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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: Spaced Repetition

    • 3. Lesson 2: Getting Started

    • 4. Lesson 3: Create Cards

    • 5. Lesson 4: Tag and Browse

    • 6. Lesson 5: Deck Options

    • 7. Lesson 6: Import and Export

    • 8. Lesson 7: Conclusion

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About This Class

Anki is a really powerful (and free) tool to study virtually anything. It's a program that makes memorizing things easier. 

This class is for anyone trying to memorize anything, ranging from languages to physics formulas.

Once you master the power of Anki, you will be able to study in a more active and interactive way and achieve significant improvements that will last a long time. 

By the end of this class, you will:

  • Understand spaced repetition
  • Install and use Anki
  • Create¬†decks and subdecks
  • Create 4 different types of¬†notes
  • Insert media in the cards
  • Import/Export¬†decks
  • Change the deck's settings
  • Tag and browse cards

This is an introductory class just to get you started. More advanced classes will follow soon. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

George Doumat

Medical Student



I'm George Doumat and I'm a 3rd-year medical student.

I'm interested in learning theories and language learning. I'm also interested in a very powerful program called Anki which will be the base for my classes.

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1. Introduction: Hello, guys. My name is George. I'm 1/3 year medical student. I started this close to teach about hunky okay before getting stories. What is monkey monkeys? A flash card up that makes memorizing things easier. Monkey, the word monkey literally means memorizing in Japanese. It's an algorithm that's based on spaced, repetition and actively court, and we will be discussing spaced repetition during the first lesson. I first came across Anke three years ago when I was a senior finishing my biology degree. It's a funny incident, actually. I was circuiting in my microbiology course. I had a bad grade on the first exam, was struggling to memorize the meaty details off every bacteria, every voice, their components, the antibiotics and it was very overwhelming. So in a desperate attempt, I was googling to find tools to help me memorize. And I came across a donkey, and ever since then it's been the building block off by studying, joining the last year of my bachelors on the 1st 2 years of my medical degree. One thing for certain is my great improved significantly since I saw that using hunky, I aced my final exam microbiology. It was a breeze because the space repetition in the algorithm helped me memorize all the details that I couldn't just by reading textbook. So I created Disclose to pass on the knowledge on how to use a hankie so you can, too, accepting whatever you want to learn whether it's academic university course s a t s. I'm cut. Whatever test you're taking, it could be language learning. It's very efficient, and it's very popular among language learners were virtually anything you want. By the end of this class will understand spaced repetition. Be able to install and use a hunky create decks and sub decks. Okay, different kinds of notes and chords Insert media in the court. Import and export decks changed the decks setting and dagger browse court. Some of these things don't make sense at the moment. Once you finish with short introductory class, you'll be familiar with the basics of Monkey. I'm planning on creating another class for Advanced Yankee. That includes some of the other more advanced features, like Adan's and some of the programming language off the grid. Okay, so that's the ends off the introduction. If you're interested in improving you grade learning faster, memorizing faster and better join me in this class. And let's start with Lesson one 2. Lesson 1: Spaced Repetition : Hi, guys. My name is George. On a 30 year medical student. I would like to welcome you to thank you for beginners. So what is Uncle Monkey is a free programs to use report Mark and PC. It's a program that utilizes Flash Court makes remembering things It's built on two news. First on being asked Vehicle second space for going into details, installing and using hunky software. I would like to take a minute to discuss space cabbage. So what is your position? It's studying math based on the forgetting. Let's say you're studying certain concept of chatter today. Humanity, for which represented on the Y axis will be at 100% by the time you finish study. However, as time passes, your percentage will drop to 80%. But when you review the same chapter on the second day, the grading of free getting curve with flattens a bit when you review it again on the fourth day curve flat is even more. The pattern off space revision is called spaced repetition, and this is the basic concept behind. It's a flash card application that keeps repeating a