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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

30 Lessons (2h 18m)
    • 1. Angels and Spirit 101 - Preview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Course Overview

    • 4. Introduce Yourself

    • 5. Free Gift Information

    • 6. Historical Perspectives

    • 7. Defining Spirit

    • 8. Where Is Spirit

    • 9. What's In Spirit

    • 10. Leave Or Stay

    • 11. What Are Angels

    • 12. Hierarchy Of Angels

    • 13. Angel 411

    • 14. ArchAngel 411

    • 15. The Elementals

    • 16. Ascended Masters

    • 17. Ancestors, Family, and Friends

    • 18. Pets, Animals, and Nature

    • 19. Your Spirit Self

    • 20. Your Soul Self

    • 21. Ties That Bind

    • 22. Your Divine Gifts and Talents

    • 23. Crafting Communication

    • 24. The Oracles

    • 25. Who To See

    • 26. When To Go

    • 27. You Are The One You Seek

    • 28. A Heartfelt Thank You

    • 29. What We Learned

    • 30. Congratulations And What's Next

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About This Class

Have you wanted to learn more about Angels - What's the 411 on these Divine Messengers?

Are you curious about the Spirit Realm - Where is it? Who and What are there?

Have you thought about going to a Psychic, Medium, Reader, or Intuitive, but you're not sure about it... or them?

Would you like to learn ways in which you can easily communicate with these beautiful Beings of Light?

In this course, we will delve into these subjects and SO much more!

Angels are messengers from on high sent to earth to help, guide, and comfort us when we need it. We all have the amazing gift of Free Will so we can learn to ask for their help at any time. You'll learn how to communicate with your Angel Guides and which of these winged wonders you're working with.

You also have a whole group of cheerleaders that are in the Spirit Realm which you can call upon for wisdom, advice, and instruction. Explore the world of Spirit and find out who is available to join your Spirit Team.

With a light-hearted and fun approach, we'll cover such topics as:

Angels, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Elementals, How You're Still Connected To Spirit, Engaging Communication, Historical Perspectives, Who and What Are Oracles, How to Seek Advice From Sources Such as Psychics and Mediums, Why You Might Be The One You're 'Seeking', and Much More!

You'll create tools that will help you decipher the information coming from Spirit and learn about other resources available for you to go deeper into this study.

After joining the course you'll be invited to join The LightWorkers and Earth Angels Academy Facebook Group which will be a source of continued learning, coaching, and investigating while connecting and collaborating with like-minded individuals like You!

I've also created a package of goodies that will help you continue the momentum of learning and working with your Angels and Spirit Team!

Welcome! I look forward to greeting you inside!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tracy Una Wagner

Transpersonal Life Coach


Hello, I'm Tracy - Transpersonal Energy System Guide | Ancient Mystical Civilizations Theorist | Paranormal Researcher | Angel Guide | Mystical Shaman | Author | Animal Advocate

 Tracy was born and raised in a Metaphysical home where stories of paranormal phenomena, clairvoyant experiences, and superhuman feats were the talk at the dinner table.

 Having come through a Near Death Experience following a terrible car accident in her teens she knew, for a fact, that we are all truly Spiritual BE-ings having a physical experience. So, she set out to try and understand what that meant to its fullest extent.

 During a successful career of over 20 years in the Beauty Industry, which included owning several businesses such as a Salon & Day Spa, Tracy push... See full profile

