Anime/Manga Faces & the Importance of Proportions. | Yazuki Wolf | Skillshare

Anime/Manga Faces & the Importance of Proportions.

Yazuki Wolf

Anime/Manga Faces & the Importance of Proportions.

Yazuki Wolf

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. MangaAnimeFace01 intro

    • 2. MangaAnimeFace02 gridSetup

    • 3. MangaAnimeFace03 JawLineNear

    • 4. MangaAnimeFace04 3faceSilhouettes

    • 5. MangaAnimeFace05 featureGuidelines

    • 6. MangaAnimeFace06 drawingtheFeatures

    • 7. MangaAnimeFace07 alternateFeaturesNhair

    • 8. MangaAnimeFace08 3differentFaces

    • 9. MangaAnimeFace09 finalThoughts

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About This Class

Having worked in Japan as a game artist, one of my biggest initial challenges was learning to master the ins and outs of adapting a truly Japanese style in my work. 

In this lesson I give a detailed description of the proportions and general approach to drawing Japanese style faces that helped me produce work that could fit right in with my Japanese co-workers. 

There are no prerequisites to the course. 

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Yazuki Wolf


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1. MangaAnimeFace01 intro: Hey, this year, Ziggy Wolf. And today we're going to be taking a look at the Japanese anime slash manga style. Um, I say that, but I don't really think that I didn't want to be clear that I don't really think that the that Anna Mae or manga all has to be in one particular style and all has to look a particular way. But I just want to clarify that having worked in Japan for a while, I found that there is indeed, in the Japanese market certain certain stylistic trends. Um, but you'll find probably in in any market that you're going going into commercially, that there are kind of things that your audience is expecting, Um, that if you don't learn and aren't aware of it, is gonna be difficult for you to, ah, work to work successfully. So, um, I got a couple of faces here, and the reason why I put these out, Here's I just wanted to show you once again that there isn't exactly one particular face that we're shooting for. Even within the Japanese style, there are there is still a good amount variety of riot, even though there may be some similarities between them. All these kind of face that I drew testing out different angles. Teoh. So here you kind of see my guide here where I was trying Figure out what angles work and what kind of what kind of, um sizes and proportions work for eyes and nose and so forth. And you could see within within these faces. There's a lot of variety and say like the the angle of the jaw, like just down here This is a much sharper job. Isadore Sharp is the right word, but like a sleek face, very, very comes very narrowed while this side has a little bit more of a roundness to it. And here we have a more of a realistic proportions, but still kind of trying to keep a kind of enemy among us style, style, face. And, ah, you know, here down here is nearly the exact same face. But I just changed. The proportions were the one on the left is ah has a sharper jawline, more realistic proportion with the eyes and so forth. While on the right, we kind of increased the the size of the eyes. And I think I think I may have brought the jaws out a little bit. I'm not completely sure. And just to further illustrate this, I have a sort of like how I say. Anyways, I got a bunch of pictures from various Anna Mae's and I just kind of like, arrange these in order from what I would consider very Moet um, which there's lawyers guy kind of borderline cheapie type characters. But usually they aren't actually cheap. A. The are usually about 6526 heads tall, um, and then actually, actually might be able to more too much that could maybe, like 4 to 4 to six. And but anyways, that they they tend to have much wider jaw jaws Here it comes to a point, but still is very wide and can drops very low. Um, and then, as you get as you go a bit further, of course, the eyes are much bigger. As you'll go a little further down. You have the eyes shrink a little bit. Um, if you go further now, you get kind of like a a thinner, more more realistic proportions for the sharpness of the John. And the eyes are once again a little bit smaller than we go down to, like even going into starting a little bit more realistic. This kind, even going, is a little bit all over animates. So you'll find that most of the popular enemies nowadays kind of tend toward toward this area. But yet, because it's so you can see here, there are there's definitely is kind of variety, even within an, um A. So that's why I'm very opposed to just saying like, Oh, Anna Mae, looks like this or manga looks like this, that there's definitely variety here, like here we have, like, berserk. And, um, and the ghost in the shell is much more realistic proportions than what you have up here. So there definitely is variety there. Just something I want to illustrate. Before I go get got into the meat of today's, I guess, uh, study. 