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17 Videos (1h 29m)
    • Course Trailer

    • Preparing the Artwork

    • 32 Bits Per Channel

    • Building the Sign

    • Color Management

    • Building The Glow

    • Using Incompatible Effects

    • Making Adjustments

    • Little Details

    • What Are Hold Keyframes?

    • Getting Organized

    • Final Prep Work

    • Traditional Neon Animation

    • Taking The Animation Further

    • Polishing It Off

    • Exporting A Video

    • Thanks!


About This Class


In this class I'll show you my own method for simulating light in After Effects. You'll learn how to turn any text, graphic or animation into a neon sign, building completely custom glow effects. We'll also go over lots of tips and tricks for animating with shape layers, using precompositions to make a procedurally generated effect, a simple expression rig for color management, and lots more! Once you understand how to simulate light you'll be able to add an extra level of realism to any design or animation.

This class is designed for artists who have some experience with After Effects, but it's not required. As with all of my courses, you'll be able to follow along step-by-step with my videos even if you've never used the software before. But if you'd like a beginner's intro to After Effects first, check out The Beginner's Guide to Animating Custom GIFs, or Hand Lettering In Motion.

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Love it ! I learned a lot thanks for the class
Jake Bartlett is a great teacher. His lessons are easy to understand and what he creates is on a top level.
Jake gives clear directions and helpful shortcuts to maximize efficiency. The end result is fantastic and helped me realize how much you can do with after effects. After Effects did crash on me a couple of times when I tried to keep up, but other than that it was a great class!
Jonathan Garcia

Film and Video Production student





Jake Bartlett

Motion Graphics Artist


Hey! My name is Jake Bartlett, and I’m a motion designer working and playing in sunny Los Angeles, California. I've been animating in Adobe After Effects for over ten years. After five years of working for an LA-based production company, I have gone freelance full-time and now work from home. Animating as a motion designer professionally is a dream for me. I get to use After Effects every single day for my job.

Since starting my professional career I've animated over 800 episodes of 8 different motion graphics shows for clients like Yahoo!, MSN, Twitter, YouTube, Pepsi, VH1, HGTV, NateGeo Wild, The History Channel, and Ulive to name a few. In my free time I love making animations for myself. I've found that constantly challenging myself on my own time has been the best way to increase the quality of my work. Being able to consistently use After Effects on a daily basis and always having a tight deadline has made me very fast and efficient with the program.

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