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Angel Numbers: A Beginner's Guide To What They Mean

teacher avatar Hannah Carmona, Author, Actor, Yogi

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What Are Angel Numbers?

    • 3. The Meaning of 111

    • 4. The Meaning Behind 222

    • 5. The Meaning Behind 333

    • 6. The Meaning Behind 444

    • 7. The Meaning Behind 555

    • 8. The Meaning Behind 666

    • 9. The Meaning Behind 777

    • 10. The Meaning Behind 888

    • 11. The Meaning Behind 999

    • 12. The Meaning Behind 1234

    • 13. Conclusion

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About This Class

If you've been seeing repetitive number sequences, then the Angels may be trying to speak to you. This course discusses "What Are Angel Numbers" and then breaks down a few of the most common (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1234).Every message has been well researched for the most accurate understanding of your angels’ messages. This class is a beginner's course meant to set the foundation of Angel Numbers.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Hannah Carmona

Author, Actor, Yogi


Hello, I'm Hannah.  I love sharing the knowledge I learn on my personal spiritual journey. Let's celebrate our imperfect paths and grow together.

I am the children's book author of Anita and the Dragons, Dazzling Travis, and Beautiful, Wonderful, Strong Little Me. Playwright of: Hansel and Gretel: Candy Warriors and newly adapted Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. And romance author under the pen name Hannah Altagracia.

When not writing I can be found chasing after my two daughters, vlogging on my Youtube channel, and eating a family-sized pack of Twizzlers. 

