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Animated inforgraphics in power point

Nshuti Paulin, Motion Graphics Artist

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11 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. welcome to the course

    • 2. Exercises files

    • 3. Where to download exercise files

    • 4. Over view of power point

    • 5. Creating new slides

    • 6. Importing icons in power point

    • 7. Animation in powerpoint

    • 8. Infographics animation 1

    • 9. Infographics animation 2

    • 10. Infographics animation 3

    • 11. Infographic animation 4


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create a beautiful infographic video using Powerpoint only. I share my tips and techniques to get Powerpoint infographic videos to look like "real" animated infographic videos. These,animated infographic  can be used  in  industry presentation  YouTube videos and marketing videos for business.

 all parts of the Powerpoint video class:

  • interface of power point
  • adding and designing shapes in power point
  • text box in power point
  • animation and transtion in power point
  • infographic animation 1
  • infographic animation 2
  • infographic animation 3
  • infographic animation 4 

So, take this class and experience the awesomeness infographic animation PowerPoint with us.


1. welcome to the course: Hello, everyone. We come to infographics and Mission PowerPoint. We are teaching how to Zen and admit Infographic and mission per point in this part print glass this different practiced er to help you to learn more and better presenter if admitted infographics. Andi, if you're near impart point, it's OK because I teach you from start to finish and learn now are seen the fist listen. 2. Exercises files: if when I come in discourse, I'm separatists here in discourse. In this video I want to share review is the sacrifice I have provided in the inaudible sources. So as you can see in this for the exact satisfies these different first, like background images, first food icons, footage on music. So in first foot icons, this is the icons are going to be using. Then, in this a background images you can see of different images you're going to use. Ah, in the next video show. Wait, we have downloaded or this images It is so on on the sun so you can share review the breast self from this imaginary countries. They background image you want to use So in discourse, start issuing. Get to use footage in the but point. So I have provided some footage is like this one provided some free footage Easy can use. It's pretty son. So this is the nice Footages are funded online Social 80 way. I've downloaded this first so a music is a music. I want to be a zinc this on. It's great. So now you can see off a different face. Peers in gifted, unloaded in the talent versus is and use it Oregon or actually way. I have downloaded tortoise faced any countries what you want to use, So I see in the next deal. 3. Where to download exercise files: interested. You have took the boat existence first, like a A three icons, a images and a music and videos So these different upset have downloaded or the excessive eyes of years. So, as you can see on Disip State, a committed come this deep state funded the three Bacons. You can find many icons on this upside constraint to such like it's such Lake a social media icon. You can search a search. Serve to me, the icon. It's so someday Connick and see these many. So there's many suggestion. So on this icon h dot com days, many icons you can download and use it on you in New York. So on a website is this one a. Fred Conduct? Come on, this absurdities also different. A icons consider such too fast food because I wanted to this icons then owed icons. I funded these premium icon and free ones. If you want to download A comes on the flip side here, too. Have to see it on the free icon. Have toe pick on this and two countries to download a city or download PNG. Then you have to click on Benji. Then he has to creek on free download and you have to wait. Now you can see the image is going toe. The queen is going to start to download so American cities download it So the you can also find the three icons on free picture to come so unaffected. Come days. Many icons many, many icons aren't a victors in this video. Appreciate. I'll be downloading a the icons, other victors to use on this in this course. So e I was, ah, I also found it is a different background images, or this images have downloaded on this free, picky confirmed for images, but grant images can see with this on. But it is so this one. So if you want to download image on the steps eight. Yes, toe quickened imaged in used to the download button and have to denote it. Also, he confronts the images on this Big Sabei picks obey dot com days spent images. You come there not whole free concert, a different image onto kind of cities. Let's do this on loans. See how to download titties on December site. So now you can see the this image of a button Don't not this image just click on download Stand imaginative, started to download, Confused a Desertion and say's Then you can download image so ever so downloaded the A. The footage on this society considers different footage on this upset a pizza, bacon. Find a videos, photos, pictographic instructions and midgets so you can download. If in free videos on this website you have to try to such day for the joint, and you have to download it. So the music of used and I've downloaded on this a benson dot com is free music and paid music music, But you have