Animating A Badge: Workflow From Illustrator To After Effects | Richard Adam Jones | Skillshare

Animating A Badge: Workflow From Illustrator To After Effects

Richard Adam Jones, Freelancer

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9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating The Badge

    • 3. File Prep For After Effects

    • 4. Getting Started In After Effects

    • 5. Animating Our Badge In

    • 6. The Power Of Workflow

    • 7. Animating Our Badge Out

    • 8. Adjusting Comp & Add Motion Blur

    • 9. Render & Share


About This Class

In this lesson we will cover the basics of using Adobe programs in a cohesive workflow that leverages each program's strength. Transitioning from creating a simple badge graphic in Adobe Illustrator and then taking that badge and animating it in Adobe After Effects. This is not an advance technique but rather a foundational skill to have to save yourself time and your client money. A basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator and After Effects will help you in this course. No expertise is needed as a designer to benefit from this course.

Key Skills Covered:

  • Basic Graphic Design
  • Understanding Layers In Illustrator
  • File Prep For After Effects
  • Importing An Illustrator File Into After Effects
  • Simple Animation In After Effects
  • Exporting In After Effects

This lesson is intended for the multi-tool freelancer that is looking to enhance their skillset. Also intended for Graphic Designers and Motion Graphic Designers to understand the workflow between Adobe Illustrator and Adobe After Effects and work better within the team dynamic. When you complete this course you will be better suited to deliver high quality products to your client.





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Richard Adam Jones


My name is Adam Jones. I have been editing and shooting since I was a kid in grade school. Editing in an old dusty room with my librarian doing reel-to-reel editing on VHS. This continued through my life and now 30 years old I have 10 years of professional experience with motion graphics, editing and directing. Telling stories is the passion of my life. However I can participate in that process I want to do it.

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