Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 3 - Components | Patrick Schroeder | Skillshare

Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 3 - Components

Patrick Schroeder, Teaching JavaScript Courses

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7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Components Intro

    • 2. Why Components

    • 3. First Component

    • 4. Composing Components

    • 5. Component as Directives

    • 6. Hiding Javascript Files

    • 7. Updating Our App


About This Class

Welcome to Part 3 of the course.

In this section we'll discuss components. Components are at the heart of Angular 2. In this section we’ll discuss how to create and use components to encapsulate functionality.

Why Components - Components are the foundation of modular development and are brand new in Angular 2.

First Component - To get you familiar using components, lets reconstruct our AppComponent making a few changes.

Composing Components - In this video we discuss what comprises a component and how we should be structuring our components.

Components as Directives - Lets now go through the process of creating a new nested component to act as a directive as well as walk through how to use a templateUrl and styles within our component.

Hiding Javascript Files - Discussion of how to hide our Javascript files from appearing in the editor.

Updating Our App - In this video we’re going to update our app so that it starts to look more like our sample application.

Code for this course is located here: