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Animations in PowerPoint [For Beginners]

teacher avatar Tahir Yaqub, I Teach Online

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Introduction: Power Point Animations And Dynamic Presentations

    • 2. Introduction to four types of animations

    • 3. Applying Multiple Animations On An Object

    • 4. Simple Flyin Flyout Text Animation

    • 5. Types Of Text Boxes, their Alignment And Distribution

    • 6. Zoom Animations And Videos In Powerpoint

    • 7. Revealing and Hiding Quiz Questions Animation

    • 8. Prezi Effect Dynamic Presentation Using Powerpoint Presentation

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About This Class

Class Title: Animations in PowerPoint [for Beginners]


1. Should know how to use computer and Microsoft Office.

2. Familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint would be beneficial, however not essential.

Learning Objectives and Desired Outcomes:

After taking this skillshare class, you will be able to do the following:

1. Understand the animation workflow.

2. Understand most of the animation tools and features available in PowerPoint.

3. How to make animations in Microsoft PowerPoint

4. What are various types of animations available in PowerPoint.

5. How to add multiple animations to a PowerPoint Object.

6. How to make text animations in PowerPoint.

7. How to make zoom animations in PowerPoint

8. How to add various icons and make a hide and reveal type of animation for taking Class quizzes

9. How to create Prezi effect or Prezi-style animations and dynamic presentations in PowerPoint.

10. In the class project, you will learn how to make a moving needle animation.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tahir Yaqub

