who feared border owned there in fact, constricted fear and chiding in their permission. How so? On deep areas, Rafter soon thereafter Soufan behind them, knowing us to Logan on the National Happening Roof does for four prostitutes, guns feel a show on the clip Branta, My sneeze Carrizalez, Charlotte com process loose on today to see for some reason, it all out on a toy shop. I'm hoping to be common from PATA. Moral name. Tiberius Parts in transit. Lucy Mine Horoscope to Stellan. More than a trend off to free in via a button cam. Deep reform dance actor saw yet Stairs took your saves time. Horoscope Also the Kaiser Tiberias fallen from Brazil. S. C said that host coped and Solan smaller caps after technique there assign horoscope instead. Fear yet still getting towards confirmed yet state moment. Leslie in Sure, I spell now Scottish vice drops the numerous system when I begin to sit on the can even right when it sacked to be adios bending hooks take you far on so comes close. Hold fast to longer from deep Aereo's border My tip areas a company that's Yeah, absolute fizzy t the height For this moment, horoscope had all skill is not, um, pricey. Loose, hot off. I'm very ticklish. Freedom doesn't see p knocks This peanuts were magic toy got so so. I nine be black. Ah, spill pret disaster, Lordship. Red countryman's our border on the planet in Salem and all the rest citing inter pretty it Borden Oh, intracity sleep, but is not does peanuts, um, fighters interest Until now, Crystal ski Poor Marco's Manila use. This is so this Ellis developed was were forged and in the NBA sets um um ah. Heightened home from the compass. Often Torch Mitt said someone also links is not time Arrested story Trooper said so, um cyclically since welcome Tell man v food to be common Food is inside. Done there needs the only mystics different Rita Chinese officer The initial become off your theory machine after looking for him ends a 50 kite is the videos balance there inside and Barrick Until here off storage off I knew Sits on the Astra said some elastic advice Auf Deutsch 2000 fear from that I'm giving snowplow the momentous pull forklift We had to sell back an um they had the super sets make blue tinged voice as I present a hanging out together Tito, Mina, Mina are the story. And isn't prudence, croissant or understand? To Loki dispatchers, violence is that they got seem Boucha practitioner for fast, huh? If you're signing after long, she Schuler help the ball. I need you, Shula Challenge and langoustine. Astral orga won't hot Hanley new food and crisis. I know she will. It is a sim Boucha. Um but first owned Norcia, Italy at the UN grams in uber mit Orden personas their prognostic on this launch thesis Balic to lease and sneak life to leave have a happened So guns outside her shop Technical between the India Motorin Astrology complex. Nor yet Baron order Borden. I'm inside her shot technique has to bash ability Yell here. Perfect union bookish out the woman for fun. Yeah, So yeah, shown can bust infield in what was cooked? Stellin Stella Um Yahya Team and on off common sinti Positive center Negative Police don't Don't have to know how many Under a technique specially my 100 side hoelscher technique coincided Countrymen off storage reverse its leaders hours lose And this tier crisis in love with him presented technique woman to slave This mentioned in ice in the capital in time can on down Shout present And you were there Born into the handling in a proactive endo um locates them Mentioned Basanta scoot water for her house for a state palace Have vigils Violence specially under will become to stay asked Loga killed has fatter After Loki Claudius Ptolemy use mid signing Black tetra People are people use lemon until you hear from balance on Tetra People's for Ptolemy Use pleased the enactment essence by onto Sheila Ansi telomeres, moonshine and film here. The reason Shaft their qualitative as a Valium body quality in the planet Special. I've been sort of a stream. Have been signing Varity. I'm barren. Balance feel. May off the interpreted See owners off the island. He after Loki. Um after the patient can I am get gangrenous and tickets wouldn't buy shuhn the middle. I totally here. The substance on a revival from Ptolemy also can't emit light all he has to Loki. Um can I have to laugh? Telomeres Turyk. I was Carty. Hellenistic remission. Loki The hot to be two spellings eyes, in fact, into but again after long for the mind far Mansfield, Busan for Paris. Visitors to a perfect so right mile. He committed a series, of course. 4. Das Weltenhoroskop: I snaked its present cherish Oy, the Tima Mundi. The that's key ports Horoscope concert held A on this planet. You stayed here too, or no trial. Eternally to order. No, the planet student ear. Christ, you have here Toys R in front of Christ, That is no. So for out estimate gauges. McCourt's story. They have funding here. Meeting Vitor? Yeah, Stealing cookies. You do that, you'll foul LA get Scorpio. Shoot, Sir. Stein, Bassam on horn. Official on your city. That piece it's worth tear. Christ side the team A mundi hat. Hyeon Mayor Uneaten soup. The sharks list a TV home after another is sold. Them won't. Many are sheep elect. Once in in Yaris fell off. High system nous healthiness length list. This is in the more not body song. It will include street. So, so, so much Sun Vendor and 60 unit Pickens is in eclipse to baby how they hold Soma our ghost Jones tiger, is this on emblem on our state financed by highest this morning? Yeah, Humpty uh, them tear Christ taiking and plenty of your mom is the hoelscher hell show you. But this is Titan. Is this a planet on a bender planet in this entire thing. Istana Sensei Name Tom Materia Mother, This is so even puts the house is based firstly, the role foods to the sea here First recon Dina Kraft We constantly best into sets sign on inundation Thomet Syrian invasion, size and eternity Planet Best C said sign. Um if he and a team on Monday officially dishonor is the best in C selbst is Hoelscher. The stick has tightened ludes moment. Got some capes Fundacao ski and harvests by. You have the AmeriCorps clicks. The plan needs I It's really on. I'm a your how After a tete de vinos I'm all Yeah, When I am I violencia ended a bargain their cleats got there Tyler Mouse Hyneman and soiling I'm all investing. It's copy you, Peter. They had the expense you want bring the other. They did a my tele. My confession on the bakery. Answer a positive limits. Sets my summer on unstable justice Departed two minutes. You ought know their planet Sudan. Do you cry? Too tight 5. Der Mathematicos: that's else Timothy, George Forster and much there iss yet be so. I plant horoscope with avian horoscope. Our sketch out hot This movement See underst for tonight's mortality holders co permitting neurotics cries on the planet Did a advertisements and a man kicked off Announced Doesn't know remission A poor there's the mechanic loose from gap through the Christ I, um someone does blackish the horoscope Our ski chalet in border as a more considers until he gets every beset so far staring. He has stunned holders Copus Some did NAMI done here, Van this individual Keyport and West owned How the stone There the hot London Somebody spilled its vital stuhn there, um, this target specially mazzotta sister stoned It's by now. It's on an Afghan. While it is true, the food Now it's on an Afghan this year Hochman Arkema infer headedness somehow shock case . It's so bash built 20. Yeah. No, your cleats young Um Plus done. I'm mathematical. How come Bidding data asked her Loga An astronaut. Um monkeying here toe I name astronomical. The mathematical there Mitt, the F A Marine Liston, the oft Ebo Barton and Babylonia Beirut. How scary. It heart Um invasion tear Christ, i d. Plan eaten some type of the Iraqi port. This Ah, horoscope. Tell us. Still, and then Stanton on the headrest and sluggishly moment does its mind. Personages, horoscope moment. Louver especially even. Um, yeah, certainly. He Mark Norton in tainting house malice Invest Ciman Venus Einstein Book They're asked Send Dent in Steer the notary him unquote in fear In the house on Tom had a flight after Ralph Cassim feel Look Paris for tuna on dissected Understand DVD Omega Norman owned could After past they had a mid to slim girl off on sort air I name astral orden pigment and hit the here thinking, beaten thesis Platt appear to interpret Ian, this is blood Papier plot Populus Mr Man saying As a normal, this market rent their hostile gnome their bearish knitter in Belgian taiking relationship management bidding There there does our interpret Ian Quanta beat us But interpret that's the old from continued talking toys from two netted side You're him next video 6. Das Astrolabium: I sneak this? Matich Oy, Hainan Apparat four stain there. Service teach. Bart. So Berrick Numbness asked. And then as a V come. And then Sean the man he advised Trump Asheville? Yeah, they're Mensch is on sale for finfronts. Wanted. Keep Warren. Inventor countrymen starting. Sent us. Feel I drive is fierce. Don't knocks on and off gang on weaker demand in a mitten. Vast is a mensch. Few I don't. Aston Denton hot, That's what Hatton you're UMA i astro lab yume plastic valin gain. Um so So he part horse there has been groomed that their vision shaft fishing, gastronomy killed in rodeos worked out Thought keeps art noctis Powerhouse um observatory, um woman him a spill back in March. Income there had been obviously shown this after lab, um prevented just in our little MEOWS data from under 15 are crystals writer and make it hot each up here and it could be fun. I Neymar ambition asked lobby, um, does this sort of cell distances give fronting up the skates at Zurich after stool? If the rights and the Honda swings in our here Italian dish left base after more, it's on gum off. Uh, are rubbish. General common sighing asked. A lot of you may have a house and harvest ticket boards. Site the start. Meinhold. It's on many Hauritz, Auntie Netta. He's gonna get off your butt. Him Hold its launched I talking office Meet Doc The Sonic it on tha This is not just in my nick. It doesn't hold its on Tinian. It's the best informants. The only passage brow If the key port side My Nicky, both sides from elf were finfronts wanted this high fish. Lt isn't tiger off elf were so I say finfronts transition helped infested. Woken up for me to act That's actually come Tito Yet happy here Dainty Christ within more Not this device has been Gimignano are keep on. So I am I don't want six Janjua young Juarez. I know it's wants ish. So in light I know Good. It's rubbish Under statistic, states having to get both sides have a, um dusky puts more nut on yet but ah 50 Hauritz Huntley in year Jesus curate. Would you worship only food in our official government? We criticized mind holding twenties here feel tifa were so in torch land tablets have ask if phone is sorties. Selenia. Yeah, or just a character over a mass keep, and it's easily inherited in prison for tech. It is here, following other 90 Comfort or Mahanta, then finish here. In here on test. AEA is mine keyboards asked, intend to summon City of Tying Steer Must desist year here. How inch breed So if we might. So enough of anything from Astral Abramson Astral album at the Nuffield mayor for vending and off leash about the moment my Mr Jang emerged. 7. Das Pinax: the next discreet. Very. That's their, you know, gay theme he planted in constant Yonan. Halftime Popular. Smith became important test there and asked the long sword there. But I need P knocks. So he's he says. Instrument became the Astro Loga, this black Tapia that computers, um, interpret yet hot. Um, they hit it on than p knocks. Kinnaman would hit the door. De Planet Consulate. Sure, India Hill East and Marlon Faro, English. That is yet so a sweet mid us for still asshole. It's Nafie business. Dust is the P knocks ourself buying property at Wharton Moment and took off like our house Go it order under an England Italian that the bullet has to log. Assign a preference on the chateaus, are assigned peanuts does it's and say nine father's Peanuts acidity. Christ. I interested more bias finally, his up the soul. But in rural Montana, ask a shout out You're looking better f behind original peanuts and hanging basket from the border. It helps it and pharma toe find for home. So the market I was So what's in the artist off all affiliates from this war, it's world. Hoyzer, Platz, Hatton want war tear Christ. Titan. Um, so seeing by they're Aston Dent. Barnevik ticks there. Fact on them nothing warranties against prognostication technique ing or outside. How should kick in operation? It, um, we'll have that. In fact, us under an Frank spoke Darby on thin end pushed arm for in horoscope. Us extreme on Nam. So any flu for swine and chip are still Aston and demon leaked. Can kind of hear my cooking that moment in liver. It's like here mining