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Animate a birthday greeting with Stop Motion Studio

Maartje Simons, Animator, composer, drummer

Animate a birthday greeting with Stop Motion Studio

Maartje Simons, Animator, composer, drummer

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12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Set up the workspace

    • 3. Stop Motion Studio prt 1: make a simple animation

    • 4. Stop Motion Studio prt 2: edit features #1

    • 5. Stop Motion Studio prt 3: use the voicerecorder

    • 6. Stop Motion Studio prt 4: edit features #2

    • 7. Make the birthday greeting animation

    • 8. Edit the birthday greeting animation

    • 9. Share your animation in the class project

    • 10. Thank you

    • 11. Bonus lesson: give your animation a face

    • 12. My birthday greeting animation (with face and sound)

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About This Class

In this Skillshare class you’ll learn all about the fundamentals of the Stop Motion Studio app.

This app is free and suitable for both Apple and Android smartphones. Although there is also a paid version, you can make the class project using the free version.

Your project will be to create an stop motion animated birthday greeting you can make for someone you know.

First I'll teach you how to use the app and how to set up your camera and workspace.

Than I'm going to show you how to make an animation using things I've found in the forest like leaves and branches. You can follow me along and do the same or use other items of your choice. In the end you will be able to make an animation you can even sent to someone's birthday! 

I've made this class for the absolute beginners.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Maartje Simons

Animator, composer, drummer


I'm a Dutch creative in the field of animation, art and music. I've graduated as a drummer and after playing and touring with several bands I decided to make my own children's storytelling show using my own animations, compositions and illustrations. Since then I'm dedicating my life to animation, art, composing and drumming under the company name Life On Marzj