2. MangaAnimeFace02 gridSetup: So first off, um, I'm trying to be very scientific about this, So I know that in general, when you do how to draw tutorials, people will generally just kind of free sketch it. But since I will be very scientific, I'm being kind of very specific with the with the guidelines that I'm using here. So the first step is going to be to make this grid guideline, right? Yes. So the one of the big reasons why I'm being the specific with the proportions that I in trying to learn kind of how to mimic this Japanese style being at work and having my supervisor is an art director really wanted me to kind of improve in this area. And, um just gentle, being very surprised at how specific they are, where I look at things that kind of mimicking the Japanese style, but still like if I show it to my co workers or to my art director, they've got that That's that's That's not Japanese, that Z definitely a former drew that or something. So it's like it's surprisingly difficult. But, um, one of the difficulties I found is that when I was looking for Detroit, ALS even like on Japanese websites. The problem is, a lot of times they would do things like this where there's say, Okay, well, step one, we draw a circle, then you kind of find the middle there, and then you find sort of the middle there. Then we draw, you know, you get your one eye over here, I'm not gonna draw us to Well, you know, they'll say, like your one eye over here. Get your second I over there, Put your nose down here, Get get a line down here And there you go. There's a There's a picture. You know, The problem with that I found with that, is that it's so it's so just ah, non specific. Like it's if you are. If you've already drawn a lot of enemy or a lot of manga pictures or if you have grown up with it and you kind of have that background, then sure, this is probably enough. These two lines are probably enough for you to kind of like, feel out like Okay, well, I want to have, like, I don't have one. I over here I wanna have This is the eyebrow here. I won't have this eye here. And the door is gonna be like down here. That's gonna be the mouth, you know, it's probably Ah, that's probably enough for you. But what I found is that since I didn't really grow up with, um learning that during anime or manga style, that since I didn't have that background, if I just have these two lines, I'm kind of generally to start drawing the same way I always do, which is gonna probably b'more more realistic. It's going to be more like, um, more like my background in just general general fantasy art. And that kind of destroys the point because, no, I'm kind of losing the proportions that I was that I was trying to learn from that editorial. So that's why I felt like it was kind of important for me to actually get specifically what the proportions are that they were using. So, um, the result of that I've been talking way too much without actually drawing anything. So let's get to it. So let's get our great out here. Um, I usually just ah, copy and paste my old grid and just reuse it over over again. But Ah, that would be a little bit cheaper. Beats not show you how I make it. So I'm using. Ah, clip. Studio Pro. If you're using photo shop gently would have no more or less the same options, I believe, but we go into the view and then you you select grid. And so now we have our grid. Here's we're gonna make our ourselves a grid. Um, can I use, uh, read? And it's here. Basically, you draw a line eight squares across. So I got one too. 345678 squares there. Right. And then goes three squares down and draw another line and three squares drawn down, drying on the line. Three more squares down, drawn other life. And now we're gonna draw a line through the middle. Um, starting from one square above that first line and, uh, going all the way down to the bottom. All right, so that's cut through middle. So this is generally what we need to start next to make another another layer. And in the next layer, I'm gonna use the purple, use any color you want, but here are gonna make us a circle and my goal with this circle is too. Um, have the center be here and have the edges. Hits here, here and here. All right, So go back to my toe to the next to the lair. I had games. I moved that to center it there. And that looks like it's hitting all the spots yet. So that's it, Uh, actually a little too big. All right, so now we got our circle. Um, this may be enough for you, especially if you're gonna keep the If you're gonna keep the grid layer, this may be enough. But, um, if you were planning to get rid of the great, it might help to just add another step and say, let's take a light blue and, um, just fill in these Ah, the's grid lines underneath in blue because we want to have each half split into fourths. So there's four we actually practiced. 