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Animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act

teacher avatar Vadim Daschinsky, Let's make cartoons!

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Chikens Dance Lesson 1 - Introdaction in After Effects

    • 2. Chickens Dance Lesson 2 - Your First Animation

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About This Class


   As you know, dear friends, from the first of January this year Skilshare evaluates the work of teachers in a new way - not by the number of attracted new subscribers, but by the total time of watching your educational videos. And this means that in our videos must be even more show! So I decided to start a new series of video lessons, in which will be even more funny cartoons, more music and dances. We are going to study animation in After Effects, and at the same time create our own cartoon show! You all will be participants of our show – created by you training animated clips we’ll include in our final cartoon ballet. And as we start our project in the year a rooster, I decided to name it a Chicken Lake, with some claim on classic. And so, we offer you the first lesson from our new series of video lessons on animation in Adobe After Effects: Chicken Lake Ballet - First Act. In this lesson we will take a look at the program interface and teach a chicken to perform the simplest movements.

Meet Your Teacher

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Vadim Daschinsky

Let's make cartoons!


Hello. My name is Vadim Daschinsky. And yes - I'm living in the depths of Russia. Working in the advertising department of local TV, I gained quite a good knowledge of video editing and motion graphics software, so now I am making animated video tutorials in which funny cartoon creatures in simple and accessible manner tell about various computer programs. I'm making cartoons too. In Russia my cartoons and my tutorials are quite popular. I can say that they have grown up a whole generation of young animators. So now I want to try to make these lessons in English. I hope my English is not too terrible. And I hope my lessons will be useful for you.

If you have any interesting ideas on creating of exciting animated video - write to me. Maybe we'll make some cartoons together.<... See full profile

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1. Chikens Dance Lesson 1 - Introdaction in After Effects: - I think Christmas is the perfect time to make animation. This is why, on Christmas Eve, we're starting a new, serious, off animated video tutorials on how to make cartoons for our meetings to be cozier and more exciting. The they'll invite interesting guests. Beach. You'll help us make patterns and today, video make dancing chickens because year off Rooster is coming video. Make our cartoons in the adobe after effects. And do not be afraid, even if you are completely and formulated this program because we have a cartoon experts who, in an easy and accessible way, we'll tell you about the basic principles off working in after effects. If aftereffects east at least a little familiar to you, you can go directly to the second part off our lesson where real and you made dancing chickens. And so let me give the floor to our fourth expert. Hello, everybody. I am Eric Cartman, the famous scientist and researcher, and today I'm going to tell you how to make atones. What's this Levin? And in the end of it, you will be able to make your own little cocoon All you need to begin the exciting journey into the materials, mortar animation. He trapped the Adobe Aftereffects program, the more three conversion or which you can download from the official website of the company. Ah, in theory, it should just lay the pointer. Yeah, that's really better. So you can don't want aftereffect from the official site off. Adore the company, or you can use earlier but more simple at more affordable version of the program. Aftereffects. Seven Download links to reach on YouTube for our chain of page ourselves used this particular person defecation for creating animated feels on the interface is virtually no different from more more than versions of program. Well, you get it up, Adobe after effects now in the big time to started what you feel in the beginning, you see the programs interface divided in secret panel. Think of it in the modern high tech factory intended for the production of your cartoon. Each panel Eva Faber department that performs a specific function. Let's take a look at the individual panels and their functions. Very first and the main panel of the project panel you. He'll assemble your cattle off the very files that are stored somewhere on your computer, or maybe even on another computer on the network. In order to you filed in your animation, you must fourth ed them to your project called Important that if you can you file in your cartoon, you must but them into your project. The project panel is the warehouse stores. All the files you have imparted here. You can thought them the lay them out in folder that you get a clear view, and it was convenient to work with them. Next final timeline, funnel timeline either line off time. It is so called because on it our cattle and fourth minute by minute, second by second at the throne Cantor Timeline. A family line which remember power Control off the details that you have prepared in the project panel and finally live your panel. This is the monitor in the camp of which you see what is going on. Your attempt a line on the timeline and see what kind of cattle you got in the end. Hey, then, I assure you that if it indeed the appropriate region got no doubt. Dude, I got all over Internet. This is the most fashionable greeting this even. But what does it mean? Her Nobody really knows the meaning of the conscription, but that, believe me if or for fun, the final project panel Fine line in viewer are the main elements on the program. After effect, you then the orphan have to work, and now we can press it to the creation off our first battle for the purpose. You can use any mutable images, but for the first time, for simplicity, I recommend that you use images that we especially prepared for the life and our portal general animation. Come, go downloads and don't load the archive left in one file. The African. Download the distributive off adobe after effects. If you don't already have one, create some way on your computer on the D Drive. For example, if all the cold listen one and leap intrigue the archive you had downloaded now around the program after effects. If you open a blonde project, let's feel it were content in the File Menu Select Import File. This will play the important window go there in the folder left and one you just had created and collect that the image background TV click on Urban rail. You imparted the ground Terry and it appeared in the project. Linder. Similarly, me. But the next file, which is called him a now in the project panel you have to file, and I think you are already quite funnily and thought we can move to the animation he did. The timeline reached so far. Iffco absolutely empty. But on an empty timeline, we cannot do anything to assemble on the timeline our animation remarked for the fall. Create only composition composition. If the working environment off timeline in which we make our cattle create a new composition, it's very easy. At the bottom of the project panel, there is a small button with the picture of a field frame on it. This is the battle to create a new composition, click on it and opened a window to create a new composition in this window. We need to fed the format on the video for our composition. You stand that a l given give you also we got to testify the duration of the competition in our minutes, seconds and frames, I think for beginning one minute will be quite enough. Click OK into project final. You have the composition camp 1 50 They didn't give icon and defame competition appeared on the timeline. Now you can put pictures on it, really by the mouth filed by ground jacket and relief in the left part of the timeline panel you can see that wants the file appeared on the timeline panel. It immediately formed its own layer. Give the number one, not the small triangle to the left of the file name. Click on the Try a little buddy mouth and then on another, and you'll feel left off parameters off the layer. This parameter determines the appearance of the object. Come tainting the layer. Take, for example, the scale parameter, which states this K off this plane for the object. By this parameter, we can change the image of size. If the scale 800% the object displayed in full side at larger and smaller values, respectively, it increases or decreases. We can send the value off parameter entering the numbers or just move your pointer to the value. Want to change and holding down the left mouse button, move the mouth left and right. Close the parameter lived so that it does not interfere you got. Let us now put the next file on the timeline FISH? A. If you can feel my family, even the fish appeared behind our TV. If you want that, the new image was visible on the skin on top of the period. One heat, if necessary, that layer this image. What located on the timeline about all the other players? Fortunately, we can even move five on the timeline. Build the mouth drag and drop files. Hey, so if it was above the ground TV