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Animation in After Effects - Musical Project

Vadim Daschinsky, Let's make cartoons!

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9 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Musical Project 01 - Importing Photoshop Model

    • 2. Musical Project 02 - Riging of the Model

    • 3. Musical Project 03 - Blinking Eyes

    • 4. Musical Project 04 - Speaking Mouth

    • 5. Musical Project 05 - Play Music

    • 6. Musical Project 06 - Modifying Model

    • 7. Chiсkens Merry Christmas Dance

    • 8. Royal Begining

    • 9. Chckens dance 2017


About This Class

   Dear friends!

   I am pleased to present to you our second class on SkillShare. In this class we will create animated music videos Using Adobe After Effects. I will show you in all details step-by-step the process of creating of funny cartoon man for animation. We will teach this man to move his arms and legs, blink, speak, and give him stylish clothes. In between I'll show you how you can use this character so that he tells about your website, your class on Skillshare or your channel on YouTube. And in the end we will give him some cool musical instrument and teach him to play this instrument.


For this work you will need the Adobe After Effects program of any available for you version. Or you can use our free educational version of After Effects. Creating these lessons, I was counting that you already have some familiarity with the basic principles of work in After Effects. But even if you do not have the slightest idea of how to work in After Effects - this is not such a big problem. In this case, you can simply learn our first class - Basic Animation in Adobe After Effects, and will get all the necessary knowledge for further work.


And do not forget to see the overview of the project to our class. I think you will like this project, because in the end we should make a hilarious music video.






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Vadim Daschinsky

Let's make cartoons!

Hello. My name is Vadim Daschinsky. And yes - I'm living in the depths of Russia. Working in the advertising department of local TV, I gained quite a good knowledge of video editing and motion graphics software, so now I am making animated video tutorials in which funny cartoon creatures in simple and accessible manner tell about various computer programs. I'm making cartoons too. In Russia my cartoons and my tutorials are quite popular. I can say that they have grown up a whole generation...

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