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Animated GIFs for Instagram: Creating GIFs with Procreate

teacher avatar Ceren Dabag, Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

17 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Beginning Step: Take Photos

    • 4. Beginning Step: Download Your Files

    • 5. Coming Up with Great Ideas

    • 6. Basics to Animate in Procreate

    • 7. GIF Animation 1: Wiggly Text

    • 8. GIF Animation 2: Wiggly Object

    • 9. GIF Animation 3: Erasing

    • 10. GIF Animation 4: Guided Motion

    • 11. GIF Animation 5: Blinking Eyes

    • 12. GIF Animation 6: Small Changes

    • 13. Canvas, Colors and Brushes

    • 14. Tips: Before Applying to GIPHY

    • 15. Applying to GIPHY

    • 16. Share: From Camera Roll to Instagram

    • 17. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Want to learn how to create fun animated GIFS in Procreate and get them on Instagram via GIPHY? 

In this class, as a verified GIPHY artist with more than 600 millions views on my GIFs, I’ll walk you through a simple process where you’ll be learn how to come up with great GIF ideas for Instagram stories and exercise with different methods to animate them! I’ll cover everything you need to know about applying to GIPHY to make your GIFS available for everyone’s use on Instagram. From Procreate’s animation interface to tips on brushes, coloring and exporting to share, I’ll teach you everything you need to know to create outstanding GIFS for Instagram. 

Key lessons include:

  • Methods and exercises to come up with eye catching GIF ideas for Instagram stories
  • Basics on animating on Procreate
  • Six different methods to animate your GIFs (full process & step by step procedure with two different project (12 GIF example in total) 
  • Tips to make your GIFs stand out from the crowd on Instagram GIF search. 
  • Everything about brushes, colors and canvas sizes
  • How to be a verified artist on GIPHY and get them your GIFs to Instagram via GIPHY. 
  • How to use your own GIFs on your IG without being a verified GIPHY artist. 
  • Things to avoid while creating GIFs for Instagram stories. 
  • How to export your GIFs to look their best
  • Lots of tips and tricks 

This class is perfect for everyone who wants to create and use their own GIFs on their Instagram stories,  but just doesn’t know how the process works, or stuck in the creative process. The class is for all levels. Because the gifs you create can be very simple and still very effective or can be more advanced. It’s really up to your imagination and skills. But don’t worry if you’re a beginner, the class takes it easy with step by step processes. 

What you need for this class?

To start this class you just need Procreate app in your ipad and any stylo that is compatible with your ipad would be enough. 

So once again When you finish this class, you will be able to create your own unique gifs, and get them on Instagram. It’s pretty simple. So let’s get started!

Follow me on Instagram: @ceren_dabag

Check our my website:


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ceren Dabag



Hey, I'm Ceren!

I am a freelance illustrator and designer. I love drawing colourfull stylish characters, interiors or patterns. I am working with Ipadpro and Apple pencil. My style is very colourfull and geometrical. 

I’m also a verified GIPHY artist with more 50 GIFs on Instagram, and I’ve more than 600 millions on my GIFs. 

When I am not creating, I am most probably spending some time caring my plants, playing with my cat, walking at the beach or swimming. 

I love sharing my latest work, process videos and mini tutorials on Instagram and Youtube  so feel free to check them out :)

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm John de la. I am an illustrator and a verify arc is on Goofy, which means that Aaron can use my guest on their Instagram story. I already had around 50 gives on goofy and I have pretty wide success. Abdullah, my guess to get the, so far, I had more than 600 meal devs on my gifts. And with this class I promised you that you can do the same. So in today's class, I'm going to show you how to create awesome animated gifs and procreate and have to get down on the SR Graham in the Issachar and work. If you want to stand out, you need to know what you do very well. And if you create gives four inside round, this includes your guests as well. But don't worry, because in this class I'm going to show you how to create eye-catching goes for Instagram Stories and some tips to make your gifts stand out from the crowd on IG Gibbs surge as well. You will start to cause by learning two different metals for making a start on your ideas for your creations. Then you will have equipped her own understanding animated gifts, and you will get a short run throughs all procreate interprets focusing on its animation tool that I will show you six different metals to animate your gifts. And for each mythology, I will share to give projects as step-by-step example, after completing your gifts, I, to show you how to get done on Acer grown via goofy and takes it all before applying to verify archivists on graphene. So basically this class is for anyone who wants to create their own unit gives and get them on ASR grown, but just doesn't know how the process works or stuck in the creative process at some point during the clause, we might be focusing on creating gives for a saddam stories about, since you will be familiar with the basic animation skills in procreate, you'll be able to apply these skills in your data illustrations as well. Like you can make a bird fly in the background of your illustration, or you can create a bursa FAQ or your plans in a two-year scene drawing. So scales the limit. So once again, when you finish this class, you will be able to create your own unique gifts and get DM on Instagram. It's very easy. So let's get started. 2. Class Project: Your project is to create animated gifts that will work well with your financials and shut them on your asap stories. We will be looking at how to come up with concepts to create gives. And we will be learning part different metals to generate your gifts. By the end of this class, you'll be able to create five unique gifts that will pop up on your ID stories. I love to show you how to be able to buy gifts, ERPs, and in this way, your Gibbs feel they are valuable, not just for you but for anyone who uses Instagram, start his gloves. You just need procreate and on your iPad and it's T low that is compatible with your iPad will be now. And the final project, I will be looking at how you create your concepts and how you generate your gifts and Amigos, or looking at how your guests will pop-up on your photos. We will also discuss color use and insulation standards because I think this is really important. If you create games for Instagram years to start your project, you have two options. First option is taking your own photos for your stories, which I will be covering the details in the next class. Or you can download the photos I took for you to use while creating your gaps. I will yours occurring how to download the photos I prepared for you. You can find this as some beginning steps on your photos and you can start creating your gifts directly. 3. Beginning Step: Take Photos: I'm so happy that you have decided to take this class. I want you to create games that you might want to use in your Instagram stories. So the best way to do that is to think about the general concepts of your gaps. Left means thinking about how your gifts will work together with your photos. So let me be more specific about that. So your first step is to take photos that you might want to use for your Instagram Stories. This might be a photo of your favourite lunch spot or a plant corner at home where your desk at your studio or a beach today kind of photo. It's up to you. You can take a photo of editing you like, I want you to take at least five photo because in this way you can have a Mars resources to create your concepts for your gifts. And I'm also going to show you five different metals to generate your gifts. And you can create a beast five games for each voxel or double it and make it ten. But if you don't want to bother your side taking photos at the moment and you want to dive into a crate your gifts directly. Don't worry, because I have already uploaded five different photos for you. And in the next class, I'm going to show you how to dive on this photos. 4. Beginning Step: Download Your Files: Because this is a class about creating gives, you might want to focus on the creating your own. Yes. So I didn't want to bother yourself for taking useful shots for your project. Instead, I put together quite different photos for you guys. To download your files. You need to open this class on a web browser because you won't be able to download the files on your mobile app. You can no longer photos in the project and Resources section blow. So when you first dial on your photos, you'll be able to import down into procreate. So I'm gonna click settings than a startup photo, and now your photo is on your coworkers to tell you how your photos. Let's jump into the next class where I will showing you how to come up with concepts for your gaze wires, English photos. 