Animate a Logo in Adobe After Effects CC with Motion Graphics

Lucas Ridley, Commercial Director & Animator

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9 Videos (1h 30m)
    • Course Promo

    • Planning and Approach

    • Outer Circles Animation - Pt. 1

    • Outer Circles Animation - Pt. 2

    • Text Animation

    • Van Animation

    • Road & Mountain Animation

    • Glider Animation

    • Rendering

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About This Class

If you want to bring logos to life then this course is for you!

We'll take a logo I've animated and dissect it and recreate it together.


There are many important animation techniques and subjects covered throughout the course that will help you problem solve and find creative fast solutions to animating in After Effects.

There is a project file in the 'Project' area that you can download to follow along as well.

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As a marketing professional in the 21st century, I can attest to the difficulties of making your brand stand out among the crowd. Learning how to animate my company's logo from this class is a very cool and unique way to grab people's attention and separate us from the noise.. Very well taught and interesting course. Thanks!
This class was really great! I don't have any formal knowledge of how some of these things work, I play around with the program in my spare time. This was very helpful in understanding how some of these tools work in conjunction with one another.





Lucas Ridley

Commercial Director & Animator

Hi! I'm an award-winning animator and commercial director, my clients include LEGO, Nestle, Anheuser-Busch, and Braun. I got my start by photographing and filming weddings and then learned 3D Animation and went on to work at the Academy Award-winning Moonbot Studios on Playstation games and short films, one of which was awarded 2 daytime Emmy's.

Most recently I had the privilege to work at the birthplace of visual effects known for Star Wars: Industrial Light and Magic on movies for di...

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