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Angels Sky GiftsFactory Gift2: Illustration Portrait For Someone

AngelCaCa Angels Sky, Teacher at GiftsFactory, Cupid'sOffice, Angels Sky

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    • Gift2aaIntro

    • Gift2aMaterials

    • Gift2bIllustrationPortrait Face&Eyes

    • Gift2cPortrait Eyebrows&Mouth&Nose

    • Gift2cPortrait Hair

    • Gift2dPortrait Hair&MakeUp

    • Gift2ePortrait Dressings&Decorations Packaging


About This Class

Dear students,
Want to send a special gift to your friend? Want to get closer with your ideal spouse or even star (If you can meet him/her). This course can help you! By sending an illustration portrait, even this friend might not be closer to you, he/she will surely love your gift if you follow all the instructions and create it by heart. I have more than 20 years sending successful gifts to families, ideal spouse and stars.

Example 1: Families. Once I drew a Mother's Day for my Mum. At first she thought it was simple. Then I joined the Mother's Day Competition and this card won a prize! Then Mum was amazed by my card design!

Example 2: Ideal Spouse: I have been sending nearly a hundred original and handmade gifts to her. Even she never accept my invitation to dating or parties, she loves my gifts so much and showed them to friends. Also she was so happy after receiving them and show smiling photos. She got to the post office (Quite far for her) and took my huge parcels with gifts and accepted them. She was/is straight. Still she doesn't want to be me but she loves my gifts so much! :D :D

Example 3: Stars: Once my idol Jimmy Lin came to Macau, I used a very cute method to meet him and successfully sent a letter, a red scarf I made and a book I published with his character. Then he was very happy and took a close photo with me. He signed his name for me. The next day, he even wanted to have lunch with me but sadly his manager disagreed. After he had back to Taiwan, he showed the book I published to some journalists too! Those journalists then told me about that! :D :D

Sending a portrait is one of the beginning steps of good relationship. Please follow me to create a special portrait with your own style! I can't promise a successful proposal but I can promise a likable gift!! :D :D (y) (y)

GiftsFactory.Cupids'Office, AngelsSky





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AngelCaCa Angels Sky

Teacher at GiftsFactory, Cupid'sOffice, Angels Sky

Hi there! I am AngelCaCa from AngelsSky! I am the teacher at GiftsFactory, Cupid'sOffice! My body on Earth is named Angela Lao!
Perhaps you prefer to know more about Angela Lao than AngelCaCa! Haha, actually I am learning to keep secrets and try to be more practical on Earth! :D :D

About Angela Lao:
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