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1. Angels and Spirit 101 - Preview: Hello and welcome. My name is Tracy Una Wagner. I'm an intuitive trans personal guide with my business versatile inspirations. There I mentor and teach different modalities, tools and techniques to help the spiritual being that you are navigate this physical world and beyond. I've been a meta physician my whole life. I even have a PhD in metaphysical science. I also have certifications, credentials and knowledge and such topics as metaphysics, the New Age, spirituality and the paranormal, just to name a few. I've received these by taking hundreds of different courses, classes and seminars and the like to keep my yearning for learning intact. This course is part of my light Workers and Earth Angels Academy, including my Light Workers and Earth Angels Study Hall. There, you can take part in a community of like minded individuals who also have a service based heart. Take courses to expand your knowledge, help others find answers and gain confidence and participate in sessions that will help you transform on a whole new level. In this course, angels and spirit 101 We will be delving into the trans personal realm of angels and spirit and uncovering the who what where and how of these divine beings of light all on a beginner's level, or at least for anyone who's looking to learn more about these messengers from on high? The topics in this course include introduction and course overview. What is spirit your angel? Messengers? Who's on your spirit team? Your divine connection with angels and spirit. Engaging communication with angels and spirit, psychics, mediums, readers and you and the course summary. If you've wondered about angels and would like the 411 on them. If you're curious about the spirit, roam where it is, what it does and who's there. If you thought about going to see a psychic, a medium, a reader or an intuitive, and if you'd like to learn ways to connect and communicate with these beautiful, divine beings, then this is the course for you. So sign up today, and I look forward to greeting you inside. As always, I'm sending you and yours love, light and eternal blessings. Take care 2. Introduction: Welcome to your course, Angels and Spirit one. No one in this section will be going over the course overview. And in this lesson will be the introduction. Welcome. My name is Tracy. You know Wagner with personal inspirations. And thank you so much for joining up for this course Angels and spirit 101 Throughout our journey together, we're gonna be learning some of the basics about angels and spirit who's there, who they are and how we can communicate with them and how they interact with us in the physical room. So stay tuned, and I look forward to helping you gain may be just a golden nugget er to on angels and spirit. So who is this course for? If you've been curious about angels and or spirit, this is the course for you. We're gonna be looking at some of the major angels and how they play a part in your life along with spirit. Who's there and how can we communicate with them? Have you ever thought of where spirit is? There are a lot of different opinions and ideas on where spirit actually is, but no one knows for sure. So we'll be going over some of the ideas out there on where spirit is and I'll be letting you in on a beautiful story. That kind of helps to understand where spirit resides. Who are the angels? I'm sure you've heard of tons of different angels. So where do they fit with your life? We're gonna be going through the 411 of both angels and Arc Angels and let you in on how each of them can actually play a part in your life and how you can call upon them to help you in different times throughout your life. What's a spirit team and who's on yours? Actually, we each have a spirit team. You've probably heard about Guardian Angels. This is just the beginning of who we can call on for help and support through our life here on Earth. And your spirit team is they're ready and willing to help. All you have to do is ask some of them, you'll probably realise, are on your spirit team like the Angels. But there are people and spirit that are just biting at the bit, waiting to help you in different circumstances throughout your life. And we're gonna be learning about some of them. Maybe you already know me and my work. Welcome. Thank you for joining. This course is, Well, we're gonna have so much fun on our journey together and I can't wait to start. So who is this course not for? Well, there's a few people that may not want to take this course and alleged a who that IHS. If you're not open to new ideas, this may not be the course for you as well. Be diving into the angels and spirit roam. There is a tendency for that to be a little bit outside people's comfort zones because we'll be discussing spirituality, new age, paranormal and metaphysical things is even esoteric ideas. So if you're not okay with those, that's just fine. But this may not be the course for you. If you already have a working knowledge of angels and spirit and you don't want anybody else's opinion, that's great. This may not be the course for you, as I'll be talking about not only my own personal opinions but those of my mentors and teachers. So there's a wide variety of ideas that I'll be sharing, and they may not align with yours. And if you're not open to those about angels and spirit and you have your own, that's just fine. You may want to skip this course, though, also, if you are not okay with animals. I just want to be open and transparent. I have for babies, and though I try so hard to keep them out of the picture and out of the hearing range, sometimes they love to come up and see what's going on. So you may end up hearing or seeing role mu or folly or the birds or squirrels outside. So I just want to let you know in advance. If you're not okay with animals, you may want to skip this course to it just may not be the right one for you. So with all that said, Are you in the right place? I say, Yes. I think the universe brought you here for a reason, and I believe you should stick around to find out what that reason is. You could be here toe, learn about angels and spirit for yourself, but you may be here toe. Learn more about angels and spirits so that you could help other people learn about angels and spirit as well. And I believe in serendipitous moments. And I believe that happened when you join the course. So I appreciate you being here and I say, yes, your end, the right place. And I'm so glad you're here. Next step will be going over the course overview, and we're gonna be learning about the topics There are included in this course, so I'll see you there. 3. Course Overview: in this lesson will be discussing the course overview. So the topics that are included in this course are the course overview. We're going over that now, and we're gonna learn what more we can expect from this course. What is spirit? This is the 411 on what spirit can be and what we understand off it. Your angel messengers thes are the Angels were gonna be learning the 411 on the Angels and learn how we can best call upon them to help us in our everyday life. Who's on your spirit team? There again? There are so many light beings in spirit that we can call upon that. Help us throughout our life here on Earth. We're gonna be going over some of those and how they can help us. What's your connection to spirit? Have you thought of that? We still have a connection to spirit, and I'm gonna go over the ideas on how we are still connected to spirit and why we can call upon angels and spirit to help us in our everyday lives. How do we call upon those light beings to help us? Well, that would be communication And so we're gonna be learning on how to engage that communication with some fun projects that I have there, crafting their easy. And I have templates that will help you along the way, as well as videos that have step by step instructions. I look forward to that because it's so much fun, and it really helps you to engage in that communication. Psychics, mediums, readers and you. So have you ever thought about calling psychic hotlines or maybe stopping by one of those places that you've seen Maybe in you're downtown area that, say, psychic on the window? Those are psychics and mediums and probably readers as well. And I'm gonna be going over what each of them bring to the table for you. Why you would want to go, what to look for and why you might be the key ingredient for being your own psychic. And then we'll be following that up with the course summary. I'll be going over what we've learned and how you can get more. Resource is as well as other kinds of courses that are out there that will be coming up and that are available to you now. So I look forward to our journey together. I hope you learn some wonderful things throughout this course. And I love for you to just stay in contact with me and let me know how you're doing. Next up. I want to get to know you a little bit better. And in this lesson, I'll ask you to introduce yourself. I'll see you there. 4. Introduce Yourself: in this lesson. Introduce yourself. Welcome back. I hope you're enjoying this course and you're getting some golden nuggets that are beneficial to you, where you are right now in this amazing thing called life. If we haven't met yet Hi, I'm Tracy. In a Wagner with personal inspirations, I lead a mentor, individuals seeking help with their spiritual transformation by offering tools and inspiration for their unique evolutionary process. Let's face it, personal transformation can be kind of lonely, but it doesn't always have to be that way, but by connecting with others, though on their own path allows us to sometimes learn from them doing their own work also. So I've designed this course with you in mind, and with that, I love to offer you the ability to connect with me and your fellow classmates fazer people that if they're taking the courses well, our like minded and so you already have something in common with, um, So for this exercise, I'm inviting you to head over the Q and a section in your student dashboard. That's within this course and answer a few questions. That way we can get to know each other a bit better. the questions are one your name to the country you reside in. Three. Why, in this particular course called to you and what you expect to learn from it. Four. One unf Act about yourself and five. Any comments, questions, ideas, suggestions, anything about this course or the topic in general. Don't worry about remembering the questions. I'll be posting them in the Q and A section for your convenience. Once you're there, feel free to read other's answers as well and connect with them by responding. I'll be leaving my answers there as well. So head on over and introduce yourself to the group. I appreciate your presence and your energy here. In the course, you're adding a special piece to the whole. Just by participating, I want you to know that you are not alone on this journey. You have a whole tribe off cheerleaders and well wishers behind you, and we're waiting to meet you. I'll see you there. Next up will be discussing your free gift, and we'll be talking about that in the next lesson. I'll see you there 5. Free Gift Information: in this lesson will be discussing your free gift. I know it can be difficult to complete courses, but it's really beneficial for you. If you do complete them, you'll learn something new, and along the way you may learn something that you can share with others, but it's still difficult, I know, because there's always family and work and friends and pets and much more that are vying for your attention. Trust me, I know. But think of it as a self care program. Think of it as play and fun and that you learn something new each and every day. If we just even block out a five minute segment to continue on this course or other courses . Or maybe we're trying to finish a book. If we spend five minutes for ourselves. It's a wonderful self care program that we can continue on, and we can charge our energy batteries during that time. So take a few moments for yourself, whether it's with this course, other courses or something fun for you. I want you to have a beautiful self care self love program that allows you to grow and change with ease and flow. There's a reward that you'll be receiving an angel and spirit gift pack inside that will be your Meet your angels in the Secret Garden meditation. In this meditation, you'll be meeting either one or multiple angels in Spirits garden. And with that, you'll be able Teoh be able to talk with your angels and learn more about each and every one of them, and I will walk you through that process through about a 25 to 30 minute guided meditation . There's also coloring pages and journal pages and doodle pages that are all in this gift packed. Just waiting for you to finish. This course next up will be going over the historical perspectives and learn how we went from ancient times, ideas of angels and spirit to modern day. I'll see you there. 