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1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Hannah Carmen, and I am so excited to bring to you my course. Angel numbers 101 This course is a beginning slash introductory course for anyone who is interested in learning more about angel numbers. Angel numbers are all around us, and our angels were always working for us and sending us signs. However, those messages aren't always clear to us. So if you've ever wondered why you're seeing a certain sequence of numbers or why certain numbers keep popping up in your life than this course is for you. In this course we will first be discussing what angel numbers are. And then we will be diving into 10 of the most commonly seen angel numbers. These include the numbers 111 222333444 by 55666777888999 and 1234 Each lesson will be a bite size, meaning behind the number, and after each lesson, I will talk about inspired action that you can take upon seeing these numbers. At the completion of this course, we will have a class project where you will become more conscious and more aware of the messages that your angels might be trying to send you and jotting down those messages and what they mean to you as someone who is on their own spiritual journey myself, I am constantly working with new teachers. I am doing more research, and I am going inward, more and more in meditation and prayer. And as I learn and grow through these new workshops, new teachers, new experiences, I want to share my knowledge with you guys. So I hope you are as excited as I am to dive into angel numbers. 101 2. What Are Angel Numbers?: So what are angel numbers? When you ask the Angels for guidance, they always respond. Their responses come through, dreams come through, visions come through feelings, and sometimes they come through number sequences. While there are a variety of different ways that your angels contact you, if you have found that you're seeing certain sequences, whether it be on license plates, phone numbers unsigned while you're driving whenever you look at your phone. And this may be just one way that your angels are trying to connect with you, an important thing that I want me to remember is that your angels are always working for you. Whether you ask for their guidance or not, they're always there helping you through every situation. However, life becomes so much easier when we start to recognize these messages and were able to respond more and were able to feel more comforted by these messages. When you have sent out a request to an angel, one of the most common ways for them to respond is through an angel number or when you're angels feel like they have something they need to tell you. They're trying to help you three situation, and they don't know how to get your attention. Amy throws an angel members your way to as well. What I love about angel numbers is the simplicity of the meetings and how they can just come at the most unexpected times so many times. I'll just be minding my own business, and I look at my GPS to see how many miles I have to my destination, and I'll have 1.1 miles and it's going to take me 11 minutes for whatever reason, to get to this destination. This has happened more than once. The more aware you are of what you are feeling in the situation. When you see angel numbers, the more you will be able to take the meaning of what that angel number means for you specifically in the Indies. Next few lessons. I am going to break down some of the most common angel numbers that people see. This is knowledge that I have taken from books by Doreen Virtue and Kyle Gray in the own visions and messages that I feel the angels try to communicate with me through meditation and visions and dreams. What I want to remind you is that while I'm breaking down these common angel numbers. If you start to see these numbers and you look back to my videos for the meeting and it doesn't resonate with you, then maybe that's not quite the message that the Angels air trying to communicate with you . More than likely, whatever the intuitive feeling that first rose up or popped up into your mind that happened after you saw these angel sequences is the message that your angels were trying to give you . I hope these videos serve as a foundation for you guys and her helpful along your way. Now let's dive in. 3. The Meaning of 111: in this video, we will be diving into the meaning behind the numbers 111 and what they mean for you 11 11 or 111 are the most common angel numbers I think we're made aware of, at least for me. Since I was a kid, I've always managed to see 11 11 and would yell out, Make a wish. One is the number of positivity. It's representative of your current thoughts coming into manifestation, which is why we associate 11 11 with making a wish. You're sending out exactly what you want to the universe. So when you see 11 11 or 111 it's a reminder that your thoughts are coming into fruition to release your fears, because the good thoughts, the happy thoughts, whatever it is you're currently wanting and taking inspired action towards is being manifested, and you're on the right path, doing the right thing for me. It always feels like my guardian angels are resting their hands on my shoulders, nudging me forward, saying, You got this girl, you're doing all the right things and we're right here working with you, cheering you on. It's a reminder that this moment in the present is exactly where you need to be and that you're doing the right thing. Here's some inspired action that you can take upon seeing 111 or 11 11 1 Be conscious of your thoughts to make sure you raise your vibrations, whether that be through music or finding a cute picture of puppy dogs or whatever it is that's going to bring you to the higher level vibration and three. Make sure you express gratitude for where you are in the present moment. I look forward to seeing you guys in the next lesson. 4. The Meaning Behind 222: in this lesson, we will be discussing the numbers 222 The number two is a sign that everything is all good and it's going to continue that way. So keep believing. Keep staying positive and ask the angels for specifically wake. You need help with 222 is a message to trust. This is what supposed to be happening even if it doesn't feel like it. This is exactly how things need to be happening. So let go and trust in your angels and guides. They've got you inspired actions that you can take upon seeing the numbers to to to our number one, find some sort of grounding or letting go meditation. There are plenty of these on YouTube. I think I've even seen a couple of these on skill share. But you really want to make sure that you are grounded in the present and that you were letting go of your fears. You re letting go of your anxiety and you're trying to let go of that. Control in that tight grip will tend to hold on to buy, to be conscious of really focusing your thoughts and three by doing the above two things. You're going to have more opportunities, more things coming into your life and so state grounded. Let go Focus your thoughts so that you can seize these opportunities that are coming to you . Thank you so much for watching. And I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 5. The Meaning Behind 333: in this video, we will talk about the numbers 333 and the meaning behind them. The number three brings in our scented masters. An ascended master is whatever higher power you believe in, whether that be Buddha, Jesus, Moses or any other higher power that is already ascended into the heavens. Ultimately, this is a message that you have the ultimate support now from not only your angels but from your ascended masters as well. Maybe you're going through a specifically hard time and you feel alone. This