5. Coming Up with Great Ideas: First part, making gifts is actually coming up with a concept. In this class, we will come up with different concepts and just simply draw a few ideas that will work with your photos. Coming up with a concept on a very blank page can be really tricky. This is why we will use photos to think about possible give ideas at the end of the day or gives me to work well together with your photos, YOU post them on your Instagram stories, I think is also a good way to come up with good ideas that people will search on Instagram. So I just want you to have a look at the photo you have and think about what kind of gives you a lot to use if you search it on Instagram. In this step of the project, I just want you to focus on static shapes. Like I went to see a song here, or efficiency or some coefficient celebrity. It's pretty simple. You don't need to create something overly complicated. So let's get started. So I wanted to open a car was in the size of 180 to one hundred nine hundred and twenty pixel. This is the size of your Instagram stories. Now I want you to bring your photo to your cameras to do that click section and then click insert a photo, okay, now you hire a photo in your cohorts. As the next step, I want you to lower the opacity of the photo, just like around 80 person. Now, create another layer on top of your photo layer by clicking on the plus sign on the right corner and pick your favorite brushed sketch. You can pick any brush and sketching process. I just like sketching with 6P brush. Okay, now let's start together to come up with ideas. I'm going to bring my photos to brainstorm for my gift ideas. A little reminder here, you can download the files in the project and Resources section. You can check how to draw London in the earlier classes. Now my photos are already here. So let's start to imagine, I'm going to share with you three different metals to come up with good ideas. And the first one is coal objectives by me. And the second one is copying and the charge one as what's missing. So we will go with the first one. So our first photo contains a bubble of fruits and vegetables. So let's think about which give ideas are locked to sue in this one, easiest and most effective trick here, 20, some great ideas is actually coming up with some adjectives. That's because you can make really great gifts with just words. And you just need to think about some adjectives that will work with your photo. Like when I look at useful drove some of the words that come to my mind are vitamins, fresh, Sunday, True? Yes. My second tried to come up with ideas is coping. Like if I work this photo, again, I see fruits and vegetable. So I can create cute moving renewables as gifts. Like I can create a cute blanking tomato or QCD. Karen, and I can always give characters. Mike is like, I can make my carrot sad or happy or LLL flirting. It's really up to you. So let's get started with to come up with ideas. My tartrate, cope what's missing? And I think district works really good. So I just want to have some fun and to think about what you can add to your portrait. Just like a little collage work. Like when I look at this picture, I can easily imagine that some butterflies are bees can be in this photo. Or when I look at deceive photo, I can easily think of some fishes charcoals In this photo. So why not make some Gibbs up them? Okay? Right. So we learn two different metals to come up with ideas for our gifts, objectives, copying, and what's missing. So I want you to choose your photos and just sketch some ideas on them by using these three different metals. And again, at this moment, I don't want you to focus on creating or generating your gifts inside just some static shapes to work with. In the next class, where basically I will be talking about what are the animated gives exactly what you need to create one. 6. Basics to Animate in Procreate: So the first thing we're gonna do is turning on the animation assists to find animation assist bigger action, and then co-workers and just hear animation assist. If we toggle this on, you will have a timeline here at the bottom of your car was procreative works making frame-by-frame animation. Every unique layer you create or each layer growth will be a single layer while you are creating your animation in poor credit. I think it's really important to remember that groups act also as a single layer. And I can, that's really an amazing feature and can really help you why creating more complicated gifts. So any timeline, we are only going to see the content of your selected frames. You can scrap the Trudeau time, not weak-form finger. And just here on the left, you can play back and pose your animation. If you tap on the selected frame, you will have the options. Delete, duplicate our Holder frame. In the timeline settings just in here, we have all the frames and on your skin options. If you wonder what's on your skin, that means you can see the frame buffer and the frame and the frame your own. You can always adjust the number of frames you want to see it on your frames in here. There are also different playback features. And today we're going to use low playback loop playback GAS the n and goes back to the beginning and plays again. Okay, since the cargo basics animation features and procreate into next class now we can start to animate our guests. 