certain topic using a certain interval . So you won't forget it on the doctor. Why use? You can use Anke virtually learn or memorize anything, whether it's learning a new language, studying for medical exams, memorizing people's names or faces brushing up on geography, mastering bollworms, even practicing guitar. So as long as you can enter her input information. Flash format. We're good to go, and you can use Anke to learn anything. So this is the end off our first lesson on Let's move together through this class to learn how to use a hankie efficiently start memorizing whatever you want. 3. Lesson 2: Getting Started: huggers. Welcome to the second lesson of funky for beginners to do. You're gonna talk about how did so hunky and the basics of using it. So let's get started. First of all, to install it to go to absolute uncle, that breaking down nude, choose your preferences. I'm using a Michael, so you just use one of them, download it, and then it's like any other probing for something. It's pretty straightforward. So after downloading Reuters to here, let's make an account. It's no mandatory have a bank account, but it's easier if you want to use it on two or more platforms, for example, on your laptop, your iPhone or android phone so you can think it. So you want to lose progress, human from one device to the other, so you follow the steps. Sign up your Eamon even again. Password produce a forward. Nothing too complicated. We're ready to go. Let's get started. For example, this is the scream. Gonna see once you should accept you won't have these decks. Thes are the ones I made to illustrate card types and how we use software. We're here at the next speech. I have separate lessens with each one of us, except for saying sink is basically using your ankle. I do. You just made you signed up for and the password so you can sink your progress across month D devices. OK, we're getting started. I just want to point out that we have three types. Of course, risible the new ones. Here are the new courts. Red ones, aren't you? And the green ones already. So let's take this court, for example. Olo Show, answer. Hello? Okay, If I got it, Tried a secret. If I thought it was too easy, I didn't get it right. First time on Sega. It's pretty straightforward since your writing time. Okay, if I pressed again going to see the card after less than one breast. Good. Going to see it again today in 10 minutes. Rest easy. I see it after four days. So let's say got it. Good. That's good. Second court. Okay. Before going to the second court, pay attention that the new moved to be, which is due you now since I pressed Good. I'm going to see it for 10 minutes today. That's what it's ready. Also, I'm gonna show you shortcuts who the space bar is short. You press space bar. You see it? Gonna flip the flash courts technically and you can use 123 on your keyboard, one for again to for good. 34 So let's say I want to try this one as easy three. It's gone. It's no here. It's not here because I'm going to see it in four days. Not gonna see it again today. Okay, Speeds bar again. Let's say I found this one hard. I didn't know it. This one. Okay, let's say one is easy, okay? No. The do cords going to see them again. Since I pressed hard on this card, I'm gonna sit in less than one minute, which is now. So I see you again. This time I got it right. So good. Just two or space for okay. After 10 minutes, I'm seeing the guards at night dressed good for to Poona the Santo. Sorry. See? Yes, That's it. We finished our deck for today. Congratulations, Finnstrom vector. Now, just for the sake of completion. Let's say I opened my Ankie tomorrow and I saw because that I did yes, they'll be green on. I'll do them in a different way. Look up. Study yours? Sure answer would now be attention. Have four options. You have the hard, which is like I knew that the U. S is good boy, but I didn't know it. Well, it was hard. So I want to see it in two days instead of just pressed to so just freak up. The journey starts the new court. You press good ones and you see it again in 10 minutes. Your best good again. You'll see it tomorrow if you press good tomorrow sitting three days after that in five days after seventies. Also, if you rest easy, I'll get them changes. So it's up to you to choose. If you found this card Easy card. We'll see it again. Sit oil days also. I'll be teaching you in later lessons. How to change the time stamps for each But good. Could be 10 minutes, 30 minutes. Three days. Maybe you don't want to see that God twice received once. So that's all in the options which we have lessened etiquette. I hope you enjoy this lesson I hope you're familiar with. Thank you. Bye now to you again. - Thank you. 4. Lesson 3: Create Cards: Hi, guys. Welcome to lessen three off and key for beginners. Today I'll be talking about Dex on subjects and how to add chords on different kind of courts to get started risible. We're here in the next section. Create a new deck except a group