1/2 is enough. So just to the left side. So there's a split that into fourths, and then I'm going to split Ah, each of these ah sections in between the reds red lines into thirds 3. MangaAnimeFace03 JawLineNear: All right, So there we go. Now that we got our great I'm gonna just go ahead and, uh, combine all that Since I put the blue lines in there, I don't need to show the great anymore. So let's go back into view, get rid of the grid, all right? And it's a little It's a little strong. Bring down the opacity a little bit right now we're making over there on top of that, and it's get started. So, um, the next thing that we need is a couple guidelines for the jaw. So the draw depending to pay on how how point do you want the chin to be It's gonna come up from. Well, let's draw a line here to here. So that's, um, that's from this intersection here, up to this point here, which is Ah, one square down from the red. And, um, depending on how pointy the job's gonna be, you could come anywhere from there to say here. So that that means that depending on how sleek of a face you're trying to make, the, um, the chin line is gonna be somewhere in between these, Uh, these two points here are these two lines here. All right, Now, let's go back to the purple. So now the next thing you need to figure out the slant that goes down into the job, right? So that's going to be from this point here from the, you know, the midpoint of the circle. And we're gonna bring it down to where was it? Here, hear? Hear. All right. And there was not quite right. Okay, so that's from the midpoint of Circle Down to the middle Midline here. So it is actually 1/4 of the of the of the head sideways. But then, once again, depending on how sleek you want the person to face to be, it could be a were from there to here. So that's, um so it's basically a square length of leeway here, depending on how you want design your character. So let's get our yellow back again. Okay, so now you fill that up with the yellow. All right, so those are our basic guides for the for the jaw lines. Let's go ahead and draw the jaws now, So I'm gonna make another layer. We're gonna switch to black. And so starting with the finished sleekest type of of Ah, jaw. We're gonna start from here. And so this is a big mistake that I run into a lot when I was first. Starting off is that I would basically just draw, you know, a line straight this way and other line straight that way. Then I was just kind of erased that and I Okay, I got it. But, um and this actually is much too sharp for most of the work I've been doing here in Japan, like this angle is very sharp. Generally, if you, um, look at a lot of the Japanese style faces, even when it's even when you have an angle like you, when you have, like, claws for, like, monsters or anything, they still kind they don't really have, like, extremely sharp angles that it seems like they try to have a little bit of curve to it. So, um, especially with the face, especially with female faces, um, I ran to ultra where they didn't like this. So I have learned to kind of like curve this off, like so So we're not going all the way to the to the end. We're allowing a little bit of a little bit of of softness in, like, flex. And that goes for the for the point down here, down here as well. You want to have a little bit of a a little bit of a curve there? Even if even if we are going for the very sharp pointy Look, we don't want to be a complete point, okay? And then we just went at our ear. Um, the ear is generally going to timing. I'm still kind of messed with that. You're a lot, so I don't want to say definitively, but what I've been finding toe work is it seems to be a little bit lower than usual, so I usually have it line up. Well, let me draw first. Little all right. So, in terms of the size, it's, um, about maybe a one more square over this way, if you imagine that square going down in a parallel angle and then, um, it's lining up with, uh the more or less the bottom of the, um of the circle and, uh, one square down from the middle And, uh, maybe somewhere just letting lies somewhere with within their, um so something like that, I'm still, like some still kind experimenting with 4. MangaAnimeFace04 3faceSilhouettes: next, we will have the, um the neck and with the neck I found and also stuck have messing with it. But it seems like to pay on the character if that If it's meant to be like a really thin neck, Um, it's ah, it could be as close a say this. First, this first quadrant here, this first square here, or it could go as far back as the last one. I don't think it would come as faras to say last. I need to figure thinking about more specific way to describe this. Um, so this is the first square, second square, third square, fourth square. So it's usually somewhere within this second square. Um, that that's what it seems like for the most part. In what I've what? I've come in, come, come, come across. But it usually wouldn't come down to the far it come over to the far edge. And as it was like an extremely muscular character like you wouldn't come all the way over to here. Um, you and it usually wouldn't go all the way to here unless it was like I extremely thin the next person. So it seems to be kind of either very close to this side. And in terms