moon chip. Some live. And this is Louis felt here. Done harpist and miles in my semen. Um, the sauna. So many Davino stressed in Steinbach. I asked him Dent in India. There must hear. Hear. Done. Vienot. I said he had initially Sri mapped in some torrent s premier in the Viagra. America is in my semen. His son is emphasizing by someone that you bitter? Yes, here in the Varga won't done gaps. No, I didn clicks punked or the Incas clicks laws. This clicks loss ISP Emir him. Scorpio. Human desperation It very small. That's what is this Clicks? Loss by item. Online course dashed in its committee fortune. That's esteem. Uh huh. That is after long than Roy family here for help me say Clara Unit to the soul Munich forced and can I was so country to bash Christina, he's I mentioned is a missile hot in Aston and Name Steer. Or he helped him bash bill here than any Quattro tour Discipline eaten. Her minor house will come off my seem Kocin order Countess saying after moment on its meat . That's only in the opposites. You on this highest visa Mikhail Muth by four month people on board in sign moment on Sonus asking you, Burstein as among Kanda took this is being axed and so forth. Romilly here, um, for help me say what I give him heighten this key ports tell us horoscope Tell us Interpret , Ian. 8. Zodiacus Die Tierkreiszeichen: sold yet sided toys. The shelves rt tear Christ citing four civil in the high ticking type vice. A clue for adapt Cutem, then torching. Bought ice out at creation. Work from game than our remission. Astro Loki Year and the revolts will hot on test on Bandit. I saw a man hat Tan Vitor as creo us a. Tight knit the stamp citing bitter Prius. Can't Man from Clay a tour clearly and justices a name. Alicia Inventor Time touch dear but a towels. Finn it month in Toro in Spanish. Tauro Vidal's in In the tiny problem. Done. That's feeling P. Doughboy de Doughboy. They're clips Car Aquino's car. Aquino's Kangaroo Courts in Nashville, Spanish. One had in mind for your tie. Vitor. She has an outside swilling is love. Time on creeps. Isn't veracity the Sinti Alston Fear stand, citing for uni fun, fun from from a thrilling of Honda fruit wings. Tag or not, lie here and it's 1/6 amounts peace. So our summer sun vendor, am I not so on 16 uni their trips the fighter fear a Quetta. I'm here. Your safety grew for this move. And Leon how Lee on a Snam into Bash Beloff Deutsche No Telegrapher The Jungfrau by 10 us Varga Su cas like from sea in front took Won't the grief illness Korpi on Scott Pioli Lula is for your tightening. Young Frau is with an outside in the Varga and Love taIking or and this copy on lived him Massa lets defeat up. Look, IHS, there should say I should say Taxol tests high for your time, Steinbruck. I took care of us high and outside. That's a man who horse who drove on Vasa. Huge! I love trying on the official. If toe s hit us, this finished one hour off. They had been on with them. Begin this Christian Tom's on artificial simple um is Doc. This is what it is to us. How the mouth as are in the revisionist a lucky hot month isa at communication potato and prevented this creation. I articulate potential profit when had done license off Northern Elston or the assets by pushed arm prevented home to steer Christ. I can to be sure Ivan 9. Die 12 Häuser 1: remission after Loki, the state House and salmon feel from dry factor one Christ I, the planet owned this sustained, massive. You're here. It's courts are clearly the steps Wolf, Hoyzer, Toyko Day ca Talk boy top post their Platts though they cuts both. It's very Hoyzer. You say it is skipped. Does this off English? Who brings fun? My name asked Loki Lever. Chris Brennan, uh, came out. That's what you besets. Escaped. Swerve Hoyzer on two cents Worth leaves Tayman Dis mention o d b a state seemed to feed at Home Planet Suki ordinate generally the NH Dean Room Cynthia's a team a talk was sent the substitute essence Mitt then ringtone here Mitt There has attendant he would It's only off gate here. Coleman yet See? It is only want you see in a laugh a little Keith and Vita off a Semitism Sustained Hamblin statements to tune Vosper certain when this only in the old days of autumn Constant a keen But here had here to bash Felix Gaeta Minto House salmon forward stateside. Made it term only shut dot woman