I Teach Online


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1. Introduction: Power Point Animations And Dynamic Presentations: we all have to make a presentation during over carrier at some stage and power Point is, a software tries for most of us because it is part of Microsoft Office Products Air. It isn't start on almost every computer in left, however simple bullet point kind of presentations get boring quite quickly and you will lose the attention of DeLoreans. And if your audience are not engaged, you will not be able to achieve the purpose are to convey your message properly. You might have heard the phrase that with bullet points nowhere, there's most presentations. They have some kind of an emissions blended into the presentation Power Point Realized District, and they have provided us powerful animation toes in power for replication. One way of making any missions in Power Point is that you go by your template in 10 $20 then you put your own contents in tow. The template. But this mattered in my opinion, is not as simple as it sounds, because you still have to understand what is in any mission. What are the controls are delivered to you automatically text and images in an image, and this is what this course is all about. We really discussed basics off animations. What are the controls available in power? Martinho To make effective text and image based, any mission we will not talk about the cartoon are directed and emissions, and I will not suggest you to put a lot of cartoons and character into your professional presentation. We are talking about mostly professional presentations are sales presentations, a lecture? Are a student presentation to defend your PhD, for example, this kind of presentation. And then you can also make videos from these animations. And then you can put those videos those little clips into your other videos. For example, if you are a course created like myself, you can pull these animations into your course videos. No prior knowledge of any mission is required, but the family, a TV power point, would be good, and we will talk about everything from the scratch. I have gathered few examples, and you can experience these examples according to your own purpose are based on your own creativity. Two examples could be there. When you're taking a lecture, you want a lawyer start to appear at the bottom of the screen, showing your name or something are also the topic of your lecture on the right inside are you might want a little bit more fancy using a niedere to highlight your topics. Topic number 12 or three or if you are taking the quiz, you can reveal question number one and give time to students to answer the question and then you reveal the second question. And so we will also see how you can anymore text are you can zoom toe a particular area on a map, for example. And I have made a video about an effect card present effect in which you control the presentation from your first slight you click on something you zoom in on, you click, you come back. So this is very popular nowadays on you would find a way to go about. This is so. These are some of the examples which we will be making building this course. So I will be adding more examples as this course get season. I would encourage you toe do the class project. Even if it's unfinished, you can put in the community tab and we can discuss So I hope that this course will put where you are kicking. Start with power point an emissions and I will see you inside the course 2. Introduction to four types of animations: knowing this video, we will learn this any mission tape off our points or radically condition. Emission tab. You will notice that everything is great out. It doesn't mean that something is wrong. It only means that you haven't selected any object and object in power Point is anything like text shape are an image. First you have to slip some. So let me show you. So we want a new slight which is an empty slight. So this is the blanks. Let's click on that. And we just delete this light. We don't need that. And on this light, let me draw any object. Let us every draw this small rectangle and let's go to insect and also insert some text. So we right here some text. That's a line. This text here I know we will. Any made these two things? So let us say we select both off these and then we click on the animation there. Now, if you click on this arrow, you will see that there are four types off animations available. So these in the green color are card entrance and emissions. So enters animations. Are those animations reach? Because the object to appear in the scene, so the object will appear on your slide once you take some action are there is a delay in time so we will see all these things and then the emphasis Any missions are those which highlights something which zoom something are trying to focus on a particular object in your it's light. Then there are some exit an emissions which cause the object disappear from your slight. So these are various waste, the object can disappear. These are some of the ways the object can appear. So you have quite a lot off options in all types of animation and last type of animations are motion part. So in this type of any missions, the object move on a particular part. For example, the object will move from this point at this point. So let us say we want of our objects toe fly in tow overseen. Just click on fly in and no, you will see that these two boxes will appear. It means that the animation has been applied. So when you are working with animations, you must open this animation pain. We don't want this formatting pane, so just close this and Instead, we open this animation paid and no, this is the animation. Pain and emission pain is a tool which shows you the list off any metal objects, their sequence, their starting points, etcetera. And we will explore the stool in one over next videos. But for this video, as you can see that these two objects have been any magic and know there are a couple of ways you can see this animation. The first is you Just click on the slide show at the bottom. If you click contact, you will see that currently your slide is empty and once you click somewhere, these two objects will appear. So this is your fly in animation and you notice that these objects are appearing from the bottom. You can also control this effect. So if you click on this are if you slept both of these, it's important that you select both of these if you want to make changes to both of them and this is ever fly in. No, If you click on this effect option, you will see that currently it is selected from bottom. So it means other objects are appearing from the bottom. You can also select it from the left, which is the most normal appearance we want because English right from the left side, just click on from left and know the object will appear from the left. It has shown you a quick review here, but if you want to see a preview one way waas toe klik cons light show the other ways to click on preview on the left hand side. And once you click on preview, it will show you how it appears. So this is the entrance animation. And if you notice on the any mission pain, these are the two an image, and on the top you will see that these animations will start on the click. So there are some other