Animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act

Vadim Daschinsky, Let's make cartoons!

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2 Videos (27m)
    • Chikens Dance Lesson 1 - Introdaction in After Effects

    • Chickens Dance Lesson 2 - Your First Animation


About This Class


   As you know, dear friends, from the first of January this year Skilshare evaluates the work of teachers in a new way - not by the number of attracted new subscribers, but by the total time of watching your educational videos. And this means that in our videos must be even more show! So I decided to start a new series of video lessons, in which will be even more funny cartoons, more music and dances. We are going to study animation in After Effects, and at the same time create our own cartoon show! You all will be participants of our show – created by you training animated clips we’ll include in our final cartoon ballet. And as we start our project in the year a rooster, I decided to name it a Chicken Lake, with some claim on classic. And so, we offer you the first lesson from our new series of video lessons on animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act. In this lesson we will take a look at the program interface and teach a chicken to perform the simplest movements.






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Vadim Daschinsky

Let's make cartoons!

   Hello. My name is Vadim Daschinsky. And yes – I’m living in the depths of Russia. Working in the advertising department of local TV, I gained quite a good knowledge of video editing and motion graphics software, so now I am making animated video tutorials in which funny cartoon creatures in simple and accessible manner tell about various computer programs. I’m making cartoons too. In Russia my cartoons and my tutorials are quite popular. I can say that they have grown up a whole generation of young animators. So now I want to try to make these lessons in English. I hope my English is not too terrible. And I hope my lessons will be useful for you.

   If you have any interesting ideas on creating of exciting animated video - write to me. Maybe we'll make some cartoons together.

   All my animation you can see here.

   Now I’m making a series of video tutorials on web design for beginners. Subjects like this: your first website. Basics of Hosting. First steps in Joomla. Joomla Templates, HTML, PHP etc. I can make beginners-level animated tutorials for your project.
    Here is my first lesson on Web Design: Installing WAMP and Joomla
   Second lesson is ready too, but I did not translate it in English yet
   And in conclusion, let me wish you happiness and success in the coming New Year!
  With best regards Vadim Daschinsky.
   [email protected]