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Android Mobile App Development with Onsen UI and Phonegap

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

Android Mobile App Development with Onsen UI and Phonegap

Paul Chin, Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator

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64 Lessons (4h 22m)
    • 1. 1 welcome

    • 2. 2 development process

    • 3. 3 intro onsenui

    • 4. 4 download nodejs

    • 5. 5 download visual studio code

    • 6. 6 download phonegap desktop app

    • 7. 7 creating your first app

    • 8. 8 download onsen libraries

    • 9. 9 creating onsen page

    • 10. 10 start stop servers

    • 11. 11 1 live server select proj

    • 12. 11 onsen page components

    • 13. 12 button handler

    • 14. 13 improving ons input

    • 15. 14 project adder

    • 16. 15 project adder solution

    • 17. 16 configxml

    • 18. 17 icons

    • 19. 18 intro github

    • 20. 19 why github

    • 21. 20 signup

    • 22. 21 installing git scm

    • 23. 22 creating repo

    • 24. 23 push update github

    • 25. 24 cloning github

    • 26. 25 synchronizing with github

    • 27. 26 intro building apk

    • 28. 27 creating phonegap account

    • 29. 28 building apk

    • 30. 29a direct upload to phonegap

    • 31. 29 intro sign apk release

    • 32. 30 download java jre

    • 33. 31 installing java jre

    • 34. 32 installing java jre

    • 35. 33 generating keystore

    • 36. 34 upload keystore to phonegap

    • 37. 35 signing apk file

    • 38. 36 testing release build

    • 39. 37 intro tab bars

    • 40. 38 creating new tabbar project

    • 41. 39 editing configxml file

    • 42. 40 adding libraries

    • 43. 41 referring to libraries

    • 44. 42 adding tab bars

    • 45. 43 adding tab pages

    • 46. 44 adding icons to tabbar

    • 47. 45 centering and swipeable

    • 48. 46 variation top tab bars

    • 49. 47 project add multiply

    • 50. 48 solution project add multiply

    • 51. 49 building apk for add multiply project

    • 52. 50 intro side panel menu

    • 53. 51 creating new sidemenu project

    • 54. 52 configuring configxml

    • 55. 53 adding css js libraries

    • 56. 54 referring to libraries

    • 57. 55 adding project files

    • 58. 56 indexhtml ons splitter

    • 59. 57 navicontainer home

    • 60. 58 adding code to open sidepanel

    • 61. 59 adding code to open menu items

    • 62. 60 adding functionality to add multiply

    • 63. 61 adding cards to home page

    • 64. 62 project

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About This Class

If you already know how to create web pages using HTML, CSS and Javascript and want to create mobile apps, then this is the course for you. Using your existing knowledge,  you can make beautiful native looking apps. You will learn how to use Onsen UI style frameworks to create stunning looking modern UI's that users have become accustomed to.  No need to learn any new programming languages.  This is the  simple and easy way to make apps, ie. using pure HTML, CSS and Javascript.

You will learn how to easily use phonegap build, to convert your code to apk files.  No need to download a huge set of tools. No need to waste time generating tons and tons of packages and libraries to make your apps bloated. No need to suffer the headache of trying to fix missing dependencies, or, incompatible libraries. Everything is done for you by phonegap build. Your codebase is simply pure html, css and javascript - easily portable and shareable. The project files are also very small and the apk that is generated is a fraction of the size of apps built with ionic or react native.

I have been developing apps since Android first came out and have tried almost all the major frameworks out there. But at the end of the day, I still prefer the simplicity and ease of pure HTML, CSS and Javascript and I am pretty sure you will too.

Whether you want to build apps professionally or simply want to enjoy making apps as a fun hobby, this course will make it easy for you to achieve your goals.

Meet Your Teacher

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Paul Chin

Developer, CGArtist, Musician, Meditator


I am a semi-retired college lecturer with more than 20 years experience in teaching computing and information technology. My interests range from coding to graphics design, apps, games development, music, health, spirituality and well-being. I enjoy teaching face-to-face and online and also love educating and inspiring others to succeed and live the life of their dreams.