created that navy deck. Let's see One is that you don't have any courts in its renowned, so that's why you can see that now, since it's already is your records before moving on adding cords, Let's show you something waken at something called a subject, which is the deck within the deck. Let's say I'm learning Spanish like my example before, and I want to learn full caps so it's the full cap that it's up deck inside. The general language is Spanish. Let's try an example. There's two ways to create subjects 1st 13 First way simply dragging back onto this, you know it's something second way. The second way is done by naming back and simply right the main deck, then the name of the subject. You want it started. Now that we're done with text, we learned how to read main subjects. It's going to section about adding court were notes to these things. Start adding court Goto this'll people both. We're gonna talk about five chords. I'm gonna go through each one being sick. Toy has a front and back fears and we create one Court X to enter in front. Will be on the front with record on X to enter in the back will appear on the back. Let's choose it. For example. We'll choose what deck? One concert accord and let's say it's that one. For now, the front that sees hello on the back is Spanish. Okay, see, you have a new court here. Let's try it with you know, I think this is the front feel Blue show Answer. Ola was in front on the back. Those the basic time. No, the basing and reverse court is like the basic but creates two courts with next one from front. But on the other one, from back to front, Let's try it. Let's see the same example, Anu. Okay, so, as you see, the 1st 1 is her Lou from English show Answer Ola. Just like the first car to create front and the back second court, however, is the reverse shows me the back asked me in Spanish. Hola. Need to respond British. So it's like a reverse. It's particularly important for vocab decks, since you want to know the word in English and its meaning and Spanish. And it's same time to no word in Spanish on the meaning in English or any other language. And that was the basic with reverse. We're going to skip the option of Bruce scores for no, because it's a bit complicated and it's a subject off the different class. Just advanced donkey on. We'll go to the basic type in answer. As you can see, it's accord that lets you type in that. See the example? Yeah, exchanged The deck you don't have to do is just doing it for a change. So let's say the front is hello. The back is it's showing us the front and asking us to write the back so right it's correct . Let's say we got it indicates that it's wrong and it chose us. The fourth guards dis accused. It makes it easy to select text and turn it into a clause. Delusion that CN example say this is our example. As you can see, when I drove the clothes fields are different. Have text on extra text is our sentence that I want to have blanks. For example, owner removed wins. There are two wasted waken Do it the manual way, which is just right This before board four. There's short guard. Just take the word command shift. It's dramatically. Their extra is a field that shone after you revealed your answer. For example, we want to see the English translation. Let's see the example live in action. As you can see, our word is now a blank. So when we say show answer, I would see it and extra section will be visible as well. The nice thing about the clothes deletion is that you can have war more than one word. You need it, for example. That's truth, This one with us on com. Okay, with what happened here is you can see the number after disease he wants to. Now we would have agreed to different chords, risk or read length. Dia's camo. Nestor's second court read. Bueno steers blank esters, so that creates two different separate courts. Want same car to have two different lengths have to change the number here from See woman's from sea to sea one. Now that we're done with types and ex liken, explore here this area, As you can see you can change the funds off your cord. Bold italic underline changed the color. Anything about Anke is that you can attach pictures, videos, even record your own voice, and that's a really powerful tool for learning a language. An example to use. This feature is, let's say we're learning the meaning off dog spittle way. Choose our picture just like that. Have a picture ready. Add it on. Here it is. You can see that the formatting is a bit off, and you can control it easily By clicking at it. You can add three card while learning press enter. Now it's better. Same goes for the recording in recorder audio, pronouncing a certain word or even even download and pronunciation from the Internet on, Put it on the front, make sure you can write it on the back, using the pipe in answer choice. You can just press it starts. Is your son right? With every answer you want right here, You can't hear it. No, it's plain. You just right. Just with completion, see