Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 8 - Services and Observables | Patrick Schroeder | Skillshare

Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 8 - Services and Observables

Patrick Schroeder, Teaching JavaScript Courses

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9 Videos (22m)
    • Services Intro

    • Services Explained

    • Constructor

    • Services Example

    • Intro to HTTP

    • Observables Explained

    • Http in Angular 2

    • Http with Observables in our App

    • HTTP Solution


About This Class

Welcome to Part 8 of the course.

In this section we'll discuss services and observables.

Services Explained - Services are used to encapsulate logic that can be re-used across multiple components.

Constructor - The constructor is a special method that is executed when a new instance of the class is being created.

Observables Explained - Observables are part of the reactive extensions library also known as RxJS and are used extensively in Angular 2.

HTTP in Angular 2 - We use http in order to send and receive data. Angular makes it easy for us to send these requests.

Code for this course is located here:





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Patrick Schroeder

Teaching JavaScript Courses

Patrick Schroeder is a self-taught full stack JavaScript developer. He enjoys working with Angular, Node.js, Mongodb, React.js, Firebase, and anything else javascript related. Patrick is passionate about teaching Javascript. He loves to help others understand difficult concepts by creating clear presentations that gradually builds to full comprehension of a given topic. He is very interested in furthering his knowledge of IOT and wearable products with the intention of teaching cutting edge t...

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