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1. 1 welcome: hello and welcome to my cause. My name is poaching and I'm the doctor for these costs. This course is called and run at development. You I and forget. In this cost, you will learn how to use html, CSS and JavaScript to create more by apps. There is no need to learn any new programming languages. You were used on the new I styles for creating modern looking your eyes and also big you at using Forget I am a college lecturer by profession. I've been teaching computer science 90 for about 20 years. I a lot of experience in the game. This is a cost which is consisting off step by step tutorials where you can follow along on your busy. This is the simple and easy way to create more VIPs, relax and effort. 2. 2 development process: hello and welcome to ease lesson. Today we'll take a look at the development process. He's had a steps to develop an android. Hep. The first step is to write the equal. Using a text editor, for example, we shows to your code, which I'll be using this cost. After with writing a cool, we are going to go to Step two, which is to test testicle using Crume developer twos from there. Roberto's He's actually the chrome browser. He has conspired her twos, including a simulator mobile. Have the simulator, which you can actually use to smell it Android devices and began use that so to Cuba the, uh could. And then if you're happy with the using the simulator and find everything is working well, then we'll go distract tree, which is to absolute project to get up and injury. Why do we need to have to get up? That is because in the next time, which is that for we need to use ah building. Don't forget dot com to create a PK far and you know there to do that, we need to pull the Reppas tree from Grammy into forget, and then next step will be to download the AP k from build a forgotten Come Any story on the android phone The educated be create this way is congre de bomb the Bob Bill The market bill is only for testing on your android device. If you want to release to the F star at the Google Play star here, we need to do some additional steps and this idea of additional steps for these boots. So the first step is to create a key store he stars used to sign you a bigger fouls. So after creating me key star, Step two is to have the kids start to build. Don't forget, not come. And then the test dummies for again we'll use your a pick your key start to sign Gaby gave out and then find of you he's that for After signing and building the release bill kpk far he's and downloaded any starlet on your rightful. That is all for his lesson. I will see you in the next one. Thank you 3. 3 intro onsenui: Hello and welcome back Today we're going to take a look at what ISS on send you. I you can hit onto these website on Cendana. Your and you can take a look at the introduction here on Sandy. Why is a last settle? He reach you? I components especially designed for more buyers. So it has come really? MedStar she's styles and also scripts that allow you to create beautiful user interface. It is fact, be ready to implement features for unity, fire s and Android design standards, and it is free to use 100% open source. So you don't have to worry about having to pay any licensing fees or any suspicion of these . And you can take a look at the example off. I returned to his hazing once. And you I and this is, uh, emulator. And this is what it looks like. Hang over here. You have with them Temba. And here you have the sidebar. And you have these cuts here. And first fish? Yes, that is the number of police. Here's dialogues here. Buttons, Fuding, action buttons. Care was so infinite. Scroll progress forms. Can you ation is the one so you can see is very rich in the isn't if he's in the face and that's the reason why we are going to use on Send Your eye is free and it gives you a modern feel and look that most off the mobile have users have become accustomed to. So I'll show you how to use. This is quite simple, actually, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. 4 download nodejs: Hello and welcome back to another. I said in this lesson, we are going to take a look ahead. Not yes and no jazz. If you searching the ago, uh, using the us that you will find these self items here. And no, Jess is an open source. Cross platform, Java script, runtime environment that s accused. Have a screaming off site off her browser. Why do we need why doing in there, Jess? Because that on you need to use something going. Forget that storm at and forget that some have. He's no jazz to run, so let's go ahead and don't know Jess after your sexually he was ah, result here, Bring on this on and you will come to decide So here, thing on the dollar and if you stand on money had time off a recording. This lesson today test motion is 10 16 0 which is the stable version. So after downloading it, who can you start it? His double kicking right the next Hey centralizes agreement. Think next. And the Knicks. Next thing you know, angry. And so So I just passively you to let it stop, and we'll come back again. Now that he has finished installing. I'm going to click on finish button and then you can test whether it's successfully installed by Green, too. Such opening the common line to my night probe. And in here this time he human No dash dash version. And you will see which in 10 16 0 So it is seeing some response like this. Congratulations. Your success. Cities talk. No chess. That's all for this lesson. See you in the next one. 5. 5 download visual studio code: hello and welcome in this lesson, we are going to download install our issues to your coat. We just did your court. Hey, Steve takes a veto. You also welcome to use other ties. Editors of your reference. You can Donald be just to look good by going to this website goto because to the co dot com , all you can sit download measures to your court and you receive early here this week. Next create on the dollar Andi Stahler. And so, like the Russian that's suitable for your brain system. After it's downloaded, you should be able to see a far like this. So double Klay doing story. I've already stole mine, and it looks like this when I open it on your first point. It is just a real court. If you look something like this, okay? And now we need to install some packages. So go here and click on this button here. And the first thing the stories go lie silver. So type life somewhere in the search box, and then you just appear so clearly. Start. I already got my stories again. See, next thing you start is prettier, so social prettier, and you will see. Ah, by has been Peterson So again cling on me Cleaning start Mine has hard Even the stars against he Another one is Ah, another one will be great year Bracket bear polarizer this one So click on break it Better search back up back ELISA here and break it their color Preiser Well, a raise And the one by Contra s is the one that you need to install So clearly start And for me I've already installed. So at the end of this is speculation installations he will have three of packages record baccala riser. Nice ever and pretty A call for mater. The next thing you want to do is to customize our environment. Our tax editor. So this had a customization that I've done? Um, you can customize it by going too far preference, and then you need to customize Saudi. So I just made a screenshot here quickly so that I can use this to refer while customize. Okay, so how did customize it? First thing is you goto file. He can I can close this now so I go to file clear on preference, clear on settings And here the first thing on the customizes return that size, which is to So I would Time editor no, that size. And then down here I would change this to originally. I think that before was for after you that doing Make sure you save me by pressing Control s off. Fax it. Next, you and a custom mice What wrapped on? So search for head ether dot What? Brett And here set it on. You can choose a few options, but he should sell it on and against saving by pressing Control s and it'll one is editor dot Ah, for May on safe. True. So search for editor door for Mitt. I see you hear. Um, make sure you check this box and then safe control has to see next. Prettier, that single core. True. Now search for prettier. That single court, then here. Make sure you check this box and express control as to city And the last one is javascript a big important for moving people. Always. So here, search for javascript. No. Have get in bots on file. Move. Yeah, it was good. I'm fine. Move. Have get him Pots on file moved. You got. And you both Not on the books? Yes. And then here. Make sure you check these after that click. Contrast to see. And that's all conflicted. Downloading and customizing our beaches to your coat. That's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next one. Thank you. 6. 6 download phonegap desktop app: Hello and welcome back. Today we're going to see Phone Gap. Hungary is used to you, Yo, ap gave house in a club. And if you go to this website for game dot com making great more about it. So four games by adobe and, uh, forget issues to build her as the use your existing dornemann skills to make hybrid applications hybrid applications on those wish and, uh, be run on how us has very Sandra and Bill using history, mail, CSS and JavaScript. And you can use ah single core base to build for both platforms. How do in our constantly only going to focus on then, right, the invitational forget is that you can do your head in the club. It means after completing a project you will be able to use who get too big and forget will be able to be for both. I said so it's Indra so and how to get started. The, uh, for saying it do is growing Greenland. Start now and then you need to download the install the stomach. So in this case here weekly, there'll be no solution. Stone on this time and your individuality the is just tremendous used to create a template for the more by it. And it is easier way to create new projects he said are using commonly. So was a lot of his finish. You can double Colleoni who is talking. Okay, right. I said the agreement. And three. Nice click Next again, again Kleenex and clean store. So it is easy to install. Okay. And now the surface completed And ciencia. So click on finish. And if you wanted to test where they has bean sensibly installed, you can started by going to hear such for forget and you've received Forget to stop going on it. And he really start up like this. This is what it looks like and, uh, he didn't see here. He then create a new project by clicking on this, and we'll be doing that in the future. Lessons. So that's all for this lesson. Thank you very much. 7. 