That's liberty Butter. The rest of this booth that functions, what we're left with is attacked section. I'm gonna have a separate lesson on tagging and browsing, which would make your life easier for search a particular Gordon in your deck without having subdivided. But that's the end of Lesson three. Hope you enjoyed it. No. You can create your home court subjects. See you again. Listen for 5. Lesson 4: Tag and Browse: guys. Welcome to lesson for beginners. Today we'll be talking about Rosie and thanks. Let's go to throws. This is your browsing window on the left side is a short cut for everything. You have to choose this. This is your whole collection. Every court in every deck would be shown here on the right side. You can see your courts front, back and the sectarian parents deck. If you rest on one of them, then you browsed. Default deck is a default back in old oven. Keep. You can't really do anything about it. Just there. Just leave it there on here. Can see the rest of your decks. Spanish is my main deck. Woke up Is my subject again? Cards you. Same thing. Wilderness. Here you can see the bags. A few chords if you remember when adding accord. Told you about bag. It's basically the category. You want your guard to be in your talking about animals, You packet animal. If you're talking about food, you tag it food on. They will see why this is efficient. Later on this list going back to the left side. You can see your car times you can filter them based on site. Let's say I want to see all my basic course. Just click here for my claws. Click here. Basic type. Answer. OK, moving on. We can see the tags here. I want to see all my mic cords that are tagged with animals. Two chords see like their end. But I'm filtering based on my tag. Now I'm gonna show you really cool trick. It's called suspension. You can suspend the card. You don't want to study anymore. Let's say you just finished an exam and you don't want to study these cards anymore. What you can do is select the court are two ways to do it either. Command J. This is suspended. You know it suspended two genes. Scooter, or he can do it manually. Right Click Doug Assessment. You can also do that with a full deck. Say, I want to spend my hookups. I just command a select all from Angie. They're all suspended. You go to Dex. You see that? Hold back is suspended. Have nothing to study. Nothing. You, even though I have cards in the deck there suspended so I can't study there like they don't exist. Another useful feature about the browsing feature and Anke is you concert records. There are many ways to suit courts, Let's say on a search for a certain keywords. I go to the bar here. I use the quotation marks to write whatever word on a search for, Let's say, Oh no, I want to see all the card about dogs. Ex Search and I have one court, just feral dog. There are other features, like searching for two words on a card that has a dog on. Yet I don't have any court that has its say. I want to see if any of the courts have either dog or cat. You sport have two chords. One of them has a dog. No one has come. I can also search by function. Let's say I want to see all the cords that are new. Type is toe new search. Okay, I can see that life course are shown. All of them are new. I have never studied them before. Let's say I want to see the courts. There are due today, which are review of courts, but is do you have zero courts currently do today? Let's say I want to see all the suspended court is suspended. Have one suspended chord here. Thes features are particularly important when your debt grows bigger and bigger. 1000 Court 2000 cars Trying to learn different languages, Different courses. You have a lot of chapters you want to search through them. This feature will come in hand, all of it the browsing, the bagging. Under searching, you can suspend the cards. You don't want to study anymore. You can suspend them. You can say you wanna I don't know. You have a quiz about animals in Spanish. You could just select all on, suspend them and study them today for your quest. A more. That's why I suggest whenever you're creating cords, make sure you take them correctly, so searching through them will be easier in the future. That concludes. Lesson four, I hope, learned how to browse, bag and search cards to you again in less than five 6. Lesson 5: Deck Options: guys. Welcome to lessen five in Anke for beginners. Today, we're gonna talk about deck options to see the deck options you need to click on a deck, go below options. Here. This we're gonna start with new court options in a cell from bottom up, first of along, you can see the better native new cars until the next. What are related? New course. Their sibling courts. Sure generally Clauses which have two blanks, for example, to C one and C two refer to lessen three. Understand what I'm talking about, but if you take it, you can. You won't see a same court again today. In other words, if you studied to see one today, you won't