7. GIF Animation 1: Wiggly Text: Okay, first what we're gonna try is something I call Vigenere texts. I think this is the easiest. Still were effective on. So let's start. So before starting to draw my gift, First, I want to open animation. I synced and drawing S's. To do that, I go to settings and Duncan was drawing Ss helps me TOEFL my writing. It's not necessarily about it just half-full. If you don't trust your writing abilities like me on this new was grab your favorite brush and rice, something from your sketches that I pick my color. I always prefer bright colors for my guess. This time, I wanna go with red. Let's just start to draw. Now. I picked a bird watch from my idea sketches. And now I'm just going to write that. I always go with monoline brush for my gifts. I think the sharpness of monoline brush works radio val and gifts. And now I'd like to turn off the drawing SCS feature because I don't need it anymore and it's looking much binaural, redact it. Okay, run Yarn doesn't create a new layer and into new layers simply trace the first layer you just made. I also like to use different colors in each layer, but that's your trays. You can always go with the same colors. But I think using different colors makes your gift more effective and non create another new layer over your last layer again, and keep doing the same thing. Just simply trace your produce layer. Remember that you can always change the number of your onion skin layers by just going to settings in your animation timeline. And in here, you can also change the openness, the opioid on your skin layers. Anyway, let's have a look how our animation looks like. I import that. We need to tap the play rather than in here. So repeat the process two more times. And now you have a total of four different layers, okay, now make sure that all the layers are on. And now we are ready to export GA settings and then share and then select animated give. This window will also give you a tiny be off your animation. This also a nice way for a last check on how everything is looking. Okay, I like the way it is. I'm just gonna hit to export and say My give. Okay, you have just made some phone legally text. Okay, let's try another example, the Sun and other, they'll drawing my texts. So on our new code was, let's make all the preparation we did in the first one. That means turn on animation and drawing S's. And non-peak your monoline brush and your favorite color. And you can just start to draw. Now, I'd like to ride with morning because I think a good morning gave can go with so many stories in histogram. I also like editing my writing by using the free-hand select tool. Okay, now I'm going to trace my first day or two times M R, and I'm going to use different colors each time. But this time I wanna keep it warm colors and use only yellow, orange. Okay, I'm down there right now, but I want to also enjoying my sketch now. Open a new layer. New layer with my first step. Because as I mentioned in RDA, groups as well, frame animation over here. And now I will do the same thing with the sun drawing. Trace over my first thing. I always stop and check to see how my animation is going. To suggest you to do the same. To say you can't fix quipped if anything is wrong. Now we finish all the layers. Mechanics squared again. 8. GIF Animation 2: Wiggly Object: You can always use this re-draw metals in illustration as well, not just lettering. And in this way you can have objects as your gifts. So let's make a beginning tomato. A tomato we have sketched in earlier classes. The brush I'm using for this tomato is Minoan brush. And now I'm just gonna create a new layer and reduced opens the off my sketch layer very low. And then I pick my color and started row my tomato. Okay, now I create another layer, and I keep all my layers in one group. And I started row my tomatoes. This, okay, this is my first layer group. Now I create another layer. And now I want to open my animation ASIS for that, I go action than Carl lost and turn on animation S's, okay, now in a new layer, I draw my tomato again, but this time I change the shape. Okay, now I create another layer and keep all the layers of my second tomatoes growing in a new group than in my new layer. I pick my green and redraw the leaves of my tomato and liking the red part, I'm going to also change the shapes of my lives. Okay, now I'm going to draw at Troy ruin and I'm changing the shape intertwined as well. So I want you to draw at least three layers in total. I think vagary animations really work when you have four or five layers. It gives you more variation in that kind of wiggly motion. So now turn all layers back on. If Garnaut selected and check if all the layers are a 100% in DOPS G. And now I can check how I animation looks like so far. So I hit the play button. I think it looks really fast. So I slower done in timeline settings. And here we go. I kinda tomato looks really good now. And now I want to add eyes on my drawing. I close this one and create a new layer on my first day of group. Then I choose the Select tool and choose an EPS in the bottom right corner, and then create my eye shape. And then duplicate this and bring it to the right as my second I and I kept down as well layer by merging them. Then I choose Blake and draw my eyeballs. I like keeping them as one layer as well. So I duplicate my eye layers and bring them to my second layer group. And then what I need to do is just select and move the eyeballs to debate. And I will do the same again in my chart layer group. So I duplicate my layers and move them to my target group. And then I need to move my eyeballs. So let's have a look how it looks software. I'm just going to hit the play button. I