7 creating your first app: that's on that. In this lesson, we're going to create our first hello world project. So first thing we do Hey, screw. Does he drive creating folder and then call it here, dummy, Teach Hansenne Now from now on, with all our projects will be located inside this main folder comedy Imitation Consent. Next thing starting your forget to stop at by searching for it here such for yet and then click for getting their stop Wanted statically on the plus icon to create a new phone get project So click this 1st 1 and then select blank having greatness and then the path bring on juice and then we get to your C drive and go to the You don't me on ST Project and select so they should be your main folder given them for a new project Call it hell over and given i d The i d is three words separated by a comma a separate by dot So it I hello dot Oh, you can take on sen not hello Not were so three words separated by two dots three uncreative project So forget the stop Go online and fashion all the necessary by congesting Bill, Your first project. So once is successful, you will see here. And if you look back at you, see Dr the U de Matichon send food and there is a new folder creator and this is a new project. So now that you have these new point blank, you can use we just to do a quick open e and go to the colder. So I'm going to remove all my oh, photo here, and I'm gonna add a new photo. And this holder will be the unsent will be the you dammit. Each Johnson mean for the And if I open this, you can see there's the South Florida, which is the new project we just created. No, he's a here. Open the www for Fouda and added the index html far. And it is the default default. His game a docking Monday Forget has generated for you. So this is a mean father. We will be working within the phone get and then you hear you can creating your head over. Thanks. So put a hater take. Maybe I use hater too. Just start his to and impressive that point you CDs Even I was a pregnancies to go to generate a pair of halo taste. And then here it I Hello world. Once you see these, when you every syriza coherent Minister, the far has not yet been saved. Cyclic contrast. Okay, far safe. So the show car keys, conquests So was it 56 You can go back to your phone, get nest of it And ah, when you see these green button here he means that this sever has not that who gives us her silver on this I'd be address at this spot. So the CEO he all at you just screamed this for a living here and you open a new webpage. So here you can see this is the new my patients open, sir And his i p address and Port 3000. Now if you want to use ah Crume, develop a twos directly and insular Inspector So when you select in space from there to the river to open up and then there's the button here. If you click on this button, he will toggle You can resize it. He was talking between simulator more This is a Crume everything to more by phone simulator And you could again you go back to the issue. So 100 top here and select the various mobile phone that you want to simulate. So, for example, I'm not assimilating and right galaxy s five basil to righties. Through congratulations. You have successfully created your first have a will. More about it. Thank you. I will see you in the next lesson. 8. 8 download onsen libraries: Hello. Welcome back in this lesson. I'm going to show you how to create a basic consent. We are going to download the onset libraries and Jake Riri and referenced them from reading her on Send history. Mel Vegas. So the first thing you need to do he's open your phone, get they stopped. Head frankly, on the plus icon to create a new forget project. So, like the blind template and create the next button in a local path. Make sure you choose your you don't meet each consent main folder and said I next give the name for this project. Calling one dish beach and you hear the i d According on sen. Click, create project. Forget Dan dollar the necessary packages from the Internet to be your project. Once it has finished brooding, we are going to head he owns and library. So now we have these new Project one. That speech you open the, uh the, uh let me see. Sean said he will see here one day speech. I'm going to need it this whole project. So if you know open is one death pitch, he we see the default for this creator for you. And then it's a www for the s for so nice. We are going to download theon sent debris from Santa I o take on down, see these fish. And here Jews saw school, is it? And if you begin downloading, as you can see once he has finished downloading correctly county and put it in your project for the U Demi Tish on Sen basically here. Next, we're going to unzip this rightly I straight. Oh, And then in the folder did it kiss and just leave the main folder. So we're going to extract to this mean for the three and strict And now it has been instructed. Yeah, Buckley toe, open it and see your libraries. We need to copy this to folder into her one day speak project. So? So I like these two for the CSS for their and yes, hold there copy, and then go back to your one. That speech project opened, and I do that without before there and basic here. Next, we need $2. Jake Pretty. And put it this jaskula open your browser and J query J three and go to the degree pitch click on down a J. Greeley and select the letters decree, which is this one. And then you will see these hickory tree for one Mean Yes, directly. Any right on the beach. Klay Safe s and then go Teoh project for their on Sen. Are you dammit! Each on sand one the speech. Have you read every W? Yes, And then the name Jake. Really? This auntie, for one has this is the forgiven and doing changing play safe. Then you can close the speech. If you're examining you your folder Now you will see a query for one has been copied to your Js folder. Next open, yo! We shows to your court there will be a new project food a one. That speech. And you received Www Yeah, to new for this CSS and you has We're not going to reference some of the fouls he's here says and yes, from him. Next great, nice. And then in the head section, we're going to refer to some CSS style. She's which is inside CSS Holder. So a type here link and impress at that key and in here, like CSS for what's next. And then from this least struck down please juice on san you I she says on certain new I CSS and right so control as a safe and then presenter when you control has to see this former slash you automate baby said that he does not. He said ultimately he should die and go in instead of yourself. Time Ling again You're going to refer another Sashi president key And then in a history by CSS therefore was slash And this time choose consensus as components on censuses. Components mean this one And then again if control passes safe and this Daschle can leave, is that it? If over snake next, we're going to refer to some scripts. So go to the bodies I should and present the Yes you know this nine typescript and select the 2nd 1 scripts sauce going on this and then here Refer to your on Send me on send you ice cream. So type Yes, yes. Referring to his yes folder forward and in juice The on saying you I mean yes on send you I mean just is on the last one. Repeat it one more time Script again. Select the 2nd 1 and a year time gs for slash This time you are going to refer to bakery. So? So I like this one, Jake. Really truthful and honest. And finally, you're going to create one of our own JavaScript file in www folder. So, directly, sadly, every w w right click on it. You file that had No Yes, this is very We're going to write whole JavaScript fast JavaScript holding. And we're going to refer to you he has, huh? So open one more line typescript again, Select sauce. And here, time after Jess, in contrast to safe that we have completed our basic, uh, linkage to all our on sen Stashes and also the necessary consent. JavaScript. And also Jay could remove ah and a query and also revert to our own MDs. How was so? Uh, day, I'll stop here for now and see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 9. 