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1. Introduction: Hello. I am Marty Simmons. And welcome to my new skill. Shake less. I'm going to teach you how to use a stop motion studio. You can download it for free on your smartphone. I will walk you through all free features of the app and skip the paid features for now so that everyone can join this class. This is very easy to use and the animations are very easy to make. The only thing I'm using in this class is a table smartphone, the stop motion studio up and a camera stand I'm using. Daylights or no lamps are needed for this class. I'm on holiday Ragno in the cottage in a forest, and it's autumn. This means lots of leaves and branches and other typical forest things are spread around on the ground. So for this class and go out for work and gather different things I find to use for the animation, your class project is going to be making animated birthday greeting. You can choose to make an animation in your own style or do the same What I make. It's all up to you. Let's go to the next lesson where I'm going to show you how to set up your workspace. See you there 2. Set up the workspace: I'm going to show you my set up for this animation. I will uses orange table and that will be also the background for the animation. I use a camera stand so that my phone will be stable and keep my phone on the certain distance to the workspace. I also have this special smartphone stand. You can take over the part that holds a smartphone and put it on the cameras then and then , of course, I have my smartphone. I use my headphones with the remote. I usually controlled a falling birth when I listen to music on my smartphone. But in Stop Motion studio, these controls work as a remote to shoot the pictures with. And that is very important because you don't want to touch your phone when you're shooting and accidentally slightly moving it. I'm not using lambs only than natural light that comes in through the window. I put a table at a place in a room to avoid direct sunlight on my workspace, and I'm all set in the next couple of lessons. I will show you the basic free features of the stop motion studio app. See you there 3. Stop Motion Studio prt 1: make a simple animation: after downloading the app on your smartphone, click on it. You see a movie called Big Fish, where you click on it. You see an example of an animation made better Developers of the APP. Make sure your folly, um, is on. Otherwise, your headphones you use as a remote won't work. Click on New movie to start a new animation. I will go through all features you see on the screen, but let's start making a simple animation so that explain will be a lot easier. Click on the camera icon in the upper right corner. Now your camera on your phone works. You can see how I move my hand in this gov. Click on the camera Aiken below to set the camera. When you have the fully paid version off this app, there are options to use a green screen or another device as a remote. I'm not going to discuss these options in this class and only focus on the free features when you click on the letter M next to the camera. Aiken, you have different options to set the focus and exposure. The 1st 1 is fully automatic. The A L option says to look, focus and exposure by tapping on the screen on your phone. He looks focus, but said the exposure manually. By clicking the different Aikens like a W and the sun, you can decide how light or dark your screen should be. Just play with it and finally, what you like most. You see also differences in color. So I'm I think this one. Yeah, I like this one more. Somehow it's a bit pinkish instead of orange, but, um, I like it. And this exposure do I'm just playing a little bit. Maybe I will change it later. Mature. Then next to the Sun Aiken. You can manually set the focus off your camera, and the less I can miss Zoom feature. It's simple, you consuming them out if you like. Thank and click on the M. This is the manual option, and you can even work more on lights and darks on your camera. I cannot tell you what you should do best because every room is different. It depends on the larger using and what smartphone you're using and even every workspaces different. Just play with it and get a little familiar with it. Click. Done. When you're done. Let's take some pictures. Think on this red big brought in on the right. If he don't use a remote or click on the plus Aiken on your headphones, you can see in the upper right corner that you've made a picture. You can't see the previous picture right now, but any mating will be a lot easier if you do. When you drag the slider on the left down, you can see the previous picture you've made. This is also called onion skin. Now you can place your item. In my case, the Q b a little bit better. When you're happy with it. You can make the next photo where you pressed play on the right. You can see the two pictures you've made in a sequence on the lower left corner. You compress his little scratch like, um, and with this, you have some guidelines that can help you said your items on your workspace. Even better, let's make some more photos. Let's say them and then see how that looks like when you play that in a sequence you can see my hand is moving very slow, but the reason for that is that I'm also using a screen capture up to make this class for you. When I don't use that up at the same time, it looks a bit better for yet. Now it's really Please don't further sleep because I can't help it. Really. Actually, animating is like very good. Mindfulness. So beaches patients and enjoy the slowness. And will they finished sometime someday? Some gear, some lifetime pic? No, Let's Durham out the guidelines and