Animation for Illustration: Creating GIFs with Procreate & After Effects | Heather Seidel | Skillshare

Animation for Illustration: Creating GIFs with Procreate & After Effects

Heather Seidel, Motion Graphics Designer

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12 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Choosing a Subject

    • 3. Finding a Visual Hook

    • 4. Sketching in Procreate

    • 5. Adding Color

    • 6. Drawing Animation Frames

    • 7. Getting Started in After Effects

    • 8. Animating in After Effects

    • 9. Adding Texture

    • 10. Sharing Your Animation

    • 11. That's a Wrap

    • 12. Explore More Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

Want to create quirky, colorful GIFs that make people stop and think? Learn how to easily animate your illustrations with Procreate and After Effects!

Welcome to the world of animation, where simple steps in Procreate and After Effects combine to bring motion and meaning to your illustrations. Join video journalist and animator Heather Seidel to learn how to grow an idea you feel passionate about into an engaging, ready-to-share GIF.  Starting with an exercise to find a “hook” for your illustration, Heather guides you through every step of her process, from research and sketching to adding motion and texture.

Packed with actionable tips you can implement right away, key lessons cover:

  • Finding a visual hook with research and brainstorming
  • Creating a conceptual sketch that lends itself to motion
  • Drawing colorful animation frames in Procreate
  • Animating and exporting with key tools in After Effects

Adding After Effects unlocks the flexibility to animate multiple elements quickly and make adjustments on the fly all while retaining the hand-drawn look of Procreate. Plus, Heather shares her solutions for staying organized as you make the leap between programs.

Whether you’re looking for a new skill to add to your repertoire or a fun way to express yourself, this hour-long class will help you develop your ideas into colorful, hand-drawn illustrations and animations. Follow along to unleash your creativity, sharpen your point-of-view, and set up your first After Effects project for success!

Note: Access to both Procreate and After Effects are recommended for this class. If you don’t have access to Procreate, Photoshop will do the trick.








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Heather Seidel

Motion Graphics Designer

Heather Seidel is a video producer, illustrator, and motion designer living in New York City. As a Senior Video Producer at the Wall Street Journal, Heather provides art direction for video series and creates animated explainer videos on today's big topics.

Outside of her day job, Heather creates quirky, colorful illustrations and animations for her Instagram account.

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