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Android for Developers: Workshop

Flatiron School, A School for Passionate People

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2 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Android Environment Configuration

    • 2. Android Environment Configuration


About This Class

Android for Developers Workshop was inspired by Flatiron School's part-time Android for Developers course.  The three hour workshop will cover the basics of Java and the Android SDK using Android Studio.  Participants will gain exposure to the model, view, and controller layers of constructing a Mad Libs generator app.   

Participants shoud have experience working with object oriented programming languages.  For more information about the full Android for Developers Course 





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Flatiron School

A School for Passionate People

Al Tyus // Lead Android Instructor

Al has extensive experience working as a technical educator. He spent several years as a technical trainer for Apple prior to his work as a product development lead. At Flatiron School, Al has used his experience working as an instructor in the iOS intensive to develop a well-rounded perspective of the mobile landscape, and the unique capabilities of the Android platform.

Brandon Romano // Android Instructor

During the day, Brandon is a full time Andr...

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