slider on the left and played in the sequence again. Que is moving Parade. Let's make 10 more. And this time I'm going to speed it up a little bit. Okay, Now made 20 photos. Click on the error on the left. You can see the small animation I've made and its many photos below it. Now I can explain your more features. This question mark helps you guys you a bit too. So if you're forgetting things, I'm learning you. You can check it Here is well to go back to the very first green of the APP. You can click on this air over here. Now you can see the move you have made, and when you click on it again, you can go back to work on your animation before I end this lecture, I will tell you a bit above frames per second. Every photo you make is also called a frame. If you want to smooth up or make your animation more rigid, you can do that by controlling the amount of frames per second. I've set this animation to 10 French per second. So in this case, 20 forest takes two seconds to play in a sequence. But look what happens when I set this animation to one frame per second. Now the animation takes 20 seconds, which looks very rigid and slow and totally boring. Oh, okay. Click on the real icon on the left and let's speed up this animation to 10 frames per second again. Then click done and play the sequence. You see, this is much faster. Play with it some more times to see how it looks when playing even faster again in stop motion animation. 10 to 15 frames is most common, but you can do what you like. In the next lesson. I will tell you some more features. Uh huh. 4. Stop Motion Studio prt 2: edit features #1: in the previous lesson. I've explained how to set the friend for second. Next to that I can you can set of faith in your animation. This means you can fade in by starting your animation from black like this. Or you can choose to only fade out the end of your animation to black like this. You, you or you can do both. Yeah, the next Aiken is setting your screen size. If, for example, you want to upload your animation to Instagram, it's best to choose a square option for YouTube. I would choose the default option when they choose. For example, the square, the butts that won't be visible when you export your animation are darker where you go shooting the picture. You can only see the square when you turn on onion skin. Choosing the next Aiken, you can choose to set a foreground to your animation with the free version of the APP. There's only this option. It's fun to play with it, but honestly, im not really using this one. Yeah, with the pay version, there are lot more and you can even import your own foreground, which I'm not going to discuss in this class. You can put color filters to the animation here, but again, with the free version, you can only choose black and light or no filter. And with beta version, there are many moves you can choose what quality you want to export your animation ing. The only option that isn't available using the free up is to four K. I always used to default. Are you player animation? You can choose to look the animation or played only once. This is only once, and then it ends. At the last frame are you? Go back and turn on players look, and it places a loop until you hit the pause button. Simple. Next, I will explain to you how to use the voice recorder. See you in the next lesson. 5. Stop Motion Studio prt 3: use the voicerecorder: clicking this. Plus I can. You can add images or video you have when you're fund at your animation, clicking on title and credits. You can choose to add its title screen or credit screen to your animation, but these are only available when you're having the baby version off. The also you can add sounds by clicking audio, but again, this is only available Ring of the big version, but no worries. Ignore this. Plus I can and go to the microphone. I could. Here you can record some. Maybe you like to sing, or you want to add a voice. Your animation with the free version you can has tried to do that. Click on the record button to record your voice. Give me V pressed up to end the recording and play to listen to your recording. G V V V Great Gary, Maybe Gary. Maybe it works. You can see on the first picture. There's a music note. I come. This means there's audio. Add it to the animation. I'm going to show you more edit features in the next lesson. 6. Stop Motion Studio prt 4: edit features #2: were. You click on one of the pictures you've made. You can see a lot more options when you click on insert camera. You can add more pictures in the beginning off your animation. When you click on this empty frame, you can send this empty frame to the end, and when you make more new pictures, these will be played here. Click on this passport, and if you want to post a frame, the app basically repeats this certain frame as many times as you choose and then continue playing the rest of the animation. Give me V. Let's turn off the sun. You see the key. V starts moving a bit later. Now, when you click on the audio button, you can edit the recording you've made with the voice recorder. You can choose Dream to make your recording shorter or longer, or you can choose fate. This means you can fade in and fade out your recording. Sometimes this can be necessary. In this case, I don't think it really matters. Let's try. Let's just do this, Gary. Maybe when you click on this volume button, you can change the volume off your recording. Make it louder again G V v V. And here you can change the pitch. Let's see. Whoa, that's lower except me over higher Or go back to normal on the last Belton. You can add some G maybe like a filter they may be. Oh, dear. Maybe hand, Let's go back to that. Ah, yes, The edit button. This one is fun. When