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7 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Fireworks Introduction

    • 2. Downloading Resources

    • 3. Canvas Set-Up and First Firework

    • 4. Second Firework

    • 5. Third Firework

    • 6. Saving Options

    • 7. Bonus: Sparkle Lettering

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About This Class

I will guide you through this complete illustration from start to finish in Procreate. The best part, you don’t need any experience with animation!


Meet Your Teacher

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Jennifer Nichols

Leila & Po Studio


I’m Jennifer Nichols and while I’ve always been an artist, I’m also a teacher, a musician, and a lifelong learner which is one reason I love Skillshare! I love sharing what I know about iPad art and the Procreate app. My teaching style allows you to follow along with me which is a great way to retain information and apply it elsewhere. 

If you are new to Procreate, I would start with the Beginner class and then you’ll be ready for any of my other classes! I gear most classes toward beginner and intermediate level procreate users. ANYONE can succeed at the projects I teach no matter what your artistic abilities are! All resources that are needed for my classes are given as free downloads, including palettes and brushes!


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1. Fireworks Introduction: My name is Jennifer Nickel. I'm gonna show you how to do this lovely firework animation. It is a bit complicated. It's a little more complicated than I expected it to be. But I will talk you through step by step. I even bake a couple of errors along the way. And I think those are great learning opportunities. In case you do the same thing, then you'll know what to do. So if animation within procreate is something that is exciting to you, I'll see you in class and, um, teach you this exact animation right here you'll get a free palette that works really well with these brushes, and you'll also get the brush set. So I'll give you these lovely brushes that I made as well as I threw in some native procreate brushes that work well as well. See you in class. 2. Downloading Resources: to download. Resource is, you need to be in landscape mode on your iPad, not in the app, but in a browser. So once you're in the class that you need the downloads for, just go down to the tabs here to projects and resource is and you should see them on the right hand side, depending on your browser, this will be, um, slightly different. So I'm gonna walk you through all of the's. I have appropriate file. I have a palate, which is the dots watches. I have a brush set and I have an image. The other thing, actually that I don't have here is an individual brush. If you download an individual brush, it will go into your imported category of brushes in your category in your list of brushes . So for safari, you can tap and hold is one way to do it or you can just tap. And there's a few ways this actually says download really small. Let's tap it one time. So opened in a new um tab and it is tapped, download, and right up here is this little arrow and it bounced down, which means it was downloading and then it completed. So I'm gonna leave that there while I get the rest of my things. Hedgehog swatches. So watch this little arrow. Little did a little bounce. Sometimes they'll be a little progress bar for a larger Della like that. Hey, go. And this will just open up into a new tab and show you the image. And then if you want to save it to your camera, you can tap and hold and tap. Add two photos. So now let's go to this download button. And there you have your downloads so you can tap on those. So it looks like it was a zip file. So that is right here. Gonna go back? Oh, I think it got all of them. Maybe I don't have to do these one at a time. So that was appropriate file. And so it opened right into procreate, and it opened into my very first spot on the gallery. But the rest of the stuff is in the files tab. If you can't find it, you need to just go because from safari, it just kind of bounced us over to file. So if you're not familiar with files and then you go to downloads and then you find the name of what you have. It's gonna be in alphabetical order. So if you tap on this thankfully, I'm with the update them, you know, several months ago, toe IOS 13 ipads Condell with zip files Now. So if you tap on the swatches imports right into procreate, if you go into a one of your files, you can see in your list of pallets it will be right down at the bottom. And then I believe you can move it around, go back into files and this is the brush set and it's at the top and then my imported brushes that are way down at the bottom because I don't use them that often. So if you have a separate brush that you have a download of, that's individual and it's not in a set, it'll be in your imported brush section, and then you can drag it out and drop it into any, uh, category you want. I would suggest keeping them fairly organized 3. Canvas Set-Up and First Firework: We're gonna make an animation like this one right here to start. Go ahead and create your own canvas custom canvas atop this plus sign and this plus sign, I go to inches. You could go to whatever you're familiar with to make a ah, fairly small canvas. I'm going to go to eight inches by eight inches at 300 DP I that gives me 89 layers. I use a lot of layers for animation, So if you have a different iPad that's giving you fewer layers. Try seven by seven or even six by six, and it will be just fine because this isn't going to be printed or anything like that. So just give yourself a lot of layers. You should have the brushes downloaded. I have a sketchy brush, and I have some fen firework e brushes. They can almost all be used as stamps, but then I also have a stamp here and then thes three year native procreate brushes from the luminous brush category. Um, the palette that you can download is it looks very pastel e. But on the brushes that I made, except for this stamp, the, um, the colors end up looking much, much brighter than what the palate shows. So I just made some the palate to reflect some great kind of firework colors. Um, and then that stamp is very accurate for