well, now, everything. If Coreg We see our fish in all its beauty, let's make it a bit smaller, expand the lift or delay of parameters and end the value of 30% for the scale parameter. Now the fish can became smaller and can even see him in our aquarium. How can we make it move so far, our image, if absolutely static. This is because we have not activated animation Animation turns on by this little watch to the left of each item. Take the position parameter determines the position off the fish on the field, divorced to the left of the position parameter have not activated for the position or the fish does not change with time. But like watched by the mouth on the timeline over the position parameter that you have a small icon that looks like an hourglass. If I call, indicate that at this point we have created a key frame that if, in the point we recorded the position off our fish, please note that the key frame it created in point relegated current time indicator the threat threat. Now you have the current time indicator by the candle in the form of a small triangle and track along the time line to the five seconds mark. This would mean that their past five seconds off our cattle support, for example, we want the fish. During this time, move to the top left corner of the screen that grabbed. This is give them out and tractor where you wanted to be looking. The Hold A party, the petition parameter in the place where there is a current time indicator immediately appear a key frame mark. That means the program remember the position of the object in the frame, and in general, if animation off any parameter, it turned on once the program detected change in this parameter, it immediately creates a key frame to remember these changes intermediate values of parameters between friends. The program can create by itself thought that create the illusion off movement. Let's check it on our feet, move the current time indicator back to the beginning of the cattle and press the space bar on your key, but to launch the viewer how he starts to move every plant in five seconds. It moved to the top left corner of the screen and frost motion with the court father. We do not have any key frames. Let's continue the movement or the his. Move the car in time indicator to the 10 seconds off our cattle and drag our fish to the right bottom corner of the screen, then go to 15 seconds and lead the his move into the top corner and thought to the end that the viewer and see what you got Everything is wonderful, but sometimes how he's things. Stay off right now we've teach to turn around, But first, let's take a closer look at this time scale on our timeline 2. Chickens Dance Lesson 2 - Your First Animation: Hello, It's me again. Let me remind you that call materials took our lessons you can find on our website general animation dot com in downloads section. Now, if you got gold necessary tools you need to make cartoons we can animate. Get started, go again in the download section off our website general animation dot com, and download from their Are Cries Chickens Dance Zip. This is a collection off footages that I prepared, especially for our lesson. Hunchback the aircraft to your computer In the resulting folder, you'll find a lot of interesting pictures. He told his models. They are going to teach dance, but you can use any off your own characters that after effects, it can be any version of after effects. Our learning addition or your more advanced in the Fordham with our footage is find the picture chicken A and import it into after effects. Just grab the picture in the Explorer window, using left mouse bottom and drag and drop it on the project panel off after effects. This will be the easiest message off important in the same very important the picture Christmas background and music. Now we've got everything we need to make a simple cattle. Let's animate, create a new composition. To do this, click mouse on the small frame here at the bottom of the project. Indo in compensation settings, select video format. HDTV, HDTV 7 2025 He did 7 20 lines and 25 frames per second. The duration off the composition. Let it be. Three minutes. Minutes Are here. Not here. Here are second minutes are here. Okay, here is our composition, Jack. And drop on it. Our character, the ground think and music. Now let's dance Using the plus and minus keys to reach the timeline so that individual frames visible for our convenience video dance in fine frames bid that is each cycle off movement will continue for five frames. Select Live if our chicken and press the peaky on your key but toe open the position parameter for chicken Don't own animation for position you got the fourth key frame. Now move five frames forward on the timeline and change the vertical coordinate or the chicken so that it lifted up. Go forward and number five frames. And now you can simply copy our 1st 2 key frames and placed them to repeat the movement. Next retreat. Five frames from the last key and caught in paste for key frames. Five friends father hit and now we can copy and paste all eight key frames. This way you can easily animate the entire timeline. Let's see what kind off movement we have. So do this. We need to make a preview. Review is created by Work Area Bar. Let's see. 1st 5 seconds off our cartoon mark, my book area bar review area beginning we already have. And to get the end, move the cursor to the 5th 2nd and press the end key on the keyboard. That's all. Remark by work area, the part off cartoon they want to preview now Just press zero key on the numeric Keeper and wait until the green bar underlines the entire book area bar. Now we can see what the motion give God. The chicken job jumps in transport. Let's make it to jump 4th 1 leg and then the other. Don't do this remastered. Turn it a bit. Move back to the beginning off the timeline Youth. The key but shortcut shift plus R the open irritation parameter. In addition, toe already open position parameter. Don't own animation. Forestation and slightly turned the chicken right. 1st 10 frames eat veal jump on its left leg. Move 10 frames forward and said another key frame to look the rotation off chicken for the next 10 frames it. You're a taste toe the right leg. Move 10 frames forward entertained chicken to the left. Next 10 frames it. You'll jump on the right leg, then rotate to jump on the left leg again. Move forward 10 frames. Set a key frame. Move in our 10 frames and don't chicken to the left again. Now you can simply corporate and paste the result in animation cycle. Finally, you got such MEREDITH to help. You better understand it'll now. Eric Cartman. Once again, we'll explain how to work with key frames in the Timeline way . Continue our listen and let us talk about the time. You certainly know that every second off usual did a movie conceived off 25 frames. Similarly, every second of our cattle, if divided into 25 separate pictures and now look a timescale off our timeline. If you remember, we have created a competition for a one minute and now Thescore needed displayed on the scale. It's not very convenient because in