you click the plus sign you see several options at drawing is only obeyed Feature, but text isn't. When you double click on this double tap to edit text, you can change the text. I'm saying key, we we we So let's write it down as well and then click done where you go to format, you can change the style on the phone and all the things you're probably recognized from other text editors. So let's see, I'm gonna do this normal thing. Um, but he what do I want? No, no, no. Uh, yes, yes. This is not really working with this one bird. You can do this if you want. I don't really use that. Actually, a color that's always nice. Well, you can change the color, of course. And when you click on more, you can even do this, which is nice if you click on it again. You have this color picker, so if I want the color of the key, for example, you can do that. You can rotate your words and Jason capacity, and when you click done, you're done. Of course, you can move it around. It could bigger, smaller, whiter. I think you get the picture. Okay, What's next? Click on the plus sign again. Shape is next. Bless you. See, this is the shape you get. If you only click on shape and you can make a bigger let's say I want to put the work in, be on top off it so you can change it in the layers panel, as she can see. And when you click on Key, be really again, you can make it smaller so that it fits in the shape. If you want to change the shape, you click on the shape and then format. And as you can see, there are man ships to choose from. That's cool. Mature. Actually, if this is the free feature that I'm, maybe this is only possible in the page feature. I thought it was possible in both. That's hope that I hope that for you. Yeah, you can change the color again. Use a color picker. Do basically everything I just showed you, Um, when I was editing the text. You can do that with the shapes. There arose. It's a lot of fun. You just have to play with it and, uh, just see what happens. I letters, like, cartoony letters. Sweet. Get stir. What? Okay. There are other shapes. This one first. Oh, yeah. Here. Ex couple of our shapes Maybe can do something with this. You see, this is pure improvisation, people. That's just this one. I can Jason color, of course, but I don't want to do that. I'm gonna rotate. It's a little bit. And then James capacity a little bit, and then I'm done. Let's go to the next one. Background. Boof orange. Not just a little bit. You can change order in the layers panel, as I showed you before. And if you click this I button, you can turn off one of the layers. Um, for example, I am changing capacity. This orange background will show up a little bit and there's a motorcycle outside. I don't know if you heard it. Uh, yeah, but saying is beautiful. But, oh, face faces farm. Here's the face. So I can edit this. Of course. Uh, this is three D rotation. Ah, let's go back first and make it smaller and position it on the q b. Go back to edit and rotate it back normally. Right now may be the other way. Yeah, this thesis better And reposition it, it will be more. Yeah. And now 23 the rotation. Now you can see it's a bit around the edge if you see the difference. So it feels like this Kiwi has a face because the kiwis rounded Well, you can change the mouth to happy an extremely happy em surprised R e. I don't know. And you can changed eyes there many different eyes and mouths. Just play with it. You can actually let the Hope animation talk with this features. I'm not gonna discuss that in this class, actually, but I will do that another time because she can seriously lip sync the whole animation. Let's go back. I will do it another time. You TV? Yeah, Here. You may be okay. What's next? Pause yet? Let's change supposed to. Nothing he may be. Maybe so Now the Kiwi moves immediately when I play and them instead of posing, I'm going to copy and paste, which is almost the same thing. Apart from defects, this sound is going to be double and that's not what I want. But you can delete that. Go to the second frame and delete the audio. Here he may be this is much better. And copy and paste one more. Why not see, these three frames are exactly the same. And now, if I pause for six or yeah, do it four times your baby, your baby It takes a well before the key. We start to move. Okay, let's quickly the game. For example, The second frame. If a breast select and select. For example, these two frames I can copier cut, reverse or delete, which I'm going to do. And they're Rebeck from the start. Maybe you're really let's put a fade out in his animation. I just fade out to Black Marie, Maybe you may be Yeah. Okay. What's done? Next option. Let me see. What did I I didn't do Cut. I didn't do cut. Okay. Click uncut. Well, you can guess you can goat and for example, let's go to the sixth frame and then paste. Very baby, maybe. And if you don't like it, you go here under at frame again under delete frame every back from the beginning. Let's go back to the first green off this up and let me show you the features here. Click, Select and then select the animation you've made. You can cover your animation are deleted and exported. Clicking care. The most important are the 1st 2 options clicking on export movie. You will save it on your smartphone, and when you choose any mated GIF, you can export it somewhere like Dropbox or iCloud, for example, at use export movie and critical safe video and save it on my smartphone. And when you click here you may be you can play your video When you click on the shopping cart. I can. You can see what you get when you buy the pay version, import images, the remote camera movie effects. I showed it to you a little bit green screen sounds, but you don't need this