the palate color. So if you want a very bright stamp, then you can just use one of these to do the stamp and it'll be super bright, and that will make more sense later. I'm gonna go ahead and turn my background toe black, and to start out, I'm going to just leave a couple of single layers and then I'm going to create 123 group three layers together. So you swipe to the right to select and then tap group. I am going to turn on drawing assist. So first you need to go to the wrench tool, Turn on drawing guide at it, drawing guide, symmetry, options and radio, and we will come back to this. I'm going to turn up the opacity and the thickness, so my line is much more visible for the video. You can have your set to whatever works for you. And that layer is the layer we were on when we turned the drawing guide on. So that says Assisted. Now I'm going to the next layer down and I'm going to turn on drawing assist for that as well. And I'm not going to have assist on this layer. And then we're gonna name these layers. So tap it and rename Blue Read and White. So now we have a group that has blue with assisted on Red with Assisted on White with Assisted on we're going to re duplicate this group quite a bit. And now we don't have to do that step for every single group. So I'm just gonna do bouquet all of these being blank me dio maybe 15 times. So 1234567 So you're gonna pay attention as you get close to the top before you draw in the final group, you have decide if you're going to need more groups and then duplicate the empty one before you keep going. So for the bottom layer, you can use that as a background layer. So if you want to draw a city scape or some trees some sort of fun for the July background , that will be a stationary layer behind your animation and we're going to turn the drawing assist on, so go to the wrench tool, not drawing assist animation Assist. Turn it on and then you'll know it's on because this little pop up happens. And when you have a background, which I'm not going to do for this class, you're going to want to have it be the very first frame and tap on it and turn background on. And then these other settings right here. One shot means it's going to animate just once through your frames and then be done. Loop means it's going to keep starting over, go round and around like a loop, and ping Pong goes from the beginning to the end and then back to the beginning, back and forth. The frames per second is something you can play around with later. I like seven. A. Somewhere around there. Onion skin frames is how many of the previous animated frames do you want to be able to see ? I like seeing, like, two, sometimes three, and then the opacity of those those onion skin frames. I set my into about 50%. We're gonna have it on loop, and we're starting in the group so the very bottom of the grouped layers when you're doing animation and you have different things going on in one frame, those need to be in a group. So this group will show up in one frame so you can have completely different things going on in these layers, and they will all show up at the same time. So we're gonna go through an animate one thing at a time. So we're gonna do the blue and then the red and then the white for the blue you just needed . That's why we label them. So you need to go to the blue on this very first group. I want my blue animation to be way up here, the firework itself. So I need to move my drawing guide up to there. So we're gonna go ahead and go back into drawing guide at it drawing guide, and then you can move it around by holding and dragging that little dot You can tap on that dot and tap reset to get it to go back into the middle. But I want the center of my blue firework to be up here. I think the red one is going to be over here in my white one will be up here. So we're just focusing on blue right now. And fireworks kind of shoot up into the sky. So we're going to spend a few frames just getting that line up to that center. I'm gonna choose this blue right here, and I'm gonna choose my gym's sparkle. Starburst fireworks. Oops. Sorry for the line itself. I'm just gonna choose smooth pencil, and I have it at about 18%. Um, and sorry. I do not need the drawing assist on for this part. All right, Some kind of eyeballing this. We can always move the drawing guide if it doesn't quite end in that spot. So when expand the next group go to blue, turn off the dryness ist. We just need to turn it off for this first few layers to That was a little wavy. Expand that group. Go to the blue layer, turn off drawing assist. I'm trying to line up the line. Hopefully you can see these are my two onion skin layers. And this is my current layer. I'm overlapping the line. Let me turn my onion skin opacity up a little bit so you can see that eclipse. I need to go back to my layer, expand the next group. Goto blue, turn off drawing assist. Same thing. And let's just do one more. All right, so my blue line is ending right here. I'm gonna make my guide Come down to here. Now go back in to edit Drawing guide museum in and you can see l just somewhat center. It doesn't need to be right on it. And let's see what that little animation looks like that's going through all those empty groups we have. All right, So I'm happy with the that That stripe and that stripe ended on this group right here. So we're gonna go up, and now we're using the assisted layers and we can go to the sparkle Starburst fireworks and it pick a good size here. All right, So when when the fireworks first starts to explode, we're just going a little bit at a time. So maybe a smaller size, Maybe just that for the first go up to the next group, go to the blue assisted layer, and we're gonna overlap the one we just did just a little bit and pressing a little harder , so it gets a little bigger. So that line is extending now. But I'm also going to at a little something else going to my next group to the blue layer. I think I want to keep extending this long one. That looks kind of fun. So we're just winging it. Although I didn't overlap too much here, So I'm gonna overlap. So you're really just with each frame, your overlapping, any stripes that you want to continue, just like we did on her one that we shot up from the ground up. And then you can add new as well, and at any