see the sea to today. Even though it's do, it will be automatically re scheduled for tomorrow. Starting is it's something about the algorithm. It is set when a court graduates from learning for the first time. The 2 50% is a default. Once you finish learning accord and sitting good on a subsequent review will increase the deliver approximately 2.5 times. For example, if the last delay was 10 days, the next delay would be 25 days just multiplied by 2.5 I. I generally don't recommend playing with this easy interval is the delay between answering easy on a learning card and seeing and seeing it in review mode for the first time. So, in other words, it's the time you allocate when you press easy. The default is four days graduating. Interval is the delay between answering good on accord with no steps left and seeing the guard again. For example, if you pressed good first time, you're going to see it in 10 minutes. If you press good the second time, gonna see it in one day. This this is set to one day and you could change it. Depending on your deck, the easiness or the hardness of your cards. You may choose to see it again. Today may choose to see it again in three days, so it's really up to you. New course per day indicates the load of court. You wanna see Pretty. Let's say you have a 200 court back when you want to finish it in 10 days, so 20 card today sounds decent, but if it's if it was like 500 cards need finishing attendees to move it up to 15. So this is related to your back to your goals on. It's really up to you. Order is the order of the cards you see. You can choose to show new cards in order added or in random order. Steps are the time needed to graduate in court. It's easier to be understood as an example. I'll keep it for them for one in 10 minutes. For now, they will take a look at the court. Let's take the example of discord. You see below you have the again less than one minute the good less time than a minute on the easy as food is corresponds to the 1 10 and four here that's changed. Make the 1st 1 as five. The 2nd 1 has 20 now, As you can see, we changed the 125 and 10 to 20. If I press good, I'm going to see the card again in 20 minutes. Your press again. I'm going to see it in five minutes. So once again, these all depends on your personal preferences. How first to learn how slow you learn If you wanna take your time with the cards wanted with them quickly because you're doing it a second time, so it basically up to you. Now we go to the reviews maximum review per day. I suggest you give it to your max, which is just 9999 because you need to do your reviews every day. However, if you choose to limit yourself, feel free, it's really a matter of preference on the's. Settings are your own preferences. Easy bonus is basically easy. Bonus allows you to set the difference in interviews between answering good and easy on accord. For example, if you answered easy, it's gonna be 1.3 times the good. If the good ist like 10 days, you answered easy instead of good, gonna see it again in 13 days instead of 10 days. Interview Monday for you is related to the algorithm again. Head on. I don't recommend you change. Maximum interval allows you to place an upper limit on the ANC on the time Monkey will wait to the show. Record default is 100 years. I suggest something like a year. Maybe so you won't forget the court lapses are basically when you've been learning a card, Let's say for a month and you forgot it. So you pressed one or bad bottom. This is what we help, First of all, steps, just like the new court steps here. It's like when you're going to see the court again in 10 minutes, you enter heaven are suggest keeping it. A zero minimum interval is one day. That's when you're going to see the court again, and I'll suggest keeping it at one day. For example, if you press at once in a seat again tomorrow, leash okay, basically before us. Explaining this threshold, Mission General is when you repeat the card multiple times, it will be tagged as a leash. So the threshold is how many times you laps until it's considered bullish. Default is eight times. Once it's considered a leash, it would suspend. The court can change it tag only. For example, if you take it, only you can go to browsing, just like the previous lessons on. You can search for leashes or the courts that are tagged as leash and learn them again. Then you go. You can go back to UN key and practice again. These are generally settings. Ignore answers times longer than 60 seconds. Short answer timer. I suggest using this. If you're a day dreamer like me, a new like Anke to keep your stools automatically play old. You always include questions I'd wanna replaying. Description is like, Are you to describe on this? Concludes our lesson today about options. They really personal preferences. It's up to you to choose whatever interview we want to choose whatever new reviews per day . Just make sure we don't change 1/4 of the algorithm. So the space repetition integrity won't be compromised, hoping enjoyed guys to next lesson. 