9 creating onsen page: Hello. Anyone come Bank Last lesson. We create our blind template and linked to the onset libraries. And now this lesson. We are going to create something in our pitch before we continue. I just like to assure you to raise to start your the first way is to use the phone. Get liar. They stopped at main click on this link here. And then you started at an angry on directly under under the fish and solutions May and you will see our simulator The second really starting Emma is to use the go life's over Hugh install area If you click on extension, remember earlier only click this plug in. So now we can use these has felt so Maybe wonder the use news to start our at bt the selectivity index html file from our project and clean go life And then you open a big So there are two ways to Yes you have. So if you would using your life this you do the same thing you treat He opened. Ah good. Go deaf to this. Well, you can see So this one is run from the forget silver and this one is run from the from which is to you coat own life servers with their two ways. Whichever we choose his half to you. So me decide on. So let's say now we wanted to a fish to have ah to our screen at the moment is blank a precious blank. So on send uses a concept. Go on speech. You can find out more bodies by looking for you on, like time on Sand beach. And then from here you can see the first thing here and you click on it and you can bring the details about on speech. So we're going to use on special first to create a blank page. So what we need to do is do something like this on speech. So go back to your coat in a body section Oren s dash beach, and I want to see this. You bring on in and you complete closing tight for you. You can experience on fish and inside here everything goes between these two attacks on speech. Now the structure of on spirituals said the top part, Hubie on Stuber. So that owns dash tuba. An inkling on this So the ennstal bodies like the header off your So let's take a look at why Lucai? Hey, Spending on stupa and in your own still bar, you can put three items, so each item e separate. Where Yah, his left center. All right, so you add of sent the item first center element, but I being dif press step and then living in the class center. And here you can put the title for his number. This is called You can say my first. I see, uh, my own speech. And then if you received this now and take a look at your help you can see the title here mouse my own speech and you can geez, you start pounds fish. And when you saving every immediately. Sure, this Blue Mountains beach nineties. He's the Syrian EU meeting. I've been here and you also have the new forget sever. And then you can put the content off your of your bitch. The little here so content negotiate. If he's your content, found the speech and then you really Siri like because the same bar so that you can see both at the same time he received it. Now you can see this is the content of the speech. Thank you. So this is your first on space? Congratulations. In the next lesson, if you take a look at how to add more things to this space, to get a feel for how the use, Beyonce and libraries thank you and suit. And if I said 10. 10 start stop servers: Hello. Welcome back in this lesson. I'm going to explain in a little bit more detail how to start and stop the service. There are two servers. First easy. Forget that. Stop several. Which is this one running here? And the second server is your wishes to your court. Go life. Several dishes. This one here, we can use either one for testing our. So I'm going to explain in first the good phone gap a silver. So to start the photographs ever, you just need to make sure this button everybody is green in color. It is not. Greeny can create. Start now. The server is running this ab one dash space. That's why this is green in color. If you wanted to switch to the other, Uh, you just need to click here and then you would change from this one to this one has actually these dissenters green Any other mountains agree? So if you would you click this pattern now a discipline. Now he will run the the hell aware Creator earlier. If you wanted to run, the, uh, this one that's going to do is click on this button and he was switched from here to here and decide we turn green. So now the sun is turning green and you can see behind here behind here the ah, then you pro j has started. So that is how we can change from one project together. If for some reason, the the group forget that some freezers are fifth to start any service For whatever reason , all you need to do is close it and reopen again Clos E and then reopened again by searching for foreign yet clicking on it and open again and he should be OK. So that is how you fix the problem about freezing. Okay, the second way. Now we are going toe To start a silver is to use the shows to your coat to test our so in visions to Yoko when you want to start a server to test your the first thing you must do is like rich in this history. More far is to be the men. So in this case, we need to go to the www further off our project and sound like the end ice hasty Mel Farr . And this is the the Men. So why this thing has been selected then you can click on the button and go life had a bottom here and even open a webpage. And so few the index html Yes, you can see here. And then if you wanted to stop this server, all you need to do is go back to your he shows to your court and at the bottom. Here, click this button again. But 50 honey. And it will show you disposing So any also gives you the her most messy Say sober is now offline. So your service homeland that means any changes you make him your he will not abdicate here that it's a meaning off light. And if you wanted to go back online going again go life And then you start several again and opened another webpage and serve you the next time a far and inclusive one. So that is how you can start and stop your service. Now, you for any reason, let me stop this first. Now, if for any reason you do not see this go live button at the bottom, don't worry. All you need to do is great on extensions and anchoring on. Nice. Ever agree on disable? Click on disable and in clean reload. And then we'll bet here beyond, uh, extension icon and then go back. Look for life over again. And me sure is the correct one. Really. Day and Inkley. Anybody again, anybody in? And then I want you. Could anybody again? You go back to your project and select the in that system and far. And then you will see this button here. So that's how you fix the problem for the missing button if you ever experience. So that's all for this lesson. Ah, in the next lesson will continue with how one that pitch project. See you then. Thank you. 11. 11 1 live server select proj: before we move on to the next lesson, I would just like to quickly give you a tick on how you can use the shares to your courts. Go Life's over to select reach project you would like to run. Therefore, for example, assuming you have like in my case now let's see. I have a few projects here one day speech to add a treated by for a multiply so on, assuming I wanted to run the project number one to start that for J. What you have done piracies do is select in next, his Gmail and Inkley on the cool Life button had about them here. Another way is you can right click and three on open B fly server, and so it will open the life's ever and open the project. Now Supposing now you wanted to run a different project. Let's say you wanted to run Project on the to and you wanted to run this epidemic to. So now you directly the index, his Gemma far angry. Open your life's over and now he opens the second project, as you can see here, and you can close the first project. Now let's take another example. Supposing you want to do run now and neither different projects see the third project here . So go to the tape for Jack Open the next HTML far here, rightly honey and select openly of life's ever. And now he opens the that project, as you can see here that that put project and finally and last example if he wanted to run Fourth Blue Jay So simply go to the index history more far off the fourth project, right? Click it. And so like, open with life silver And there you have it. This is your fourth for day and you can close the other projects. So this is how ah, you can open, uh, any project that you can. It's a like from the, uh, from the property from your explora panel over here. So I hope you find the steep useful and see you in the next lesson. 12. 11 onsen page components: Hello and welcome bay. Remember, From the previous few lessons we created a blank on sent page. So for example, now in this project one dash Fish Creek go life, open up the on sand beach and then click directly and in cellar Inspect and you can see in the simulator. So this was very stop. We have Ah, simple pastry. The tuba. The Cuba. Is this this to about here uber the whole thing? He's on speech from here to here on speech and then on on spiritually have a tuba which is home here, here. And we have the content off the fish which is just showing this is a content of this page. So now we are going to add some extra components to this page. So the first thing you want to do when he had a new component hey, so create dif so they can control their starting off the pitch. So the time dif impressed that and then he will complete opening closing for you presenter who I spend the dif and inside here. You may want to put some text so we can put a paragraph fact be president, that key and then inside here. Hi. This his bitch One And then you hear people say this Now you can see you have the easy special. However, it is nine in center. If he wanted to the center it, he would do her in line style for the dif. So we would type style he course. Hey, thanks a lie Text Ashqar lie Colin Center. And then when you see these contrast, you will see your content now is sent is especially and you can go on and at other things here. Everyone, for example, he can put and input unseen, put on stash input and then announcing Goodyear Ah, you can put a placeholder here one If you need to do some reference reference, you can always go back to the on center stage. I got on sale the entire beach and you can see the references here on speech. From here you can see the documentation for on speech. If you wanted to look for the input, then you cut on ST Then create on this on the input and you will see the competition for hunts input. So on staying put uh, loose lightness. You can have the unseen poor for various fuse, for example, text or possible feel, even numbers. So if you want that you on would be, uh, off a string that you have to He just don't be like this. Still go back here, and that was input. And then type. If you don't specified attack than in history, you can put a placeholder. Okay, so there is a problem interning, for example. And then if you save it now, you can see you have your taste holder, your your place on the Internet. Out of things you can do is you can put a button so potential Beyonce dash button press debt. And then here he can put the labour off the button, get me navy oppressive. You can see a button here. Okay, um, he would be a good idea to put a button in a separate paragraph. So we just put a paragraph for first you put a paragraph, perform there. Input. So the cutting, the importing put in between the paragraph tax and you also three paragraph for the but then to cut me but then and breathe in the draft, click save and you see now it is center like this So it is how you can add objects to your Hansenne page. If you need to. More reference. You can, for example, even more reference on the button. You can go here and click on send button. And then here you see Hans Button and you recall about it the detailed recommendation for on Spot then. So that's all for this lesson. In the next lesson, you see how to write code to make the button work. So I'll see you then. Thank you. 13. 