point, you can come back and check it out. It's going pretty fast. No, slow down to six. And then you need to go back and find the last frame you were on. Go to the next blue in the next group up, and for this one, I am going to put a little secondary spur, Cally thing happening down in here as well as extending things up here, and I don't want it to look to square. So I'm zooming back and I am trying to add enough little additional things to round it out . So that just went from a pretty square. Look, two more of around and look, go to the next group Blue and all the rest will still be unassisted. And you can decide how big you want this firework to get. The bigger it gets, the more frames this is all going to take. I'm staying on a pretty small size, but I am adjusting my pressure and then maybe add a couple little sparkles soon back and make sure you don't have too much of a square going. I just realized I didn't do anything with the's sparkles, so those were on this layer, so I'm gonna go back to the layer. We just did and add a few more of the center sparkles here. Go to my new blue layer, so this is kind of a secondary explosion as this is going out. There's more sparkles happening in the center, and you can do even more. Sometimes you can go to YouTube and look at some and get some inspiration. Some have a lot of sparkles, and then some streaks in the middle. I'm gonna go up in my size a little bit here and I think I'm going to kind of go out with a bang here whenever I'm on um, the next layer up, I don't want to go backwards. So if my previous layer started right here, I don't want to go back down and then extended that line or the line will look like it's going and then jumping backwards and then going again. So just, um, keep that in mind and keep things extending. So let's check that. All right, that layer, we just did. I want to add a few more sparkles in the middle who my sparkles got really big. I want to go back down to a smaller size. This is almost just like little fizzling out sparkles here, and one more group blue. I'm going to fizzle things out here, a swell meaning. I'm just kind of adding a little sparkle on that layer. And then I'm going to add a new layer, and I'm adding a little bit more sparkle in a similar area. Can't really see over there so I can come over here so it kind of sparkles in the same area without still expanding. Now, this is my last group up here. So before I want to draw in that I'm gonna duplicate it some more. All right, so this bottom went out of the blue, and we'll just do one last frame of sparkles here. As this firework fizzles out, I might need to come back and add more to that center. Let's take a look at it. I love it. I'm gonna leave it just like that. All right. In the next video, we'll do the red one. 4. Second Firework: we're gonna go all way back down to the bottom. This is our first group. These are our spare individual layers. I don't want the red to start at the same time as the blue. So the blue is going, do, do, do, do do And maybe when 2345 six. So there's six of those frames where it's going up. So how about on the fourth when we start the red 1123 four So go to the red layer in the fourth group, it's gonna have this middle blue one on it, and we're going to start are red. I'm gonna do this light pen and shoes, the red It's quite bright, and I want my red firework over here and a little bit lower. So I am going to I'm gonna move the drawing guide later and gonna first spend a few frames getting up to this point just like we did with Blue. But I'm realising that since it's going to be lower, it's not going to take us many frames to get there. And I don't want to get there at the same time. That and have red and blue both be exploding at the same time. So I might I have my red starting on this one. So there's 123 blue layers of the actual exploding firework. I am gonna have my red firework explode on the third frame. Let's do the fourth frame of the blue. That means this red layer is going to be one of the lines. I can probably do that in about four lines. So when to three four, This is the red layer we want to be on. And that is how Maney groups up one group, two groups, three groups, four groups, five groups, six groups. So we're gonna go a look at that. It's on the very last of the little blue lines, and we're gonna go to that red layer and we're gonna turn off drawing assist. Oops. We need to be on the smooth pencil just for this line. And I'm aiming for this area right here. So I'm just gonna go like this, and then I'm going to this next red layer up in the next group up. Turn off drawing assist and I'm overlapping that red line. Take a couple tries to get it. How you want it Turn off, drawing assist on the next went up overlap. And when more Simon lips, it didn't turn off drawing assist. All right, let's see if we like that. So the blue ones gonna shoot, and then the red one starts perfect. Like it? All right. So here's the last red one we have, and we need to move our drawing guide over there. So we're going Teoh lips Edit drawing guide. We're gonna zoom in for your own and tap that little circle and just drag it right over to the top of that red line. All right? The rest of our red layers are already on dryness ist, and we're going to do the same thing that we did over here with a different pen. And we're gonna be jumping up from red layer to red layer to red layer. I'm going to the light pen. You can use any of the brushes you went. This one's going to be a little bit more swirly. That might be too much for the first frame. How about that? Okay. And then the next red. I'm just working my way up. Those groups trying to not have too much of a square. Now, I want to think about, um, the fact that I want my blue 12 finish blooming before my red one finishes. So we have quite a few frames. Oh, actually, I'm wrong. We only have two more frames left of this blue one, and then we can just make the red win go as long as we want it to go, and then we'll decide on what the white one should do. So I'm really just extending these and pinning kind of some sparkles. I'm extending my little lines just a little bit, or I'm starting new ones. And if these blue things are, uh, bothering you, toe, look at you can turn those layers off until we're done. I'm going to test