options available here. So if you select any of the owning an emissions, you can see that there are two more options available here. But we will discuss these options in one of the next video. So if you want to remove any animation, you just click on this arrow and select Remove. No, this a remission has been removed. So let us remove this as well. I know we want to any made both of them using the split an image. This is the split pleat effect. And if you click on preview, you can see again. So these are a couple of different matters off appearing on this light available to you in your entrance Animation? No, let me clear both off these animations again. I know we want to see the exit animation, so select both of them and then click on this and just click on fit, for example Fit. So this is the widow, objects will disappear. So if you click on preview will show you how the objects will fail. And now, as you can see here that the by default, this option is selected with previous so again really moved these two animations and Novi apply the emphasis an image. So let us apply this emphasis in animation. No grow and sharing, as you can see there. No, these both of these objects are growing toe Put some emphasis on that. So let me remove this animation from the rectangle. So I just select this and I remove this for one of the objects and I see the preview again . No, as you can see that only text is coming forward. Let us see. Once again, Only text is coming forward. So this is the zoom effect we're having here. The text comes out. So this is one of the emphasis. An emission. So let us apply the line animation, which is this one toe dis rectangle. I know you can see that this electric tingle move from this point to this point and you can control the length of this line. And this is the preview zooming out. And then it moves. Underline. So this was a brief introduction of these four times off any missions. 3. Applying Multiple Animations On An Object: In this video, we will see how to add multiple animations to an object from the previous video. We met this animation and let's say that I select this rectangle again and applied zoom animation. And as you can see that, no, that line animation has gone because when you apply a new animation to an object, the previous animation is replaced with the new animation, and this you can see On the right hand side, there is only one animation with distracting. So if you want to add multiple and emissions toe any object, then you have to use this button here had animation. And before we talk about this ad animation, one more thing is that this effect options are dependent on which an emission you have selected. So let us say that use like this light in any mission, then this effect option will be from bottom from left from right. Whatever these kind of options will be here. But if you select this split animation and if you know Oakley convened affect options, you will see that these options will change. So this is one thing you should also note had never talk about this, adding an emissions. So when you want to put more than one animation, you click on this. Add any mission, but and these options are exactly the same as an emissions available here, and you also have some more options here. If you click on these, you will see some more options. Now we have some more curves and other things. Really Bird waas. So let us see. I want toe apply this Dagnall downright any mission and no, As you can see on the right inside, that directing girl has to end emissions. And if you could weaken preview, you will see that this is the 1st 10 mission from the text, then displayed and then the movement on a diagonal line. So we have these three animations. So this is how you can apply multiple animations on a single object by using aired animation button 4. Simple Flyin Flyout Text Animation: In today's video, you will learn a basic fly in fly out text animation. So even if you are not using power point and emission effects, you should learn at least this basic an emission. So this is the simplest any mission. It should be the first animation you should learn. I will show you all this work if I click on this preview. So it's a simple text which flies in one letter at a time with a slight difference, which is card delay, and then it stays there for some time and then it flies up. So let's have a look again. I click on preview stairs one second and flies up. So it's a very simple animation and you will learn How can we make this animation in less than 10 minutes? So let's get started. We start with the blanks light, and the first thing we do is insert ship and directing, just drawing the rectangle and on the rectangle right click and side and positions and we want with Toby one point five inches or we got this number. If you go to view and a ruler, you can see that we have 6.5 inches on the right and 6.5 inches on the left from zero. So it means roughly 13 inches. And our word digit idea has nine letters. So therefore we the white 13 by nine, roughly one fight. So there's what I regard this number. And no, you can turn off this ruler. We don't need that. You know, you just aligned desert the corner and stretch this with this handle until you see this line at the border, they release. So this is our first directing. We need nine of them, but first we'll put a letter here as well. So for that insert text box, click here and whatever forms you want. So I will select a phone from here, which is a self collegiate. This is a free phone I downloaded. You can use any other if you like, and I'll put the I'll just like this. And then the size I want is 96. You can or just this, and when you see these two lines, you can release your most left button, and it will be roughly in the center. And no, we will group these two and just like these. And when you see this plus are double sided arrow, right click group and group of these Air one group. So we have to apply the any mission. So go to any mission and the animation we want is for lie in and this is flying in from the border we want from the top. So goto effect options and we want from north will fly in from the top. No, we have applied the animation toe this group and no, if we copy this, the animation will also be corporate. Therefore, we apply the animation first and then we copy. Otherwise, these are three an emission controls and you have to put all these controls for all the animation. So we will set these controls first, then we copy so that any mission will be corporate is we're just click on this and we want the standing mission with previous and duration of 17 40 Traveled for a slur than the 400.5 and no click on this little arrow beside this. If you don't have this animation pen, you will just click on this animation print and you will get this you conclude close this format I know, like on this aero and effect options the effect options we want smooth start. And this is leadership or 0.45 seconds and smooth and is 0.3 seconds. So no press okay And know it will be a little bit different. You can preview it again. And if you are happy with the speed and everything, then no, we can copy. This will select this and control deep. So you will see their copy is a little bit of shifted. So you just like this first copy beside the initial one and no, if you control