6. Historical Perspectives: in this lesson will be talking about the historical perspectives. During this lesson, we're gonna be discussing about the history off angels and Spirit. Now, with it, there will be what's called Entomology. And that is just the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed through history. So what we think of as modern day angels and spirit, it may have shifted, morphed a little bit from what, the ancient times or the past as faras the words go. So we're gonna be going over that because words have meaning and sometimes words, especially in olden times they actually had more than one meaning. And so we're gonna be going over some of those and see how it's changed. Maybe a little bit from then till now. So spirit through history, the Entomology for that is thes. Early adoptions also included terms such as Latin Spiritus, which means spirit, soul, courage and vigor. And the Indo European off spirit meant to breathe in Sanskrit, akasha or ether, or space is what spirit was termed. And in other language translations, it means mind. You may have heard the term spirit and soul kind of go back and forth, meaning about the same and as we'll learn later on. In some dictionaries, the um the source lists soul as spirit and spirit as sole. Now they were eventually separated into their own distinctions through Abraham ism, which is Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others. So now you have spirit and soul meaning completely separate things, and we'll discuss why that's important later on. So also, through history, spirit can relate to anything from team spirit toe licker to malevolent beings to the divine. Depending on who you talk to and how you use the word, it also means a synonym of God. Also, it is acknowledgement of the realm. Were spirit resides. Spirituality also promotes spirit, independent of soul. So there again, you have spirit as one and soul as another. So I want to take just a second to talk about the distinctions between each and this is my opinion, and I'll discuss more about how I arrived at this later on. But spirit can be classified as your higher self, or I like, determine your spirit self, because this part of you is actually still in spirit. So with that, it resides in the spirit realm. And remember, this is my assessment, your soul or what I term your soul self. Because there that there's that distinction between each resides within your subtle body. Now you may have heard about your subtle body. This is where your original seven shockers air located. Also, this is your aura when people talk about seeing your aura or having a picture taken of your aura, this is the energy that's visible outside of your physical body. This is your subtle body energy. Your soul self is still tethered to your spirit, self in the spirit rum. So there is that communication link from your soul self that resides in your physical or your subtle energy body here on Earth. And yours here itself is, in the spirit roam, able to communicate back and forth because you're always connected to the divine. You're always connected to that spirit. That's why we can communicate with spirits. We can communicate with our higher self because we are still connected, and this again is my assessment. So angels through history, an Entomology Latin Angeles and Greek angelos, I mean messenger or angel. The Vedic Sanskrit diva means heavenly, divine and Angel and Diva is another word for Angel in Sanskrit. The origins of angels is hard to pinpoint, as there are many cultures, ancient civilizations and religious bodies who've depicted winged, glowing, haloed flying and other forms of entities similar to modern day interpretations of angels. And most are always thought to be messengers of God. Spirituality has normalized angels to the point where many are willing and ready toe work with angels on many different levels, from dreams to healing to finding lost items and much, much more. So light workers, angel messengers, channelers and earth angels work with and deliver healing, comfort, encouragement and many more things by tapping into the Rome of spirit and communicating with the divine realm. Next up will be headed into the next section. What is spirit? I look forward to see you there. 7. Defining Spirit: Welcome back to your course Angels and Spirit one. A one in this section will be talking about what is spirit and, in this lesson defining spirit. So what is spirit? Well, the dictionary has quite a few different ideas on what it could be. So here are a few. It's the vital part of being. It's the force that animates an organism. It's a supernatural being conscious life. Some other words that describe spirit are being substance, essence, individual person, self entity, energy and soul. But I want to talk a little bit about that distinction between spirit and soul. Now, a while ago there, the spirituality movement had a what I term a spiritually trinity. And this Trinity is just a group of three. But this group waas mind, body and spirit, or they interchange those last words to be mind, body and soul so you would hear mind body spirit. Or you would hear some people talk about mind body soul. Now I've been seeing a progression, and you've probably seen it to toe where there is that underlying distinction between spirit and soul. It's not the same thing. Even though there are some similarities, it has its They have each their own, their own definitions, their own thing, their own essence about them. So I've been suggesting, especially since I've been working in the trans personal feel for a while, or the feel that delves into the paranormal, the spirituals, the esoteric, the Chamonix. When I've been working with that they it really capitalizes on the distinction. So instead of a spiritually trinity, I see the spiritually te trid. Now a te trid is what you've probably guessed a group of four because not only are we mind body spirit or you can just say my body soul, we are all four. We are mine, body So and spirit Combine that the spiritually Tetris is what we really need to focus on, because with that, we include everything that you are made up of, and we can also delve more into what our soul requires and what our spirit and higher self requires. You are whole your mind, body, soul and spirit, and you're everything that that entails your divine, limitless being. And I think we should move forward with that spiritual Tetrick. For that reason now, like I was talking about before with my own perspectives on soul and spirit. I just want to talk about what I believe. The three distinctions are as far as what you are here on earth, as a physical being, what your spirit is and where it is and what your soul is and where that is now I truly believe that we are thought for made manifest. We manifested into this existence because we had a purpose and as a being or a human being . We are consciousness. And so ah, being to me is conscious individual life. And this is just from us being made manifest from the spirit. Roam the soul is what we have as individual energy force or source. We are that individual energy that is within us. So our soul self being with N s is within our physical being here being made manifest. It's inside that subtle energy body that we talked about earlier, where we see the aura that is part of your subtle energy body. Your energetic body in our energetic body resides our soul self, which is around where if you know about the chakras, it's around where your heart Shaqra and famous chakra are. And it's right on the side of it, so it's in a beautiful triangle shape with those other two. Shock Ra's. So you have your soul self. You have your seven original shock ra's. That aura that is seen and felt is within that energy force and spirit spirit or your higher self is the individual energy force residing in the spirit roam. So this is the part of you that is still in spirit. This is your spirit self, and it still resides in the spirit. Roam. You are tethered 21 to another. Your soul and your spirit are tethered together and eventually will become one again your soul and spirit. Once again, your soul is here. It's in your physical manifestation. It's your soul self, and it is tethered just by an energetic cord to your spirit, self or your higher self that's in the spirit roam. That's why we can actually communicate with spirit easily and effortlessly. We can communicate with our higher self easily and effortlessly when it comes time for us to transition and leave this physical body. Our energy body are subtle energy mass. That house are Shah Cra's who we truly are. Our soul will just release this body. And when we return back into spirit, we're gonna kind of be greeted by ourself our true self Our higher self that was there in spirit all along helping and guiding us along our way here in the physical realm. And what happens is when they come together, it becomes, ah, hole. And this is a twin flame. Those air your twin flames it is ah whole. This whole being is eternal. It is forever. It is unchanging. It is complete and whole. This is you. This is your divine self. This is who you truly are. This twin flame becomes whole again. Now this twin flame is not be confused with a soul mate or soul Family. This is has nothing to do with that except further both and spirit. Right, But your soul mate is the one that you choose to be with all the time. And that is your soul, mate. This is a person that you feel like you're connected, Teoh. On an energetic level that is your soulmate, Your soul family can be the family that you choose to be with your in the physical room and those that you choose to be with in spirit. I really believe our spirit family is everyone. I believe we're all brothers and sisters in that same beautiful spirit roam. But some people believe that their closer to others, and that's just fine. And so you can continue to think of the soul, family or spirit family as your true family. And that's not to be confused with this twin flame. The twin flame is the other half. To your whole it is true. You. It is your spirit, self and your soul. Self combined in spirit. I want you to think of it as being limitless. You can be whoever you want to be. You can go wherever you want to go. You can do whatever you want to do. So anything that you can dream up any realms that you can dream up any Galaxies or other universes that you can dream up. That is how spirit is. And that is how you can arrive, knowing that you're the limitless being that you truly are all the time, whether you're here and physical form or you're back in spirit form, you're always that define limitless, being always and forever. Next stop. We're going to be discussing where the Spirit Rome is. I look forward to seeing you there 8. Where Is Spirit: in this lesson will be discussing Where is the spirit realm? I would like to ask permission to tell you a story. I was told a similar story many years ago by one of my mentors. It helped me understand the spirit, roam a little bit better. It helps solidify my perceptions of heaven and help me remember little pieces of my times there. I hope the story rings true for you, even if it's just bits and pieces, because the more we truly understand our divine, limitless being, the greater that we trust, that we never really were born and we never really die. We only transform from one state to another and a beautiful fluid motion and all that we divinely are. We will continue toe always be always known, always recognized, always love beyond what we can even imagine. I hope you enjoy it. Imagine you are enjoying a nice evening on the couch with your soul mate. You've had a hearty pizza dinner and are ready to settle in. And benj watch the latest Siri's everyone is talking about when knock, knock, knock. I wonder who that could be. Your sweetie asks as you get up to answer the door. It's Arcangel. Michael, Come on in. Michael. What can we do for you? Um well, I know it hasn't been along homecoming for you, but you're needed back on Earth. There's a need for your talents. And Mother Gaia asked for you directly, but I just got back a while ago. I've been enjoying