Animate a Flat Band Aid Icon in After Effects in 15 minutes! | Andrew Pach | Skillshare

Animate a Flat Band Aid Icon in After Effects in 15 minutes!

Andrew Pach, Animation all the way!

Animate a Flat Band Aid Icon in After Effects in 15 minutes!

Andrew Pach, Animation all the way!

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4 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Design the Band Aid

    • 3. Animate the First One

    • 4. Animate the Second One

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About This Class

In this class I am going to teach you how to prepare this Band Aid icon animation in After Effects:


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Andrew Pach

Animation all the way!


Hi! My name is Andrzej Pach, to my friends known as 'Nigel'! I am an After Effects / PowerPoint / video / graphic design junkie eager to teach people how to utilize their yet uncovered raw design talent! I run a YouTube channel called "andrew pach" which I do with absolute joy and passion. Here on Skillshare, I would like to share interesting, project-based classes that will make your design workflow a greater experience.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in this exciting product. Why don't we have another round off funding after effect and create this simple project? We can create such a bent eight Aiken in about 10 minutes. It's extremely fun. It teaches you a nice workflow and allows you to create more icons like this. So let's start. Let's go ahead and let's watch the few tutorials to create this product. 2. Design the Band Aid: Hey there. So I was thinking what to record about, and I was thinking about a Nikon. And since you can see, I have a small injury since yesterday and I have a Band Aid. So I thought, Why don't we animate a Band Aid? A simple Aiken. There's never enough animated icons on the Web, so we should do the job and create one off our own. Okay, I will create a new composition with this button. The composition will have five seconds operation and the size off course. Let's go for a study 1920 per 10 80 for a full HD composition. At first, I'd like to design the actual band eight. So I will make some around corners and let me show you how. Click here, press it down and select rounded rectangle toe. Once you have that selected, create a rounded rectangle like that, depending on how big the actual Band aid should be. I wanted fairly big on the screen. Now you can see we have shape Layer one and direct angle Number one. I'll opened it up. I'll open up direct angle path and I'll up the round. This you can see I'll up it to 1 50 So with the maximum around and I'll have a nice rounded corners. My second step will be two unlinked the size, so I have free access to the length off the actual Band Aid. Okay, let's stay by 5 80 Okay, and you can see the anchor point. The anchor point is in a bad spot. Press. Why on your keyboard or select depend behind toe, click on the same player and place the anchor point just in the middle. If you have troubles and you have a newer version of after effect, you can select control old home. It will automatically snap to the middle. Okay, we have basically our Band Aid prepared. Now I will go to align in the alliance type. I'll press middle middle. I know the shape layer now is perfectly in the middle. I click on the Fei player and I breast are. I own a small rotation off negative 45 degrees and I'll press enter. I leave in press enter and college band A and one I'll press control de So I have bends to I'll even change the color to my favorite orange. The first are and I'll rotate it in the other way. Positive. 45 degrees. Basically, I would have the bent designed. I would only a few things. Well, maybe before rotating it, I pray. Zero here, I will de select the 2nd 1 and I want you to come closer. In order to finalize this design, Click on Ben Late number two. Click here. Select the Lips Tool because we want a few circles here having this second mandate selected Click on Mask because you want to create masks and I'll create something like that with my ship ski. And I don't see anything right now because this mask is said to Admiral, I actually wanted to subtract this mask from this entire band. Eight. Now I don't see the middle of the screen. Let me place title action Safe. Let me click on the Band Aid. Make sure it's in the middle. Okay, it's in the middle, so I need the mask. I'll press TV and I double click on the mask. I wanted it to be a bit bigger with my shift key and left control. Okey. I control how big it is. Okay, Now I can click on the mask and control de Control de Control de. Click on the 2nd 1 DoubleClick shift. Right. Click on the turd. Double click. Place it on the bottom. Click on the fort Double quick. Place it on the bottom and on the right side. Okay. I think I'm pretty precise here. It doesn't have to be perfect. Really? I just wanted to have those two mandates. Now it looks like the 1st 1 again. This one should have the rotation to a positive 45 degrees. And don't worry that we don't see those those cattle pieces now it's because the second Band Aid is hovering over here. This is the end of the first part of the work. I think we prepared his band late pretty well. We will not make this long. Now we will have some fun with animations and we will finalize this icon animation with some cool masks. At this point, you should have been one and bent to with four cut out circles. See you in the next lesson where we'll finalize this design 3. Animate the First One: Okay, well done. We have the mandate in this lesson. Well, animate the first part of the band Light. I really like the animation we are achieving here, So let's go for it. Let's create it. And then we'll finalize this in the third lesson. All right, We have no time to lose. De select the 2nd 1 Click on the 1st 1 and let me make the reveal er I look like again. Maybe not a rectangle. Let's use our mental having the vented once elected and remember to click here to create a mass because else we'll just create another shape. I don't want that. I want to create a mask and the mask will be very simple. Boom, boom, boom, boom. So we have our mask. I'll open the masks, go forward to maybe one second the selected here because, look, you need those little circles. If you have the mask selected, you'll just move to mask around. If I d select the mask, I will be able tow resize the mask and this is what I want. Here at one second, I wanted to have an animation like that, and this is basically the mask we wanted whom? A very simple animation like this. Now I do want a second mask and the second mask will be something like this. I want to cut through the middle. We can have masks selected boom, boom whom boom! Boom. So the mess number one is done. Now I want to work with the second mask and the second mask about here. It will subtract an element of the bent eight. Now, don't worry that at the beginning we already have something cut out here because we can open them. Ask and you have the mask expansion. Luckily, we can make the expansion to a negative value, so we close this entire point Now I'll come here. I'll click on the expansion Click on the Mask. Bad and justice. Previously, I'll go a little bit forward. I'll click somewhere else because I want to work with the mask. Number two. You can see I have the circles now and right now I'll make this mask bigger. Off course. We clicked on the expansion because at this point, you want the expansion to be zero, to be precise here Now, how precise do we want to be? We want to exactly reveal Bands number two. Okay, So simply revealed this layer co closer and make something like that. It doesn't have to be exactly perfectly precise. I just want some space here, some space here. I click my space bar so I can move around. Boo and days would be it. You can see what information I get now without disbanded number two. Boom, boom. Perfect. It really looks nice. If something will be too slow for us, we just take the key frames. We placed them closer and it will be quicker. You can see how quick that's comes. Okay? I just like the bottom key frames have placed him closer. Select all of them, right? Click Key frame assistant, Eazy E's. That's it. Now, in the next lesson, I want to show you how to quickly create a mask for the 2nd 1 and we are basically done. This will be the last lesson. So let's head over to it and finalize this design 4. Animate the Second One: Okay. Welcome in the second part where we'll animate the second bandit and this will be nothing complicated. Just make it visible. Click on the Band Aid. And what do we have now? We have an animation like this. You can see where this is going. I kind of want them to appear together. And I really like this This cut, which is somewhat like that. And I'll make something similar. Click on bends to go to the point where you want the animation to start Somewhere around here again. Click on tool creates mask and I will create and mess like this. Kind of on the formal shape. So we have this little line here going like this. Okay, we are at this point, I will go forward. And what do we need again? Since I didn't click away, I can adjust this mask. You can see by those corners. Those points are still vegetable. It gets a bit time to get used to. Okay. And how would this innovation look? Well, it doesn't look at all because I didn't click on the mask. Five. I didn't like mask path. This is my bed. So I'll go back to another point. I'll click away and I'll make it back Warts. Okay, Like this perfect boom, boom. And why isn't it working? Obviously, I should intersect it. You can see I'm going too quick with it. Go a bit forward, Boom. Perfect. No, it isn't perfectly aligned with red click Key from Assistant Easy's Press Control A and Press you because now I only want to see the key frames. I have everything. I want the animation to kind of flow into each other. Together I'll press my space bar and for my taste, everything is a bit too quick. So I take the last key frames, the ending key frames, and I placed them for the Roy. Now this this one happens to slow. This one happens too fast. I think we are selecting the sweet spot. If you want to make those animations have paid more advanced, you could go into the graph editor with my Vicky. I would select the key frames and I'll make the animation to have another flow. But this isn't necessary. I think the animation s is looks really cool. Now this gets a bit too quick. Yeah, I need to wait before reveals until we go forward. Okay. And basically, I could select title action. Safe to be removed. Press control. Why? I would select a nice, for example, green or blue collar. Because we are in the medical department. Okay. I really like those. Those greens. Okay. Place it as the last layer. And we have the Band Aid ready. This would be our Aiken animation for this class. I hope you've enjoyed it. It was a quick one, but a really enjoyable one. And here I'll press and to end the innovation. And I want to look at it repeatedly. Well, now we can see if we made any mistakes, but everything can be very simply corrected. You have older masks, you simply go to the Ben Tate, for example. Bend it, one. If I want to adjust any mask, I'll just press my I'll just take my selection tool and I can create and change this on the flight. But as I see it, I think we made a pretty good job, and our animation is ready to publish. I hope you enjoy this quick tutorials. And I hope you will not suffer any injuries like me. Let's get all better. Let's make those animated icons and let's have some fun within aftereffect. Thanks for watching and see you in older tutorials like this.