the all next copies will already be arranged. So just press control d and you will be OK. No, we have all the animations compete every effect and everything is cooperate. We will be adjusting this in a minute. But the main thing is that the start is with previous because by default it waas on click And no. Once these animations are copied, we want to change the letter first or these fine we want here I and then g p i e and it? No If I preview, it's like this and no, we want to wear some delays toe these n emissions for the first animation is fine. It should start without delay and the next one we want where it 10.1 2nd delay 0.1 the next one little 0.2. And we just keep adding all these. So I will just add quickly and you will see that this green box is moving on the right and course the right hand side. So it shows that your time is increasing your delays increasing like this? No, if you preview again no, this effect is complete. No, we want toe. Add the exit effect Call. This animation is going to accept what we do is normal. Select all this and in the any mission there No, we will add any mission because if we select any of these options, it will replace all these animations. So we want to add animation. So click on aired animation and the effect we want is for like, out Just click on fly out. And no, these layout effects have been added to all these nine tangles and letters and no, we want to change a few things in this. So fasting is that we want their duration Toby 90.75 and no, Billy. We want their delay to be just after whatever was there delay here? The last delay was point it. After that, we want for one second toe display all these letters and then we want the exit. Any mission. So therefore, we will start from 1.8 seconds here. So select the 1st 1 and chief press shift and select the last one to know all will be selected. And then first thing we do is we click on this aero and effect options. And again the same number we want here. 0.45 2nd and their 0.3 seconds. So this will be applied to all these animations? No, If I press preview, you will see the fly in and fly. Oh, so fly in is like this and fly out is straightforward. So that is because we have not added any of the delays in these. So the 1st 1 should be delayed by 1.8 seconds because 0.8 2nd was there delay of this one And this 1st 1 should also be with the previous. Actually, all this should be with the previous know their delay should be 1.8 years. So we want one second for for one second. We want all these corrector to stay. So one point it, as you can see, that this has moved one second after this and know we can add again 1.1 2nd more in all these, So 1.9 will be the delay of this one. That delay for the next one would be two seconds. DeLay for the next is 2.1. Because we won't 0.1 2nd gap between these all these to exit and so simple. Just just keep adding all these I was just quickly 8.1 2nd All these And as you can see, that it will fly in all these with a 0.1 2nd difference. Then we'll stay there for one second and fly out with the 10.1 2nd difference, or it's roughly two seconds. And then one more second source of three seconds and emission. No, we can preview this, and as you can see, that it flies in, stays there for one second and flies out. So this is how you make this simple fly in, fly out and emission 5. Types Of Text Boxes, their Alignment And Distribution : this is a word. First we're doing this course and I will not talk about colors and forms because this is your personal choice, are your business? Might might have a color scheme, but you have to follow. There are websites available which have color wheels. You can use them to find the color except to you. What I use is I use a chrome extension card eyedropper. If I like any color on the Internet, I just click on eyedropper and it shows me the 1/4 of the color. And I used that color in my presentation. So the purpose of this video is to show you the alignment and distribution pictures in Power Point because these are the features you will be using when making any missions you have tow, align the objects you have tow equally distribute them in the horizontal or vertical direction. So these are three different text boxes and text box is an object in power point. You can see here that this is a text box off. Similarly, shapes are also available here, so ships are also object. If you click on any of these boxes, you will notice that this is a rectangular shape and then there is a text. So if I increase this shape the size of the shape, the text is unchanged. While on this textbook, if I increase the shape of this rectangle, rectangle seems toe absorb or accommodate all the tech. For example, if I decrease this in the horizontal direction as you can see, their shape has increased in the war Ticker direction, toe accommodate all the text for the behavior of this text box is different than this textbook. No, let's talk about this tired one. If I try to enlighten the shape, you will notice that the size of the text has increased. And if I reduce this, it seemed that it is elongating. But actually, when I release the text tries to fit inside the ship so the size of their text is reduced. So these are three different behaviors and you should understand this because otherwise you will be facing a little problem and you are trying to align these textbooks. What are these three features and where are these features in power Point? So let me close this format background on the right inside this pain. If I close this and if you for example, here in the hometown. And if you have somehow accidentally closed this former pain so the way you can get it back is conduct design tape and then this form a background quickly condemned We will get this pain again. No, If you click on this text box on the right hand side, you will see these text options. Click on there and then this is the textbooks. If you click on there, you will see three different options. The first is our do not out off it. So this behavior which you have seen in this text box waas do not art if it for their text does not fit whenever I change that ship No, In the 2nd 1 you can see that the behavior is re size, shape toe fixed their text. It means if I increase in the horizontal direction the ship tries toe startext. If I increasing vertical are in the bottom direction because the text is already fitted inside the image so it stays the same. So the shape is re sizing to fit the text Hard option. What is happening here is shooting text on overflows. If I increase this the text tries to explain. But if I tried toe reduce the ship the site of the shape so it means no, their text is overflowing. So if the text is overflowing, the text will sharing. If you look at the right inside, sharing text on over floors. If I release no, the text will shrink. So these are three different behaviors in in the text box of power point and one more I think I would like to show you in this video is photo aligned these, for example? You want toe align these at the top So one were to do is just over over this one. You see these four arrows Just drag and when you will be near that right inside textbooks. You will see this red line nor, if you release no, these two water line at the top. Similarly, if you have all over this and when you bring it at the top, who will see this red line and you will also see on the left hand side? There is a double arrow line on the left hand side of the slide and one is on the right hand side of the slight. So these two are showing you that they are distributed equally at the edges so low it is aligned at the top and distributed equally at the edge. So this is one way, but this is not a good way to align. So let's disturb this again, and I will show you what is the best way to align these type of things. So the well, you should align these. Just select all these and then going toe home there and then click on this arrange and at the bottom you have position objects. So this is your positioning tab. So if you click on a lime on the right hand side of your various allying option, so aligned talk, this is what we need. So we align this on the top. No, there, exactly at the top. So when you hover over any of these, you see this box just left, click and drag wherever you want to know. These are a line, and you can put it anywhere. They are still selected, and if you click on a range again and a line and then there is the option for distribute horizontally. If you click on that? No. These are evenly distributed in the horizontal direction. Always use this option, the arrange option. And this is the best way to align these objects because there's no chance of any mistakes. Sometimes when you try to release, you move a little bit. So this is where you shoot a line. So I wanted to highlight these things because these are important when you try to make the an emissions and from the next video we will get introduced to this animation there. 6. Zoom Animations And Videos In Powerpoint: In this video, we will learn how to create a zoom effect. So this is a slight on which I have a map and when I click on this slide during my presentation, this circle will be drawn first and then the area inside the circle will be zoomed. So let's see a preview. So I click on this and a circle is drawn and the inside areas zoom. If this circle is not looking, accrue circle on the screen. This is because of a problem in my screen capture software. I noticed this thing, but this is a true circle. And when you follow the procedure which I'm going to show you in this video, you will get up Prusek. So if you can ignore this effect, so then we can see how we can create this powerful effect in our Power point presentation. The first step toe make this zoom animation is toe have an image, and I have inserted a map image in my slight. I have only one slight. So the first step is to duplicate this life. So no, I have Bruce lights. Make sure that you are in the second slight and no, we have to insert a shape inside shape and we click on this oval shape. Click on that. And in order to draw a circle, we have to press and hold the shift key. So press and hold the shift key and start drawing a circle. This is the circle. No, we want to put this circle around the Tokyo area. So we just put it here and no in Schaffel area, we don't want any feel so no Phil and in shape outline area. Just click on that. We want to things first the color of the circle which we can have any color. So I chose black a lot and the second thing we want in the Syria is the vit after circle, so you can have any week. So I would prefer the maximum explained The next thing we want is we want toe crop this image So click on the image form a tear in the crop There is a little arrow under the crop Click on that arrow and then click on this crop to ship And then again select this old ship we conduct more since I was circle is black when we will be cropping this image. This circle will not be visible because the background is also black. So click on this background right click and format background and in this color area, select white color so that our circle could be visible. Click on the shape again and for Mitt and group. So last time we click crop toe shape. And this time we have true said the aspect ratio so that this is not looking like an ellipse. It should look like a circuit. So for that we want the aspect ratio. Toby Oneness toe one click on that and know we have a circle. The next thing is, we want this circle will be off the same size as this black circle. And this is the most critical step because if those these two circle donor to match properly, so then the text will not be aligned. So if you are using this animation with the background image has some text, then you should be careful about this step. So see how we go here you click and hold the shift key and you bring your cursor to this handled at the corner, make sure that you never released the shift key. So we have to align this circle inside the black circle without losing the shift key. And without moving this image. You see these four arrows don't use this toe Move, Damn it! Just we have toe somehow put this circus. I am dragging this. And when you see your own circle, you start another corner. We're nearly there and see how perfect we are able to align this and no over circle is perfectly lined. The next thing is use like both of these. So click outside and select both of them and wrest control X toe cut. Click on the fastest light and control of you to face. You will see that these two are perfectly aligned Because these letters of the word Japan, they're perfectly aligned. So it means that ever were successful nor delete this seconds light right click and believes like we don't need this. No, we have to apply any mission. So there are two things. One is the circle. The second thing is the crop, the image. So you just click on the circle first, goto any missions and apply the real animation. I know the circle will be drawn like this? No. We want to apply the animation on both circle and the crop image because when they will be zooming, there should zoom together. So this is the first animation you can see on the right hand side in the animation pain. This is your faster emission. Nor just like both circles so fast. Click on the line of the circle to select press control. Click inside just like the image. No, you have selected both of them. No, we will not use the animation area. Instead, we will use this air emission click honored animation and apply grocery Know the Grocery Inc animation has been applied to circular and the image both. As you can see, there are two I terms there on the right hand side, you see that there are two things. One represent the circle, and the other is the cropped picture. And no, everything is fine. So we can Tina zoom with. The only thing is that no, we have to click for the past effect and then click to zoom. So if you want to add wired these two clicks so what you can do is you can set it here. So the first animation is on click Select First, this is all click The second is also on click. So instead of one click we say after the previous So now both of these, because they are an emergent together. So no, they both will start after the 1st 1 and you can see here they're the first will And here at this point when the green ends and then these two would start I know you have to click only once for the 1st 1 Check it again. I know I'm just clicking once, So this is here and know it will zoom So this is all you can hear this effect and no, if you want to create and before fighting because you might want toe have some of these lives And you want to put these lives in your video fight? If you are having a video course, for example, so hard to go there Very simple. Just goto fight saves brows. Will you want to say Let us we saved on the desktop and we save with the name test. The only thing you have to do is instead of this PPT export mate, go here and select the MP four format and you are done. Just press save on at the bottom. You will see here that this is no saving as an before, and you will see creating video test thought and before so I really will be created for you . So how cool is that? You make few of these animation into your video course are wherever you want. Then you create a video and then put in your other videos. So it's a fantastic thing. Power Point has provided tow us to create videos directly from any missions. 7. Revealing and Hiding Quiz Questions Animation: in this video, you will learn an emission start options. So this is the animation. And if I click here, you can see that this animation stars on click. This can start with the previous, and this can start after previous. So we will learn these two options in this animation. And what this animation does is this animation is, ah, a scenario off a quiz where we want toe reveal these two questions one by one. And in the beginning, both questions are hidden and this I can insuring. Then we click on this icon, and as soon as we click on this icon, this disappears. But know this I can comes up and question one is revealed. Then, after that, we click on this quest, this icon this disappears and this icon comes up and both questions that he didn't again. And then we click on this icon again. And instead of this, no, this icon appears and the question number two is revealed. And finally we click this icon and the cycle disappears and this icon appears and both questions are hidden. You might not be able to see this title when I go into the slide show more, but we will see how it works. So I just silicon slideshow Mort and both questions are hidden. I click on days. First question is revealed and I can changes. Then you can give students sometimes to solve this question, for example, and then we click on days. No, Both questions are hidden again. You might want to check dancers during this time. Then you click on this again and question number two is revealed. And once you are done, you just click on this and quizzes finished. Both questions are hidden. So this is what we're going toe make in this video. So let's get started. OK, so we start from empty slight. And first of all, we want to inside a ship. Just insert any appropriate size. And if you want to be more specific about your size, you just click on this size and properties options, and you can have, for example, is exactly two inch I and that's a three inch white. I really love it more white, maybe three point five inches better. So we drop one ship and no, we want toe. Have some border around this shaped or in this line area, you just select a color. So we want white color and then just let a will of the border. So let's save you, say, 15 points, so 15 points. And if you look here, we have a 15 point border with white color in order to give it a little bit effect. If you click on this, affect step and then you click on glow. Some of the prisoners are available here, so I like this tired one from the left. So if you click on that no, we have this beautiful border. This is our empty frames. So know what? You want to do it. Just copy this control D and then move it a little bit apart. So no, we had two frames and no, we want to put her Our images are pictures into these or inside and pictures and these other two pictures, which we want to place Question one and question, too. So just question one. You can click simultaneously one and then you just resize this a little bit and then put it here so that they and then make a little bit off adjustment. And no, Vince had second picture again. The size and put in this frame and do a little bit off adjustment. Since we have to put toe icons here in the icon steps inside icons, it takes some time to lower the icons on no desire that why can't which we want. This one And this one you can select both and press insert and not just You can place these icons side by side somewhere here because initially, we want these Toby not showing the questions. So therefore, I'm putting this on the left and no, we are ready. Tow any make this thing. So what we want is initially we want only this icon to appear and both questions Toby hidden. We have to do one by one. First of all, we want an animation on this one because we want to click this and we want toe add Disappeared are an exit. Any mission here but we want to animate exists As soon as we click on this, this should exit this, you disappear and only this should appear. And this question should also appear. Of course. So, no, we have toe add in any mission to this one and reflect the style we want fly in and we want fly in from the left so we safer left. So as soon we click this this will disappear, this question will appear and we also want this to appear So we click on this and we put appeared So this is the animation appear animation So this is the first set of any missions . So if I show you this light show No, because we have not given any control this question. So this question is still be showing, but we have to control this afterwards. So just run at this estate and see what happens. So we run the show and as you can see that this question we don't want this in the beginning. We want this toe not to be here, but because we have never said any control. So therefore it is showing up. But we will fix this. But this is okay. We want this to be hidden in the beginning, and this I can will be available to us. You can have both icons if you want, but I'm just making any mission in this way. So if I click on this, you'll see that this icon is not appearing because this is waiting for some click. So we have to fix this as well. Similarly, if I click No, this question appears. And if I click No. So this icon appears so there are three clicks I have to click three times to make this part of the animation. Correct this we have not still 100. I'm only talking about this part. But there is one mistake that this question is waiting for a click. And this icon is also waiting for a click. We don't want this so see how to remove that. So no, we want the first. Any mission, Toby on the clicks. If you see here, you will see that this animation starts with a clip which is correct, this one. But the second animation is also starting on the clean. You don't want this. We want this to start with the previous. So as soon as we click on this, this picture should come. Here are this question should come here and no diss graphics. The tired one If you click here, you will see that this is associated with this. These are very close. If you separate them, you will see there any mission Pruitt associated with this graphics. So no, this is also writing for a click. So we have toe set it to previous and know if you're on a game. Our this part is correct. The question is he done And only one icon is there. Once weekly condensed, the question comes, and the second I can also comes and this also disappears. So all these three actions are perfectly fine. This icon disappears, disappears and the question come no, we see how we can start this question with a hidden view. So let's go back and no, we any made this one and no, you look at what next action you want. Once this question is revealed and this icon is here, you want to click on this icon ones. So when we click on this so this is the next thing we want to do. But because this graphics also has won any mission So first you select them. No, you cannot add any animation. If you add this animation will be replaced instead what you click you click here at any mission and you have to add an emission from this side. Not from this time So what we want is we want to click on this. Disappeared so nor weeks disappeared. So this is the next thing we want. We want this to disappear, and no, we also want this to appear and this question toe disappear. So we want this question and we also add any mission and we say disappear and we say with the previous and then we also select this with the air, any mission appear and with the previous and no less Run it again. No, this we're only controlling this part at the moment. So we click on this question comes that I can changes. We click on this question is again hidden, and I can exchange No, this part is working perfectly fine. No, we have to control this part. So know what we want to want to again? Click on this. And this time this question should appear So no. We click on this, we and in any mission and we said disappear because when we click this your disappear and this question should appear. So we click on this and because this is the first animation of this question, so we can say fly in. But we wanted from the right. So this question will appear not on click but with the previous so that as soon as we click this this question appears this should also appear. So we click on this. We aired animation and we say appear and Norway check it again. So no, Initially, both questions are hidden and the hidden I can is there. We click on that. This question comes and I can changes. Be again. Click on that. I can changes both question. He didn't again click on that. This question comes but this I can is not appearing. So this is we have to modify because this icon, yes, you can see the last it says on click. We want this to be with the previous So no, we run it again. Just assure you click on this question Appears I can changes recon I can I can change both question. He didn't like this. I can change And this question appears Know what we want is we want to click again on this I can change and both question hidden. So this is the last stage of this animation. So what we do is we have to click on this add any mission was selected at an emission and with their disappear on the click. And then we also want this to disappear. So we say add animation disappear. And we want this. I turned to appear at any mission a beer and know what we want to do is that we want this to be with the previous and we want this animation Toby with previous because soon as we click this district vanish, this should come so no, hopefully everything should be fine if I run it again. No, this is the initial state I click on this. I can change his question. One appear you can give students sometimes to answer this question or whatever. No, You want toe check it. So you hide the question. Any mission. You heard both question. You check our whatever we want and know I click on this again. Not this time. Question to reveals I can is here. And finally I click on this board. Questions are hidden and the quizzes finished hidden. Aiken is there. So this is how you can make this presentation. So we're easy. No, we can give it a title. So just insert textbooks, and I select this part and I say revealing do quiz questions one at a time and hiding them . So this is the animation, what the animation is doing, You can select any appropriate on whatever you want. I like this rock will no war and board. So they're willing to quiz questions one at a time and hiding them. Our any mission is no complete. 8. Prezi Effect Dynamic Presentation Using Powerpoint Presentation: In this video, you will learn how to create a president effect in power point presentation. And if you are not aware of President Frenzy is an online presentation pool and this is their website and most of their plans are page and these are their prices at the moment, as you can see. But if you go to this basic, they also have a free basic account which I have created recently. And this presentation tool provides you some very fantastic effects in your presentations. So when you open a free account, you will get this consoled something like this and the effect which we are went toe implement in Power Point is demonstrated in one of their getting started prison patients. And if I click on that no, we get this presentation. The vadis effect works is that this is your first slide of the presentation. Let us as you and on this light you have certain objects the circular shapes and within those objects to have certain icons. And whenever you click on any of these objects, let's see, I click on this. It presents me with a difference. Like and on this light, I can explain whatever. I want to explain any idea or any part off my presentation, and I can even go further down one live. If I click on this, it will present be another slight. This is very attractive. What presenting work for both for students are for teachers and no, If you roll the wheel of your most, you can come back to one step and if you roll it again, you will come back to the means. Like so. The idea is that true control all of your presentation from your single light. So from tops light, you have old other celebs connected and wherever you want to go, you goingto their slight by clicking and then explain the idea than just roll your mouse back Our click. Because in present you can come back by rolling the mouse Really? In power point, we will come back by clicking. So this is the effect which were going toe learn today hope we can get this effect in power point. So what we're going toe making this video is this is over means light. It's a very simple sleight. It has four objects, and when I click on this object, it zooms in it present another slight. I explained the concept here, but have the meanings of these two. Then I click. I go back to my means light, and then I click on the next icon. It shows my slight investigators some details. I explained these details How I do that. I just clicked again. I go outside and then the next one. Then I explain where I published my courses. Then I collect go out than the last one. Then I explained all I promote my courses. I click on there and the flights and the presentation is finished. So this is what we're going to learn in this video. How to make this fantastically simple but elegant presentation. So let's get started. So we start from a blank slight. The title of the slides. Let's insert the textbooks. I just here a simple force. Their formula for sending online courses on the phone we want is this one a 10 wheeler and the size we want is 40. Let's keep it in the center a little bit. Don't word. No, we have to insert four ships, so insert shapes and the shape we like it is displayed around flow charts just put here and then rotated in the other direction. We