is a reminder that everyone is holding you up right now. Even if you feel like you can't do that for yourself, A great visual three provides us. Are these arms reaching out and hugging us? Because when you see 333 that's exactly what it is. You are standing here, and your ascended masters and angels are hugging and protecting. Holding you in love inspired action you can take after seeing the numbers 333 are number one to connect with your ascended masters. Whoever that may be through prayer, meditation or readings number to find some sort of self love, affirmation, all meditation that really resonates with you. That's going to remind you of the love and the hugs that your angels are giving you all around you and number three to stay aware of the inspired action from the situations that are happening all around you. Thanks so much for watching, and I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 6. The Meaning Behind 444 : in this video, we will talk about the meaning behind 444 The number four is a message that your requests or your prayers have been heard. And your angels air helping you remember. Sometimes things are happening in the background that we can't get. See? But this is a reminder that if you feel stagnant or like nothing is happening, then rest assured your requests have been heard. 444 is a message that there are angels everywhere. I'd like to envision just a posse of angels encircling me and following me everywhere because they're filling every space, every room with their presence there, right there, rocking on with you upon seeing the sequins. 444 Here are some steps that you can take an inspired action number one. Find some sort of letting go meditation. Remember, this number is in response to whatever requests it was that you've put out for the angels. So don't focus so much on manifesting that anymore. Focus on letting go and just living in the present number to pick up a new hobby or creative passion. Whatever it is that you feel drawn to or resonate with, remember, you're trying toe. Let go here and number three just to live your life. Live your life gratefully Live your life gracefully. Goes through your life as you would and being thankful every moment for where you are. Thanks so much for watching. And I will see you guys in the next lesson. 7. The Meaning Behind 555: in this video, we would discuss with the numbers five by five mean the number five is a reminder that a huge change is taking place, always for the good. Remember, the universe is rigged in your favour, even when it doesn't seem that way. Five can be a four warning to brace yourself for a huge change about to take place. Or maybe you're already in the midst of it. Either way, it's a reminder to ask the heavens for help navigating thes life changes. You're not in this alone. You don't have to bear the load alone. The angels want you to ask them for specifically what it is you need help with. And when you feel overburdened with 555 is a message to stay centered. Stay positive. You don't need to run around with your head cut off Because of these changes. Use your tools yoga, prayer, meditation, whatever it is that keeps you centered. If you've been seeing the numbers 555 here are some inspired steps that you can take Number one. Find some sort of grounding meditation. Remember, this is a signal of big change coming, so you need to prepare for that change in the best way to do that is to make sure that you are grounded in yourself and where you're at number two. Make sure you're using those tools as we discussed. So if it's been a while since you fold out your yoga mat or since you went for a hike, start doing those things on a more regular basis. And number three because of big change is about to come. It's essential that you have some habits in place, maybe a little light schedule, whether that be a morning routine of journaling or an evening routine of no phone before bed, whatever little habits you want to set in place, do that now. Thanks so much for watching this video. I will see you in the next lesson. 8. The Meaning Behind 666: In this video, we will be talking about what the angel number 666 mean. The number 666 comes with a bad stigma. Demons, devils, death, etcetera. So the thing is the number six as representative of worry. Specifically, worry over material items and money, which, if you look into religion, people associate thes things with the devil because our society tends to idolize thumb. 666 is a message that you were too focused on material things and the materialistic illusion of what life should be. So raise your thoughts and your vibrations and get back on track with your spiritual life. Funny enough, the times I've seen 666 have been at the grocery store or gas station when I'm crunching numbers, trying to figure out how I'm going to pay for something and putting myself down for not living a certain lifestyle. So if you're seeing this number, don't worry. You're not going to die, but take a step back and re evaluate where your thoughts are and what's driving you forward . If you've been seeing the number 666 you are three things that you can do for inspired action number one. Try de cluttering your life, and I mean the material things in your life. Go through your broom, go through your closet, go thier house your garage and see what you can. Donate number to connect with family or friends in person. We live in a very digital age, which isn't bad at all. I mean, you and I are talking right now because of this digital age, but if you're seeing the number 666 it's very imp wearing that you begin to talk to the people around you. So maybe set up a coffee date with a family member. Go for a walk with your neighbor or catch up with a friend. Whatever it is, try to make sure that it's in person and number three fine places in your life that you can express gratitude, no matter how small. Whether it's your favorite gel pen, like minus sitting right next to me right now or whether it's something huge in your life, just find anything in your life that you can express gratitude for and do it daily by minute. Whenever it comes. This could be an all day long process. Thanks so much for watching, and I will see you in the next video 9. The Meaning Behind 777: In this video, we will talk about the number 777 and the meaning behind them. The number seven is a magical number. Our lives are always filled with magic, but you can really see the magic materializing when you begin to see sevens its representative that you are most definitely on the right path. And whatever you think, the outcome movie is going to be exceeded. Even more than that, your path and current decisions are being fully supported, and so much opportunity is coming your way. 777 is a message to stay balanced and stay a week so that all this magic happening can illuminate your path rather than making it overwhelming. Keep going at whatever you're doing because it's the right thing. If you've been seeing the number 777 here is some inspired action that you can take Number one. Connect with a trusted spiritually adviser or therapist, or even a really smart family member who you feel gets you spiritually talk to them about where you are in your path. Talk to them about your goals and anything else that you want to shed more light on, or that you think you want to just bounce ideas with back and forth about number to recognize where you are in this present moment, remember, 777 is a sign that you are on the right path. It is being illuminated in front of you, so just recognize where you are right now. Be very thankful for where you're at. And while you may want to change certain things in your path, be aware of that. But then also recognize all the things that are currently working. And number three take inspired action on anything that truly resonates with you. Whether that be an opportunity, whether that be a small hobby or whether that be a workshop that just pops up. Thanks so much for watching, and I will see in the next lesson. 10. The Meaning Behind 888: in this lesson, we will be talking about the sequence 888 and what it means if you've been seeing this, the number eight loops just like the Infinity sign and his representative of an infinite flow of whatever it is you need right now and a message that it is coming to you. This can be money, ideas time. But most importantly, it's going to be an infinite flow of what lines up with your life purpose. So while we all want an infinite flow of money for your life purpose, maybe eight is a symbol of an infinite flu of healing energy and abundance of client or people to serve. They may not be specifically what you asked for, but it's exactly what you need now, seeing the specific sequence 888 races that abundance and is a sign of complete financial support from the universe. So open your wallet because money is flowing your way. If you've been seeing the angel numbers 888 here are some inspired action in steps you can take number one. Stay open. Remember, this number is about what you need and not really what you're requesting and those 2 may mesh up, but not always trying to release this control to your angels and let them take the reins on what it is that your life truly needs. Number two. Try financially decluttering your situation and on Lee, leaving the bare bones of what it is that you need to be productive, mentally healthy, physically healthy and for your family to thrive. You'd be surprised what one or two things you can pull from your budget that you didn't really need. And number three be specific as to where it is that your path is going. If you feel like you were drawn down a certain path, whether that be through energy healing or whether that be a completely different career from what you're currently doing, stay open to that. Know that your angels have your back and they're going to provide you what it is that you need for that journey. Thanks so much for watching, and I will see you in the next lesson. 11. The Meaning Behind 999: In this video we will be talking about the angel numbers 999 and the meaning behind them. The number nine is a big 19 is a message that you were living your life purpose. You've completed every prerequisite and you have arrived. You are where you are supposed to be your who you are supposed to be. You have climbed the mountain. Now that you found your purpose and are living it don't procrastinate and spreading your light Just baby steps in spreading your light and doing your life purpose It's time The sequence 999 specifically is a message of completion of an important chapter in your life. You have so many lessons you've learned from that completed chapter that now the angels air saying you get toe work on your next chapter. This is a sign to start that time. Now, if you've been seeing the numbers 999 here are some inspired action steps. Thank you can take number one, reflect on your journey and where you've come from, right these lessons down through journaling meditate on these lessons and just really holding on the skills and everything that you've learned on this chapter that you've just completed number to make a small list of baby steps or actions that you can take in moving forward and spreading your light. Maybe this is one daily task that you can do. Maybe this is two or three things that you can do a week. Whatever it is, keep it small. Keep it light, keep it attainable so that when you look at this list, you are excited about taking action and not feeling overwhelmed. Number three Now is a fantastic time to connect to a spiritually mentor or therapists to really connect to somebody in person. Now that you've completed a major chapter in your life so that they can keep you grounded, they can keep you motivated. And they can keep you with that excited missus. Spread your light and move forward. Thanks so much for watching, and I will see you in our final lesson. 12. The Meaning Behind 1234: In this final lesson, we will be discussing the angel sequence. 1234 The sequence 1234 As a reminder to simplify your life and let go of what's not serving you. The angels want you to ask for their help and delegating. And you can rest assured that when you ask for their help, they will respond, though most of the work on their part will happen in the background and not immediately manifest. So when you see this number, remember to release any unnecessary stress and handed to the angels to delegate for you because they are waiting. If you've been seeing the angel numbers 1234 Here is some inspired action that you can take Number one yell out to your angels. What it issue need? Say it loud. Say you're proud. Say it out loud. Don't just journal about these requests. Just really call out to your angels and tell them what it is that you need done in this moment. Number two Yes, I need you to ask your angels. They need you to ask them what it is you need. But also don't be afraid to delegate tasks in person as well. Maybe hire a house cleaner. It's in your budget. Ask a friend to come over tow. Watch your kids so that you could get two hours to yourself, even if it's just you sitting in your car and eating a bagel. Delegate tasks in person, as well as asking your angels and number three don't stress, I know is easier said than done. But this number is a sign that your angels were taking care of things. So even though it's field so even though it may feel extremely stressful, the situation you were in find different ways that you can calm yourself that you can help to relieve that. Don't forget you've got this. 13. Conclusion : thanks so much for watching my course on angel numbers and what they mean. I hope this was really helpful and inspiring for you for your final class project. I want you to become aware of the number sequences that you are seeing all around you. Maybe it's a number sequence that we've discussed here in this video. And maybe it's not a simple approach to finding out with your angel number sequence. Means is to look at the first number. So if you're seeing the sequins 5 to 3, for example, a sequence that we didn't cover in this video looking with the numbers five Teoh and three means separately. Kind of like we do in tarot card readings. See what they would mean now when you put them together. If the meaning seem contradictory, really apply that to your life of where you're at what it is that you're currently thinking . In that moment when you saw that number, remember, Angel numbers can resonate differently with everybody. So while my meanings of thes angel numbers have been well researched and they're what I feel resonate best with me, and the message is that the angels sent to me you may get a completely different message. So for your project, I want you to recognize those numbers to jot down how it is you're feeling in that moment. Jot down your situations and then, after you've taken 5 to 10 minutes of silence and meditation, what is it that you think your angels are reaching out and trying to tell you? Be sure to share your class projects below, because numbers that resonate with you differently than my example may also resonate with somebody else. In that way, it's a great way to form a community and to continue our knowledge on these angel numbers and go out there. Spread your late be kind, be the amazing person you were meant to be Don't be afraid to fall. We're all doing it. Don't be afraid to dive into new things and fail. We're all doing it I love you And I hope that you have an amazing day. An amazing evening. An amazing rest of your week by