for this class. Yeah, next we're going to make the birthday greeting animation. See, there 7. Make the birthday greeting animation: before I start shooting the pictures, I've said the frames per second to 10. I've set the camera settings like focus and color, and I've decided to make the animation backwards. I've said the last image, how I want to end my animation first so that I have the exact conversation I have in mind. I want to add a fade in and out later, so I make 10 pictures of the same image right now. Good Lueders, later by copy and paste the same average. But this is what I always do when I'm done with the 10 pictures, I start slightly moving the branches and believe Justin Me will be So is there like legs and arms? I imagine and then attacked a picture and I do this again. I want this whole animation takes 10 seconds, so I need 100 pictures in tow. I am again not to bore you. I will speed up this process and put him some funky music that I wrote. Enjoy. - That's it. That see how it looks, first dancing a little bit and then it's gone. Yes, cool. Let's go to the next lesson viable? Added the birthday greeting animation 8. Edit the birthday greeting animation: I want to reverse the whole animation so that it ends with the words Happy Birthday. To do that, click on the first frame and then click on Select, then select all friends. Then click on the last frame and click on Reverse Rivers. Um, let's check this. Yes, now the animation starts with all typical Thor's things and end with the first puppet and happy birthday now going to end of fade in and out. Great. Now I want to make this in any made a gift and I will export this to my iCloud account and then I'm done. Next, I will show you how to share the gift on the class project page. 9. Share your animation in the class project: somehow I cannot. At the gift I've made in the class project, however, what does work for sure is using embedded link. For that, I'm using the website Giffey, and the quality of the animation will even be better. If you export your animation as a movie and not as a gift, Go to giffey dot com and click on Create, then drag your movie. Click on all these. Continue things uploads all not important. Now you're creating a gift, this steak, and copy the Link Gopi and go to skill share and then add media. Go to a better link and paste your link submit and there's the gave. Yeah, this is it. We're done. So you mean next lesson by 10. Thank you: you know? Yes. Redone. I'm very curious what you've made shared with me and your classmates. And if you like, I'm going to make more. CASS is. And if you follow, click on the follow somewhere over there. Oh, you will be the first to know when they knew God will get online. So I don't forget to do that. I will totally appreciate it. I love you forever. Really? I mean, so yeah, that's it. And hopefully see you next. Less. All right. See you. 11. Bonus lesson: give your animation a face: as I've showed you already in the second edit features class, you can add a face to your animation, since this forced puppet thing is Yeah, it looks like a puppet. I've decided to do that. I want to put the face on the stone and I need to do that frame by frame. Yes, this is a time consuming thing. Only do this if you have the time impatient for it. First up with the face on the stone that can take over already. So I want a bigger Smarr is not good. Yes. Sit. Yes. And then a juice. The mouth in the eyes. Let's stop with the eyes. Um, yeah. What is the character of this stone? I think it's a happy, happy character and a bit surprised, Like a I'm a storm. And now I have a face. That's funny. Something like that. What do you think? Mm, Not happy. No, I didn't prepare this. I'm just improvising. The's mouth are funny as well. Oh, never mind. Doesn't matter. I think this one is good. Very bored. And now click on this layer and copy it. Then you go to the next frame you go to edit. They direct the plus sign and do paste well. The stone has moved but faces the same, so you can just changed it a little bit. Which there's gonna be a lot more faster than if you don't copy and paste the face. So yeah, its changes a little bit. I don't want exactly the same facial expressions the whole time, so I changed the mouth a little bit and eyes and and copy and paste coffee back. Next frame, Click made, added, plus sign paste. It's almost the same place, not entirely. I want another face and another month always happy and do the same thing. I'm just fast forwarding this whole thing, and, uh, you will see the whole process. Enjoy way. Let's take a look. It's funny. It looks like this puppet is talking. Maybe it says Happy birthday. I'm going to record my voice saying that this is not a class about lip sinking, by the way, Then it would have started with the voice and added the face. After that from now, that's Oh, and turn on your headphones out of ice. The recording will not work. Let's just do something, have paper saying toe. Okay, let's see if this works have paper saying toe e. Well, it's not 100% correct, but I like it somehow. It's sweet. Help Labour they do you? Yeah, very sweet. But I can added a little bit First, some fading to fade out. We see. Have paper. They key. It's OK. Um, it's changed to speed a little bit. It's smokes. I'm making higher. Ah, higher speed. Main means actually higher pitch. And that's played again. Yeah, it's very cute. This fade in to fade out of mature About that. Maybe only a fade in. Yeah, I think that's better. Okay, let's export this one. It's as a movie. Um, and then I'm done. Well, thank you for watching this class and see you in the next one. So by 12. My birthday greeting animation (with face and sound): have a per a to you. Oh!