Animated Social Media Ads which will make the difference | Monja Wessel | Skillshare

Animated Social Media Ads which will make the difference

Monja Wessel, Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction: Animated Social Media Ads

    • Animated Social Media Ads: Settings

    • Animated Social Media Ads: Part 1

    • Animated Social Media Ads: Part 2

    • Animated Social Media Ads: Project & Outro


About This Class

How often do you hear the sentence "Do this or that to get your business to the next level"? Yeah, often I guess, me too. So I won't bore you with that.

But what I can promise you is that this tool will help you to get attention and attention is actually what we need, isn't it`

I mean Social Media is a noisy place. Anyone is fighting for attention and I believe that we can just get attention if we are different.

You need to be a good entertainer, you must have a great topic or you simply need a good graphic to get the desired attention.

In this class you'll learn about a tool I use to get this attention. It definitely makes a difference, according to the stats. I don't know if it gets your business to the next level but I promise you that it will bring you the attention you need and then you can make the best of it. 

I'll show you how to use a tool to create social media posts nobody else has right now. Or at least not many people so it will bring you attention. 

Specifically, in this class you'll learn:

  • how to use the tool to create great animations
  • all the different settings the tool has to offer
  • why you need to be different on social media 

I hope you'll enjoy the class!





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Monja Wessel

Multipassionate Entrepreneur & Multimediadesigner


As a Dipl. Multimediadesigner, Webdesigner Bsc. and Entrepreneur I enjoy all things creative. I love designing as well as video creation and editing, audio production and taking photos. I'm also a teacher so it felt natural to me to create online courses and combine all my passions.

In my classes I focus on creating courses you can follow easily. In most cases you will have a finished project once you have completed the class.

To me, learning starts when I can pick...

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