relaying what I learned from the last time and updating my akashic records since my return. Yeah, I know, and I wouldn't have asked. But you got the call from Guyana, so I thought I'd let you know. It's your decision, though. All right, Let me think about it. So you spend the night thinking about all that you'd miss again. The painting lessons you were just feeling good about. And how could you not with a teacher like Picasso learning about tending the garden to attract more birds and butterflies with ST Francis. And you loved reminiscing about how you and your soul mate found each other each and every time another life presented itself. It was so interesting to see the connections you both had, even though you were miles apart. But through it all, you knew that if mother earth was calling for you. You had to go and help you love Earth and would always be there to help in any way you could. So you hug your sweetie and they whisper, you'll be back soon enough. See it then. Enjoy yourself. I love you. And you pack your bags and head out. Curious as to what this time will be like on Earth. And before you know it, you're in a crib, blurry eyed, wondering why the heck you decided to do this yet again. And your guardian angel says, you know why. And you really do know why. You know I'll be by your side always. So don't fret. Uh, I know, but and you couldn't finish your thought because N runs your brother and the rest of the family. She's up, She's up. Can I hold her now, please? He yells, And you remember the feeling a love that overwhelms you with in a family As you continue to grow, you see, hear, feel and know. Your guardian angel is there watching over you, guiding and protecting along with your family. You play with the gnomes and fairies that are in the backyard and your unicorn. Friends come by to remind you of the love from divine source. But as you begin to grow, you get friends, you go to school and you're busy. You graduate and get even busier. You're learning and experiencing life is human. You get a career and more friends, and then that special someone comes into your life. They feel very familiar and your loved. You have a family of your own and life on Mother Guy A continues to move and flow, and your family grows and has their own family, and you're still learning. And yet you are so wise you have a lifetime of knowledge and you feel loved. Time moves forward on Earth and time ticks on. You feel a pool. It feels familiar. You ready for something? But you can't remember what it is. You pack your bags reading for a trip because that is what it feels like. You're about to embark on you. Put your earthly affairs in order, just like you would if you were heading off for a month or two. Preparing at one point you begin to see yourself as if watching a movie. You begin your life as a baby and you grow. You go through each stage of your life for some reason, you look at it as though you're looking at it in a movie theater. One day you sent something and you can kind of see Tabby the catch you had when you were 70 and look, they're sassy, your faithful friend that your true love bought you when they went overseas on deployment. But they had passed many years ago. How am I seeing them now You see more forms coming towards you. They are a little bit blurry too. But you can make out period clothing and wait. Is that Uncle Jack? I never met him, but I have seen enough pictures to know who he is, but he died before I was born. How next you see all the angels, fairies and others you dreamed were riel. And in a way, you always knew they were. They were around you, guiding, protecting and helping you throughout your life. They are riel. You think to yourself. Here you see a group of people enjoying a meal at the largest table you've ever seen. It's pretty washed out, but you can see them beckoning you to join them. They look so happy. You want to participate as well? I'm coming. But I'm not sure how to reach you. You think? And that's when you clearly see your soul mate and soul Family bright shining and in perfect vision Smiling at you. We've been waiting for you. We're so glad you're ready to come back. But take your time. We're not going anywhere. We're right here as we've always been the right moment the clouds part things become crystal clear and your soul self sheds its physical manifestation. The part that allowed you to stay attached to the Earth Room anxious as to what will happen next. You feel caught between living and what dying is their death Heaven the other place What can I choose to stay on Earth? Has technology gotten to that point yet? Should I have been frozen? Should I have okayed my cremation? Oh, but the panic loosens its grip and you decide in your core that despite the outcome, your all end and surprisingly, you realize there's no need to worry. The landing part was all a mirage. The other side of that great divide or what seems like a huge crevasse is just as really as the earth you left behind. So much love, so much love and so much more. And you begin your journey back here, you begin to remember the colors, smells feelings and you get excited to return back home. You're greeted by a form that you've been looking forward to connecting with again. Welcome, sister and all at once your twin flame, your spirit, self and soul self combined to become a whole again and you remember who you truly are. You begin to run and see the door you've been through thousands of times. The one Ark Angel Michael came calling for you what seems and feels like a lifetime ago. It's cracked open a bit, and from inside you hear a television playing some old game shows. Your sweetie always enjoyed watching he roll your eyes and smile to yourself as you walk through the door. Welcome back. You're greeted with hugs and kisses. How is your trip? Tell me all about it. I can't wait to hear how we met this time around. Are you hungry? Let's walk down to the store and grab some lunch. Sassy here, girl. Let's all go for a walk and you remember who you truly are. What I want you to take from that story is that in the spirit Rome we are energy. We decide to manifest in the reality that we choose, whether that's here on Earth or a different galaxy or two. We choose when we and how we manifest I want you would also take away that we are limitless . You are a limitless, defined being, always no matter what, Whether you believe that or not, it's the truth. And so I also want you to understand that when you return back to spirit, it isn't just one thing you and spirit manifest whatever it is that you want to experience . If you want to experience earth again, then you'll experience earth again. You'll manifest yourself back into that space because your energy and you can transform that energy into anything and everything that you want. And just like you manifested here on Earth, you will manifest back into spirit, enjoying some time with your sweetie on the couch, watching maybe some old game shows. Next up will be talking about who's in spirit. I'll see you there 9. What's In Spirit: in this lesson will be discussing who and what is in spirit. So have you ever thought about who's in spirit? There are multitude of different people and things that are in spirit, and we can call on. So some of those our ancestors friends, ascended masters, loved ones, angels, pets, God and source, and there's much more. So what isn't spirit? We discussed who is in spirit but is there are what is in spirit. Most definitely. What can you dream up? That is what's in spirit. Believe it or not, you are limitless, and you can create whatever you want. You can create different Galaxies, different realms, and you can visit them just as quick as a wink. Like I said, there are other worlds to explore. You may not believe that right now, but you will when you kip pack into spirit because it is the truth. You are limitless. There you have nothing tying you down or binding you from experiencing whatever it is that you want. There are other Galaxies to explore, and you can do that when you're in spirit. Other realms think of those beautiful realms that you read about in books. Why do you think people write about them? It's because they visited them and they're wonderful to read. And they're wonderful to know that at one point you will know that you can visit those Rome's at any time. Just think the past, the present and the future all can be combined. There is no distinction. You can go from one to another to another, easily and effortlessly, just like flowing down a river. You'll be able to visit the past, your past lives or when you were younger. In this life, you'll be able to visit the present right at this moment, you'll be able to visit this moment once again and the future. What? Ever wonder what the future holds? I bet you did in one of your past lives, and you probably visited this time and thought this would be a great time to go back. So any of that past, present and future is waiting for you there as well. Next up with all that wonderful information, why would you ever choose to leave? We're going to discuss that next 10. Leave Or Stay: in this lesson toe leave or not to leave. So I'm sure you're wondering after hearing all of the wonderful things that go on in spirit . Why would you want to leave? There are many reasons why we choose to manifest and different locations and one of them being manifested here on Mother Gaia, Mother Earth. Some people believe that we only have so many visits to earth. Now I don't choose to believe that, but it has some merit to it. Why else would we have an astrological sign? But they believe that you only have so many visits. You begin your journey here on Earth by starting out and the astrological sign of Aires and then you continue on. So you have 12 visits and you end your journey as a pi ses. So this is some people's ideas of how maney, how you can get to earth, how many times you can visit and in what order. But some people believe that it's just time to go or that were told to go. So it's one or the other. I don't necessarily choose to believe that entirely, although in the story it really resonated with me when we're called to do something. We kind of need to do it if we're felt led to do it. Because no matter what, here, in spirit or in other realms, we always have free will I choose to believe that we are here to explore, toe, learn and to experience and to be able to take those experiences and those things that we learn back with us to spirit So we can capitalize on learning more and doing more in that room or in other worlds and roams as well. When we're here, we also bring all of those things that we've learned all those tools. All those techniques and all of those wonderful things from our path lives into this experience. We may not have them all at one time. We have to kind of remember that we have them. And if we're here not to be using some of them, then we won't remember them. We won't need Teoh, But when we're here, I believe that we choose to come to learn experience and explore so justice. There were reasons for us to leave spirit. There are some reasons for us to stay. Some of the reasons I believe our that we want to explore more. As in the story, we maybe we want to experience different things that are in spirit. So instead of leaving spirit, we choose to explore our surroundings more. And that's okay. Maybe we're just not ready. Maybe we've had enough of life here on Earth or other planets or realms, and we kind of just want to stay put for a little while. That's already too. It's just the same as if we feel we don't want to go outside and have to go shopping with all the people around. Maybe we want to be a homebody for a little while. It's all right. Maybe we want to stay as in the story and help others. Maybe we want to help others, especially when they're transitioning back into the spirit, roam. Maybe we want to be there to help them and welcome them back. Just is in the other story. We can choose to do that as well. So you may be thinking, Well, can't your spirit self your higher self? Do that, Yes, but remember your complete and total being when you and your spirit self in your soul, self or combined back into that twin flame. Then you can shine your brightness even more in the next section. We're going to be discussing your angel messengers. I will see you there. 