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Animating in Krita for beginners

Samantha Chan, Creative softwares

Animating in Krita for beginners

Samantha Chan, Creative softwares

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7 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Krita class Introduction

    • 2. Download Krita

    • 3. How to draw in Krita

    • 4. Animation part 1

    • 5. Animation part 2

    • 6. Render animation

    • 7. Conclusion Krita

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About This Class

Ever wanted to learn Krita from scratch? Krita is a great program for animating and drawing. In this class I am gonna show you how you can create a simple animation. Also you will learn how to use the drawing and animation tools and how to set up your canvas in Krita. 

Enjoy the class!

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Samantha Chan

Creative softwares


Hello,  welcome to my profile! My name is Samantha Chan, my passions are Graphic Design, Photo manipulation and Animation. 



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1. Krita class Introduction: Hi. Welcome to this class about Krista. Krista is an open source software where you can draw in any meat. And in this cast, I will be teaching you how to animate in Quetta using their tools on their panels s well and you will also be learning what are the ideal? Some things in drawing different types off animations and also how to use the onion skin and how to add key frames. Everything that is important to know about animating in critter. If this all sounds interesting to you than you all welcome to enroll in this class, I'll feel thereby. 2. Download Krita: in case you want to know how to Donald Crater before starting, you can go to Google and you can go to create a dot work here. You type in Donald Greta, and you will see that this will be the top results. And in case it isn't, you always have to know that the original Quetta website will be critical about work. And then you will see that here you have the option to have it on windows. And here you have also 32 bit in case your system is a 32 bit and you also have for apple and line explosion. So here you see that you can then click it and it will then show you the set up. And when you save over there, you will see then that you can install it right after it is No, no, it is a I don't know the ball file, so you don't have to have any zip file or when raw, open for it to function. You can instantly set it up. After that, you just double click on it and you will can click Yes, so that it can download it for you. Since I already have crater on my system. I am not going to Donald again, but it's quite easy. You just click on Yes, and you will have its Don't know that. You just have to wait a while while it is done, and then you can start using it. 3. How to draw in Krita: So here we are at Christa. Before we start enemy thing, I want to show you how to work with the software and how to work with the brushes. So here, you see that I have selected my brush to over here and what you can do is go here in the selection off the brushes and then you will see that these ones are actually eraser brushes . The difference is that this is in hard eraser and this ace off syriza, this is around as well. And this is square, so a softy Reeser actually erases your color little by little instead. Off you're isn't everything at once. This is also the same with the colors here. So with the brush to here, which is the airbrush toe, it will then make your color soft. And this one's are for sketching, most mostly. And this is then the one that makes your color a heart color. So let's say I throw something green over here. You will see that when I grow like a grass over here, it will then actually be very hard in the color. And when I happened at really soft color, it will be different because here, when I draw it, you will see it will be very soft in the color. Okay, so that is the difference between the tools. And here you can also use the sketch, for example, to sketch a character. So here you can then create like a circle, and then you can create the part of the bottle off the face. And then you, for example, here the eyes and the nose and then the lips, for example. And here so that the send how you can create a pastor using those catch. So what should then do is when you want to delete it, you just select it here and you deletes the character open there. Okay, So let us, then the difference between having the different brushes, whatever it seems here in the pictograms, it's whatever it does us when you draw with it and the reason that you should use Lee years . It's because when you are at the background here and you draw something over here, you use the brush to delete it with the eraser tool, you will see that it will then delete the back row as well, and you don't want that So that's why it's always better to delete something that this on earlier instead so that when you delete it over here, it will not release the background with it. Okay, so that the stand the goods partner working with layers and let's see you write something here. Over. You draw something over here. You see that when I drove, for example, the circle and I have it at impossibility here with richest of brush. Here, you see that you can make it more invincible. But happy opacity lower or open city higher. In case you already dropped, you can still change in the layer. So so you that you can make separately years with the ones that you want a little bit more lighter in the color or more invisible. You can also change the opacity here, but you can change it before you drop because it won't a pie after you dough. So here you see that I can select, for example, is catch color. I draw it green over here. And what happens is that when I make the opacity higher over here, you will see that it will have a solid color over here. Compared to this one. This one is actually darker in the opacity, so that the standard difference when you when you change the opacity here and when you change it over there. Okay, so you all can also change the size off course. If you don't like the size off the brush, you can always make it bigger. So that's the lying will be thicker, like here. So that the stand, what you can do with the size at super and another thing that you can do so that you can customize your bushes. Click here in the brush. You'll see that you can add it. Brush setting so you can make the pixels higher. The radio higher. But I worry Italy Radio. At one. You can make it feet horizontally or practically, but launching this Esper and here you can change the angle of fits and the spikes on the randomness as well. Like here you change the angle of the beer and you will see that when you overwrites the brush here, you see that when I start drawing, it's well, then changed the way that's the brush is wrong, and you can also change it over here. So in the two options. You can change the brush moving here. So, for example, if you want stabilizer, you can then delay at 50 pixels and this since b 50. But it will then be slower when you draw because you wanted to be smoother, like right now you see it will go slower. But it will also make it a lot smoother compared what I draw before this. Okay, so if he wants to change your rotation, you can also do that in the okay, a few here and in the two option you can then change. It's too basic rated or stabilizer, so the weighted is something in between them, so that it will also be smooth. But it's not as slow as the one that waas out sites understand what you can do, and here you can always customize your brushes so you can then change the darkened mode at Sitra. It so in the paint, painting more as well. So you can change to Petr and let's see through as well. And here you condemn, really, it's another way that you can also change it. It's pride clicking on the most, because if you right click, you will see that these options will go out and you can change between brushes. So here, this one will then change it into the sketch for me. And if I right click again right here, you will see that I can change it to the smooth brush right now, the airbrush and I right click again. I can then select the eraser again and believed it. So if you want to work past with the workspace, picture that you right, click on it so that you can have the options that you want and you don't have to change the tools all the time. Okay, so in the next few videos, I'm going to show your house and made simple character, and I hope you enjoy 4. Animation part 1: welcome to this video where I'm going to explain to you how to any meat in Quetta. So first of all, when you open the foul, make sure at the Witte IHS 1280 the height in 720 in the pixels. If you have another measuring unit, you can then convert them to the measuring. You know that you're using So here I am not going to start with the brush tool. And right now I am going to show you in my layers. Over here, you see that they are named hands and legs. If you want to name it, you double click on the layer and then you can than in the earlier to whatever you want. That suits it better so that you can remember what the earlier is about. So here in the first key from here, you can right click on it, sell a key frame and insecure frame on the right side. You will see that the draw we will disappear because you have to draw it all over again. That this how critter works. So here, when I am throwing it all over again, I want to know what it looks like in the past. So then I can turn on my onion skin. For that, you have to click on this boat right over here, which you also finds next to your layer. So you will see that I can then create a circle over here and happy. It's the same size as the previous month. So here it is on Eraser Tool. I need to change it to my pencil tool for it to work, so make sure that you are selecting the one that's, well color. It's another one that merely reason instead. So here, if I use my transform, to which I can also press on control t four for comment T for Mac operating system. I cannot make it the same size as the circle that wants me for it. And then with that, I can then also move it a little bit far away since I wanted to look like it days walking. So I know I have to move a little bit where away and here in the brush size, I can then make it 41 pixels and then I can draw the eye. So here you will see that it is quite a bit bigger than the previous month. So I can go the previous one and with the same way? I think so. And I go back to frame number two. So right now here I am actually at frame number one because it starts with zero. So what I can do then, is I can erase my legs over here. Since they are in separately years, it will not affect the other parts. And then I can draw on my legs all over again. So here I can. Then right, click on it and insecure for him to the right. And you will see that the same thing will happen. And it will then be empty. So I have to draw it all over again in the keep ring. I use this pencil to, and then I can draw the legs. So since the legs are in the opposite direction, I am going to make them closer in this kifri and make the pixel around seven so that it will be the same thickness s No. Once that I have thrown before this. Okay, so right now you see that one leg should be in the front and the other one should be in the back. So right now, since this one, the left side is in the front. I ate some more on that airs on the right side. Anything that moved its more to the front like so and the one for other side. I am going to move it also in the back like this. And then I'm going to go to the layer here, and I'm going to delete the X apart over there so that it doesn't look like that two legs are in the front because it has passed the body. Okay, so right now in the hands, I'm going to really peace ones, and I'm going to draw its allure her again. So here I'm going to select the beginning off the hands. And then here I'm going to make the hands in the middle, since the legs are also in the middle. So the other sight's off the body. The hands can also be there like so. But you see that it's actually the other side, so we have to then turn it around like this. Like so here. I'm going to skip one frame because otherwise it will be too fast in the animation because right now, if I create our friends, it will then be half seconds since it this on 24 frame rates. Person. Okay, so here on going toe, believe the body again and creates a new circle and throw the rest. 5. Animation part 2: and right now we go to the hands and in the hands. I'm not going to create me once. Okay? So in the body we need to create the ice as well. You see that it is quite spot because the picture is really small. We have to change it to 41 again and move it a little bit forward as well, since the character is also moving out to be more forwards. So