Angular 2 Essential Training - Part 1 - Introduction

Patrick Schroeder, Teaching JavaScript Courses

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5 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course

    • 2. What Is Angular

    • 3. Why Angular 2

    • 4. Language Options

    • 5. Benefits of Typescript


About This Class

Welcome to Part 1 of the course.  

There is no coding in this section.  If you want to get up and running now then move on to Part 2 of this course.

Welcome to the Course - In this video we'll discuss what you should know prior to taking and what to expect. Code for this course is located here:

What is Angular? - AngularJS is a leading framework for building javascript heavy single-page web applications.

Why Angular 2? - Angular 2 was conceived as a complete rewrite to Angular 1 in order to fulfill the expectations of modern developers who demand blazing speed and responsiveness from their web applications.

Language Options - Which language to use? Angular 2 provides a variety of options when choosing a language to code in.

Benefits of Typescript - Now that we’ve made the decision to code using the Typescript language, lets take a brief look at some of the core language characteristics as it relates to Angular 2.