11. What Are Angels: Welcome back to your course Angels and Spirit one. No one in this section will be discussing your angel messengers. And in this lesson, what are Angels? First, let's talk about the energy of Angels because while some people can actually see angels just as solidly as you and I, what you're probably gonna feel first is their energy when they're around you, so their energy can be felt very palpably. You'll know when you're angels or by you they're soft, kind, strong, gentle, protective, powerful and caring. Most of all, they are loving. You're going to feel loved when they're in your presence. What are angels? Their heavenly, celestial, divine messengers light their guides, protectors, confidants and helpers. So some people believe that there are different levels to heaven. I've never ascribed to that what I choose to believe. Are there different levels or spears of angels? This makes sense to me because there are some angels that were created to work very closely with God Creator, and there are some angels that were created to work with us by creator God. And there's the middle sphere that are kind of those that work with both realms. So it's very interesting, so I choose to think of it that way. An easier way to see this is if we look at a business. Businesses on the top tier have the CEO or the owner of the business. In the middle tier, you have the supervisors or the managers, and at the lowest here you have the workers, the people that actually make the company go. So it's the same as with the Angels. So in the first spear, and we're going to be discussing these all in a lot more detail very soon and one of the later lessons, but just to kind of go over who's in what spear? Let's look at it now and a first spear. You've got the Seraphim, the true Bem and the Thrones. The second sphere have the virtues, the powers and the Dominions. And in the third sphere, you have the Principalities, the Arc angels and the angels. And the word angels refers to so many different kinds of angels, and there again, we're gonna be discussing some of them later on. So those angels remember I told you there was a lot of them. Well, we have guardian angels. They're part of that. So the Guardian Angels are the ones that look after us. They're the ones that are with us throughout our life, helping and guiding us along our path. You also have Earth angels, and these Earth angels are helped by the Guardian Angels. They're the ones that helped lead them to doing the right thing or what their life path. Maybe that could be being a doctor or nurse working in that type of field, or could be an energy healer or an angel card reader. Anything like that are guardian Angels. Help us to go into the careers or follow our life or sole purpose in the word angels. You'll also see the word elemental Zell's. Now I choose to think of elemental as being separate from angels. They do have that same quality. They're both still in spirit. But what elemental is have decided is that they want to work closely with Mother Gaia or the Earth realm. And so they were closely with our physical being here on Earth. And these can include the fairies and the unicorns, which unicorns are interesting because they actually are in both realms because they're very they're full of love and they're pure and they're just divine light made manifest into unicorns. And the green men or nature spirits are part of these elemental Oezil's. Also, there are angels that are called the Angels of E Knock. This is a book that is not in the King James version, necessarily of the Bible, but they're separate. It's a separate book called The Book of E Knock. When we talk about the Arc Angels, some of them are referred to in the book of E Knock E. Knock himself was the great great grandfather of Noah from Noah in the Ark. What it said is that E knock lead was such a pure being that he transcended. When he ascended, he transcended and became an ark angel, and he became the Ark angel Megatron. One other being that we know of ascended and transcended into an another Arcangel. And this is the prophet Elijah. He ascended to become the Ark angel, sandal Finn and their said that Enoch and Elijah were brothers. Next up, we're going to be discussing the heirarchy of angels. I'll see you there 12. Hierarchy Of Angels: in this lesson the error key of angels, as I discussed earlier, Some people believe there are levels or steps in heaven. Some people say that there are from 3 to 10 different levels in heaven. I say it really is a state of mind. We can have that same state of mine here on Earth. What do you truly believe heaven on Earth is like? If your state of mind is there, what is it? What does it feel like? Back and spirit? There's only one level, I believe. Let's learn a little more about these different spheres of angels, though, remember and Sphere One we had the Sarafem the Seraphim are actually the closest to God. They burn with the brightest, purest light, which is hard for anyone to see. But creator God. That's why they're called the burning one's thes beings have 2 to 6 wings. The cherubim now humane. Thank you. Know what At two. Ruben is if you've heard of the cherubs, the cherubs, we think of our these babies with papers that have a bow and arrow that go around shooting people so that they can fall in love. But in actuality, Creator God placed these beings at the entrance of paradise. They are called one who intercedes, which they would write if they're at right there where paradise begins. And these beings, as you probably seen, have two wings now the Thrones air interesting thes are a little bit different. It is said that they are always in the presence of God. They carry the will of God to all the different angels. These beings, air said, to be connected as wheels of fire, each with a set of wings and eyes so very different than the other kinds of angels that were used. Teoh sphere to the Dominions. The's beings rule over Sphere three and lower angels. They carry creator. Gods love energy through mercy, and they lead over the threshold between the spiritual and the physical realms. Virtues. They work with the physical realms to bring miracles when needed. They're believed to be the ones that escorted Jesus during his ascension, and they bring inspiration and courage to us humans powers. These are the karmic lords. They're tasked to protect our souls and attend over are cautious records. They're thought to guard the entrance to heaven and helps lead lost souls back to heaven now for Spear three. These were the Principalities through the guardians of nations and religions. They watch over the lower angels, the Arc Angels. They work with all Creator, God's creation. There's several different lists of how many and who they are, but they're called the Unity of Angels, which means many but one. They're the true messengers on all levels. Some believe there are seven, and the names differ from listo list. But the most consistent it are Michael Uriel, Rafael Joe File, Gabrielle Zaki Oh, and Sham You Well and angels. There are millions of different kinds of angels doing a myriad of different tasks to help creation stay in harmony and continue the free will process. Next up will be discussing the Angel 411 I'll see you there. 13. Angel 411: in this lesson. Angel 411 Like I said, there are millions of different kinds of angels and let's discuss a few of those here now, So some common angels are your guardian angel. We know this angel is watching over us all the time. They're with us from birth until we transition back to spirit. Romance, angels, thes air. The Angels like the cherubim we were talking about, but they aren't true. They're just our romance angels. They're there to help us find our soulmates or those that we want to be in a romantic relationship with. They help eases out of tense situations with our romantic partners relationship angels, thes air, the angels that help us find relationships that are for our highest and best good and for others, highest and best good. Also, they're there to help us find those that are within our soul, friends or soul family as well those that can help us along our road to doing what we're here and meant to dio or experience. So call on your relationship angels to help you find those perfect relationships. Career angels thes air the angels that will help you in finding the best career for you at this moment for your highest and best good. So call on your career angels, just to help you find which path you should be taking and what you should be doing your purpose. Angels thes air The angels that help you find your sole purpose and your spirit Purpose. What are you here to do? What are you here to experience? What in spirit were you told that you should be doing in experiencing while you were here on earth or what should? What? Gifts and talents should you be sharing with the world at this time? Calling your purpose angels and you'll get a wealth of knowledge, creativity. Angels thes air the angels That will help you if you feel like you're in a funk and you can't get out of it, especially if you're a writer, an artist or anyone that uses the creative outlet. If you feel like you're stuck, call on those creative angels and they will help you get unstuck. Or if you're wanting to have a new hobby or something that will help you just flow with creativity or allow your creativity to flow than call on those angels and they will help you find what's perfect for you. Home and location. Angels. These are amazing angels that will help you find the perfect home for you. Where you meant to be. What are you meant to experience in that location? Also Location Angels. Think of it as you have a business and you would like to have a brick and mortar place. Call on these angels to help you find the perfect location for that where you can get the most traffic and be able to support the community as the community supports you. Next up will be discussing Ark Angel for 11 I'll see you there. 14. ArchAngel 411: in this lesson. Ark Angel for 11 arc Angels. I'm sure you've heard of one or two of thes beings of light. I just want to discuss a few of them and see how they may be there to help you in your everyday life. Arcangel Michael. He is considered the strongest of the angels. Call on him if you like some courage. Arcangel Rafael He is the healing angel. Call on him if you have any ailments. Ark Angel Gabriel, This is the Ark Angel to call on if you want inspiration and things that you'd like to create Shammy Well, he's the finding angel Call on Archangel Chamuel. If you've lost something and would like to find it, Yuria will call on Archangel Uriel if you would like some wisdom, he is the wisdom and philosophy. Angel Arcangel Joe File calling Arcangel Joe File If you would like to make order out of chaos If you're trying to clean up your space, call on Arcangel Joe file to help you with that Also call on Arcangel Joe file If you want to feel more love and peace in your life call on Arcangel Zaki El If you'd like to get your right brain your left brain in order. Arcangel Zaki el can help you with this ark Angel Michael is known as he who is like God. He is the protector. He also clears negative energy. He releases you from fear and doubt. And you can see him with a cobalt blue ish purple aura. Ark Angel Rafael means he who heals. He heals ailments and guides, healers and would be healers. You can see Archangel Raphael with the color green Ark Angel Gabriel. He is the messenger of God. He guides messengers which could be a writer or a teacher or anything of the like. He also helps parents. You see Arcangel Gabriel with the color yellow Arcangel Shammy Well is he who sees God? He is the one that helps find lost items. He eases anxiety and he is for global and personal piece. You'll see him with a color pale green. Arcangel Uriel means God is light. He is the wisdom and philosophy angel. He helped spark new ideas and insights. You'll see Arcangel Uriel with the pale yellow color. Arcangel Joe File is the beauty of God. She clears negative energy and returns chaos to order. She is thought to be full of beauty and organization, and she is bright pink arc angels at key. L is righteousness of God. He heals memory issues and mental function. Arcangel Zaki El can be seen with a dark blue color. In the next section will be discussing who's on your spirit team. I'll see you there. 15. The Elementals: Welcome back to your course, Angels and Spirit. 