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Animate your Ideas, Design Better Apps

Adria Jimenez, Software Engineer, Designer

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31 Lessons (2h 2m)
    • 1. Course introduction. Is this course for me? How is the course structured?

    • 2. Course Resources Download

    • 3. Welcome and how to get the most of this course

    • 4. Downloading and installing the required software

    • 5. Software interface

    • 6. Connecting your screens

    • 7. Importing your assets from Sketch

    • 8. Adding your assets

    • 9. Animate state between different screens

    • 10. Import your whole designs directly from Sketch

    • 11. Drawing shapes

    • 12. Creating a shopping cart

    • 13. Shopping cart, polishing the animations and transitions

    • 14. Previewing and playing with your prototype on your iPhone

    • 15. Sharing your first prototype

    • 16. Get more from your ideas

    • 17. Control prototype behaviors using drivers​

    • 18. Working with big content

    • 19. Dragging layers across the screen

    • 20. Content pagination

    • 21. How challenges work

    • 22. Basic menu challenge

    • 23. Creating a slingshot prototype

    • 24. Solving the menu challenge

    • 25. Web interaction challenge: Document image alignment

    • 26. Picture gallery deletion prototype challenge

    • 27. Hands on web interaction challenge, document image alignment

    • 28. Prototyping for the Apple Watch with long press

    • 29. Add an event delayed by scroll interaction

    • 30. Build the gallery step by step guide

    • 31. Conclusion and thank you


About This Class

This course will teach you step by step how you can move your prototypes and designs from static images to animated and interactive user experiences that you'll be able to play with and give to your clients and users to try, like the Apple, Facebook, Twitter and other thousands of companies are doing.

My name is Adria Jimenez and I'm an engineer and designer passionated for technology, design and great products. During my life, I've worked in several multinacional companies where I've learnt how to create curated and beautiful web and mobile applications and recently I created several courses to teach others what i've learnt.

This is one of my most favorite topics, so I carefully created this course for anyone who wants to boost their design or UX career, learning how to move from static wireframes or designs to animated and interactive prototypes that you can show to your team or clients.

What I'll be able to do at the end?

By the end of the course you'll be able to create animated prototypes from your wireframes or designs that will provide interaction with the user, showcasing how to use certain features of your app without even touching a line of code.

As soon as you gain knowledge with the tool, we are going to go one step further creating full interactive prototypes that you'll be able to see directly on your phone, and not only that, the course has challenges that will help you learn and progress further in your career while you also have fun.

Who is the ideal student?

The ideal student for this course is an existing UX or designer who already knows how to wireframe or design applications but who wants to advance one step forward in his or her career and wants to be able to show or test animations or interactions with clients or users.

The only requirement for taking this course is to have an Apple computer and to be open to learn new cool stuff.

See you inside the course and see how quick your designs and wireframes improve.





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Adria Jimenez

Software Engineer, Designer

I love creating software and teaching how to be more successful.

Currently I work as a Software Engineer and Designer creating software for millions of users. I've work in other big and successful companies like Xing, Softonic, Honda or Fnac creating websites, designs and software.

I really enjoy teaching people new skills so they can improve their lives.

All my life I've been surrounded by computers. As a child, my father - who was a programmer back then - introduced me ...

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