Animate & Code a 2D Projectile in Unity 2018

Christopher Navarre, Software Instructor

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2 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Setup for Fireball Spritesheet Animation Unity 2018 Tutorial

    • 2. Creating a Fireball Projectile with Movement, Collision, and Sound Unity 2018 Tutorial


About This Class

This is a basic class on creating projectiles inside of unity using spritesheets and simple C# scripting. In creating projectiles that can interact with player characters (or other game objects), we'll be covering the following topics in some detail.

  • Cutting a Spritesheet
  • Creating an Animation
  • 2D Trigger Collisions
  • Box Colliders
  • AudioSources and AudioClips
  • Checking for Collider Types
  • Destroying Game Objects

Scripts and Sample Scene for this Series at:

Fireball Sprite Source: