Animation in After Effects - Musical Project

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Musical Project 01 - Importing Photoshop Model

    • 2. Musical Project 02 - Riging of the Model

    • 3. Musical Project 03 - Blinking Eyes

    • 4. Musical Project 04 - Speaking Mouth

    • 5. Musical Project 05 - Play Music

    • 6. Musical Project 06 - Modifying Model

    • 7. Chiсkens Merry Christmas Dance

    • 8. Royal Begining

    • 9. Chckens dance 2017


Project Description

Making of Animated Music Video


  The class project will be very simple - create your own cartoon musician, give him any musical instrument, and teach to play it. You can use our models - just somewhat modify them. Or you can draw your own musician.  And then we will gather all our musicians together and with make them a music video similar to this. I think this style will suit us very well. It is good that there are a lot of flashes of individual clips - just what we need. We can show the work of all participants of the project.

    Click this link to watch the video...


   Click this link to see music cuts from our cartoon “The true story of the yellow Kalyna” which show you how you can use our models to make your own cartoons.


Download Distributive of Adobe After Effects 7.0  With this program we create our cartoons. If you are just beginning your acquaintance with the Adobe After Effects, you can use this simple and accessible free version, which is quite sufficient to make animation. Later, if you want, you can easily go to any more modern version. Or you can use any version of After Effects, which is at your disposal - they are all very similar to each other.

Download model for animation Butters

Download model for animation Wendy

Download model for animation Vasja

Download musicalal instruments

   To find even more video lessons and more models for animation, please visit our website

Student Projects

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