think it looks grades. You can make it faster if you want. So there you go, you have a really wiggly tomato. So let's try another one. This time. I'm going to draw by lemma. So in a new layer, I just started row my lemma. And now for the leaf, I create another layer. And again, I keep all my years in one group. So the trick is drawing every part in different layers and keep all the layers in the same group. So in this way, you can make your changes easily. So go ahead and draw lemons by tracing the earlier layers until you had this train frames. So let's check how it looks. So I'm just going to hit the play button. I think it looks good, but feels like I can do some editors. Don't forget, you can always check heavier animation looks like in the middle of your process and you can edit to make it better. I want to add some texture to make my gift a bit more exciting. I'm going to use ortholog tools for adding some textures. And then I pick a bit darker yellow or orange, Jones, and I choose another abroad. And now I can experiment. And actually I enjoyed the process. And I also would like to add some dots and I use my brush format. Okay, now I do that for all the layer groups. Okay, all done. So I'm going to hit the play button to see how my animation looks like. I also want to add eyes. Maybe I rose to give some character to my drawing. Okay, everything looks great. So I go actions and then share is animated gives. And you can see one more time how your animation looks like. And if you like it, you can hit the Export button. 9. GIF Animation 3: Erasing: And their method, I'll use white gradient my gifts as called erasing. And to show this technique as for example, I'm going to draw an apple and we are going to eat that apple and microarray. And as my second example, I'm going to draw a rainbow. Okay? I'm using my monoline brush again and I'm going to draw an apple. I draw red part and green part of my apple in different layers. This enables me to animate them separately later. And if you use multiple layers in your drawings like I'm doing right now, your shop grip them. Coase animation feature in procreate also accepts groups as layers so you don't need to merge them. And I think that is a pretty cool feature after drawing the basic shape of my apple. Now, I want to add some texture for this. I'm using air soft brushes in procreate. And I'm thinking about adding some ping and oranges to my apple and maybe a bit more pink. Okay, now I'm done with my drawing and can start to animate it. Okay, to start making an animation of our drawing. First, I open animation assist GA settings and then tap the animation assist. Done since all the layers of my apple drawing are in one group, I'm going to duplicate my layer group and grab my racing tool. So now is like a bite mark in your apple. I'm gonna copy off my last layer growth and repeat this process until you reach your apple. I use my brush again. Some seeds. I duplicate my last layer again. How my animation goes so far. I tend to play with all my animation. Looks good. I think I'm raising alibis. However, the bigger the effect on the lives of my article. I think migraine trace delete. I always keep my new layer. For each layer growth. Since I drew. The leaves are bigger in some layers, so I'm gonna make them smaller. Again. Make sure to control, turn on all layer curves. Then you can hit the play button and see if everything as you like. And I'm going to add a couple of frames of the whole apple by duplicates in the bottom layer, two times, tick again, and then go export. And you can't see the preview of your animation in here as well and save it. Okay, now, creating to eat some apples are okay is my second example. I'm going to draw a rainbow. I'm getting my model, I brush and start drawing my rainbow. I use rate pink, orange, and yellow in my rainbow. And again, I keep all my layers in one growth. After finishing my ramble, my animation, I duplicate my first group. Started to raise my rainbow From the first color a site. And that creates a little bit less in my second color. Then I duplicate my last layer group again and continue erasing from a site art, erasing the yellow and a little bit more. And then lunch and then start to erase pink as well. Then I duplicate my layer group again. And every time I delete a little bit more from each color, I continued to raise my rainbow until it's all got. Okay, let's tap the play and see how it's animated. Cassie is only a runway of moment now, but I wanted to pass by as well. To do that, I'm going to start from the second layer, layer two. I'm going to do that for all the ladies when my round duplicate and bring it to duplicate and bring it to the top. Okay, now let's check again to see how it's animated. Fix if there's something wrong. Okay, looks good. So next expert is animated gifs. Your colourful rainbow is ready. 10. GIF Animation 4: Guided Motion: The next step I'm going to show you how to make a motion that goes across your combust by using a guide. To start, I pick my malign brush and on my color. And now I'm going to draw a B. First, draw the body parts. And then we tell lighter color. I draw domains for these IU selectable again, which freehand option? I draw a report in different layers and kicked down under the same group. And now with the ortholog jewel, I draw the black lines of my B. And then I go for the less details. Ok, I'm done. Now we can start to animate. First I go action was, and then I turn on animation assess. And then I create a new EHR. First, I want to make my drawing smaller and bring it to the corner. And then to help me figure out exactly, I shall pulled my drawing, I use guided motion. So for bad in my new layer, I'm going to draw a dark line across the code once. And in animation timeline, I select this layer as a background layer. This line will be the path of the motion this B is going to take as it goes across the column was. Now I can start to setup the frames of the animation. So this part of the process goals like duplicate the top layer and move it a little further and rotated if it's needed. Duplicate the shock layer and move it out a little further. Duplicate again, rotate. Duplicate again, move and rotate. Duplicate again. Rotate. Duplicate again, move, rotate. If you want your bead to come into the frame and you need a few extra frames. So duplicate and move until the B all the way to the frame and the frame. And I'm going to move it all the way into the left as well. I wrote my B to stay inside of the frame, so I don't keep these layers. And now I can hit the play and see how it looks. Now you can see the preview of RB flying on our colors. So as you can see, a Guides can be really handy. Okay, let's try another one. I also use this guided motion mental to animate our warm. So first, I want to draw the worm. I want to animate as my example. That's the first thing I turned to animation and I draw a motion guide. Okay, now I draw my first one. I draw my second guide, Sadat. I know I was getting the land of the Warren court system. In my second guide. Settings right here, I turned on I draw my second, starting from the middle of the first one. I draw my chart one. You might repeat the process according to the length of your guide to see how it looks. 11. GIF Animation 5: Blinking Eyes: Now I'm going to show you how to create blinking eyes. I think if you learn this technique, you can adopt this technique and so mean off your drawings and you can create your own characters. We can basically just throw anything you like and add these cute blinky guys too are growing and down. Y la you hire on gas. I first turn on my animation assist. And then I just want to draw as simple I, I drew ever part of my eyes such as our eyelashes in different layers. Keep all the layers under the same group. And then I duplicate my first eye and move it to the left and flip it. To flip it, I select uniform tool and then flip horizontal. I don't want as quaint eyes, so I moved my eyeball and a little bit to the left after flipping it. I keep my trow group layers under the same group. And then I duplicate this screw and then I create a new layer. I'm going to draw one, I close all the way done. So that means I only draw the eyelashes and I'm going to offline all the other layers. In this one. I'm going to hit the apply whether you're doing just being that you. And now you can go and save it as. Okay, now let's make it a little bit more complicated. I turn on my animation Ss like always, and then create a new layer and pick my world line brush and start to grow my eyes. And again, I duplicate my first, I move it to the left. And I always preferred keeping, snapping my mistakes. And I keep my true group layers underneath. And that I duplicate this. And now I'm just going to draw the eyes. So to do that in a new layer, I draw a new hub shot. I delete the upper part in all other layers. Okay, my hoBshare I layer group as done. And now I'm going to draw this one. I'm going to draw the eyes close all the way down. Okay, now we can see all the layers of our animation. And as you can see, all the layers are in harmony. Okay, now let's see the play with them and see how it looks and why. Now you have animated eyes. You can always play with the animation settings to make them move faster or slower. It's your choice. Okay, I think it looks good now you can export as animated gifs. 12. GIF Animation 6: Small Changes: Another way at emotional to your illustration, we're creating guess as to change the size of your growing, are to change the colors of your growing. It's really easy and one of the fastest way to add motion to our gifts because you just don't need to redraw. So let's try. First, we open a new layer than V. Turn on the animation ss like always. And we choose the color we are going to use. And as my brush, I again go with Mulayam brash and I start to draw my fish. I use really bright colors, cause stories much better. I also draw a few details on my fish to make it more interesting. But I don't keep my details to small cars. They're going to be so small is stories as guest. So to make it visible, i'm gonna try to drop down if it bigger. So basically I just enjoy drawing my fish and at this point, I don't need to worry about my animation. Just draw whatever I like. I also want to draw some bubbles. I think it's, well look good. I use Select to. Okay, now, of course I turned on turned off. I duplicate my first their group rotate my drawing. At this point is important. Agenda animation moment, Mumbai layer group. According to that, I also changed arrangement of my bubbles in the second layer group. Okay, so let's hit the play. Okay, it looks good. So now to the actions may share as I made it. Okay, let's try another animated GIF. This time I went to play with colors and science. So let's start with row. I draw a simple kids shape in yellow. And then in my second layer, I redraw my shed every bigger in a different color. This time I use a light orange. And then in my third layer, I choose pink and draw my shape a little bit bigger. And I draw one more layer and this time I choose