Animal Psychology Certificate (or Learn to Understand Your Pet)

Elmira Strange, Psychologist, Coach

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About This Class

If you were thinking of becoming your ‘Pet Whisperer’ and truly start understanding what your pet is trying to tell you, then this course is for you. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Psychology and Behaviour of dogs, cats and rabbits. For example, you will learn the language of cats through their behaviour, meowing and body language. 

You will know how to become a pack leader for your dog and how to spot first signs of aggression. And if you have or considering getting a rabbit as your pet, then you will learn how to train him a few simple commands and how to stimulate their mind in the best possible way. 

This course is for those who wants to understand how to communicate with and how to train their pets, and how to understanding animal behaviour and psychology. In this course you will learn for example:

  • Psychology of cats (communication, body language, behaviour)

  • How to deal with cats (aggression, petting, training, housetraining)

  • Psychology of dogs (age groups, breed and temperament, separation anxiety)

  • How to deal with dogs (excessive barking, chewing, reading dog’s behaviour) 

  • Rabbit Behaviour (socialising, communication with rabbits, training commands)






Elmira Strange

Psychologist, Coach

Hey, my name is Elmira Strange, and I am Research Psychologist (MPhil), Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (Dip), and Certified Life Coach (Dip). I love combining my passion for Psychology with Coaching. 

The unusual bit: I was born in Northern Kazakhstan (where it's freezing cold in winter -40C), then moved to Russia, then to the United Kingdom.

The interesting bit: I had a life-saving surgery and near-death experience in 2012. The near-death experience made me realise that we are here to share our knowledge, help each other, and enjoy this life.

My interests: Psychology, Online Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, and Paranormal phenomena (no wonder after my near-death experience!)

My previous experience: Whilst I was working at University (Wales, UK) as a Senior Researcher and Psychology Lecturer (prior to Online Teaching), my focus was on 'Researching Stress in Families of Disabled Children' where I had to learn what makes people stressed and unhappy. From that point on I knew that I want to work with people in therapeutic settings, helping them to find their path towards happiness. Then I went to study Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

Since 2006 I am working as an 'online entrepreneur' as well: writing blogs and books, whilst finding my own most enjoyable 'niche'. In my 'online' courses I combine my extensive knowledge of the 'building online business and marketing' and my passion for 'Psychology and Coaching'.