Angels Sky GiftsFactory Gift5: Handmade Stickers!

AngelCaCa Angels Sky, Teacher at GiftsFactory, Cupid'sOffice, Angels Sky

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2 Videos (13m)
    • GiftsFactory Lesson5 Handmade Stickers intro

    • GiftsFactory Lesson5 Handmade Stickers class


About This Class

Learn how to make handmade stickers as a gift for friends or whoever. 

(Update: So sorry for the late class updates because my original handmade stickers class was deleted by Skillshare. I spent two days to upload back the new videos but only could be done after nine times of uploading... I hope this won't happen anymore....)






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AngelCaCa Angels Sky

Teacher at GiftsFactory, Cupid'sOffice, Angels Sky

Hi there! I am AngelCaCa from AngelsSky! I am the teacher at GiftsFactory, Cupid'sOffice! My body on Earth is named Angela Lao!
Perhaps you prefer to know more about Angela Lao than AngelCaCa! Haha, actually I am learning to keep secrets and try to be more practical on Earth! :D :D

About Angela Lao:
She is a girl with long long stories. She used to express her feelings through creating artworks. Words are hard to tell her sweets and sorrows. When you watched her works, you wi...

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