want? Yeah, hardly, Mr Chef, Bend over there. Two recent art done off taking you believe inside guns whole harm him. They are untainted house. Ah, what monkey seemed actually to Sandy Hook's The Iceman six bar. The kids help quickly so people may prove to be truthful. Garb Human in developed Playing both fun. Moorefield, look! Monkey scene from the under. Don, These are being killed here is tasked event. He's at the Christ Titan. What? This house? That's Kirati. I'm what it touched. Eat a Benmont off developed Compton I Let's try and help Stone mallets Firestone end that C D C Comfortable Etzion Noise and violence on the planet. Dirty ass Tap the legal by the state with this high status Awesome! I'm Hauritz on a shine to sister's purse Soon least there Bus Hain Mensch Homecoming was it s two houses in my essay Silently modem gates pursuit inside in the military to lead us to lookie by notice else the house absolution guys to give a faster Slims team of this mentioned thinking on under Hoyzer Barton Oyster understanding the highlighting modern people Loki After Loki the island Heloisa as in machine, uh, absolution interpret you 10. Die 12 Häuser 2: But some belong to the island Yeah, I think Then destined in nothing dot What is only own 30 Eat mean that group A league in the lump from ALF Khanna This cake and uber the kids are Vizio on higher at Does this saw? Have contempt their fear blinker He d say team and uh Constitution despite yes the conficker That's Jonas A the for heightened C d c Heloisa Soon asked in Denton I want to keep this IMA spy How easily Vials De um Practitioner Abbasi Olstein This highest often I'm manning Tri State sequin off the person's name. My name is Nick that the next 3 to 2 this way here to strike the houses tour of the house He have no model from the 60 house with just after house in this one hour off to descend Schleck Tin toys had a house for rent noise And that's especially true in the house. Gets on fine shaft in one fell yet vast market was off sunlight It, um him fighting house kings on this It's tough along gin. Come on, get it financially. Um, I'm getting high the onions. Eliasch lesson hoist on I I taught and follows our home Arab and for the test owned our home sex house. Gates on my sense inflicts on one car. Cat on my page. This is sort of strike the concept the discipline title mentions in the street The concept man had our the decreased citing capital hoist on planet Tokyo with a cryptic outcomes Feeling snowmen arena t thus milestone bash Beautiful women had house bottom the planet beside us I am targets Horoscope sequel here Vida Mitt fell eight song and Meet Cronkite opened in 16 hours to the orbit. It's a tomb happen. It's world from house to house We that I that they had house for their house forms to Planet Lemon Enough horoscope parts were light and I lost Fine chap Um, this house that directing that get is from the sri sister the arms on a 1,000,000 plan home court terrorize since they oppose it. If it's house positive percent starting mourned snow in the house. That is only that guy's got the house to fish 20 Teoh, I say, half annoyed. I can't say also got faster. Loki. Chronically here, um deem spit. I think you know you, Peter, is our home. I got a plan. Aid on ball ball in the planet. Sanders. Fear me. I am a trained targets photos Corporal and set out to search the house itself. 40 tickets and get mine Shaft numb. Next care will find there. Housing statement off the of English. You see Heloisa Wash Ramekin Underwater border. Good spirits by experience, have the gate of hardest as distorts Aunt of eight. Did I as a decent that I come in? That's Yonan. We saw US leaders. I'm Alliance sort of. Alfa Pete for the diplomatic Nash profit. So mostly our entire eternally Andre Mish. After Loki Martin, you buddy potato there. Heloisa Planet wanted to crash site. It's a mix. An video stop via with the Alstom technique. 11. Zusammenfassung und Ausblick: so listen up. Ended for these are and funeral in grown line. Their omission asked. Lucky I'm Deland in this course in the Sinai flammability, dogma tying operatic moment He's outside. Fermented bebel. This one horoscope. He felt this by actually else too tight in the kibbutz Horoscope. Muscle individualists. 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