this. See if I liked what I've got for my read so far. I do like that. So let's see. That was the last one. I think on this last one, I'm going to start some more sparkles in the middle. Maybe a stream of them. That stream can just be extended with each frame that I continue with. I'm going to make next red clips. I'm going to extend my little dots here, maybe add a couple more little Sprinkles. Now I'm going into new groups where there is no blue just going to read here at the end. We can delete any of these that we don't Didn't he use? But right now, we're not deleting anything yet. And did I forget to add more sparkles? Nope. I didn't forget to add more sparkles, but I'm gonna go ahead and keep extending. Keep adding more sparkles and let's see how that's looking. All right, I'm liking that. I'm gonna keep adding to the center. I think that's been a good addition here. So this is the red we just did Maybe make that one a little brighter. This pen, if you just tap a dot it doesn't quite make it super bright. I'm gonna start adding little sparkles. This little random explosion sparkles on each one can go into my next brand new group. Just the red layer. Let's extend this some more. One of the other things that you can dio is Alfa. Lock a layer and change the colors. I'm not sure if it works very well with this pen, but if you want to just change um, light to dark on each one of thes streaks. You can alfa lock and play around with colors. You can also use clipping masks on olive. These you can treat each group. Anyway. You would do a normal illustration. Just make sure that anything you want to be seen on the same frame is in the group. All right, add symbols. Burkle's had some back here. We're already, um let's see, only 12 frames, uh, ahead of where the blue ended. So I think maybe two more. I'm just going to keep going with these reds. Maybe start some new, keep some of the older ones going, get some bigger little random streaks in here. It really doesn't matter. This really doesn't look like a real firework. The next one we dio is actually gonna look quite riel. Let's see if we like that. I need to add to the center on this one. - And I think I'll do one more of just some little spark. Elise, I'm gonna switch to this little sparkle starburst firework brush, and that color is a little too deep red. I might switch to white. Or maybe this this yellow Here is a pretty color. It's almost white. Let's do one more group of more. A couple more sparkles. So that kind of lingers. Kind of like we did on the blue and thats much that cute. So now we need to decide. When do we want the white one to start? We don't need the drawing guide anymore so you can turn the drawing guide off. We need to decide. The blue one goes up on the red, one goes up. I think we'll just start a couple frames after the red streaks starts and get up to this area right here for the white one, and that will be in the next video. 5. Third Firework: all right. I'm just studying this a little bit. I think we had only about four frames for this red streak. So I think just out about the second frame, I'll go ahead and start the white. The white has further to go cause we're gonna go way up here, so let's go find that. Here it is. Here's our four red little streaks. So if we go here still pretty low, yeah, we'll go. Do do. And then white will start right there. Now, let's do it on the third group, the third red line, Not the third group. So we have 1234 of the little red lines. We're gonna start on the third red line and go to the white layer. So all of the rest of our work is on the white layer. I actually am staying on this light yellow. It's quite white, but I'm going to this sparkle streak. It's quite white, but it's kind of Goldie in there too. And on this frame I can see where my red firework is starting to bloom and I can see the blue one. And I'm gonna have my white when be here and it's going to cascade down, so we're not using the symmetry. So I need probably eight frames just to get up to that point lips. So we need to go to her smooth pencil, and I'm kind of eyeballing it here. I'm going up one group at a time to the white layer on overlapping my line a little bit each time. The more frames you used to get there, the smoother the animation will be. So if you have big jumps like this, it's gonna look like jumpy. If you have little teeny movements each time, it's going to look more fluid. But it's also going to use a lot more layers, so it's getting pretty busy looking in here with the other fireworks. You can turn those off if you need to. I can barely see my onion skin layer, so I'm going to turn my onion skin opacity up. Although it's turning the opacity up on all of those layers, and it just jumped me to the group. I need to go back to the white layer so I can see it right here again. If that is too busy, just go through and turn these layers off minute to one more. I lied. I'm gonna do one more. I want my firework to start up a little bit higher than that because it's just gonna be cascading down. All right, let's check that blue. Oh, that looks great. Look at that. So the blue boom red boom and the white starts before the red. OK, so that works. And let's go back up to that white layer, that last white streak right there. And now we're gonna go Teoh and next white layer above that. All right, guys, this red one is pretty busy. I'm gonna turn that just that layer off. And I might keep doing that as we keep working our way up so and turn my opacity back down to about 50 on my onion skin. I think I can handle all of these layers back here, but I want to focus now on the white. All right, so let's switch to that sparkle streak brush. So for this cascading when we're gonna do streaks, that kind of you can still see the beginning of the streak the whole time, as the rest of it gets longer. So for what we did down here and on the blue one. We kind of worked our way out and we did do another little centre area on both of them. But we just kind of went went out. This one is going to just get longer and longer and longer, longer, which means that each streak is going to get overlapped each time, but then extended. So Sparkle streak and I'll show you what I mean. So this is the top in case you can't see it, it's the top of this line that is shooting