right now I am not going to create need blacks over here. So here I want the last to be moving more forward. So I'm going to go in like this and the one in the back. So the one on the other side shouldn't go more to the bank. But here, you see that the legs look really weird. So I have to then draw it like this, which is making more sense. Hurry. So here I just did the one that is supposed to be in the front and now throw it like this. OK, so this looks better than the one before because the other leg is also looking like it is actually standing straight. So I know I'm going to go photo with the hands. So we go to Philips toe and then we throw the surgical again and we move it a little bit more to the right side because it he is walking to the rights. Okay, so right now I am going to creates the pixels at 41 in the eye again so that I can create the same proportion off the I. You will want the proportion to stay almost the same in every keeping. Otherwise it will not make sense. So here I'm going to grow the left. And then I use the small resort told the race, this small area over here, without reason, the other side off leg. Okay, so right now I am going to go for a with the hands. And right now I want the hand to be moving forward. So I'm going to start with the same area, and here it will then move forward. And the other one? I wanted to move out of the big backwards. Okay, so I don't want it to be there, because it will look wearing beards if the hands are close together, like he wants to actually your foot. So in a case. I am also going to change that. But we can see how it looks like from the beginning until now. So when the hands are close together, you see, that's the Bobby language. Looks quite weird. So that's actually changed this with the eraser. I'm going to make the hands difference. So this hand, should that be moving poor works Hand me any with onion skin. So the other hand shall be in here in the back. And then here I am going to create it with the pencil. I think so. And I'm going to move its under the bid more to the right side, which you can also do with the most school instead of using the Transform told So right now , I'm then going to create the eyes over here again, like so And I'm going to go to the layer off the lack over here and delete it, so I know I'm going to draw it again. Here is the smaller size, just like the previous once and here. You see, this one crossed us each other actually. So here I want them, then to go in the middle to make it look like they are actually close together. Like so. Okay, so I'll do the same with the rest. You know how it goes. So here. I'm just going to speed it up a little bits. You see, here it is really fast. So I'm going have more frame skin between them and move them further away from each other. If you want to move the prince for away, make sure that you do that in all the layers. Otherwise it will not fit. So here, you see, these light years are not the same. So I could then make them move the same distance from each other like so night. Here I am going to check the hands and the legs as well. I want them toe be in the right place, and then me can then also fix the hands because the hands are supposed to be half the size off the legs. Legs are supposed to be the ones that are larger. Okay, So this is then how you can create a walk cycle in Quetta. And also, you can relax a little bit more to the front because they all the two in the back, which makes the proportion a little bit weird if you see it's moving. So right now, this is then how you can make it move from the beginning to the end. And I knew safe it's and then you can render it just in case it gets stuck. 6. Render animation: So when you are, don't any meeting. You can then go to file and then with the foul, you can then go to render and mission. When you are at rendered animation, you have toe option to use image sequence, which is like a Jew for a gift. And here, in the second option, in the video, he wouldn't see a video format. So if you want to change, it's to a video format. Make sure that it is also in the former off a video which is 720 pixels in the heights on 960 pixels in wit. So what happens is that I have 12 friends, so that is the last train. In case you want it to be one second you have to be took before brings here. You have to have two in the core prints, but I rather have its tell print so that I can show you an example of how it works. So you have to have a document off FM FF impact ready, otherwise it's cannot render it for you. So what in the US is when you go here, you have to select a document. If you don't have it. You just select it here. And what happens is that it will upload the document to walk cycle to the documents first. So where my document is in my past, it will upload it there first, which is called the walk Cycle right now. So you see that it will then bring me two ff impac. So if I click OK, you will see that I can then cancel it. But you need to click on the link, so it will then bring me here. So what it does is when it brings me here, you have to click on the operating system that you're using. My In my case, it is windows. So here I go toe windows bill. And then I don't note the built. Okay, so when I don't it you will see that it wouldn't create Issa power or a wind roar car for me, and I can then don't know it. So right now I go to my documents where it's don't know that and what I do is I extracted toe ff mpac like this and then it's well done creates this document for me, which is called effort, Ram Pack and It has a lot of numbers over here. So what happens is that when I open it, I click on been And when I go there, I see that their sister ff impact. So this is what you eat in the document off the been. Okay, so I go back toe Greta. And then I opened the document over there. So I go to my dollars and I go to f am pack like this and I go to bed and go to efforts impact and click. Ok, Okay. So what happens is that when I go to my files back in the documents, I can then go to the walk cycle here. When I open it, you will see that it will then show me the animation off this boat over here. So this is then how you create an animation from scratch using Greta 7. Conclusion Krita: when you are at the end off the class, you can head over to projects and resource is and donald the file so that you can work at the far or you can see how it was created and how the frames and animation is going from the beginning onto the ends.