to see if we confront from, if recent, music. So let's try to play this one so he couldn't come on. These many music on DISIP said you have tow command to see if you can find the music you want blues in your videos in your and for graphics. Dennett com Downloaded on this a been some that come, so I hope youll and allowed in this restaurant. There is many present com download free if refers to use in your videos, so I see in the next video 4. Over view of power point: So I hope you have downloaded out excess face in this. You're going to start to explode a PowerPoint so you can use the oh, the version of PowerPoint. It took a 16. You can use it in this request. Confusing these took a 16 per points version. So now you can see it on the home off point. If you open up a proper into cities, he said, this one consider just a temperate and you can start own black presentation. So nights ago on, didn't you consider is different than politican years if you want to use temperate. But let's start by quitting new blood presentation When I concede if you create a if you click on representation, you said this so you can treat or these things When I immigrated these things not districted on his return AKI boot to move this a fixed. Soon I can see. On home of this late on, slate on insert, you can add a different pictures. It shut and textbooks hit the foot. Ah, a slate. The number these minutes things. If you deal or deal screen, you could Inc on design, you can see on the same you can see off a conard. Different films want if MP's Daniel it's laid. So, as you can see on Slate says, you can choose day say's Can you stand it? Or word screen a 16 8.69 always controls a custom slate size. If you want, you can customized a slate like portrait or landscape, or you can choose hate on you if you want the number off straight your toe. A prayed this a sighs. Then they have to click. OK, so I'm going to keep it on. This landscape has to click. OK, so on the format background as you concerned for my background, these a canoe starts feed. You can choose the carry aunt. It is studied fear. You have to see if you confirmed the color you want, so you can continue to see if you can find the color you can use. So which was dishonor. Consider Sony's They only, like so only contracts relating to you. If you want. Considers it granted feel you can customize it on this great president. You can change the color discredited int it put it on this soil. It's just it is. Let we can have different colors on this credit stops. Mitch, is this one on this You can see on this song American See off a This ingredient fees you can choose it controls the tape of crazy chance Use can usually near or lead you. I conceal a J School a. The tongue go it puff and shade from NATO countries. So let's keep it on the radio so this is taken. Create the radiant background on your slate, or we can choose the picture or picture so you can see just the the texture. If you are, you can insert theon you want from, for you can upload it. So let's just the on the background image area. They don't let it. That's just the sun. So making Cities Ronnie School. We couldn't continue to see the the background you want, or you can go on download the another background if you want got to come and see the but glad you like and use it. So this is where you can a customized the slate say's and for much a background off the did is a slight. So I seen the next to Dio 5. Creating new slides: so interested enough took the boat her to customize in the background on Do you have explode a out insert images and different the same off bugs don't and the slate says so. But you didn't talk about how toe add new slate because this rate is created by different to any great no presentation. So if one took written, it's ready. Have to come in this room. And then you concerned this this red you have to click on it then income today is different . A temperate Tocantins comparision a contented corruption. A, they told Ari. Picture if caption. So let's start on the state on Slate and see the Madrid office out toe. Sheriff, you difference. It is comparision and see the sign on Discern. You can add a different text and state owes so image it is so oh, he controls the blank. It's just blunk, so this I can create in your slate if you create. This is a second slide deacon duplicate, or this led by hitting controlled the on your keyboard. Then he can add as minutes late as you want. So let's just just a slight or you can choose if you come on. You can see you can click on Contra press in tow. New slate two presentation. So this is the different. You can add a miss late in PowerPoint, so I see in the next to deal. 6. Importing icons in power point: So in this video, I want to learn how to insert icons in this, a PowerPoint slide. So let me, if you want to add a con or images, you can come and click on this picture. Then you can see if you have quick on this insert pictures controls A. This device countries online pictures. I'm going to choose a on this device. Some vacancy in the food off existed trace of provided You have to come on first food icons . Then you consider different accounts or any sect of these icons. No, that would let me inset. So my concealed or the icons can. He's out to get that. I'm going to to save of these icons, to make it small, the Nikon aligned in the way I want but this creek and says So this is there. You can insert a icons and images in PowerPoint presentation, so I seen the next to deal 7. Animation in powerpoint: if on a comeback in this video going to start to talk about and mission per point. So as you can see, we have icon, I'm going toe you're going to talk about and mission, or you can and make this icon in different ways. So it has to come on this and mission many as you consider off a different on mission a effect like appear fate playing, floating spree, twilight and shape. There's many effective can use, so all you can come on this at admission days, many admission tips from intrinsic an interest considers appear, fit it if is this exit or this and mission motion path So this is the different mission. Effective canoes. So also, you have did this admission pin. This is like a This is where you see on the admission of Mitt and you can customize it is like timeline is like Tim Lane. If you have used some A and mission soft here, Yeah, you know, you know, like you know, timeline. So I'm going toe. I'm going to restrict this and start on disappear. So if you think this icon and click on appear about admission is meant, so it's quick on this admission, painted to look you can play. It's changed I want to do, to discern and choose and adore. Let's select on, say, say, like fit. It's American cities fading. It's a discernment. See flaying sleep the acorn was displaying. There's pray again, so this is a different effect it can use. You have to come and explore, or this a on mission perfect with command. A. Explore it and see these different nation. Or you can come on this earth and mission. So as you consider this is the entrance and mission antes a exit. It's a safe fly out mistreated and shoes and the door admission zoom. So this is the exit, and this is the entrance and this is the Empress's. So it's three. Disown it. Did it, or so you can a that may said this one floating closely. As you can see this button, we can out some effect, so let's go on effect option. There is no sound, but you can add some effect. Like a previous you can change the start. If a sister tal you can change the second edition, it's just like three second. He controls the pitch a street time. Let's eat OK and see. So this is a different to you can use admission in poor points. So Internet we don't talk about are you? Can a on many different icons to make a some A some infographic, So I seen the next deal. 8. Infographics animation 1: So in this you don't want to start toe a great faced a infographic admission easing icons. So I'm going to drink this and mission of making that region. It's true to the song I'm going to import at the icons but imports other icons. You have to go in existence. Faizi phone today. So I'm going to import this or this or on this one, it inserts. Then let's a he says are these icons says this son. So you have to make it some more low. Let's make it small. Uh, so I'm going to lend it like this. I think this is too big. So now we're going to then it. Then I have to add a a mission on this. I can't serving too, said admission in canoes. So let's such the mission continues. It's this song. It's take discern and at admission, this on this song playing well, I'm going to a flame So this prayer As you can see all of this a admission is alone. Eso I'm going toe the fistula and I'm going toe on the second round. I'm going toe. Make this these start off the previous, uh, start off the previous. So let's pray or these icons so I can see on Mission is looking myself toe safeties so this I can do this kindof infographic admission. I'm going toe at some fixed, so let's go on. A insurgent has toe. Add some some textbooks going to duplicate or this books so it's good, like a I'm going to a different prices. It's Tuesday color. We can change discover. So it is. I'm going to increase the size of this Fixed that this what? This too controlled it to crickets control de control de May I learn it like this? So I'm going to change different prices and I can see $10 enemy if this like can t contribute. We won't let me give it like six off to give it a full so you can add their own mission on this text if you want. So I'm going to add the admission. I know this text this Ah, so let's start on this young mission. It's a fund who learned mission you can use. It's find the I think this one is good. It's just this one, too a man. But admission soon this song, but a mission So now you can is test or Lindy this text that of the previous still trust the previous that after previous So let's pray all this so I can see met a simple infographic and mission If this icon so ah, I seem the next to dio. 9. Infographics animation 2: Okay, So it's going to need to admit, Oh, infographics I'm going toe to conserve created a new slate. I'm going to add a day Icahn's I stick this on And this one this one three as the same I'm going toe make it small like this So let's limit. So I'm going toe create something like a timeline, No ethics. So as you consider this icon and this one this one on this a different side I'm going to earthy the line So it's gone. Insert. I have to go on ships so as you consider it, didn't talk about a different ships out Hardships. But you can see all the ships are on this A ships you can find different ship basic A lines And all this a question. So restaurants this a line countries dilanian may stick this song and make it lettuce. Then it has to come on this ship outline outline I don't need to Oak Lane. Then let's find they feel in Great is good on ship Wait, you can't are different Ristic disown Oh, this on So he has to customize your line. So I'm going to duplicate this line. Control GOP control Z then they have predicted slain and and it's here to. So I'm going to admit this and this and this land moved