Animate like a BOSS: Walk Cycles | Andrew Tan | Skillshare

Animate like a BOSS: Walk Cycles

Andrew Tan, 3D Animator

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12 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. 12 Principles of Animation

    • 3. 3D vs 2D

    • 4. Recommended Video Players

    • 5. Assignment

    • 6. 1. Planning - Knowing what you want

    • 7. Software Settings

    • 8. 2. Blocking - Adding in Keyposes

    • 9. 3. Blocking Plus - Adding Breakdowns

    • 10. 4. Polishing - Adding fine details

    • 11. Uploading for sharing/ review

    • 12. Conclusion + Mental Game


About This Class


Many self-taught animators I realized, do not have an organized structure on how to animate. In this class I will show you how to do it in an organized way (like the Professionals). You can take this kind of organized working structure into your future animations. The animation techniques can be apply to 2D animation as well. 

What you'll learn :

  • Animate like a professional - learn the steps on how a real professional animator goes into animating a walk cycle ready for production
  • Organized workflow - how to keep your animation tidy and clean, so that you can go back for interations if needed
  • Applying your 12 principles of animation - this makes a good practice for your animation principles, because a walk cycle uses most of those principles. 
  • Polishing your animation at the highest quality - I will go through the amount of details that professionals do that sets apart from the animation you see on the web
  • Mental game - (bonus) the mental mindset to have when getting feedback, being patient in the learning process, and being persistent.


  • Have a 3D software that you are familiar with (Blender, Maya, 3DsMax etc)
  • Understand how to animate with your software
  • A GOOD rigged character (one of my favorite is Norman





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Andrew Tan

3D Animator

Andrew Tan - an animator with 7 years experience in the animation industry.

- Currently working on Ori and The Will of the Wisp.

My past credits includes:

Snow white and the Huntsman (vfx),

The Seventh Son (vfx),

The 7th Dwarf (animated feature),

DMC Devil May Cry (motion capture cinematic trailer),

Angry Birds: Stella (series),

Lego Star Wars (short/ special series),

Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures (series)

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