12 button handler: Hello. And about one day in this lesson, you were going to write code to make the button look So we are going to write and Bhatia Asesor to enter the name here. And when you click the button complete me you will show a message saying Ah hello. Followed by the name So now we're going to mortified he could on the Huns, but Okay, uh, on click he ran handler Time on equals and give a new in double quotes, leaving them for the function which you handle the uncle event and we Mitchell College. Um see Hello. So this is the JavaScript function and then savy and then the open the Cyprus nine bring on the fgs far here is very defined How I say hello function So in here we are going to show And that look So you see on salad hunt when it's not notification for vacations but that then here say hello. So at the moment if we just say hello, just give it a test He is create without typing this creep And if you see her Okay, There's a messy area here on cannery, probably a lot of undefined. So that means, okay. Is his wrong changes to identification on starting modification? Don't hell it. See nothing again. And if you sure Hallett box uh, I say hello. Well, okay, that's a different kind off message. You can also show is called toes, Hans the notification toes. And here you can give your message. Hello? And then here specify how long you want the toast to show so tight. Break it and then in here, type time out, Colin. Say 2000. Maybe seconds. Be safe. And you know, when you click on trick me, you have these, Helen, and you have the Hello it about them one more time. This is the toast said about them. After two seconds, Eboo disappear. So if you wanted to those to last longer, you put a bigger number here. Maybe 3000 milliseconds. Now we're going to extract the thanks showing you sigh here. So I tried that We must get me I d for this. So you're you're given i d For your aunt's input. You insert I d equals two and then record high Kabul coats because given i d my name save. So that would be the i d for these input go back to be option and then create a variable. Call my name and extract the I d document Harriman's my I D and then specify the idea off the which is my name. See if I spell it correctly. Great. Is my name for it. So my name, and then here don't value that you not value. And then here we're going to concoct any my name, toe the string. So we put the plus and my new here we put a space seemly gentility that those space and you can't get any my name to hello to create a new string safe. And now we run it to tell your name here, frankly, and you will see that those as well as the Alan Books Bo appearing. Okay, so now a good challenge for you. Try to add another button. Clear when you click on the button. Clear. She clear the text. You here making blank. So posse video and give it a try and then, uh, come back and I'll give you the solution. Go ahead. So welcome back. How did he do? So we are going to have ah button now and then about a year. So go to this and then select me. Uh, this paragraph copy. And in peace and change in east function do clear. Put clear input. And here chased thanks to clear se V. And you should see the button clear day. Next. Go to fgs and create a commission. Clear input. And we're here. Type document. Look, you mind the human by i d Specify the name off the text Input, Heidi. And then for the value assigning the empty string safe. Now you in justice. Type him again. Take me Shank here. That's it. So how Iraq's is then you he all. You're only Battle Creek. He write a call. See? Hello, honky and book your creaking Kill me button. He will call. Say hello and say hello. You'll be handled here by dysfunction. If you want to take on the clear button, he will call the Clear Import Commission. Clear proof formation will be handled by dysfunction. And Leon, we he remember really, um, jazz to the script. Uh, Lingam javascript to this index. His name using this line. Okay, so that's how this indexation Emma knows about formations because we have lived here and make sure you have us. He's in the same folder as hearing next. Okay, that's all for this lesson. How? See you in the next one. Thank you. 14. 13 improving ons input: Hello about Sunday. We are going to improve. How? Ah, bouncing a little bit here. So first we're going to put it under bar on the bison underlying and then securities the placeholder. We want to Any made it so the maybe, start typing the placeholder, Abu. But who moved to the top and still show. So let's try to do that now. So openly. Are we just too good? The index html file with a close this and then over here? Uh, yes, uh, float so fraught because me placeholder to be animated by moving to the top and retired The other thing, you want to head to disease? Modifying. So begin, please. Anybody fire here The modifier. You put him on the bar modifier. So in modify equals on the bar. Okay, so you know, we save a single life and you can see the difference. Now we can see now that way, have me on the bar and maybe start typing. He issue float to the top. So how the cities from what time may be said that being something and you can see the placeholder has floated to the top. Yes, I Okay, so that's how the improvement can emit. Thank you for watching house here and in this for you 15. 14 project adder: Hello and welcome back. Today I will give you a project to do. It is called Project Had a now in this project use what you have learned to create Deccan input to numbers and and them. And this play there is up. The user interface should look something like this. You have a tube on top. The title, two numbers. And then there is an instruction with a nice and the two numbers and the And then you have to inputs your 1st 1 we will prompt. See? And the first number. And the 2nd 1 the promises and the second number, then below it There are two buttons. The first button A who take a two numbers, convert them into a number. And then? And then and then this play the result off the addition using Ida and l it. Yeah, a toast that this place from the bottom, the second button clear. We're two year the input tax box. So that is a tip for you. You will need to convert input into numbers before you can add them. There are several ways to convert string into a number. For example, You could use the number object Oh, you go use pass into. So try to Google for this and see how to use this to of Jason. Good luck. I'll give you the solution in the next lecture. Thank you. 16. 15 project adder solution: Hello. Welcome back. Today I will walk you step by step through the solution to the project. Edda First useful and get click on head. Create new Formula Project Select Lane Next Jewish stuff Default Parent folder here because his parent folder. You dammit! Fish, give her name. Call it too. And it his I d on CNN had it out. Great. Great. Project. Next, Get ready to open your visual studio code. Yeah, user interface. David Greene to design is a short on the left. We need to create an on speech with on Stuber and condense. So the patient two other has been created. Now we can open. I would be just to do a quick cooper in the ad A project and we need to copy too. Libraries for this into Abuja. Bw pretty j where you have download it The insane libraries open this folder. COPD is too fast ability to for this story and then basey into your new edda for a J into the readability of you. For next, we need to download the Jake really library into the jazz for the know that we are not using Jake weary yet, but it is a good breakfast to get into the habit Off doing so Now they don't we will be doing. We'll be needing it for three days. So Sanjay query and then clean dollars bakery Select the first NATO solution Eregli safe has and saving. Do he, uh, Js khuda? Then you can closes. No. And do you index And then we're here. He had to refer to our Styler heats. So refer back to your earlier project and see how you used to referring before Just compete is too and basic Here. See, next to go back to your earlier project and a copy these three life and basing below this. Now we're ready to create the own speech. So that haunts their speech and breast it Hispanic. Then you sit Beyonce tuba press stick. I spend it and then put a diff as saying a class of the dif center class to put it in the center of the tuba and then give her Tyto and a Let's take a look and our instructions at two numbers. So the titles head do numbers then in the body off the own special, we create a dif and then we give it a style text lying center. And we opened the gift he put in the first paragraph and the two numbers and click. Hey, then put another better graph. And this paragraph is here on input and on c input. Groovy. Come the first in poor I. D His first number again. We have the modifier on the bar for the underline and then the placeholder, the crises and the first number. And then he put float engineer. So that has an animation for the placeholder, maybe, and their number. And you put the commission on top here. Now that you have done that, we can copy this and basic. And this change these two second number, and then it plays hold there also change and, uh, second number and actually have the button type B to open a paragraph and then once but then press debt and then the labour his head. And then he on three function at Michelle Corrie numbers and then copy this paragraph and peace And this labor we change to clear and the function we call it. Clear inputs See? And then now we open the career food clear Focal. And yes, let me close the first project cleanly and therefore yet go to the capital for the money directly. And then at new file that Yes. Here we define our two formations at numbers. Be sure the name is Qari. Check and see. And numbers. The second function is clearing boots. So we created a second function here. Clear in coach. He get our first number by creating a first Greg in a very well called first number and itchy. Get everyone by I d and get the I d. First number. Make sure the, uh, name is correct Ideas. Call first number Caray and begin the value value. Really copy and business. To get a second number and close the cyber and then changed is to bear belonging to a second number. And here the element. The idea is second number confirmed. The ideas correct. Check you any second number. Correct. Okay, then. Next we want to add it to numbers, so they create a very local result. And then we convert the first number into her number by using the number object in game last. He also use the number project to convert the second I'm blistering into a number. Next we want to use the tools to show the result on notification, not toast. And then the message is cool in space. And then we can get in a If he result, and then we give the time out. Three seconds for the toast. Oh, maybe two seconds for a clear input. We can compete this you can copy thes two nights. And did he the assignment sending here in the assignment and then here the value we're saying anti string safe. Now we're ready to test our program. So on Go like to start your brand. Make sure you sell it in Baseless. So yes. Inspecting. And then now we enter the first number to that. The second number three he had and result Fire picked here. Nicolas. Trainer number. Hey, 8.1 second number 2.3 Clear. And we get 10 Point fight. Be clear. Any case. Congratulations. So this is how you create and that had a project. So thank you very much for watching How? See you in the next lesson. 17. 16 configxml: welcome Bay in this lesson and the subsequent In essence, we will be talking about the conflict xml file. If you were to look at your project to yes header there is a focal config XML Now what is the use of this far coughing SML Far is use when you are building your a p k Later on you are reading a PK using bill phone Get dot com He will look at the settings in the converse and now and then decide how to get here at so yes, why? It is important I have already created Ah, some book on the S m. A fire which you can download from the resource ation for this structure and this isn't far over here. So what you need to do is go and download this far from the resource issue and then copied content on this. But before you do this, make sure your forget is not running. So if, for example, you see the forget running, we have to project to decada. So what you do is yes, close it, then copy the confessional far that you down from the resourceful there and replace it. Replace everything in this, uh, do dash project Comfy SML. So center every day DVD and then replacing if the one you download it from the results for the I have been saving. Now, if you take a look at these the country s and before correct something is you have the i. D. Russian and then we have the name. Then we have a description and then you have the email which you should change to your email and referencing issue. She changed to your website if you have one. If you don't have one, you can just create a block website and pull your block here and then the name off your company on your name as the auto off the set and the rest in Baden Baden will be the index's starting off your head. And I says how Virginia Spoon has Therese along aviation insurance histories. Hello, intent. Also, Siri's. Why did I quest series? Because I want to make it easy for have to be able to connect to need in it. If somebody is using it, he will definitely like them to be able to connect to a silver or connect to an abject side which you are going to use Oh, to connect to other off your head out on their go play. So you want to enable all these to be histories as to this means a lot. And then here he had a platform name. Since we are concentrating on Android. So the left your name is an dry and there are no platform you for I s I needed that. And the minimum s occasionally 16 not too low because it is too low. Then you miss out on a lot of the functionalities that I will bring higher high android devices, the most of the android apps out there. Most of the android devices out there off. I have this SCK 16 and above, and very few less than 1%. Breasts are less in this very and then allowing then market here means to be able to reach out to the Google plate. Look for your hunger, perhaps in the play star and then here Ah, the sound, the requirements and must have if you are going to be your head for a B K code of are the repository for the plug ins and then orientation. I said in there to portrait by. If you want to bill help landscape, then you can change this to landscape anyone you and rob you too greedy. Oh, and forget version to be held These Russian And the last one is the icon which is icon one for 14 years. Meaning that the icon dimension is one for four by one for four. And you should create Nikon breaches of this size this dimension and Pootie in your project for the I will show you how to do that in the next lesson. So that's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next one. Thank you. 18. 17 icons: Welcome back in this lesson, we are going to talk about icon 144 dot PNG the dimensionally I Connie's as I mentioned that previous lesson 144 by 144 pixels. He means that it is, uh 144 p So hi and 144 p so white in this. Ah, I've used the program called Escape Escape to these I and Icon. You can use other programs to designing for his number. Adobe illustrator Oh called Roy. And as you can see, the picture dimension is 144 we've and one for four height. I will also include a copy off this, uh ah icon in the resource for the for these lessons. I'm not going. I spot this icon So I sparty who here? And I need to praise it into my We're thankful there who do Dash Adah. I need to place it in the root of this for the outside Off the photo W w w and how we need to call it Icahn 144 dot PNG reaches what is being special fighting here in my convict XML So I called the icon for four G and I think safe and actually expert. So now if I come back to be sure CEO could I can see Yeah, it going here. So he's the location? Um, yeah. Going on. Forceful. Now the next thing I need to do he's, uh do make sure that this for the as an icon in the room after four days, sir, it is here. Do not put your icon inside. Www. You need to really outside. Oh, this folder. So, Harry sour for this lesson. Um, I'll see you in the next one. 19. 18 intro github: hello and welcome to another section in this new section will be learning how to absolute How would that files to get up at the end of the session? You will understand why I didn't forget up. You will also be able to create new could have account installed a c m create new get happy posses and how to upload the files to get up. See you in the next lesson. Thank you. 20. 19 why github: Hello and welcome to another new lesson in this lesson. I'm going to explain to you why we need to use kid, huh? Now, in order to build our A b G a foul, we need to use Bill, a cloud service known as Adobe Foreign. Gambill, As you can see here on this screen, I've locked in into my account. I will show you how to create an account later. So as you can see Ah, the dove. A club you service allows you to create open sauce in private projects. What is the difference between open sauce in private, in private projects? You can have a look The zip file for your project. But the limitation is you can only How about your only a lot of the one private A. J. And that is a sick far directly to this other Bay Global service, As you can see here. Yeah, I want to try to create a new breath for Jay. I'm told it. I'm seeing this messaging. You are currently using more than the quota One private has I already have one problem at down here, which is this? Have this came here and these is counted as a private atmos you can see from here. So if I tried to create another problem, I get this message. Meaning I'm not allowed to create another product. And, uh, forever ever allows you to Abbas. It falls. So because I'm not allowed to create morning one product, I cannot have low in others. He fell. So in order to ABBA and as if I have to delete this this at so every time I want others If our I need to delete my Oprah Jay, what if you want to keep here open around So if you want to keep the whole project around, you need to use open source and he has a lot of your fast to get up. That's the reason why we need to use Get up. Who? Me? This way. You'll be able to give all Europol yes around and a so you can see here. Oh, my projects that I have, uh, Husing get up. So what you need to do is created could have account, have low your project to get up, and then basically you have reports tree here and quick pull from grip Astri. I will be showing you how to do this in detail in the next few lessons. So that's all for this lesson. I will see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 21. 