of how far it goes down, I use you just give myself another another third, um, the in terms of Thursday. I mean, these are the thirds. This is 1/3 2nd 3rd uh, 3rd 3rd And so I would give myself one more down below just to kind of So where the where the shoulder line become her shoulder bone, not shoulder bone. Was his collarbone colorful? Nestor was looking for Well, some around here. My God, I don't see you don't want us to be completely straight. You want to have a little bit of ah, a little bit of a curve to it, a bit of softness. And then so you could be from here or or you could go a little bit further out about here are or whatever. But for this particular ahead, and I put it about right there, copy this layer and then flip it over to the other side. Um, when you're actually drawing, you may not want Teoh copy and paste, but for the sake of being specific with this experiment and an accurate I'm just copying and pasting All right. So that here looks like even out this top part. A little bit war. It was kind. Goes back to the whole thing about not having a abrupt, abrupt angle. All right, so this is sort of our kind of very kind of thin, thin face. Um, it's, uh, copy this, and I'll just show you what it be like if you made a little bit thicker. All right, so this time, we're gonna take it, and we're gonna move its two in between the two points. We had the two lines we had last time, so I was going in the in the yellow area. All right, and then go back down here. Have this come out into the yellow. We're trying to keep it toward them around like the middle area of the yellow. Avoid abrupt angles, me and and, uh, this time we're gonna move the move the nick out a little bit broader. Okay. There you go. So Oh, yeah. Forgot itself to, uh, a copy paste. All right, so that's, um Okay, so that's Ah, a little bit. Ah, Thinker of a face. So here's the kind of the thinner guy, and then he was thicker. And then we could do one more where we, uh, remove the lines out to the very edge. So this time we're taking this and the the line to the very edge. So keeping the ear more or less in the same, um, same orientation vertically. But just the and in terms of it being lining up to the same same lines before, All right, it's about right there. Okay? And of course, this is going to come out further Now. Moment. The chins that come out to here. We're going up. Come along. This line here. So this is gonna kind curve into here. It is. Probably pray what you want. Look, you want comic it sort of roundish during. Yes. If you're going for more of, ah, more the moment A long time I see them kind of come down for I'm sorry. They see them come down a little bit further than come over this way kind of abruptly, but I don't think I just depends on which which, like, character looking at. All right. So it was put the shoulders and again. All right, so now that we have the basic size is um, this one flying up to the very innermost side of our yellow guides. This one going into the middle area of the yellow and this one coming out to the outside of the yellow. 5. MangaAnimeFace05 featureGuidelines: And now we're gonna go and, um, create the guide for the, um where the eyes are gonna come. So what if I get rid my Yeah, I guess we could get rid of the other guides. Just toe. Keep things a little bit cleaner. Okay, So, um, in general, I find that a lot of times the, um, the eyebrow that's going to come up as far as this. Ah, this red, the 2nd 2nd red line from the top. So the eyebrow could be somewhere. Well, it's your straw line. This way on the line. This way. Okay. And then kind can cool up like this and like that, I find that the eyebrow Johnny got cursed somewhere in this area here. And then the I I'd say the large, the largest, largest eyes it's to get Just get the bigger Thea the bigger face to kind make it look a little better. Like, mathematically, it seemed to me like, um, if you take these two lines, we have one square on this. I one square on that side. The I should fit in this area here, and ah, but it also seems that sometimes they move it a little bit, a little bit inwards because technically, if you're being realistic, you should have three eyes you should have on I've and I space in between the two eyes. So if so, if you're thinking that if I is two squares, then you should have two squares in the middle, right? So the I should fit here, Here, here. But, um, something about the nature of just the exaggeration of the animals style I found. This is that seems to be a little bit too much space. So I tend to just kind of move in a little bit here, not too much. So it's not gonna have a full animate size I in the middle. Uh, you kind of mess with that with those proportions as you as you as you wish. And so the very large eyes may come all Maybe may take up this whole space like a really a really large animate. I could could very much they go all the way from the like top of this to the bottom. But, um, though, doesn't that very large? Um, problem Majority. What I see seems to go from seems to go into like the middle