Angular 2 Tutorial For Beginners - Introduction to Angular 2 Services | Vasco Ferreira | Skillshare

Angular 2 Tutorial For Beginners - Introduction to Angular 2 Services

Vasco Ferreira, Web Development Online Instructor

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Angular 2 Services Tutorial - Writing Your First Service - Learn @Injectable

    • Angular 2 Services - Introduction to the HTTP Service - Do a GET HTTP Server Call

    • Angular 2 Services - Using the HTTP service to do an HTTP POST

    • Angular 2 Services - HTTP Error Handling

    • How to Setup a Development REST API HTTP Server with Express and ts-node

    • Angular 2 Services - Exercise - Do an HTTP DELETE

    • Angular 2 Services - Exercise Solution - Do an HTTP DELETE


About This Class



This course is an introduction to the Angular 2 application development framework. The goal of the course is to cover the fundamental aspects of Angular 2 development, establishing some solid ground for further courses.

In a short time and with the help of the lessons code you should be up and running, and be able to know how to build Angular 2 Services.

Course content

In this lesson we are going to learn how to write a simple Angular 2 injectable service, and see how to inject it anywhere in the app using constructor injection. 

We are going to use the Angular 2 HTTP service for the first time, and we are going to do an HTTP call to a mock backend HTTP server built using ExpressJs. we will also learn how to use the Angular 2 standard HTTP service to do a POST HTTP request to our development server, and how to handle HTTP errors.

We will also learn how to use the ts-node and express node.js modules to setup a very simple HTTP server, meant for development purposes only.  

What you will Learn

In the class you learn how to create a service, configure it for injection and how to do calls to a backend using the Angular 2 HTTP module. You will also learn how to setup a development REST Express playground.





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Vasco Ferreira

Web Development Online Instructor

About the Angular University:

The Angular University aims to be the only place that you need to go in order to learn and keep up with the Angular 2 ecosystem. We provide premium quality video tutorials, screencast style.

About the course instructor:

Hello, my name is Vasco and I'm a Software Developer with 17 years of experience, very seasoned building user interfaces with Angular. I've worked as a Frontend Developer/Architect in a large variety of enterprise projects th...

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