20 signup: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will create a new get help account. So head over to use the outside get help, not calm. And you will see the sign up form if you heaven sent out before you can use this form to sign. Um, but if you already have an account, you can skip this lesson. So feeling your user name, have a king. I use her name. Hi. Parching 20 So it's wholly taken. I'll try another one. Maybe watching 219 and he's available. And our king My email, You know, here will be, uh, this he mill near the calm and my password. So I just keep my password like these. Okay. It says it needs to be at least 15 characters always. Hey, characters He green and number and the Lucchese letter. So make sure you satisfy the requirement and I'll try again. Okay. Still not accepting eight characters, including a number and a little kiss character, A number and a lower case character drive a more time. And the sea. No, it's still not accepting it. Try again. At last he works. So now I will click on Santa forget help. And despite for the next instruction. And he asked you to solve this puzzle. Still taking verify Touch the arrows to rule the image. So this stuff, the arrows to rule image. And didn't I? I don't gauges is sending new Okay, then it's very fight. So now you're given a choice to choose whether it's free or pro. He differences you can re here the pro can allow unlimited public and private reports trees . They already discussed the difference between public and private. So in the last SLV discussing. So for now, we're just going to stick the feel free abortion. Every allows you unlimited public. Um, OK, so we just go ahead with this and then click continue. And then the next one, uh, welcome to grab the ask you for some information. White level so you can click anything. Your eye Where? The court. Uh oh. Is it blue Jay? Ah, All right. So here you can just get anything, um, anything, right? And you can discreet summit, and then he asks you to verify your email address. So it has sent this email to this email address of mind. So if you check your email inbox is well, if you don't fight it here may feel check your junk mail folder. So my knees here and I can see the verification email that has been successfully sent. So what I need to do now is just great on this link here. Verify even address. So I just click very far in your address. And then you take me back to here and I find that my you have a car has bean verified, as you can see from your So this is the way how you create sign off Santa for a new jihad female Jama Khan In the next lesson, we'll continue with how to download the get up kind to install on your computer. So see you next lesson. Bye bye. Thanks for what you 22. 21 installing git scm: welcome to another lesson into this lesson. We'll learn how to download the CNN and then started on our computer so hit over to get dash SCM dot com and then on the right you will see the link to download the the S E n. Go ahead and click on Donald, Do you want for Windows? And that should begin, As you can see on the bottom left hand corner, it is not a very big far an issue completing a few seconds. Now get a C M. As I mentioned in the earlier lesson is the kind that is used to connect to get up to $2 absolute. Your riposte. Trees. There are other options, but I prefer to use get a CNN because of its flexibility. And you're almost done, as you can see here and here completed. So once the dollar is complete, you should get a far toe after 1 64 that b e x e. So I disagree on this? Yes, maybe 30 to be depending on your windows. So I just great on this to install it. So you ask you the control you want to run the foul run and gang user control Pakistan Nasuti, confirm Yes. And now it is stalling Re truly uh, the license and frankly, nice. And then did you for location is, uh, here? Just accept it. No need to change in Inkley nice and gang. All of these are the options to Teoh customize your installation. I will end knowledge and the chain boxier store additional icons on the desktop And then likely the rest do not change Leave it as it is on Go ahead and creating the next button. And then it would create Ah program shortcuts. Ah Levi s city fault He and then click next. And then this on us used him on a default. Usually rear cities only change anything. We won't be using Vin clean this and then here. Same thing You no need to change anything just reading the next pattern. And then here 17 only change anything. Just click the next pattern and same thing here. Clean the next part then and nothing changes. Well, your screen the next pattern and sending here and discreet his stall button. So now it will extract the fouls and install the program on your computer. I know that If you have any C command line time now, open you. We need to close it and reopen again in other to for your environment variables to direct getting We start some environment variables into your system so that your command line terminal will be able to identify he given by any reciprocation. So it is almost done. The extraction and the installation should be quite fast. Ah, it is also ah, commonly intermune. And when you install it after installing you be mostly using it from the common item. You. So you need to read the review notes. Just great finish. We'll be using this, uh, next lesson. So for now, uh, discreet finish and then to confirm that get has been installed, you can go ahead and look for it this quickly in those icon on the right. I rightly on the rinos icon and in such and you can get and you can see a degree at, uh, I'll get back. So let's create non gay bash and you will come up. He gave back like this Another way to use Ah, get is to right click here directly. Beano icon, take the common from and then you see in the terminal open and then here you can type, get and then enter. And if you come up, something should appear. Maybe that we for conversion I know share. So get ah, Dash help getting dash dash portion and then you should tell your version Windows. If you need heavy anti g deaf, they have get the stash up. All right, so this confirms that get has been successfully. You start. I know that if you do not get any response when the target then if you close CEO comin from and then re opened again and then time just saving to come on again and you should get a response. Get pushing. So that's all for this lesson in unless lesson we'll learn how to use Ah, get to create reports tree and to upload the or fouls. Thank you. See you next lesson 23. 22 creating repo: How about some day in this lesson? We are going to create a repository and get hot and look our project to dash at a go to get up and lock in and then create a new project by clicking the plus icon here, Select new reports tree give a name for your post re. I would call it you're dummy to and, uh, click the button. Create history. Next, we are going to execute a series of romance. And this is the least of the common caviar going execute. First, we are going to type getting open your command line. Tamina, and never get to your Project folder CD Desi, go to the root of my directory and then CD you dummy CD means Chase directory and I enter my project territory. And then here I enter my project to dash Ida. Now I typed the first common did any for by the second gunman Get hat dot Get. And that means at everything inside this folder. Give me some time to it. Yeah, files day. Once it is finished reading, we would need to tell our computer you need to tell who we are by typing the next two commands. And the only need to do this for every machine we need to do these two lines only one time . So now I'm gonna take me getting confit that stash global, use the email and then followed by the email I use to sign up for my could have account. And that is you should do the same for your account by typing your email here next hour. Execute the second commanding get conflict Dash, Dash Global. He was Ah huh name and my loading. I d Now I'm ready to going to the next Come on. Which is get comet get Call me dash ham and stands for message. And it is a message I want to is, uh, attached to this. You can put out a message is as well. If you if you want and one city is committed, how will be ready to has secured the next month in this Coleman, you need to get from here. Every Rebus tree has a different common here. He would have a different name for different repository. So copy this and then basic in the terminal by right clicking so right click to pace and then press enter and execute next. How type the last coal mine this common Get push Get bush desk you origin Master, enter an issue Absolute All your files As you can see, it is unloading and successfully completed. Absolute. And if you go here and refresh, you can see your new falls have looted So congratulations here Successfully created a riposte free and get help And a blue Did your project files day now this foul which contains at least summary of all the good have commands I was shared his father you in the resource for the so go ahead and gallery in the resource ation And for this you can see the few months de Franco months when you are using get help on the machine For the first time you need to execute these circle months And when you are alluding subsequently you only need to take his trico months. How would discuss in more detail if you in the next lesson? Thank you 24. 23 push update github: welcome they in the last lesson we created and you get up repository using these commands into this lesson. We are green. They learn how to have the whole project. I have looked the new project do you get assuming we wanted to change how tight, though adding two numbers We were open the index history male foul and changed it Time to over here. And then we was saved her father and then hoping the common from and third the correct project folder and execute this first common get at dot and, uh next I secure the second command did commit your message. We will put cheese, tyto and toe. Lastly, we'll execute Get Bush. And, uh, sometimes he will ask you to enter your user name and password. Now it has finished. Have alluding to get up. We can refresh and you will see the king here change Tyto. It's a message. And in next html has been changed. So that is how we are broad changes to get up. Thank you for watching. I'll see you in the next lesson. 