Animate an Explainer Video in After Effects

Lucas Ridley, Commercial Director & Animator

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15 Videos (1h 47m)
    • Class Teaser

    • Planning Phase

    • Introduction to Animation Topics

    • Introduction to After Effects (Beginners Only)

    • Transitions Part 1

    • Transitions Part 2

    • Breakdown Example 1

    • Breakdown Example 2

    • Flourishes Part 1

    • Flourishes Part 2

    • Body Building

    • Arms and Legs

    • Rendering in After Effects

    • Whiteboard Effect

    • Animate a Banner Ribbon


About This Class

Explainer video's are in high demand, with video content driving sales traffic and generating awareness for products and services many businesses are in need of a good explainer video to convey the value of their business to potential customers.

In this class you will learn the fundamental tools in After Effects specicifically related to creating an explainer video.

After Effects is an incredible program that has a broad range of capabilities. We will focus on three main ingredients that are vital to any explainer video: interesting transitions, flourishes, and characters.

The goal of the course is to finish with an understanding of what makes an appealing animation in regards to explainer videos and how to create it for yourself in After Effects.

Thanks for joining!


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Great course! Best part was the breakdown from projects. :)
Timothy Cross

Creative Designer

This is a very good course. The teacher is very nice, well spoken, easy to understand (even if English isn't your first language, as it's my case). I will say that this course it's not for beginners really, because everything happens very fast, so it would be hard to understand if it's the first time working on After Effects. I wish the instructor would have taken a bit more of time explaining how to draw a very basic character and a bit more on the use of masks. But, overall, you will get a lot of info here on animation and video explainers. You'd have to go and practice, practice, practice, to get to the level of this instructor! Thank you for a great course. :)
Excellent course for learning the basics of animating in After Effects, and inspiring animation that can be done very simply.





Lucas Ridley

Commercial Director & Animator

Hi! I'm an award-winning animator and commercial director, my clients include LEGO, Nestle, Anhueser-Busch, and Braun. In addition, I worked at the Academy award-winning Moonbot Studios on Playstation games and short films, one of which was awarded 2 daytime Emmy's. I'm excited to share my knowledge and learn with the Skillshare community!

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