101 thing section is all about your spirit team and in this lesson gnomes, fairies, unicorns Oh, my Elemental Zell's in the dictionary Elemental are referred to as angels, but they're their own beings. They actually have come to help Mother, Gaia, Mother Earth and the residents thereof, including nature and all that it partakes off. Some of the elemental Z are fairies and pixies. Thes actually are nature's angels. They work with the environment, they work with the animals and they think of them as brothers and sisters. And they believe and know that everything is conscious and alive. They realize that everything is energy and it's limitless, and they treat it as such. Also gnomes and brownies. Now these air, a little bit different, knows our gardener's, their caretakers of animals and nature brownies. Our house dwellers ask up for Brownie Teoh, actually watch over your house and they will. If you leave some food and drink out for gnomes and brownies, they will surely appreciate it. Totem animals, thes air guides, messengers and they have a connection to spirit. They help you connect more directly and bring messages to you from spirit unicorns, thes air interesting creatures because they reside both very well here in the elemental on Earth plane as well as spirit and heaven. They are purity, love, and they are very divine creatures, and you can call on them when you want to feel more love and pure in your environment. Pegasus is these are powerful there. We have lots of strength. They help you sore and gained freedom. They know their limitless nous, and they help you know that as well. Mermaids and mur men there, the keepers of the oceans, lakes and streams. They keep the creatures that are in the water. They help them and take care of thm. They help those that are kind toe water. And there's lots and lots of other nature spirits such as green men, green women, green Children and green animals, divas, sprites, Els, leper cons and many, many more. There's tons of elemental Z that air ready and willing to help you just call on them. Next up will be discussing ascended masters 16. Ascended Masters: in this lesson will be discussing ascended Masters. As we've been discussing, there are so many people and things that we can call upon to help us in this life. Some of them include the Ascended Masters. There are so many people that you can consider an ascended master, and I want to go over some of those with you now. Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Krishna, Ganesha, Confucius and Quantity Yen say you're starting up a meditation practice, and you'd like some help with that call on Buddha, and he can help you. Also. Maybe you're wanting to get more wisdom in your life calling Confucius. And if you like some help and forgiving and letting that go call on Kwan Yin now, there are also ST that are available to us, not Onley in certain religions. Can we call upon saints? But anyone and everyone can call upon the saints for their wisdom and guidance. Here are some of them. ST Francis of Assisi, born in 11 81 he later denounced his family's wealth and traveled around preaching and taking care of the poor. He was known toe work closely with those that were affected with leprosy. The prayer of Saint Francis begins, Lord, make me an instrument of your peace. He is the patron of animals, merchants and ecology. Saint Hildegard. She was born in 10 98 and she was sent to live in a convent. She began having visions when she was just a girl. Later, she is known to have overcome terrible self doubt and began writing about that affliction. She is also known for her musical and healing gifts as well. ST. Bernadette. Born in 18 44 as a child, she had many visions of Mother Mary, to which she was told to dig in some dirt where a stream was found. This became the Healing springs and Lourdes, France. She is the patron of illness, ridicule, poverty, shepherds and shepherdesses, and Lourdes, France. Saint Padre Pio. Born in 18 87 he was known for visions, healing and having mystical experiences while kneeling before a crucifix. He says the stick model formed on his body and stayed with him till his death, whereupon the wound faded and was replaced by only a red mark, where it had been in the form of a cross saint. Padre Pio is the patron of civil defense, adolescence and stress relief. Now I think we all know about ST Nicholas or some people call him Santa Claus. He is known as a giving individual, someone who works with those that don't have a lot. And here some others that can help you along your way, calling them upon any time that you want. And they will be there. ST Germain of the Purple Flame. You've probably heard of him. So any time you see purple or any time you want to work with ST Germain, call upon the Purple Flame. Mother Teresa, White buffalo calf woman Yoga, Nanda Baba, G. Gandhi, Oh, Cyrus, Isis, Horace, Very Magdalene, Merlin, Joan of Arc and Einstein. Just to name a few because there's many, many more that you could call upon Next up will be discussing ancestors, loved ones and friends that are in spirit. I'll see there 17. Ancestors, Family, and Friends: in this lesson will be discussing ancestors, loved ones and friends. Our ancestors, our family and others and our soul family are all part of those in the spirit that we can call on for help. Thes include anyone that we know of in our family tree and beyond. These would include our ancestors from this life and from past lives. We have so many people that are connected to us in spirit that we can call on them, especially if we know who they are. Like my grandmother was part of an Indian tribe. And when I may feel a little stock or unsure of some of my Chamonix practices, I can call on her toe, ask for some help with that, that it could include jewelry making or chanting or drumming. I know I can call on her for help and guidance. Next will be discussing pets, animals and nature. I'll see you there 18. Pets, Animals, and Nature: in this lesson will be discussing pets, animals and nature. I'm sure if you've loved a pet and nave transitioned and gone back to spirit, you're wondering, Do pets go to heaven to an answer is yes. They are energy just like us, and they transfer their energy in the same exact way. So, yes, our pets are waiting for us in the spirit, but they can also help guide us here while we're still in the physical room. You may even hear or feel or see your pet that has transitioned back into spirit somewhere around you. You may feel them loving up on your leg or jumping on the bed at night. Or you may hear the Clickety clack of their nails on the hardwood floors. There's still here, and you can call upon them to be with you at any time Now. I've put pets and animals separate because pets are very close to us, while animals some may still be close to us, but a lot of times they're out in nature. But these constituent come and be helpful to us. We can see them as totem animals as guides and those that can help us along our path, we can call upon them. And when we transition back into spirit Justus, they have weaken. See them again. Nature. Some people don't realize that nature is energias well, and so when it transitions, doesn't matter what it is. Then it transitions back in two energy. So we can still experience trees and sunshine and mushrooms and grass and flowers and blue sky and snow and rain. The smell of flowers, the trees, fields full, off bloom, weaken still experience bays and streams and oceans and the majesty of it all. Nature is energy. And when it transitions back, we can still experience it, just like we experience it here. You can call on nature. You can call on anything that is energy to be on your spirit team. Next up will be discussing your connection to angels and spirit. I'll see you there 19. Your Spirit Self: Welcome back to your course Angels and Spirit one. No one in this section will be discussing your connection to angels and spirit and in this lesson, your spirit self. Now, I know we talked about our spirit self, higher, self and our soul self and what that means. But I really want to drive it home on my ideas on this, because I think it really helps. When we start really delving into how to communicate. It just brings it home. How close we actually are to the spirit room, Whether we believe it or not, it's there for us. So our higher self is our spirit self. You hear people talk about it all the time. Ask your higher self what you should dio console with your higher self on. Such issues communicate with your higher self. Your higher self knows this is your spirit self. This is the connection that you have to spirit always and forever, no matter what, and it's there for you to talk with and for you to get information from all the time. It's also called your divine self because your divine being and your divine self, your spirit self is there in the divine or spirit Rome, and it's just waiting for you to communicate with it. It's also considered your true self, because your true self is spirit. You are spiritually being have having a physical experience, and that's great. You're learning. You're exploring your sharing your gifts and talents, and your true self shines forth from you all the time because your soul self and your spirit, so tethered together, always and forever. This completes the twin flame, and that twin flame is what shines forth. The knowledge and information that you can get and that you communicate back and forth with is just limitless. And when we realized that that twin flame can never be separated, it's always and forever intact. We become much more than what we seem just here in the physical realm, and we realize that, especially when we return to spirit. But that doesn't mean that we can't know that here on Earth it opens up huge opportunities for advancement on this physical plane. And I truly believe that when we consider that we have a soul self and a spirit self that communicates, it makes life much easier. Next up. I do want to continue down this road and just bring home the soul self and what that means . I'll see you there. 20. Your Soul Self: in this lesson, your soul self, as we discussed earlier your soul self. It's your soul. It is with the end of your subtle energy body. It is your true self. It is that part of you made manifest in human form that animates your physical being. But it's also the part of you that's connected to spirit. It's also considered a spark when people see you and you glow from within their seeing your soul self. They're seeing that beautiful, bright, brilliant divine spark that's inside each and every one of us. Everyone and everything has the spark inside them, and it is what radiates out when people see that from you. Now this the part that's tethered to the spirit room or your higher self, your spirit, self and so your soul and your spirit are always tethered together. They are one, though they are individual, especially when we're in physical form and your spirit self is in spirit. There's a diagram here that actually showcases exactly what I'm talking about for the soul self in the center, you'll see the pink and the green and then that spark on the side of it. It's kind of like a triangle if you were to connect the dots. The pink is your famous Shaqra, and the green is your heart chakra. Alongside of that is your soul self. This is that spark within that just radiates out. So it's a beautiful location for your soul self right next to your thymus Shaqra and your heart chakra up. Next, we'll discuss that tie that binds us to the divine. I'll see you there. 21. Ties That Bind: in this lesson will be discussing the ties that bind us to the divine. Remember those ties that I was talking about? I referred to them as tethers because it kind of is what it it feels like to me. It's a tether between the spirit roam in the physical room. This is how we communicate with our higher self with our spirit team with those that are in spirit, and that's how they communicate with us is through this tether. This tie that we have to the divine Rome were able to not necessarily see it, but we can feel it. It's an energetic force that keeps us always connected so that the messages can flow easily and effortlessly between our spirit, self and our soul self. It is a beautiful flow that happens, and we can allow that to happen just by opening up and allowing that to come forward. Those ties that bind us to the divine it is because we are made in God, creators, image and likeness. We're spirit were spiritually beings here and we continue on as spirit. Once we decide we're done on this physical plane, that tether and tie that we have allows God creators, messengers, helpers and guides to compete, communicate with us easily and effortlessly. That way, if we are stuck or we have some issues or we have some things where we would like some guidance, this is how he allowed for us to be able to constantly communicate and allow those messages to come seamlessly. Next up will be discussing your intuition. This is another key ingredient to the ties that bind. I'll see you there. 