red. Okay, let's hit the play button and see how our animation goes so far. And I also wanna give some characters to my drawings. So I create a new layer. With my first layer. Then I choose blank, drove some eyelashes. And then I'm gonna add a smile. I redrew this layer in all my layers. This will create an effect on my animation. Okay, let's hit the play button and see how our animation goes so far. I think it looks really cute and colorful, and I also think it will work really great as animated GIF in your stories. And now I can export it as animated GIF. 13. Canvas, Colors and Brushes: So far we have learned basic site animation in procreate and hop to come up with great concepts. And now we can talk about the things we need to consider why creating and exporting gifts for Instagram. So in my experience and observation, there are a few things that you need to think about why creating your guess for Instagram. One of the main things you need to know for Instagram gives as the background of your gaps and your gifts sticker shock have neither wide or color background. They must be exported with transparency feature and it's also important to keep your background as small as possible. Your commas borders should be something really close to your guests. And for that, after completing drawing your gifts, you need to crop the common ones on the edges of your drawing. This is really important because sticker gifts that are exploited with too much empty space in the frame will appear very small. Run day are uploaded to give me an Instagram. Another important thing to keep in mind, why creating your gas as the brush you are going to choose. Why creating gives for Instagram, you need to use a small brush on the edges, like monoline brush, that's really happier to Elijah, acceleration around the edges. So even though you are using different kinds of brushes, make sure that you are using a smooth brush on the outlines. And of course, we need to also talk about the size of your commas. So give her a commands that you're gifts should be as clear resolution as possible. So don't use like five pixels to five pixel resolution for my geese are used the present score option in procreate. So basically, no matter how big your sizes reveal, resize it to their default size. So you would like to hire not so much pixelated Gibbs. So keeping in mind to keep your commerce size right? So another really important thing is to think about concept, backround, and colors. It's really important that why creating gives for Instagram, you really need to think about the background photo and the things that can go wrong with this photo. So first of all, most of the time people's photos are quite dark. So that's something that you should really keep in mind. And in that case, I really recommend keeping your colors quite right and catchy as much as possible. If you are going to create text gives, I recommend keeping your text colors white, yellow, or very bright colors. Because these are the texts colors really pop out on the photos. Or if you want to use black text, make sure you're surrounded with color, like inside of a shape or some kind of colour to make sure that people can still read it. Because otherwise your guests just becomes invisible. Why uploading your gifts to give me, you will also use hashtags to make sure your gifts reachable in search engines. At that point, don't forget to check your username codes. You would love to give something to the people to find your so much easier. 14. Tips: Before Applying to GIPHY: So to get your gifts to insert ground for everyone's use, first, you need to have an artist channel on goofy. So in this class I'm going to show you what you need before applying for an actress channel on GFP. Firstly, you need to set up a channel. That means you need a profile picture and fill out all the information. And you also need to have a collection of work before you add ly and get verified, you need to add links to your portfolio, your website, or your social media accounts. And I think these are quite important to increase your chances of getting verified. So to be able to apply to artists channel on goofy unique five to ten original animated gifs are really suggested to create a distant gifts before applying. So that means at least three different drawings for each gave an across ten different gifts. That means target frames to draw. And I think there's not so many frames to draw, and I'm sure that you will have so much fun by doing it. So to get started First, you need to open an account on GitHub. If you already have one, you can always use dysfunction. It doesn't really matter. And you need to upload your Gibbs first. And then you can apply for an actress channel. And then you just need to re, to get verified. It can take some time to get a verify arches on goofy, so don't worry about that. Just give them some time for me. I waited like amount together, verify artist on GFP. So in the next class, I will show you step-by-step how to apply for an artist channel on Gaddafi. 