7. Lesson 6: Import and Export: in today's lesson, we're gonna learn about importing and exporting Xing cards. We previously learned how to create our own courts index, but this is not the only way we can learn. First, gonna learn about importing to import attacked We first must find some. An easy way is to search through Anke. Well, has it grade election off? Remain decks from other users. So it's really simple. You just searched topic you want to learn about you see the results. After that, you choose your deck. You went up Download. Let's say I wanted on this deck shows you the information you wanted. No description of the deck samples number off notes and you click download. After you've done your download, Go back toe on key. Good to files important. Select the deck you wanna import, then open and give you a summary notes found, notes added. And the deed is. And here it is like you just important. You can do the opposite. You can choose to export your there. Maybe you want to give it to a friend. Maybe you want to send it to another user or even occluded tow anti. Well, what you would do is, let's say I wanna export my example. One click on settings. We can export the format. Keep it as it is. You can choose us text, but if you want to open it in on key, keep it as a p K G. Include what extra include all decks. Wash index. Tell anyone I want. Example. One. Include scheduling information. This is really important if you take it exported deck. We'll have the same schedule as the deck in your computer. For example, let's say you have 20 courts do tomorrow, 40 due in six days if you export. While picking the Jews would remain as they are. And whenever you import the deck on another device or another Anke, software scheduling would be the same over. If you want select, it will be brand new. All the cards will be new. No dues, no leashes, no nothing. Just the formatting tags, everything that this deck has, but without the schedule. And you can choose to include media or not voice recording pictures. If you have videos, whatever. Of course, if you want select this. Your deck would be much, much smaller in size, but to elected necessary medium then you click Export. Save us when a target or not When you want to see if it save and it's that simple, you go to the final location and here it is your deck ready to be important This guys is then off. Lesson six. I hope you enjoyed it and learn how to import and export necks. See you again next list. 8. Lesson 7: Conclusion : three guys. This is the final video in anti for beginners. I would like to say a couple things about hanky for finishing off monkeys really powerful when it's used correctly. The golden rule is never skip. Today. It's really important to never skip on. You have to do it consistently. Day in, day out. Sometimes it might be a burden might be burned out. Might be warned out. You don't want toe. See another card in your life that you have to do with every single. Give its effect algorithm based on space repetition, meaning that you have to repeat the material again and again. If you skip one day garden, accumulate 100 car today. Decided you don't have the energy patient with today. Let's keep them for tomorrow. Wake up tomorrow having 200 cards after 4 50 guards After 800 cards, it's downward spot. Once you get the dates, keep another and so on up together. My advice for you is never skip a day, and that's the border. Another thing is, make sure you always read sentences or the vocab or the words always read your court authority. Don't just recognize the court. You need to read it, make sure you memorize or you know, the facts in the court. That's just not just random recognition through the voices. Always learned the material first and then and only then use Anke as a reinforcement on, not as a primary source of knowledge. Some people might disagree, but in my own personal opinion, you should always study first, for example, from a textbook. Try to learn, for example, this tech, the microbiology test microbiology deck. I just try to learn a zoo much as possible from reading experts watching videos, and only then, once I I understand the idea I use Anke memorized. No small feat is that requires pure memorization. Same goes for language. Learning you can memorize broke up as much as you can. You also need to study the language and see them in context first, then memorized them so you can have a better holistic view off the material. I hope you enjoyed my class would like to hear some feedback discussion section on. I'm always ready to answer any technical or economic question relating toe. Hunky language learning or even hunky and medicine will also be making another class about add on specifically, which are tools you can add to Anke toe. Improve your experience, so make sure you check this out. And I hope you enjoyed this class as much as I enjoyed teaching it, See you soon and keep hitting the space bar.