of this bottom of these of this bottom square. So be something. It was something like this size. And then if you're being more realistic, you might even cut it, cut it a little bit closer up here. Maybe so that it looks kind of weird, probably, but also more realistic. It's probably be within these Thies to show use yellow again, really go down. So really realistic one is gonna be within these two squares here. Uh, sure. Yeah, yeah. Very realistic wannabe within those two squares, um, the mawr animates the more Moy style is gonna get bigger. So it's gonna get as big as that or could even ah, take up the whole the whole thing. So we're gonna try big a couple different eyes to illustrate that. But you know it before we before your eyes. Let's this Go ahead and get Thea nose and mouth in there. So the nose seems to kind of just come right underneath this intersection here. So, um, I just kind make a circle underneath. And this is where I can't imagine the nose fitting in and then the mouth. It seems to tend to be somewhere in this area here. So basically, just in the middle of of of this red line in this red line seems to be more or less where the where the mouth comes. So it's here. What type of mouth should be. 6. MangaAnimeFace06 drawingtheFeatures: see her. Let's start with Start the big one, I guess. All right. So, terms of mouth, I think there's a lot of a way to see mouths drawn, so I'll just, like maybe eight a three different ways. So this is going just gonna have, like, a little line here which weakens toward the middle, and, um, draw a kind of, ah, national here. We're going to copy to the other side. And now for the for the I, um, score head. How big should make make it for this? This is the biggest face. Let's make it the larger size I Oh, whoops. I felt like something was wrong with that line. I was on the wrong layer. So this draws over again. There you go. Okay. Now, in terms of drawing of how to draw the eye exactly. I think that's something that, um, I have to be in another video. Or perhaps like, uh, you just look at other other, um, what you call it. Look it. Look at your favorite animator illustrations or what? I think I just try and learn from from that. All right. In general, though, I guess Ah, main point of it is that when you're drawing more realistic styles, you probably don't put as much of, ah, upper How you say it seems like the up the top line is Ah, very thick black like it seems to fill up a lot of area with with black. Kind of like give that kind of intense, intense look to it. That's right. I was going for the larger I forgot. Already give up a little bit of, um, all right. Lashes. Well, okay. And I mean, of course, you could go bigger. Could bring it all the way down to here. Like I said, But I travel. I don't like that as much. And then for the eyebrow, um, could you could go all the way down here. Could come all the way to the top here. Could put somewhere in the middle. Always depends on what type? Expression? What type of look you're trying to trying to get? Get It's here. Let's go for a kind of like a slightly chant tilted up Look, tilted up expression. I really need to get better at using words. Okay. Looks already. Schools. I think I was It could be a hear her or her. I think it's gonna be a her and then but, um, you make the mouth a little bit wider just for a bit, and I'm generally do the ah, irises on a separate layer. But, uh, yeah, let's go ahead and, uh, duplicate this letter a quick okay. And so like I said, I gently make the people's on a separate layer just because that way, if there is a mistake there, it's easy to kind of like readjust. It's so it doesn't look like they're cross eyed or anything and is everything knows that the, um the lines here, Um, sometimes they will be actual actually circles, but a lot of times they're not. A lot times they're more like like ovals. So that's why I don't actually draw a circle. Actually, just draw one side of the night, copy it and bring to the other side, and then mind that up toward the middle ish. Okay, something like that. And ah, in general, this is a much thicker line that you're using on these edges. Whereas we're doing realistically, it probably be a lot thinner. So generally, what I found is that these lines and these lines are generally much thicker than you would usually see. Um, in other other styles, it's, uh, the inside of this. Yeah, that looks about right. And have the light shine over here. We have no light down here, Reflection Road. And, you know, if you if you got caller this, you probably wouldn't wouldn't add this cross hatching, but now, just to kind of make it have some shape shading without actually having to say it, I'm just gonna do a little cross hatch here. You know, it's go ahead and make this Dr depending on the I, sometimes the sometimes the actual people's are are black, and somebody's there. They're kind of left light in the middle in the middle. And this and that. That could be another video. We're actually go into details of, like, of eyes or ah, um, noses or whatever other