Angular 2 For Beginners - Introduction To Directives | Vasco Ferreira | Skillshare

Angular 2 For Beginners - Introduction To Directives

Vasco Ferreira, Web Development Online Instructor

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8 Videos (32m)
    • Angular 2 Directives Tutorial - Write Your First Custom Directive

    • Angular 2 Directives - Inputs, Output Event Emitters and How To Export Template References

    • Angular 2 Core Directives - ngFor

    • Angular 2 Core Directives - ngClass and ngStyle

    • Angular 2 Core Directives - ngIf

    • Directives Guided Tour - Learn Why Directives Might be a Better Choice Than Components

    • Introduction to Angular 2 Directives - Exercise - Improve the Collapsible Directive

    • Introduction to Angular 2 Directives - Exercise Solution


About This Class

This lesson is an introductory tour on Angular 2 directives. This is an extremely powerful feature of Angular 2 that often remains underused. Its very powerful and and if used correctly it can be used to create functionality that is even more reusable than components themselves.

We are going to learn about the core directives that Angular 2 provides out of the box, and we will learn how to write our own directives. We will finish with an exercise: we will build our own directive.






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Vasco Ferreira

Web Development Online Instructor

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The Angular University aims to be the only place that you need to go in order to learn and keep up with the Angular 2 ecosystem. We provide premium quality video tutorials, screencast style.

About the course instructor:

Hello, my name is Vasco and I'm a Software Developer with 17 years of experience, very seasoned building user interfaces with Angular. I've worked as a Frontend Developer/Architect in a large variety of enterprise projects th...

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