to admit the seconds on this land to make the perfecting for graphic. So it's start on this A of going on a mission at admission. So you have to find different. They have the first day and mission you want. It's just a glow on stern. It is perfect. On the second I'm going toe going at and mission. So if you don't see and mission you want on here, you have to come on such more insurance. If it so let's find day. It's funny, the effect we want. It's it's right all this. So you're gonna come on if you can find the so this use discern stretch. Okay, Then ask toe. You can start off the Pius. Then on this one, I'm going toe at admission toe. Look on son, as the previous on this landless, earthy and mission more entrance rich. It's OK and you have to kick on instead, after Previ ous, then the last one at an mission grow on stone. So let's a click. Start off the Pius so let's pray or this does he conceal of perfect infographics you can use. So the technique using taken, used to create a some for graphics, like If you want to create like a A, like explain a video, you can create it by using this on missions in point. So I hope you like this video. So I seemed the next video. 10. Infographics animation 3: So in this you don't want to admit a bottom up with pinpoint and mission. Soon as you conceal a this a background with more. Despite foreground, I'm going to import the Icahn on a world map to use. So let's go on defense. So in existence, fights have did This old month for day confirmed day would mop on the pain points, so you have to insert the Greek inserts going toe my stay sorghum upto the masked or make it to bring its fronts. I'm going toe crease the size of this, but my it's created it like thes. So as a consumer of this one point, you can add it on different continents, then admitted. So I'm going toe duplicate this a pinpoint control de crickets. One here entre de one point year hunt de one points here. It's another point, right? See you control de another point lights here, some going to start by admitting this road map. Simple admission in this important mission. So let's make it appear of toe trucked it on to go on mission. Let's find the a mission you can use. That's fine, good, and mission can use more intrinsic on see if you can find a nation. I think this is, um you can use it. So let's is this feds off the creek? Okay, I think a fit is good. So then you have to go on this fst icon you cannot admission to. It's zoom, and he has to make it that off the previous. A second wrong. It's at admission. Zoom, start off the Previ ous, this one at admission. Zoom start off the previous this song at a mission. So study after Pius. So you have to make the same hey, start after previous to make this a and mission look good. So it's directed at a mission Zoom. It started after previous admission, so that of the previous. So it's a break from the fist on. So Macon see, a on mission is looking good so this they can make a difference and mission a concede it is the same technique. You can use this no advanced technical using. Here you can create different infographics using a descend missions, So let's pray again. Simple and mission. So also, you can a at the this program, you can make it a look good. So let's go insane and find a would background. Let's eat, agreed, ain't gonna work and be so it is good on. Let's find the perfect further I want to do so That's fine. Perfect. So it's just this on its prey. So I think this program is not a grunts Gonna continue to find if you can see the perfect a burr grant you want. But as you can see, the white is doing it is good after continent Use thistle, right background. So I hope you learned a lot in this video I seen at the video. 11. Infographic animation 4: if you run a comeback in this video, we're going toe. Create Infographic Commission like this one. So this touched by urging your straight securities Pressed it. Then you can start to play undying sacred ship. Just certain. This cycle it's groups limits. My ships sent tricked so much It's a fruit. Thank you. Concerted difference. Discern. So did you get to this song? Attentions in conscience They cut off this ship, you know, Textbooks, foreign textbooks Young right one continues to incur of this conserves the to get these six books conserved stick spokes right to so the constructor of this control Urgent group it certain disconcerted to grip it sector This insurgent group e so drugs in you takes boots the sun right and so crazy so grow thick So is due bones The series control game Explicates these things books just say's the crowd of this This is the simple just sticks to you, Inspector Thes textbooks control urging cripple this textbooks cultural defecated come true Jean concerti ghetto This textbooks Chris it to you So no safety, Nick Tango Uninsured tingle Kiss countries the god of this tango Cheaper strain Jake Seems it's both since its work. So conserve the statistics. Just strict. 10 books. Send it. It's control. The with this books look, so no is attempt toe on meat Makes this on mission. Listen for Chrissy. So by inventing this, this should to get training mission consecutive soon smoke and in just from off ends. Okay, so this in mission this textbooks addition is your points first to most of Jesus, it also from on defect. Okay, position is your point, States after years, I took these books, This planned train victor option. Uh, she's smooth and prego. Okay. Off the beauteous. Too soon positions, trapezius, respect. And soon it looked great. So if aggressive commission is looking nice, so see in the next few Jew.