Animation In Phtoshop | Platograph Making | Shivangi Dubey | Skillshare

Animation In Phtoshop | Platograph Making

Shivangi Dubey, Graphic Designer

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Inspiration

    • 3. Getting Started

    • 4. Masking & Layering

    • 5. Animating

    • 6. Making Loop Animation

    • 7. Exporting

    • 8. Class Project


About This Class

How wonderful it feels to turn a still picture into motion - also when you just need Photoshop and your picture.

I am Shivangi Dubey and here in this class I will go through the process of masking, layering, animating and making it in a loop in Adobe Photoshop to create eye captivating motion graphic animation from scratch. This can be used for various projects like e-posters, online advertisements, movie scenes, digital wallpapers and much more. 

In this class you will learn, 

  • how to work with masking & layers

  • how to work with timeline

  • how to animate from single image 

This class is suitable for pretty much any skill level. Just you need is creative mindset and urge to learn in animation and Photoshop. 

If you are absolute beginner to Photoshop try my PHOTOSHOP 101 series -  Photoshop 101 : Pixel Stretch Posters | Mastering the Selection or Mastering Image Manipulation Like a Pro | Photoshop 101 

Also for Animation  check out my other class - 

I will be very excited to see what you can create! Join me in this class to make something creative and realistic out of your imagination!

You can find inspirational Projects here. 

Also connect to my Pinterest board - Platograph for some resource images and animations.