parts. But I guess today's video is mostly focusing on proportions. Right. So we got that iris to go ahead. Copy that, and we over to their side. All right? See, I don't I don't actually reflect those because I want I want I want to keep the, um, the reflections in the eyes of the same the same points and I'm sure people will start. They know that your eyes are actually aren't the exact same in real life. So if you're doing a realistic drawing, you probably don't want to keep the eyes the exact seem like that. But the effort this so I think I'll be OK. 7. MangaAnimeFace07 alternateFeaturesNhair: and I feel like I feel like there's a lot of space here, Um, with like them mouth not really doing so. Not not doing anything. So let's go ahead and make the mouth a little bit more interesting. From what I see, a lot is, um, we'll take, like, the have a lying go across the top. It's all right, like so And then they have to lines come down and, uh, blind kind, come down and then taper off toward the end on both sides to make like, a smile. It's something, something like that. Okay, I think. And I think I might try a different nose. Um, our nose, you see, a lot is basically just like a dark line about that darkling like a dark triangle. Then you have, like, area here over rule shaded later. I don't know if I like that. Yeah, let's go back to their nose. I think I need here hair to see what this is really looking like. All right, so let's go ahead and put some hair on under. Almost really. It could could make this a guy, but I stick with stick with the girl for the time being so in hair and everything is that I noticed that my first tired out. I used taxi, Just draw the hair straight from straight from here. Like it was like coming right off from the head. But that doesn't give you the right kind of proportions. Or kind of doesn't you want the hair have more of like, uh, flowing this or like, um, like, a lot of, like, weights to it. So we're gonna do we're gonna make another guide layer for the hair here, say the hair apart from here, that's just kind of us around a little bit. All right. So I made, um, simple guide for the hair, and I was gonna go over this again with would be black rush now. - And usually I probably would, uh, search online for, like, Japanese care models or something to kind of get an idea for here. But, uh, service kind of winging it. But only that was the point. I want Teoh talk about was that, um if you see the original circle here, the original circle ends right here. But you want the hair to actually go above that, so I usually put, like, make like a little circle and have this much space, um, between the top of the head and the top of the hair. Otherwise, it's just sensibly, really flat. I mean, if that's the kind of character looking for, maybe maybe there are exceptions where that will work. But usually it seems that the enemy characters have a lot more hair than you would expect them to have. Like I don't I think this is actually even not quite enough hair compared to what I what you would usually see basically characters for like, uh, for Japanese on Well, by all games, you'll have, like hair like going all the way up, like up to here and going all over the place. I don't know if I like the, uh, the thickness of the job for this character, but if that's what this character is, I guess a little after we finished the hair, I'm thinking, I'm going. Teoh got show you what it will look like all the other drug jaws as well, just kind of show that difference. And if there's time left over, it might want to try different eyes and and, uh, miles so forth. But I don't know. May be running out of time. Okay, so now we're gonna go back down to the let's see if we get rid of that hair outline. Sorry. Did actually label anything's OK. So given that outline on and find the original, they're this. They're okay. Got erased the parts that are being covered up by the hair. But there's another thing to note is that, um in general, they don't erase the eyebrows allowed times when it is covered by even if its covered by hair or or like, the eyes. Even what What I've had to do. A couple products that I was working on was we, uh, you would take It's making a copy of this like 50%. So what you would do is you would bring down the areas that that go over the hair to 50% so it's not completely it's not completely erased, but it's just kind of brought down, brought down a little bit, so you can still see the eyebrows. And that's even if there was color for the eyebrow, you'd keep the color there. Um, this can create off 50% or so. We get rid of our original 8. MangaAnimeFace08 3differentFaces: All right, so that's one face. It's a little little more round that I would want to have for female. Think there's probably more more fitting if you were having a cheapie character. But let's see if we kind of like a just that little bit. Okay, so that's still within the yellow area here. I just kind of brought down to a little more of a point here, so that wasn't quite as round. Um, I think the immediate around what