22. Your Divine Gifts and Talents: in this lesson, your defined gifts and messages. So have you thought about the gifts that you were given when you landed here? In the physical realm, some of them include intuition, your sole purpose, the Akashic Records, shock rez declares, and overall serendipity, thes air, some wonderful gifts that we were given to help us on our path here. We may not remember what it's like to be in spirit, necessarily, but we have all these wonderful gifts that can help us on our path here. That at times can seem like we remember what it was like to be in spirit, because we get all of those little spirit winks when we use our intuition, when we'll use our Claire's and we we dive deep into our sole purpose, the Aakash Records. And when we learn how to work with their shock prez, what are your messages? There could be so many different messages that we give, and that would receive some which are your soul's journey past lives speaking, writing, teaching and sharing. All of these ways we give and we receive messages from the divine things that we need to get up and maybe speak about Maybe we need to be a teacher and teach on certain subjects. Maybe we want to receive messages from and about our soul's journey. Maybe we want to receive messages about our past lives, which we can do easily and effortlessly with different modalities and techniques. What are your talents there again? There are so many different ones. They all are from the divine and these air. What also connect us with spirit, some of which could be as a healer, a psychic, a medium, a sensitive energy, alchemist or reader. All of these ideas and topics come about as talents, something that we can use and share for others. It could be part of your soul's journey or your soul is purpose. Thes things can help you along your path and help you stay connected with spirit. You can be a healer. You can help others heal. Maybe not a physical ailment, but maybe a mental or emotional ailment as well. Thes ideas and techniques can help others in their life and their soul's journey as well. You could be a sensitive being. A sensitive is a wonderful thing. You're able to sense other people's energy, and you could probably even help them shift that energy, especially if they're having troubles. You could be a reader. You could use tools and techniques to help others find answers to their problems, find solutions to their everyday problems. And this goes for you as well. All you have to do is open up to any of thes talents, and there's a whole wealth of other talents that are out there a swell. Next up, we're going to be discussing communicating with angels and spirit. I'll see you there. 23. Crafting Communication: in this lesson crafting for communication to help us with our spirit and angel communication, I have to fund projects that we are going to complete. The 1st 1 will be Oracle cards that you're going to make and also how to use candle work in your communication. So first step we're going to be completing Oracle cards were going to be printing out some templates and creating them on our own. It's a fun way to receive messages from angels and spirit, and it doesn't take much. Items that you're going to need are the car templates that you'll find in this course. Just download the files, and you can pick either colored or black and white. Also, you'll need a printer, or you can create your own just by following along the templates and then just going ahead and cutting things out of magazines or coloring books or whatever else. If you're wanting to color the black and white images instead of just leaving them black and white or just printing off the colored chiefs, then you'll need colored pens, pencils or crayons. Also, get some really sturdy scissors. If you're gonna be using cardboard, it may be kind of hard to cut through, so I just recommend thicker pieces of paper to glue them down with a glue stick or glue. You'll need that to adhere your template paper to either cardboard oris differ sheet of paper and thick paper or cardboard. This is what we'll give it just a little bit more rigidity, So then it will be a little bit easier to handle your cards. Also, it's not needed. But if you want a laminate your cards, feel free to grab some laminating sheets and laminate them after you're done, either coloring them or just printing out the colored sheets. Here are the steps for completing your oracle cards. First up. Download the card templates that you want to use, either the black and white or the colored. And if you don't have a printer, that's not a problem. Just feel free to find magazines or coloring books, anything that has pictures that you'd like to use on your cards. Look at the templates at least and see how they're kind of constructed and feel free. Teoh either use that kind of template and that shape or make up your own shapes. It really doesn't matter whatever is best for you and what you like best. That's what you want to use. Then, if you can print out that template, make sure to orient it toe landscape. If you do it in portrait, it's gonna cut off the engine the edges, so just make sure that it's a landscape, and then it will all fit just beautifully. If you chose the black and white and you'd like to color, color it however you want, look at the word on the card and then maybe correspond that with a color. You can either color the image or you can color outside of the M it. Just coordinate the color with how that card makes you feel. Glue the template onto the thick piece of paper or cardboard. Glue that down and then allow it to dry. Cut out your cards. You'll need a really heavy duty pair of scissors in order to cut through thicker sheets of paper. So just be aware of that. If you want a laminate, it feel free to do it at this time, laminating it will actually make the cards a little bit slicker, and they'll last a little bit longer. but it's not necessary. Now take a deep breath. Close your eyes, take another deep breath. Then you ask your spirit team to help you choose a card. Open your eyes, mix up the cards face down and then pick your card Easy. But make sure you always think your spirit team. It just shows gratitude, and it's kind of a nice touch. - For the second project, we're gonna be doing some candle work. You'll need a white T candle matches. Ah, coaster or fireproof container and essential oils. If you'd like, the steps will be going through to create your candle for the candle. Work will be. Place your candle on a fireproof or an a fireproof container. Carefully light the candle. Let the candle burn for a few minutes. If adding essential oils, carefully blow out the candle. At this point after there's a little puddle of wax that has melted close to the wick. After you've blown out the candle, add a few drops of essential oil, one that makes you happy and raises your vibration. Let the candle set and solidify again. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. At this point, ask your spirit team to be with you and toe offer messages and symbols and ideas. Open your eyes carefully. Light the candle again during this time. Don't worry about closing your eyes. Continue. Just tow. Watch the flickering flame and let yourself go into a gentle, meditative state. Once you're done, carefully blow out the candle and thank your spirit team. First, place your tea candle on or in a fireproof container. Carefully light the candle. Let the candle burn a little bit so that there's a puddle of wax that forms, so it'll just be a few minutes. Once there's a little puddle of wax that's formed underneath the flame, carefully blow out the candle. This is the time when you'll be adding essential oils. If you don't want to add essential oils, you can skip that part. You don't have to blow out the candle. Next, choose whatever essential oil that you would like. Where that puddle is on the wax, just add a couple drops. Allow that to sit so it solidifies next when the candle wax in the center with your essential oils. If you've placed them in there has solidified go ahead and just set for a second. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath during this time with your eyes closed. Ask that your spirit team is with you and ask that they give you messages. Whatever you're wanting or needing or desire ing, ask that you receive the messages from your spirit team. Open your eyes carefully. Light the candle again. Listen for messages. The essential oil just helps to place you in a more meditative state and helps you to connect closer to spirit. If you choose a scent that is very uplifting and makes you feel happy and joyous, this is going to help you to communicate easier and more effortlessly because your vibration will have raised because of that sent during the time that you're meditating with the candle, there's no need to close your eyes. At that time, you could just gaze into the candle flame and allow it to put you in a meditative state. Like I said, the essential oils will be helpful. Toe right. Raise your vibration. Once you're done meditating and receiving messages, go ahead and carefully blow out the candle and thank your spirit team. Next up were headed in tow. One of our final sections you're almost done. Keep up the good work. The next section is psychics, mediums, readers and you. So stay tuned and I will see you soon. 24. The Oracles: Welcome back to your course Angels and Spirit one. No one in this section will be discussing psychics, mediums, readers and you. And, in this lesson theme, Oracle's What's an Oracle? It's a divine communication or revelation. It's a person who delivers authoritative, wise or highly regarded and influential pronouncements, a person or thing serving as an agency of divine communication. An oracle is an answer, a vision, a prediction and a revelation. Who's an oracle? Mediums, psychics, readers and you? You're an oracle. You can get that divine communication easily and effortlessly, just like readers and mediums and psychics. They all can get it just like you can and you can become an oracle. Next up, we're gonna be looking at who to go to and what to ask. If you've decided to go see one of the oracles, I'll see you there 25. Who To See: in this lesson, you've decided you're going. But to who and what should you ask? So you've decided to go now what? Well, now you get to make the decision. How are you going to receive the guidance that you're looking for? There's many different choices. There is the psychic hotlines, local psychic or a medium searching the Internet asking for recommendations. Who do you trust? You can begin by looking for reviews. If you're looking online, there's more than likely some reviews. And if they have a Web page, the person that you're looking at could have a Web page, and they may have reviews listed on their website. Also, if they have a website or Facebook page or any of that kind of thing, look at their bio. Look and see if the person resonates with you. Do you feel a connection when you read about their past experiences? If so, that could be the person you're meant to see. Check out their online presence. Do they have one? Some people don't and they don't like to be on the Internet. They don't like Teoh do that whole thing, so you're probably gonna have to find them locally. by word of mouth or someone that you know. But if they have an online presence, check it out. Do they have an INSTAGRAM? Do they have a Twitter page? Do they have a Facebook page? Were even their own website. Check them out, see if you feel a connection with that person before you go. So what do you ask? First and foremost, I think we should go for validation. It's very helpful. You may feel something is right for you, but when you get the validation that that's the correct path, it just makes you feel like a ton of weight is off your shoulders like you're actually making the right decision. And it could be very beneficial, especially if your new toe tapping into your spirit team and getting that guidance. Sometimes validation really helps you to grow in that way. How they work, ask how they work. Do they use cards? Do they use pendulums? Do they describing or channeling or automatic writing? Ask how they're going to be receiving their information that just lets you know how they're going to be interpreting the symbols and signs and the messages from your spirit team. Ask if you should bring anything off course you're gonna be paying them. But what should you bring? Should you bring a tape recorder? Should you bring, um, a piece of paper or photo or something? Ask before you go, and that way you're better prepared for what you're getting into. Just ask any questions that come to your mind. Ask anything that may pop into your mind that you may be a little not sure if you should ask. Ask it anyway, that they're there for your guidance to help you and guiding you or giving you answers to your questions. So if there's anything that pops into your mind, ask away. They're there for your help. You can ask information about relationships asking a general manner. You can ask about career advice. Maybe what your career looks like in the future, Or do you do they see you changing careers anytime soon? Ask about your spirit team. Sometimes it's fun just to know who's on your spirit team, who's around you and what they're leading you to. You can also ask about past lives. This is a fun one, too, because a lot of times will give you answers on what you did in a past life, and a lot of times it will resonate with you. It'll make you feel like like it's the truth and it's sometimes hearing about those past lives will actually help connect you with spirit because you'll know that life goes on after this next. Now that you found who you want to go to, let's talk about why and when you should go, I'll see you there. 26. When To Go: in this lesson, When should you go? So we've decided who we're gonna go to. We felt a connection, and they resonated with us. But when she we seek advice, well, there's a lot of different reasons why. Maybe it's a good idea toe. Have someone to go to sea for a reading. One is for our amusement. Ah, lot of people will just happen upon a palm reader or a terror card reader and its for their amusement. But a lot of times they'll be surprised at the information that comes through. Maybe you're curious. Maybe you're just curious about the way that people work. Maybe you're curious how people do Tero card readings or Palm readings, or maybe how they describing or reading a crystal ball. If you're curious about this, find someone that you resonate with that Do these types of techniques with certain tools that you like, then you can witness how they use those tools to communicate with your spirit team. Like I said earlier, validation validation is so helpful when you're new to communicating with your spirit team , whether that be with your angels or with those that are in spirit, it is very helpful in if you get information or if you get messages or you want to start receiving messages and you get these ideas, it's wonderful to go and see someone that can help validate those ideas and messages for you. It helps you grow into your abilities and your gifts. To be ableto tap into your intuition. Tap into that tether that court that link to the spirit, roam so that you can believe yourself and believe those messages that are coming to you. Validation is wonderful at this point. What you really want to do is just drop the ego. Dropping the ego and allowing those messages to come through really is helpful. Sometimes the ego what I just call that it's almost like a judgment. It's judging of the fact that we're trying to believe in something that isn't necessarily tangible. It's just something that we feel We feel that we feel into those messages we feel into those intuitive hits that we get. And when we drop that ego down and know that you know, it's just something that is trying to keep those messages from coming through. When we drop that, we can allow the messages to come, and we can believe ourself with no judgments attached, so that's when we should go. But there are also times we shouldn't be seeking advice. And those times could be when we're trying to seek advice for someone else against their will. This is a no no. What we really want to do is we wanna be present with us with our cells. We want to be able to harness our abilities for intuition and valid e our experiences. We need to let someone else be someone else and deal with their own things. And if they choose to go and see someone and if they choose Teoh allow you into that realm , then that's great. But allow them their free will as well. And don't tap into theirs. We do not seek advice for cruel purposes. We don't talk about hexes or doing mean spirited things. Or what if I did this horrible thing to this person or do this bad thing to this person? We don't want to do anything for cruel purposes. If you believe in karma, that will just keep you from doing in the first place. Also, don't do something just because somebody tells you to now, A lot of times people will tell you to go because they're excited and that's wonderful, But don't feel obligated to go. Sometimes this puts a negative spin on things and you're not going to feel validated. You're not gonna feel a connection, and you're gonna have kind of, ah, icky feeling about it. If they're trying to be amusing and they want to go for amusement purposes, take it worth a grain of salt if you want to. That's great, if not, just politely decline. And don't worry about it. When someone else tells you to do something, sometimes we put up a barrier, Um, because we just don't want to go along with it. So what we really want to do is we wanna wait for those instances when our own intuition is telling us, Hey, maybe it's a good time to go and find some validation on this message. Or maybe we should go and just ask someone for their advice from my spirit team. And those were the times when we should go. Try not to go when you're not feeling well. What happens during a reading or one of these instances is, there's a lot of energy that is moving and shifting. And there's a lot of energy that is being, um, both to gone to and from both spirit and the physical realm. So you're gonna feel kind of a charge of energy, and that's gonna probably deplete you even more so when you're not feeling well, you might want to put off those instances and wait until you're feeling 100% before you go . What you want to do is the night before. Just make sure to get plenty of rest. Drink plenty of water so you're completely hydrated. And if you can maybe sleep with a crystal, uh, little courts crystal underneath your pillow, this will just help to bring a more cleansed sense about you. This will help you to come with full brake eyes and a full awareness about yourself. It will help you to not feel depleted and old. Bring about an exuberance to your day. Next up, we're going to be discussing why you are the one you truly are seeking. I'll see you there 27. You Are The One You Seek: in this lesson, you are the one you seek. I just want to make a final point. You are probably the one that you are seeking. You're the one that has that special connection that can receive the guidance, the messages, that information. You're the one that can send the information and ask for help at any time. You're the one that can receive the answers toe all of your questions. All you have to dio is open up and allow the messages to come through. Now you've got tools that you've crafted from your own two hands. And believe it or not, those are magical instruments. Those are instruments made by you that can guide you and allow you to receive the messages easily and effortlessly from your spirit team and from your angels. Remember to use the cards to be able to receive messages and make different cards, or purchase some cards that may be called Teoh. Also, the candles allow the wonderful essences to come from them and put you in a relaxed state so that you can receive those messages. Always remember that you have a connection to spirit and to the angels. They're there to help guide and govern you. They've been with you before. You even manifested here on Earth. And they will always be with you forever and to eternity In the next section will be going over What we learned. I'll see you there. 28. A Heartfelt Thank You: in this lesson. Ah, heart felt Thank you. Thank you so much for taking this course. I had so much fun putting this course together, and I really hope that it offered you maybe one or two golden nuggets on how you can stay connected with angels and your spirit team. I also hope you realized that you are eternal, define being. You decided to manifest here, and I would love to know what your soul's purpose is here this time. We all have our own gifts and talents, techniques and skills and messages. And we're here to offer those up to the world. I can't wait to connect with you again. And as I said before, thank you so much for putting your energy in this course. And I hope you got something special for Mitt. Next up, I'm offering you your congratulations. I'll see there 29. What We Learned: Welcome back to your course Angels and Spirit one No one in this section is the course summary. And in this lesson, what we learned, I just briefly want to let you know how you can stay connected with me and ways in which you can reach me first and foremost keep visiting your student dashboard. This is gonna let you know of any upcoming of Vandals. Also be posting, and you can also sign up for my monthly newsletter. I'll leave all of that information in your gift pack when you received that. Also, continue visiting the light Workers and Earth Angels Academy Facebook page. This will actually give you multiple ways in which to connect with me and your classmates and others from around the world that are learning along with you. This will actually help give you other ways in which to expand your knowledge and learn more ways in which you can connect with angels and spirit. It will also let you know when other courses are available. I'll also be sending other ways that you can stay connected as well as future courses that they are released. So what did we learn in this course? well, we talked about what spirit is, where it is and what it is and how we can communicate with it. We discussed your angel messengers. I gave you the 411 on some of the top angels that you can work with. We discuss who's on your spirit team, which includes ascended masters, loved ones, friends, family, all sorts of people and things that are in this spirit realm. And they are right at your fingertips to talk with and communicate with connection and communication. How do we connect with spirit and angels? And what is the communication that we have between them seeking and validation those oracles that we may tap into to help as validate those messages and those symbols and just those feelings that we get that is extremely helpful when we our first learning toe, work with and communicate with angels and spirit validation helps us to grow and which allows, asked him, want to do it even more next up. I want to offer you a heartfelt thank you. We'll see you there 30. Congratulations And What's Next: in this sn Congratulations, resource is and your free gift. I just want to let you know that included in that gift pack is a list of all the resource is that went into the making of this course that would include from the camera to the lights to the information on where I got that from, like the dictionaries and maybe some of the ideas on the angels. All that information will be available to you. And the resource is that is, in your download, the new courses that will be coming out our shockers to a one. The new shock. CRA's chakras 301 The trans personal shock Press your trans personal energy system 101 And because I have so much fun, have much, much more coming your way. Make sure to keep visiting your resource Is your student dashboard the Q and a sign up and the Facebook page for the Light Workers and Earth Angels Academy. And if you so choose the light workers and Earth Angels study hall toe where you can continue learning even after this course is complete, the student dashboard is where you're going to be able to stay in contact with your peers. The Facebook groups are going to be there to help you continue to learn and expand your knowledge. The light work is an Earth Angels Academy is the closed group for people that are going through these courses as well. And the light workers and Earth Angel Study Hall is open toe all Theo course. Congratulations. Wonderful. I'm so proud of you. And I'm excited for what you've learned and how you're going to use it in your daily life. Always remember, your angels and spirit are there to be called upon. They're there to help and guide you at all times. And you've got cards and ways in which you can communicate easily and effortlessly. All you have to do is listen. Thank you again So much for going through this course with me. I so appreciate it. I hope to see you again soon. And as always, I'm sending you and yours Love, light and eternal blessings. Take care