up into this guy and the pressure sensitive brush. Just kinda. Let's and you to select the right layer here. All right, so the last White Streak was here and we need this white layer right here. Hopes I want it to be shorter for the very 1st 1 and I'm having them be lighter at first and then get bigger. I might even have just a couple at first and then add more. I'm still going to try to keep adding them from the center. I'm trying to not make it look super uniforms that this one's shooting off a little bit more to the side. Let's go to the next white layer up. I'm gonna turn that read off again, so hopefully you can see the ones we already did. Maybe I do need to turn my opacity back up again, and I need to turn these other layers off. It's showing the ones ahead of us. So I'm gonna go ahead. There we go. Just turn off a few of those red layers so I can see just that layer right there when I go up to the next white layer. All right, So for these four, I'm extending. I'm starting basically at the beginning, and I'm extending a little bit that when I think got a little big try not to make him too big. And then I want to start a couple more cup to the next wait there, do the same thing and starting at the beginning, with very little pressure, this particular brush fades in. So it's faded at the start, and then I am extending past the previous line, and then maybe I'll start yet another one. So let me see how that goes. Right now we've got some reds turned off, so it's not going to be a complete animation Okay, so that's a working That was this layer up to the next white layer. We're getting to the top now, so we'll need to add more layers. Gonna zoom way in. And the next one is our final group. So I'm going to, um Actually, do you know what? We don't need to duplicate the group. We just are working on the white one now, so we just need individual layers. So I'm gonna delete that group. I'm going to keep that group just in case I change my mind. I have one empty group, but I'm going to go to this group name here and just at an individual layer. Since we only have the white firework. Now, we don't need red or blue layers, so we don't need the groups, so that will save on layers. All right, so we're just going to keep going, making these a little longer each time. This is one of those lingering fireworks you can start. Teoh really fade out the upper area in here by starting a little lower instead of way up here at the start. Maybe add a couple little sparks here and there. And I am just slowly increasing the length of these streams. I'm trying to line them up so they don't bounce around in the animation. And then you can decide. How long do you want this to go? Gonna bump up my size a little bit. How long do you want Thies to be sprinkling down in the sky? Some of them do that for quite a bit of time. Also. Maybe you want this individual sparkles to be what's streaming down in the sky. So now we're going, Teoh make these pretty short. And maybe you want to do and see what percent I'm a 10%. Maybe you want to do a kind of a pop. Maybe not that big, Um, kind of a finale, little pop at the end of thes. And then that's the end. And then from then on, you're just gonna have little tiny 5%. Um, streamers coming down sparkles following from that big pop. And maybe they spread out, start to get really tiny and really fizzle out. All right, let's check that. So I see the explosion, but it's fast. So I think I went to frames with that explosion. I also went from a really long stream to a really short stream pretty quickly. So I am going Teoh, go back to 10%. I'm just gonna extend the's a little bit longer, so it doesn't just very suddenly become short. And then on the next layer, I'm gonna have that pop again. Maybe it's a tiny bit lower and smaller. Let's try that. So I really like that. And I think that's the perfect little animation. So that's the three big things to think about is getting your streamers shooting up into the sky at different times? Or maybe you want all of them to go and explode at the same time, and then how you want each one to finish? Do you want them to finish at the same time or different times? So all of that just is hope? And you know what? We have some of our red layers still off. Sorry. Now we can see the full animation. I didn't even notice that Watch or read one. Now, here we go. I think it could be fun till it the blue one fizzle out a little bit more. We have this sparkles at the end and maybe a few more. Couple more frames of more of that ring of sparkles would be fun with maybe just them getting smaller and smaller. So you just go down to find the last blue. It's hard to see. I can't even tell if it's on here. I don't think there's any blue on this one. I think we're just seeing the onion layer of this one so you could go back to the blue. You would have to move the drawing guide back over. So to get the drawing guide back in place, you're gonna need to come down to one of the earlier winds to get that centered. Get your drawing guide centered. So if you ever want to go back and make edits, you'll just need to move. Go in and edit drawing guide, turn on the drawing guide and then edit drawing guide and make sure you've got that approximately in the right spot, and then now you can find the layers you want to add blue, too. All right. I think this had some blue on it, and so I'm going to go up to that blue choose the blue, choose the brush we used, which I can't remember and add some more sparkles. I can't see an any in skin layer on this one, which means I need to go down one. So the want the dots I'm seeing here, or the onion skin layer of the one below it. So now I can just kind of at a couple of little dots go up to the next one at if at it Maybe it's fewer dots, so it really is kind of showing it fizzle out. And this is why I didn't want you to delete layers. Yet you can still have thes to use in your illustration. Now we turned the drawing guide off. Play around with your frames per second really fast. You think 10 looks good for this one? And I think if I had to redo it again, I would keep the red ones small. I think I might have the blue one be the big one and the red one have still have a B A lot of frames, but just grow it in a different way so it doesn't get its big. The white one's