want to make three copies so controlled the I know you're just the spaces between them and the best way toe align. These is toe using this arranged tab and align aligned to the talk, and then we can also distribute them equally in a horizontal direction. You can also make a little bit of a just print on both sides if you want and no, select all these and the shape feel we don't want any feel No, Phil, but we want this outline on. No, we just put some text inside these inside the textbook plan and the phone tie, like is a rock will lower on. The size is 80. It's fine. No insert and other textbooks in this on this is produced and on the same line horizontally . I know we have to inside the icon, so insert icons. This is fine for the planning. Again, I gongs inside icons. We can actually select all these together. We need a gear icon for this is for production. So for promoting this is fine. So we insert these icons here and no, we just ported in appropriate places just like that. Very simple. I know what we can do know is like these two. And when this four arrows appeared, you just right click and group similarly slept these two and then on this double sided arrows Be right click and we grow. So no, everyone is a single group. So know what we want to do is we want to save all these. So I have seen many videos on Internet. They explain this so long, but actually, it's a very simple two line trick which we can use toe get this zooms light function. Know what willing to do? Is we just like this? And we right click and save s picture. And this is the folder in which I have already saved these three pictures. I will save this s plan. Similarly, No right click on days and same s picture, and I give it a name produce. And no, this one Tim s picture on I say probably. And this one savers procured a little more. So this is one of the important step. Let those icons as images, arrest pictures and then we create the slights. I know we have to make these force lives. All right, click here and new slide. Delete this and the first like this plan. So we insert our textbooks here and land, so just increase the phone to maybe a little bit toe just fine. And we want this phone as well as attention Wheeler and Lex that there are only two steps here. So we have prince are two icons. One is this one, and the other is this. Once we just insert on the right inside, you can see that power point is giving you certain design ideas if you wish. Otherwise you can close this so only these two steps. So we just put it there and we say you can and like this so that we can pull some text inside this big. Let's move smaller and nobody insider textbooks. Just a tradition a little bit. And another textbooks for this one. So this is oversight Number two? No, we want to add immigrants light. Or instead of reading from here. If we're from here, you can straight away at the blend light, and the third's light is produced again. We insert textbooks and we just drag this and No. Here we want toe have five different steps. We also want some meadows. So inside, Chef and the other we want here Is this one Make an aero here. And no, we want some icons here, so insert I can't this one then this is for combination. So this transcript Let's say this is recording. This is edited insert and no, we want to put the text Israel in front so that someone can understand what you mean. We can select all these range A line A line left. I know the slight number or so new slight and blanks light publish. We have three places to publish and we want a rose as well. So insert This is the other number one on toward the two times. Like said this overall shape on No, we want the color of these errors toe black. We select all these and share Phil black and controlled the twice just here. And we want the color off these three Toby orange there. See Orrin and no, we want to insert text here. Okay, so, no, this slide is also really I know we wants, like number five, which is the promotes, like again Insert textbooks. I know we have three arrows. Insert here and we want their say these three yellow. So change the color. First are saying you this greater control Detroit's who made two more copies. So no, I have created three pictures to insert picture. And from here these are the three platforms were right promote. Just copy these three pictures and insert here. I created these pictures in Kenya. What can wise free this is Ah, the slight number five and no, we already toe make the effect. So just goto first slight and no, we just delete these four because we have to put images here. So I will do one by one so that you can understand the step. So this is the last and final steps. What we do is we click on insert and in this room there is an option slide zoom toe Klik ones like zoom and no, we have to just put that light which we want. So for plan hours light waas This one So we want this light will be inserted here? No, this light has been inserted here. I know you have to click on this form. It's a creek conform it on the left hand side. Check this return to zoom and click on change image. It will ask you cruise like the picture. So you say from a fight and no, we select a plan picture. This is the picture of it. We saved uglier. So select this and insert. And now you can delete this one because this picture is real ever? No, we just want to put this picture here, so no, this picture actually is replacing over Slight. When we will click on this, the slide will show the same thing you have to do for these four. And your presentation will be really police Quickly do that. I go on insert zoom light zone Disliked. Insert No click on for mate. Check this change image from the fight and the second image. So delete this group and for this image, you know you can believe these toe as well, because no, you know what we were doing. So just insert zoom light, so select the next light. Not this one is one and insert creek on form a check days gender image from the fine promote. Sorry. Published inside. No, The last one. Insert light zone. Kick this light in search for May. Check return toe change Image from the fight. Last image remote and now everything is ready. If you want to remove these Esquire's which you can see, you can just click on this and goto this shape outline and no Oakland click on this ship. Outline. No. Repeat the process for these two. I know everything is ready and no, I'm starting the slide show, so I will just keep this a little bit lower so that you can see because my Supreme Capture is capturing only this part slide show. And no, if I click on this as you can see that we're zooming in tow the like. And when I click again, I zoom out. Unlikely contest resuming. Then I click again and resume. Oh ho, cool. Is this It looks incredibly fantastic. Just click on this. You explain your concept here and you are done again. You come out, you explain the next so it looks fantastic. Looks very attractive. Whether you are a student presenting your PhD work. Are you a teacher presenting your lecture on any subject and you have more use our subtitles of your main lecture. You can explain in a decent way if you like. You can give it a color. What color doesn't matter? It's a personal choice. Whatever color you want, you can give it. So this is how you make this crazy effect using power point.