Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 2 - Setup | Patrick Schroeder | Skillshare

Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 2 - Setup

Patrick Schroeder, Teaching JavaScript Courses

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Intro to Setup

    • Developer Environment

    • Starter Files Setup

    • Understanding Modules

    • NgModules Intro

    • NgModules Explained

    • Bootstrapping


About This Class

Welcome to Part 2 of the course.

In this class we'll work on setting up a new application from scratch. This will include a discussion of your developer environment, what files are needed to bootstrap our app, and how we use NgModule to organize our modules.

Developer Environment  -  In this lecture, we discuss operating systems, installing Node.js and choosing an editor.

Starter Files Setup - Getting setup with our starting code. 

NgModules Explained - The Angular docs tell us that NgModules are used in order to help us organize our application into cohesive blocks of functionality. So lets explore exactly what they mean by that.

Bootstrapping - In this video you’ll learn how we bootstrap our application which is the process of putting together the minimal pieces needed to run an Angular application.

Code for this course is located here:





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Patrick Schroeder

Teaching JavaScript Courses

Patrick Schroeder is a self-taught full stack JavaScript developer. He enjoys working with Angular, Node.js, Mongodb, React.js, Firebase, and anything else javascript related. Patrick is passionate about teaching Javascript. He loves to help others understand difficult concepts by creating clear presentations that gradually builds to full comprehension of a given topic. He is very interested in furthering his knowledge of IOT and wearable products with the intention of teaching cutting edge t...

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