my favorite. I like the sparkles. All right. I hope you have fun. I can't wait to see what you do 6. Saving Options: so I'm gonna show you how to save it and then convert it to an MP four if you try to convert it to. And if you just try to save it as an MP for it's only gonna do, save it as one run through, and you need several seconds at least to be able to post it. So there is an app called gift cracker. I'm sure there's more. That's just the when I'm familiar with, I think I just use the free version, go through and delete empty layers that are on their own. If there's empty layers within a group, those can stay there, no problem. And we have some empty layers down at the very bottom that we're not in a group. Go ahead and delete all of that, and then you can go to the wrench tool. You can save it as an animated GIF. This is a pretty big file. It's 51 megabytes. You won't be able to post that on the project section of skill share, for example. But you can save the Web ready version, and that just brought it down to 2.1 megabytes. So that's perfect. This is doing the frames per second right here. I think I was using eight frames per seconds and then I'm going to export and it says save images kind of an image. So that was the GIF, Um, if you save it like I said as an MP four, then it just saves one little loop. So we're not going to do that. So I saved it as a gift, and that gift is right here. I saved as a Web ready one. So this is kind of fuzzy, a little bit low rez. Now I want to go into gift cracker because I can't post gifts on Facebook or Instagram and go back to kind of the main screen, kind of like the camera roll and tap that was the most recent one. So I'm assuming that was it, and I went to change my loop count to six, or however many you want six or seven. I'm not changing anything else. There's a few things you can do here and start conversion and then safe. So that just converted it to a MP four, and it also saved it as seven loops all the way through. So it's 25 seconds long. And now that's something that you can post on Instagram or Facebook. You can test out the higher resolution version. That's not the Web ready version. If that's something you want to try to post a swell, you could do that. Same process with gift cracker. So this is how you will post your gift. Well, that's now an MP four in the project section. So create a project. Of course, you're gonna go to the firework class and create a project. The upload image button is actually just for uploading a cover image for the project. So you can It needs to be fairly small and ends up being a rectangle. So take a screenshot of something for that. I have construction going on in my house right now and trying to just do this quick video, entitle your project and then don't have video when you're trying to upload your MP four top image and then you should be good to go Photo library. It's gonna look weird. It's gonna look like an image right there. You're gonna tap that and tap done, and it'll take a few seconds and your video will upload so you can also do a screenshot of something part a partial image of your animation kind of paused and then do a screenshot to upload it here. And that's all you need to dio. So that I believe, has to be pretty small, I think eight megabytes or something like that. So you will need to do the Web ready version of the video for this, all right. I hope that helps, All right, And there's one more way that I use probably more often than not. I just don't know what the file size ends up being, so I don't recommend testing this out as your way to post in the project section of skill share. So this is just doing a screen recording for me. I have my little control center here with the screen recording button added to it. My teenager helped me do this. I can't tell you how to do this. If your screen recording option isn't in this, you need to find out it's all in your iPad settings. I think this is called the Control Center, and anyways, you just tap it and it's going to start your screen recording. It just counted down, and now it's recording. So let that keep recording and then just get your animation ready so you can do a little pinch here, Whips. I think you can do a little pinch to get it to be full screen. I just got a quick pinch like that, and then I'm gonna press play and that made you four finger tap to get two full screen. And I'm just gonna let it run for 20 seconds or so. However long you want yours to end up being. And then that screen recording is just making a video of it every once in a while, I noticed that doesn't quite capture color correctly, so it might not be the best option, but it works most of the time for me. And then this will save in the camera roll as a video, probably a dot m o V. File. But I'm not positive. And you can definitely post this on Instagram or Facebook, and I'm gonna show you how to crop that. So I let that run for a bit, and now I'm going to swipe down and turn off my screen recording, and I'm going to leave my animation go into my camera roll where my screen recording now is . And I've noticed with, um, editing video. I have to do this in two steps. So I'm going to edit the video, and the first thing I'm gonna do is crop the front in the back of that video because I don't want all of this that, um, was showing at me pushing the button for screen accordion and things like that. So I'm gonna get that all cropped until I have it set to the full screen. There we go. And I do want to wait till, like, it, um, this little bar deleted there. Oh, well, well, that didn't work so well. There we go. So I decided it let go and and crops some more. So I got it cropped so that that little animation assist far is gone. And then the end, I cropped off the little where I turned off the screen recording, and now I'm gonna press done before I cropped this into a square. I'm just gonna save this video. So just double checking and making sure I like the whole video looks good. Now I'm gonna edit that again and this time I'm going to crop the actual area, not the front in the end. So tap this little button here and then go up to this little symbol that shows the different dimensions that you can crop to and then go down here. I don't know why you have to do this Big triangle and tap Square, and I'm noticing that this is showing my original, um, image here. So that's not supposed to happen. Many go to cancel and try that again. All right, so now we're within this cropped area and it just jumped back to the beginning of the video . So that's not supposed to happen. Let's try one more time. Let's make sure we're way into the video. There we go. Crop crop to a square on that just corrupt. Perfectly because we had it on the full screen. So if that didn't crop perfectly to how you need it, just like that just did. You can you could move it around, so get your video cropped into that little square and then tap done. And this is just saving the video in a perfect little square. And there you have it. Let's see how long That ended up being No, we went long. That was 42 seconds. So there you go. All right. Let me know if you have any questions. 7. Bonus: Sparkle Lettering: all right, I want to show you how to do the lettering. The other part of the illustration is exactly like what we did in class. But there's six fireworks for all the rainbow colors. And then this is my background on the very, very first, uh, layer that I set to background. So it's just a little stationary thing along with the little itty bitty starters in the background here. This blue is just my background color back here. So this right here is my later that set to background. I did consolidate a lot of things here. I don't have any onion skin layers showing so you can see everything better I consolidated in orderto save on layers. Um, I have, you know, So for example, this and this are on one layer. Actually, I think thes two little streaks are on the same layer group tamal. Since none of them were touching each other, I figured it was safe to do that, and I needed to free up some layers. So I went through all my groups and I got rid of any layers I wasn't using in a group together as many as I could for this group, for example, I didn't group them onto the same layer because they're really overlapping. And if I want to make changes later, I won't be able to if those were on the same layer. So I kept those on their own layers. So free up a whole bunch of layers and then we will, um, you'll have enough layers to do this next step. All right. I turned off like I said, I turned off all the onion skin frames so I can only see the layer I'm on. I can't really see my purple dots looking at it here. But I see that on this layer I have purple dots on that layer. So I'm going to go up to a fresh brand new layer. Let's just do one layer at a time, some on a fresh brand new layer, and I'm going to add text. Now you can draw your own text. Oh, let's change the color of that so you can see it better. All right, so you can use whatever find you like, import new funds. If you're not sure how to import funds, you can go to my Valentine class and one of the I think the third video, it talks about how to import funds and how to find phoned son line and all of that. So, um so when you add a layer of text, let me start over. I'm gonna clear that. So add text and it pops up like this and it just says the word text, and it's gonna be in the color. You're automatically it's automatically colored in whatever color you're on. Uh, right, the words you want it, Happy birthday or Happy New Year. Happy Fourth of July. Why didn't the box here and just fill the sky at its style and at my size? And then the Kernen is, um, how far apart the letters are and the leading is how close the lines are together. So in a kind of cram, um, a little closer together. I think I want to make the middle line is the in a smaller funds. So I just highlighted that, and I think I also went to select the word love and change the leading on that. So it kind of syncs up. So anyways, play around with your text, and as soon as you have it exactly how you want it, you can rast arise, said Tap on the menu and Rast arise. When's its rast arise? It's treated just like you drew it by hand. It's like art right now. It's not unedited herbal thing other than what you can do with your stylists. So I am going to give it a little bit of a blur just to blur these edges a little bit. A tiny, tiny bit. What was that? 2%. And now we're gonna turn that layer off. But we are going to select that layer. So tap on that and tap, select and now go to a new layer. So we're on a new layer apps. You know what we need to make a new brush, go into your brushes and duplicate this jen's sparkle Starburst fireworks. So to duplicate a brush, swipe to the left and tap duplicate now go into tap on it to go into the brush studio, you're going to do a couple of things. So on this stroke path, you're gonna turn jitter up to about 60% spacing. I don't know about 50%. I can't remember what I just had it on. And in the shape setting. You're going to turn the count up to three, and you're gonna turn scatter hopes that didn't stay on three. There we go. You're gonna turn scatter way up. That's just kind of rotating them all. And what we're getting is, um, a very blobby pen with ease. Starbursts, turn your jitter up to 80 all right? And we're gonna test that. You can name, name it something different. So if you go back in and go to about this brush, you can name it something different. I named my other one. I just changed it instead of sparkle starburst fireworks. I called it sparkle, Starburst scatter, and I'm on my fireworks colors And this kind of creamy yellow is a nice bright color without being stark white. And I'm just sort of filling in a little bit. You can kind of see play around. I don't want to fill the whole word. I want some of the dark sky to shine through, and then I'm going back to my first the sparkle Starburst fireworks, the regular one just to use it as a stamp. And I'm gonna stamp a little bit of red so you can stamp if you want to be very specific about where your colors are or you can do the scatter brush and still use it with the red and just kind of blob some of the red on there. Now, I am getting messy with things down here, So I want to go any race that go find a big eraser that you like. I like my big monoline brush groups. If you have one of my model A brushes that gets really big, you can see here. Um, just find any racer where you can erase anything where you've gone out of the lines. All right, so that's when just add another layer. This election stays Go back to the bright color. I'm on that new brush we just made and filling in with the bright color again. And this time I'm gonna grab an orange. Now, the orange in the colors I provided to you isn't quite orange enough, in my opinion. So just play around and find a good orange. Well, you can use whatever color you want. I'm sorry. This is for the pride thing that I did. If you if you are in my Facebook group, you saw the pride? Uh, colored thing. All right, um, so I'm going to keep doing this. Keep going back to my creamy yellow and after a couple frames, I'm gonna start to let it trickle down into Is the so that was orange? No, I'm on the yellow again. I chose a different bright these air, some added colors that you don't have in your palette that I just added as I was working on stuff. Add another frame. Groups go back to that creamy color, fill in this part a little bit more. So you're, um, with each frame, you're going to add more down, and you can just do it However you like, um, go back to my creamy color and fill in, start coming down a little bit more. That was greens, and I'm going to blue. So while I'm doing this, I wanted to tell you that, um, Wen Wei, to make these seem like they're not changing frames as quickly is once you're completely finished with a layer duplicated. So I'm gonna get a pretty dark purple for this. Um, so with the fireworks, they need to be kind of fast. And then if you don't want your letters to be blinking so fast. Have each frame B two frames don't group them together, cause groups remember they they play it as one frame. So, um have, um, just duplicated. So it's the same exact frame again, and then they will blink a little slower because they're really going 22 frames of the same exact thing. So it's gonna look slower, is what it's gonna dio, all right? And then we can finish off with filling the whole thing. We already did all the rainbow colors. Um, I like to finish off the end with multiple frames of a similar thing. It'll still look a little flashy and different rates. So let's test this, and I still have one more thing to show you. Super fun. All right, now, I went to this election is automatically off that selection of our text because we played the animation. But what I want to do now is just go to my regular sparkle brush and go to the bright white . Don't have the selection turned on. Oh, I can see some little hazy areas where I would want to erase that. I didn't intend for any color to show up. So as you're going through, you can kind of check. I'm not sure you can see those on the video, but I don't have my selection on now because now I want to go out of the lines a little bit . So I'm gonna stamp with this brush and I'm on white side is when I add a little sparkle that's kind of out of the out of the lines. So go through each frame that you want some sparkles, right on the letters. You can also add some sparkles outside. And then at the very end, I might take about three frames and just have those three frames repeat a couple of times, so it kind of blinks the same thing, maybe two frames, and it can kinda toggle back and forth between them. So let's do that with this frame and this frame. So what you're gonna do is is duplicate later, 96. For me, it's 96. I'm just keeping track of what I'm duplicating. And so I have four layers for 96 4 layers for 97 and I'm just gonna slide them. So it goes 96 97 96 97. All right, 96 97 96 97. All right, so let's play that and see what it looks like. So you can see how fast that's blinking. And if you don't want those to blink so quickly, you can come through. And if you have enough layers to do this, duplicate each one of those rainbow once, twice or so that there's two of each. Then they blinked faster at the end because we didn't duplicate this very last wins. Okay, lets played out. So just play around the, um if you want something to stay on longer, just have more frames of that one thing. I like that. It went slow and then it went fast at the end. And if you have enough frames to, uh, maybe even get some big, bright finale stars going on here and then duplicate that same frame a few times, it'll stay on it and it'll look like it's just kind of giving you the message at the end. Let's see that. So they're stayed just a little bit of time so you can duplicate it some more if you want it to kind of stay on longer. We'll watch that again. So that's nice. I like that. Instead of duplicating, let's say you're out of layers and you can't duplicate that. I think I have that, like, 10 times there you can tap on the one layer that you want to have duplicated. So I'm going to do that. I'm gonna delete all of these. 1234567 can line. I'm just gonna delete that. And then on that last layer, I'm gonna have whole duration. And then how many frames do you want to hold it for? All just right. Tuggle that up to 10 and then that's doing the same thing. So that's a nice way to do that. If you're low in layers. So it's nice and slow blinking faster blinking and then it holds, and then you can go back and delete your layer that had your lettering on it. I don't know if it's gonna do anything with that layer if it's sitting there but turned off . It doesn't appear to make a pause in the animation, but let's check one more time. So right before the lettering shows up, is there a pause. I don't think so. All right, so that can stay there. Or you can just delete it. Um, it's might be worth it to leave it there. So in case you change your mind and want to add something, you can do that. And the other thing I like to do is a little bit of a fade in. So this very first word, I'm going to duplicate it and just go down to that bottom, most layer and in, um, drop the opacity on it, so and you can do the same thing with the fade out. So duplicate that last layer. Drop the opacity, maybe drop it, duplicate that again. Drop the opacity. There we go. So now you know how to Absalom lettering fund to your animation. Oh, so because I duplicated the layer that we had that was holding for 10 frames each of those Jim Flick it's were set toe hold for 10 frames. So I'm going to turn those off now, so we only have the one that set toe hold for 10 frames, and I actually I'm gonna drop that to seven frames. There we go. Have fun