15. Applying to GIPHY: So in this class I'm going to show you how to upload your guests to give. The first thing you need to do is going to sign up to give I already have an account, so I just wanted to debunk, tries the whole process, starting with a new icon. So you just need to go to click on login. And then if you don't have an account, you can just click going diffie, I have already put some information here, so I just click on Sign out, okay, then uploading your information. Your second step is applying for an artist channel. So you need to be approved first before uploading your gifts to get me. So if you go here and then here, there is a section, Gephi for brands and arches and none on the first section here, there is apply for an artist channel. I'm going to also upload this link in the class project section. So if you go and click this link, you will be able to go directly to this page. Then you can just go here, digital and visual artists can apply right here. And it's gonna go to this page, and it's going to ask you to upload some Gibbs. So don't forget you need to upload at least PIFP gifts, but I will recommend going for ten gives at least. And this way, you have a better chance to get reviewed and approved by A flowing system can change for everybody. And I think it's also up to how many application they have at this moment. For me it took like amount, but for you can be faster, are longer. So don't worry if you haven't accepted yet. It can happen any time. So you never know when it's happening. You can always upload mortgages in the feature and above dead, when you upload your gifts into feature, your guests will be visible on ASR ground after almost a day. So don't worry about that as well. So to upload forgives, you just need to click on this Upload button right here. And then you can just go to browse your file. And now you need to upload your texts. That's really a partial caused in this, people will be able to search for your gifts. And at this point, I really suggest you to use your name as well. For example, I'm going to type sf running the jungles here, or Janda bar here. So people will be able to see my gifts directly with my name. And then you just need to upload to give here. Then it's going to take a few seconds to upload. So it's ok. So once you upload, your gifts will not show up on Instagram gives search directly. So it takes like a few days for your gifts to be approved. You're not gonna get a notification when it's done. So you just need to tracking in the next phase if it show up on the IgE and the next class I will be showing how to use your guests in your histogram soils without being a verify gif artist. 16. Share: From Camera Roll to Instagram: So let's imagine you're not trying to be good the artist or you're accepting process to verify artists. Kind of gut Solon. Don't worry because there is still a way to use your gifts in your stories or shadow with your friends. So in this class I'm going to show you how I do that on my iPhone. First, you need to open up your story in your Issachar and prepare to at sticker gear and then save your competed gifts sticker it can be imaged are gifts, their current week transparent background to your camera roll. You can do this from Dropbox, Google Docs, or via email. In this case, I'm copying one of my gifts over from my AirDrop. It's a simple gave from my bird, give series, identically copy on the left bottom corner. Then open up Instagram again and your Instagram story will still be there ready to go and option to add this sticker you just copied will pop up and you just need to tap the x Tucker icon and wallah, your steeper will be added to your ISA Gump story just as if you had edited from Instagram selection of stickers. Cool, right? Or let's imagine at this sticker option didn't show up. There's still one more way you can use, and you just need to click on the text option in your Instagram story. And then just like pasting, get text, you can just paste this sticker, you just copy it. I think these two options is really useful if you are not a verify artist on getfield. So finish up your story as you normally would, and that's it. If you've simple steps and you edit your own custom sticker from outside of ESA ground stories into your story. It's really easy, right? You can always use this metal wire waiting for your acceptance process. 17. Final Thoughts: So I will definitely recommend giving, give, making a goal if you're introduced racial, or just want to try something new in the digital artwork. It's really rewarding because you upload them and then give you kinda get insane. And it's definitely fun to see people using fluctuate created, even if you are not trying to be good the arts, it's always fun to practice in animated gifs and using them in your stories or shadow with your friends. And when you share your projects, don't forget to give a link to your Instagram account. In this way, people who are curious about your work can find moral view. You can also take me if you share your work on Instagram, because I generally share a collection of work, my student's project on my Instagram. So if you take me, I can see your projects and repost them. So if you want a specific feedback for me, please let me know what kind of feedback you're looking for in the texts off your project. I really want to give you the most helpful feedback, so please let me know. I always love seeing your process, so don't be shy to share, even if you are not finished a whole project yet, you can always share your sketches or your initial tries on your animated gifs or anything you go so far, I think it's always good to see the process before the final animation. I will be really happy if you leave a review or my class in this way, my class can get a higher rank in C sharp popcorn and can reach more students. And I can always improve my classes with your feedback. So they are really important to me. And please don't forget to where we might class because of plants. And anyway, thank you for what you might class and hopefully see you in my next class.