Angular 2 Tutorial For Beginners - Introduction to Components | Vasco Ferreira | Skillshare

Angular 2 Tutorial For Beginners - Introduction to Components

Vasco Ferreira, Web Development Online Instructor

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9 Videos (37m)
    • Angular 2 Tutorial For Beginners - Build Your First App - Hello World Step By Step

    • Building Your First Angular 2 Component - Component Composition

    • Component @Input - How To Pass Input Data To an Angular 2 Component

    • Angular 2 Event Handling

    • Angular 2 Component Templates - Inline Vs External

    • Styling Angular 2 Components - Learn About Component Style Isolation

    • Angular 2 Component Interaction - Extended Components Example

    • Angular 2 Components Tutorial For Beginners - Components Exercise !

    • Angular 2 Components Tutorial For Beginners - Components Exercise Solution Inside


About This Class



This course is an introduction to the Angular 2 application development framework. The goal of the course is to cover the fundamental aspects of Angular 2 development, establishing some solid ground for further courses.

In a short time and with the help of the lessons code you should be up and running, and be able to know how to build Angular 2 Components.

Course content

We will first learn about how Angular 2 relates to the MVC paradigm by building our first component, and see the Angular 2 change detection mechanism in action for the first time. This quick start will give you a feel of what the framework looks like.

Then we will then a detailed step by step introduction to Angular 2 Components, including: Component Inputs and Outputs, how to organize Component Templates, how to Style Components,  an extended example with multiple interacting Components, an exercise and its solution.

What you will Learn

You will establish a solid foundation on how to build Angular 2 Components. You should be able to write your first Angular 2 Application and many types of commonly used Components.





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Vasco Ferreira

Web Development Online Instructor

About the Angular University:

The Angular University aims to be the only place that you need to go in order to learn and keep up with the Angular 2 ecosystem. We provide premium quality video tutorials, screencast style.

About the course instructor:

Hello, my name is Vasco and I'm a Software Developer with 17 years of experience, very seasoned building user interfaces with Angular. I've worked as a Frontend Developer/Architect in a large variety of enterprise projects th...

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