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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Animal Faces & Fabric In Procreate—Introduction

    • 2. Selecting Photos & Fabric: Pexels As a Resource

    • 3. Creating High Contrast: Zebra

    • 4. Adding Fabric To Our Zebra

    • 5. Adding Drama With Drape: Chicken

    • 6. Retro Vibe With Fabric: Toucan

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About This Class

In this class you'll learn how to illustrate an animal face in Procreate and how to use photos of fabric to create a whimsical composition that humanizes the animal. You'll consider a positive and empowering statement that your animal is reflecting back to you.

You'll strengthen skills such as using contrast and using color to make your art cohesive. You'll learn how to use fabric for collage in your digital compositions.

No prior experience is necessary—the Zebra project in particular is suited for beginners. You'll need an iPad and a stylus (or your finger, if you prefer). I use an iPad Pro and an Apple pencil.

There are two collections of photos in Pexels (Animal Faces and Textiles) that I created for you (Go to Alma de la Melena Cox or click here). These are photos that are free to use. 

Also, I've made several photos of fabrics of mine available for you as well. These are below. Download and save them to your photos. 




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alma De la Melena Cox

Mixed-Media & Digital Artist



Hi! I'm Alma, I've been a mixed-media artist for over 20 years. I'm the author of Collage Fusion and Calling Dolores—a novel about creativity. I love teaching at art retreats worldwide, and sharing all my techniques in my art studio and online. I think Skillshare is super cool ❥.

For more inspiration and tips, visit my YouTube channel.

 My love of mixed-media has spread to digital art. Check out my Procreate classes here and here. I share FREE mixed-media backgrounds and photos for you to use in your artwork. 

I'm passionate about creativity—mixed-media art especially, because it's a great way to express yourself intuitively and to make your artwork and digital illustrations uniquely yours. Have questions... See full profile

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1. Animal Faces & Fabric In Procreate—Introduction: Hi, I'm also available in a Cox. The most important stories are the ones that we tell ourselves when we're creating art. Many of us are a challenge to believe that we're even good at it. We question whether the art itself is worthy good, or even valuable. And I often think that these thoughts are tied to what we believe about ourselves. It's taken me a really long time, over 20 years of creating and teaching art to realize that whatever I make has the meaning that I'm giving it, even if it's someone else's opinion embedded in here, good or bad. If I believe it, then that's the story that I'm telling you about my artwork. And I'm experiencing all the fields that go along with it. It seems really obvious and really simple. But what I really want most is just to enjoy myself. I want to experience childlike pleasure and freedom when I'm making art. And if I'm not, then that's an opportunity to bring awareness and possibly healing to feelings of insecurity and doubt. Fortunately, art can help us with that. In this class, our focus will be faces. Are subjects today have an inherent beauty, value in worthiness. Just like us in this simple and playful class, we're going to anthropomorphized animals to reflect the inherent good in ourselves as we digitally dress them and spend time with their expressions, will exercise our imaginations to create a statement that is positive of ourselves and our creativity, we're actually going to write something empowering with words. We'll use one of my favorite mediums, fabric to create texture and to inform our composition decisions. And hopefully as we focus on these amazing faces, our message will also enjoy the process of creating a cohesive digital collage. That's the goal, pleasure. You'll have a collection of free resources to use, including photos of my own fabric that I used in the artworks and some extras. Along the way, you'll learn how to use tools in Procreate to unify unlikely elements such as feathers, fur, fabric. And of course, every single artwork in this class is going to be good. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. I'm really excited to see your artful animals and to read what they have to say. Let's get started.