price would work fine to is just like that was probably a bit word like a chubby type character than I was when I was originally going for, so yeah, but still kind of fits within their, um, so that's kind of the very wide face. See if we could if we could apply some of the other ones. Yep. So here we go. This is the, uh, more BDM, the kind mid ranged face. And what's going Just deleting the areas that are being covered up by hair? Absolutely. Also, that's kind of like often it's going to get rid of this. The bottom I don't. So this is more of your average average face exposed and um, just kind of give a little bit more, more depth. I'm gonna add some shading here. Just crosshatch. I don't like that. All right, one more time. And then if I don't like, you just do Morris actual actual shading. Maybe. Yeah, that was pretty good. All right. And then the very sharp one. Now, this one is so sharp that I don't really think that it's working with this with the same haircut. So, um, may have to redraw the hair for Well, let's see, actually, actually, is not too bad. Yeah, it seems to work. I mean, generally, probably if I had actually from beginning to end been thinking about doing a hairstyle for this particular, um, facial structure. Thank you. Probably would have ah fit better, but, um, you start. It doesn't It seems to be okay. 9. MangaAnimeFace09 finalThoughts: and, uh, we kind change some things to, like, here, change the the nose. Maybe we should like, we should save each of these off for a quick And actually, we were at it, Put a little bit shading into the Hera's. Well, this is just like a crosshatch I can give the impression of highlights. If I had more time, I would actually go through and do the highlights of stuff. But sorry. Been about 50. Man should look like so All right, So I, um, say I took each face and separated them so you can see all three. And I also decided that the eyes are a little too big in the sharper faced one. So I reduced the size of the eyes just just a little bit. Um, so it's still within the yellow area that we had before. Um, just felt like the sharper face. Need a little bit smaller eyes. So I lowered besides the eyes a little bit. And opposite Lee. I made the eyes a little bit bigger on the on the larger face, the bottom. So there we have our make it with the guideline. So there's a kind of ah sharp face can average median face And then the large, almost cheapie character face which looking at now, I probably should re draw the eyes to kind of fit that style here. The fact to see if we could if we could kind of do a little bit, uh, to mess with these, um, sure to not mess, but to adjust these a little bit. So with she be style, I don't know if this is necessary. The right the right noses for this Usually the style has more nose is like like, where is just like a dot Yeah, that looks that looks a bit better. I think the other one had a kind of like a like a pig nose type of field to it. So you have this with the cheap TV boy type style. Generally you do. You have, ah, less attention to the nose like may have, like a little thing here for highlighting. And I don't think we need that. Just keep it like that just a little dot um, I'm probably not. I'm probably worse that the employee TB style. But here we have our more average face. Um, I think I'll keep that will keep this nose for this one. Then for for the thin what? They get rid of this nose. And I'm gonna give her, um the, uh that with with a shadow on top. And, I mean, there's so many different types of noses and eyes and everything. Yeah, that seems to fit very well. So may different. Ah, um, like miles and just so many different things you could do. So this is just kind of tipping the the iceberg. I mean, if you look at everything's you have, like, kind of the what kind of grumpy upsets face with the more, more like, stern eyes. Um, it's a lot different the things you do, but, you know, it is pretty simplistic. Um e I found like so this I was a little bit more realistic, but this is more realistic style. But in general, like, it's very simplistic with the kind of line work is just getting a couple, you know, just like a couple of lines that kind of make about a couple lines that make a mouth or ah , a couple of dots that make that make the nose of the most the most intensive ists area is the eyes I would get. I would guess so maybe we'll do a video on eyes or and other other things in the future, but yes. So those were the main does with this. Our little proportion video. Um, it's not quite as as good as the stuff I do. What? I'm not talking while drawing. But, you know, that's just probably the nature of recording never goes quite as well when you're recording it as it does when you're not, But yeah. So I hope that was of some help to you. Let me know. Any other questions or Ah, um, when the anything else you want to Maurin depth coverage over. Um, once again, there's not just one style. So experiment and see what works for you. And hopefully this will be of some help to you, Right? Until next time you're screwed