1. Introduction: animation and Photoshopped Bladder Rough animation with single image guys. I'm Shuangqi, graphic designer and animator Bistro India. On this loss, you're going to learn about any meeting a single image. What you need is creativity in your mind on photo shop and one imaged off your tries. I will be driving. Use who all the process from choosing a picture than selecting masking on all the other needle steps in animating it frame by frame over the time line. Do the final end product. This letter is suitable for any skill level you are If you want to learn enemy Shihlin Photoshopped this glasses for you so in Rollo and that's good started. 2. Finding Inspiration: finding inspiration Before we begin, I would like to draw your attention to some inspiring things that could help you to you. They do your creativity. Here I am having this Ural off 20 incredible tiffs by blind artist George Redhawk. See how he has created some off the still images on Don't them into a Jeffs. You can see how you really He has created a smooth animated feeling off movement without anything. He has just used a photo shop and his creativity. As you can see, this master bees has everything moving. But still, some areas off this image are still image, which is making the focus which is driving our focus from one year years. Whether you I can this the feathers on the ground all are in movement. But the face, the neck line on the shoulder and the hand are still It is driving our focus from that area to the other and a soothing with a even by yourself. Check out and understand how this animation is done like what is in movement and water than still in this picture. In this, you can see many things are moving in. Ah, Costa v um like on the part and her lip upper lip is still how some parts off a crown or her gear is also still much rest is holding for making you look more in a good way am zooming in so that you can see much more clearly how it is working. Also, he has played with movement like here. Some movement, some is moving in or something is moving outward. So that is making the course survey just make not making such a noise at a single place. Similarly, you so you can noticed a movement those the angle off movement, how it is moving in a single day or in different ways. Like eyes. It is focusing on our eyes, and also at the same time, this movement is also leaking. It's magical. You can turn your simple emails into such dynamic ones with this glass. Andi, you can make magic happen. Anything you can go to my resource tab toe, find a link off. This such a creative and dynamic project and can get inspiration anytime. - Also , I have created I've been dressed board named Black a rough here. As you can see, it is having some still photographs and some shifts. Waas having the movement off the similar platter of feeling I'll quick on this. See how creatively the photo ravers ring door into an animation where the upper part is a still off the picture on the water but is having the movement in the water. This looks so beautiful and mesmerizing, and I guarantee that you can create this such gifts in no time after this glass, so that's Biggane. 3. Getting Started: getting started, open photo shop or your device. I have already choosing some photographs here. I will take this waterfall of one. I have downloaded it from Paxil. Start common. You can search from many of the Stockholm images like shutter stock, car unspool, Ash said Dragon drop in new photo shop. Now I'm going to resize it by holding control or I'll go to image and recites on here. Have alleged the verse Toby 1 1920 hide within 30 pixels with a resolution seven to do. See it has exercised herself. It is helpful on leaving. The image is already in a landscape, and we just want to resize it. If it isn't a vertical image and we want to resize it to the horizontal, it were disproportionate, so keep in mind. 4. Masking & Layering: masking and leering. You can see we are already having this image in background. There is already in locked condition, so nothing to change here. Now select brush to Andi so that the soft round brush with the Zito hardness the sizes as per your choice. And as for your selection area in your tool, where there is the lowest, that is the rectangle Aiken labeling as quick mosque mold que I didn't could mask mood so selected on brush over the area that you want to certain. Don't worry if it is walking in a red color. Yeah, I will be selecting all the water areas like these. Andi. So for selecting of a painted a war them slowly one by one, make sure you're painting on only over those areas, not on the others. On once painted click again on that Aiken, you will see that the other rest of the that part all our selectors So in north you have been was the selection control shift. I then duplicate that selected part by control J So, in a similar way, I'm going to select or all the rest of your years. One by one are making them into when you, Leo, I ain't click on that mosque ended in mosque war aan den pained. I remember that the black low is far hiding the areas. So once you're painting them, you mean that there want to be heard in? So that's why you have to inverse the selection offer once we are done with painting the area that we have trained worse, the selection aan den for the Russians control. Keep in mind that rectangle left rectangle practice for minus ing. The brush size on right rectangle record is for adding on the brush size any time. If you want to resize your brush, you can either go to the properties and do it there. Or you can just use the right rectangle and the left. Rangel record for editing the size and then, in a similar way, you the in. Worse off the selection on duplicate the part to a new Leo. Now one by one, click on each layer and right click and select convert to smart object. Other than your background, Leo 5. Animating: Once you're done with the once you're done with the enemy, go to window timeline, Andi, click on Create video Timeline. Usual. So see something like this on this little crank Elikann before one, and then click on the stop for Shaiken. Here on Transform to make a key frame are zero seconds before creating any more three frames. I want toe resize the timeline to two seconds or one second, so I'm dragging each off my layer. This world violet bar. Do the required amount one second. You also have to drag this most upper little bark like this you can see on the screen. Similarly, rock, although there's 21 2nd so that when you are playing the timeline and it is not moving more than that now, once you play, it is going to be happening from 0 to 1 second. Only you can use this triangle. Single wrangled a double triangle, but at the below it and the lowest part of your photo shop screen to zoom in and zoom out in the timeline. Now, to make the second G frame, you have to drag the red bar toe somewhere in the middle of the timeline and then click on this diamond Aiken there like this, it's like the 1st 2 that is the move toe and click on shore transform controls are do the control key on drag it to make it like moving. I'm I'm dragging this water piece to morph worst downward so that it is making a few like it is moving downwards and then dragged this key frame to the last. No, I'm marrying a fade effect to the animation. They click on this rectangle, half black and white rectangle and then drag food to the require area that you won't do once and then here for the price. Now play. You are seeing that it is very slow, but there's something are, Don't worry, we will wear distinctive soon. Similarly, you wanna use the same animation off, making the first re frame. They're using the second give frame andan. On the second key frame, I'm going to edit the size, make the water piece going to the water and then using the fate option and using the food effect with the time line. I'm using this for my all four layers. My oil for work pieces if you're playing and it's moving in a very slow way. Don't worry, because here for the shop sometimes take time, do run on a good FB ISS editing in animations. Now we are done with the timeline, so I'm going to make a copy off the background, image our main image and drag it to the top layer in the time line. I'm going to read it from five second rate toe. One second we're going to animate the Slayer. Rather, we're going to create a mask from it. Why? Because as our animation is going down and it just looking rough, we are going to a digit. So click on add a layer mask. Aiken from the Lia panel are you can go from window and view the clear panel on. Then once you click, it is white to donate blood heard control, backspace and duck stop or commander lead in math users. Now we have using the brush, so it's similar with the similar properties off zero hardness and soft round brush. Andi, use the size as per your choice. Here we are going to paint over the areas with a white color in foreground. Rest ings are much from this layer, but these parts are gonna view. So that's why we're painting with the right below. I'm bending over the borders so that the water that is going down is hidden. See, once Africa's once I play, the animation is now limited to that water body part only. Yeah, we have created our force plateau cough, animation and Photoshopped. 6. Making Loop Animation: making loop animation one stand with Doris Animation. Think now. Group on the layers breast than the Bagram original on the background mask Clear. Andi then make their timeline Goto something like two seconds here, addressed in the group. Drag all other timeline to two seconds like this. Now, to placate the group, do four times here Drag the group player Second look, player toe half off it like this Like here I am dragging that hard oneto one second so that it is half off the before one on the fourth. Still something here like this. Keep in mind that all the group players are half off the relevant. Do this under you. Go to the end off your timeline somewhere here I will be placing this last time lane somewhere before so that it is making a smooth animation If it But what for? Before one To make this animation looked thoughtfully natural again duplicate your group on dragged the last group player to the force from zero. It should start from half. You can check it out like this once you see that you are happy with your animation Now search your whole timeline. Do the exact amount. Like somewhere here I'm having doing 1/2 seconds. So once you play for the timeline is not playing correctly. Don't worry. We are now going to export it and you can see your masterpiece created right of a 7. Exporting: exporting for exporting your creation. Goto file, click on export and choose render video. Here you can rename your radio. Do anything you want Here I will be renaming us Platter Rough waterfall on select for low By this squeaking on this, you can select wherever you want. Toe save it. Then choose the properties as and all the media encoder with the former as going to 64 on high quality Review The document size to be 1920 N E d. If it is not there, you can any time enter the correct digits for the size and frame rate as as per your choice , you can choose it to be 20 or you can choose to be a 24. Then quick Riendeau. It will take some time as depending on you know how, how much your video is, Lindy and how many layers are there. So be patient and blue exporting soon and then you can go to your folder where you have saved to watch your animation 8. Class Project: glass brochure last but not leaves. I hope you all have been happy to take the squares on. What you now need to do is create your own Blatter rough in animation from any image that you shoes on. Upload the original on the animated effect for more Goto class Project ab Andi Hope to see you soon in my next class.