the animation, re more often have to work with seconds and the individual frames in order to see the seconds and frames you need to taste the timeline for the purpose in the aftereffects beside the plus and minus on the top row on the cable breath deeply and your feet how the time line begins to stretch. Here you see the five second mark now already run second, and now we see the letter F if if the frame jacked a couple of steps, and here we clearly see every single frame and can stretch any longer to compress the timeline, you remind us when the time line extended at the bottom of it. Unusual Windows Vendor. A TFF glider that allows you to move to the areas of the timeline that are not hidden. You can move L on the timeline using a rookie and page up and page down keys. Present page down key. You'll move to the next frame and page up. You'll move your land frame back and as usual, home and empty, we'll move you to the beginning and the end of the timeline. Now, when they get used to the scale off time, you continue our fish training and teach her to perform your turn. Let's say our fish from from and came to the point after leash it goto him back. At this point, we need to turn its head to toe other side. We can even do it using this k parameter. Since the the fact that this parameter can accept not only positive but other negative values support, for example, they get really off parameter. They call 200%. Let's change it to negative value, and we'll see how our fish read the head to the other side. But to our great regret, it simultaneously turned belly up. This happens because the current total and vertical site for the parameter scale by the little change and change together your table, the connection, and then we can change the horizontal and vertical side off the object independently off each other. Now we can fit for the current Don't aside when u minus 100 for the vertical 100% and see the fish don't get back. But this time it did not throw anything off. Untimely death and that's exactly what we needed. Let us repeat our actions. So you have come to the place where the fish should did turn around. First, the name of the animation for the parameter scale on the timeline being a key frame, which recorded the current state of the object, now pushed the button page down to move to the next frame. Don't off the connection between the horizontal and vertical five to be able to change them independently and give the Gary Don't or five the negative value. For example, if you hit the dimensions off 30 by 30% that now has to be minor. 30. Researcher. That's all our fees. Don't around. Flip through the kid's page up and page down to see how gracious received turning now fail . Learn our history, warmth, Rome and reach level or the volume There. She again has to be turned around animation for the scale we already enabled, so there is no need to touch anything. We just need to add a key frame to fix the current state of the fish toe walk. Leave the key frames. We have these little arrows, the diamond between them. So the left off each parameter for the animation. If reached all by clicking on the area, you live to the next. Agree with key frame. If there is no key frame, you can create it by simply clicking on diamond between the earth or deleted if it already is there, and so create a key frame for the scale. Clicking between the area now go to the next frame, and three said that K value off 30 by 30%. All right, our fish don't back. We tortured, remarkably turned around, but not too quickly that in one frame for here to do it more smoothly spread the march off key frames for 35 or even seven frames, but don't know truth, even values or in the middle, or they don't his real disappear altogether. And another little trick. If during the movement of the fish you will be slightly altering its horizontal dimension that it becomes somewhat shorter and longer, it will appear if the fish back if they'll and really pay attention to an important point. If you worked long and hard fate and key frames and then accidentally turned the animation off by clicking on the stopwatch, all yucky frames will be lost. And even if you turn the animation on different, you get created. You you don't worry. You do not have to do all the work. In this case, you'll be faced by the magic, a combination for undue off previous action control that profit and or key frames appear again on their places. And do not forget about this. Wonderful kids want you accidentally deleted or moved anything immediately. Breath control that to return everything and it was. And in the end, we have just to save the content off our composition in the form of the things still to show it to our friends or put on display on YouTube. This can be done very easily in the main menu. Feel like the item composition, Make movie and immediately on the timeline panel. If the rent a key where we see our truck scheduled for rendering indicating for the output model, click on the out the output for our cattle. What it found. Click OK and check out exactly very program. You're safe, the output file and it's name. So do not cry. Oh, how where is my cartoon? Now start the render surrendering is a complex process due to reach the program. Actually assemble the final video file. This may take some time for you don't know to get birth. The program. Your show. You already made friends off your animation. It will if, how much time have left and how much. If you lift in the end, computer makes a joyful found, and if you mean that you have only to find and watch your tone. This is the easiest and the most reliable way off rendering. It's only drawback if the resulting files are sufficiently large in volume. This is because we render throughout compression, but you can evenly compress the output file using any converter. I myself used the Program format factory, which is in download off our website. It is very easy to use program that that not require any configuration. Simply select what form what you want to convert your file. In fact, if a for the U. N. On the computer, all the MP four or three D p from a mobile devices and falls, drop your files in the window that opens and remember the folder where to find the target file, click OK and then that and after a couple off means you'll get ready file, which you'll be able to upload, for example, to your phone to show your friends. Well, I think you are quite prepared to create your own cartoon about marine life among the fire . For our lesson, you'll find a lot of pictures that will allow you to make a cattle like, different from our cattle on the true story or the yellow Kalina. Unleash your imagination. Let a few cow you look on the seabed, cheer, forgot and dock with its kennel. Dress your favorite heroes in the underwater suit and send them to judge the dress or the sunken cheeks and then review. Have competition and see who you'll make more interesting story right to us and send us your cartoon in the next lesson. Really learn how to make animation off mercy with objects. You can't legs so they can run, jump and talk to you next time