25. 24 cloning github: Welcome back into this lesson How we show you how to use the remaining commands. Disco man is here are using You want to create a new repository? The, uh, cut up lines are not necessary because you have through isi. He done it when you first use mission too. Great. A new rebus tree. You go to rehab and you create plus new repository. Give my name to your reports tree. I'm calling testing Really great repository, then as secure his first Coleman Yes. Agree something to absolute on my desktop Have created new folder Nice and following it Her best doctor X t far. And just find something you say. Then how the this top and turned a new folder? Yes. And then time The first Coleman me you need next time get had done. And, uh then this line is not necessary because you have already done it before. When you first he was get have hell, yeah, He only need to do just lying. Did Comey enter and then do this line get remote at origin for this? You copy this line remote at origin. This line is always different for new most trees. Every report story. We have a different name for they get copy. Rightly two based press center And the last one last call Man, he is Get push you Hurricane master completed. Now please refresh and you will see. First call me. So this is how you create a new repository subsequently. Now, the next set of common is your Clinton clinical nine drunker Money's downloading a report straight from Get up before you can dollars or possibly forget. Have you must choose the location. So let me and different location. So I'm going to clone a new repository by downloading it from get up. And I will cloney this location. Just, uh, father I want to clone. For example, this repository Click on the green button. Hank Lee, this icon Copy. Too clever. Go back to here. Come on. Nine and the and time. The common grown and rightly, to pace the repository issue copy directly but area And now we are going to execute is common. And so it has done down with a copy to this location and you can check it by going to their folder and days. Yo new Her most real issue. Just clone from the hub. Now let's make some changes to it. This is the repository that you come from. Get up testing. Now this makes some genius do it. That's at the new would he did a father save it? And now anyone to have it. You go bay and execute these three months, Enter the territory type and get at not getting Call me. Message has halved it. Get Bush. And then if you go back and clean refresh. He received a new message. Have did it. A newly edited text tst Now the next command I want to demonstrate he's get full good police when you wonder. Synchronize Ah, local copy of your father. Synchronize it to the copy and get out. To do that, we can make some genius do this. Father, you can make a change to this fall by either idea. Read me File Obey. I'm loading from a different computer. Okay, I didn't This video is getting a little long. How? Demonstrate pulling synchronization in the next video. See you in a nice of you 26. 25 synchronizing with github: Welcome back into this lesson. How? Share with you. What ISS meaning off synchronizing your project. Get up in other to synchronize in which I grew up, he will first have to make some changes to the blustery and then try to synchronize your local copy with the newly have dated copy in the repository. So I go ahead and down our clue project from get up using these commands. I had a moment. I already have clued reports tree testing from God. And this was the father recruit from here. How now rename this folder to a different name he named and I will call the testing dish one. How Really testing dish one? No, Have a clone. Another copy. Get clone. Get the you I am for the for the escape, rightly to pace and then press enter crude. Now I have two copies. This is testing one and this is a unique lemon. I'm not going to make some changes to the 2nd 1 So I opened the 2nd 1 hang me some genius and has some tax. This is second club after doing that, I don't know updated to get up using these recall months and the message should be updated from second coun after I pushed it. How? Go and check you have by refreshing it have C. That is the difference I can clone. And you've changed the file. I would see this new far content. No, What happened to the first copy? The first copy has not the object id. All right, quiet. Itwas have deterred from the second copy. So how do a synchronised the first call be so that he also contained its newly elevated report repository? That's very used. Get pool. He used his comments. Get cool. So we talked. Get pool for by this a time. Get poor the enter the first copy testing and time keeps food Presenter. You were single nice through the first copy. So once it's ago. Nice. If you would go in, check your local GOP. We're going to the first copy and check the content of death he was See, he has got the obliteration. So this is a meaning off synchronization. Synchronisation means to synchronize your local copy with the get up motion. Now, why would anybody want to use this common? I will give you us scenario as humane that you are at home, and you did a new project. And the project is called Testing one. And you have all day to get up. Next day when you go to the office, he want to continue working, so office doesn't have this copy. So what do you do? You talk, get clone. So you office, get Chloe by using crude. He's in a common. So you clone a copy into your office computer and you continue working in the office. And then when you finish working with your Putin in the office, he would push it to get up. He was in these comments. Now the problem arises when you get home. Now you get home. Your home computer doesn't have rabbits. So what do you do? He used to get poor, get poor. So this is why I get pulled is such an important thing. Okay, see everything I want to point out before we and the stopping these this commons here. This combines I used when you first use you have on the computer. We has, uh, never used get happy Hall. That is why you need to set the global. You saying global name once you're this computer has already connected. You have and you have already done is common before. The next time you create in your repository, you don't do this. You do this. That's why these two lines are crossed up. You create a new report story like this. However, if your machine has got more than one user, if your computer has got morning when you deserve, if two different accounts or maybe you yourself have morning when I can. If you want to sue speaking one account to the other account, then you have to do this. You just come on these two comments to tell Get up! How I wish you can. You are using. So that's that's why this, too is important is two months. So I have come to the end of the get hard lessons. I hope it was half who, if any, problems, feel free to post it in a Q and A section for this cost. Thank you very much. 27. 26 intro building apk: Hello and welcome to a new section in this session, we will be learning how to build an A p K file. By the end of this section, you will be able to create a phone get bill account, link your get hub repository to forget Bill and build an E p K and install it on the android device. See you in the next lesson. 28. 27 creating phonegap account: Hello and welcome to another lesson. Today we will be creating a new account before get the Has it been see? So if you have not already got an account head over to this website Before you get beauty, don't forget come and then signing If you have any car, If you don't have a come, you need to create a new account So they re creating your counties by standing up for your come. So this click on signing and then you work on a and then over here we are going to create in your account by clicking getting That'll be I d. Alternatively, you can also sign in with Facebook always google if you have a jimmy account. So I'm going to try these methods, get another B i d. So getting a little B i d. And then I would write my name and in my email address and give a bus fit so a person esta into at least one number symbol both low case number case Hell is eight characters long and then heroically sign up. Okay, so I have no Santa for a you fresh a calm. So I want to create a new woman sauce. I need to go and copy and bases from Get up. So we'll do that in the next lesson. So if you wanted to, Allegheny can log in. If your new account and just to checks you, there's anything from them to verify. So far, there are no, you know, so verify. So successful way have already created successfully. And you will come. So with that new stop here, see you in the next lesson. 29. 28 building apk: Hello and welcome back to another lesson into this lesson. We are going to build our A p K father. So to do that, we need to use bill dot forget dot com so low into your account and get ready days. Ah, blue button on the top right corner that you have click on. And, um, and in here, make sure you select open sauce and under here, you're gonna pace the get have a repository. So go over Theo. Get how preposterously lawyer and select the correct pro J. The current project for me here is you Damage to had it. And then on the right days, a green button click on it and then click on the copy to people Icon Toe Copied Repository . Then go back to Bill Thought, forget dot com and pc into the text post Knicks plea on pool from get registry. He would then go and official reports tree from get up and you should be able to see the your new project along with the icon one for four PNG that the title of the project as well as a description. All this came from the Conflict XML file, which we did Fleer he for any reason you do not see this ready to bill button clicking on refresh. And you should be able to see this Red et good button Click on the and you will see Ah, Andrew Icon and Israel as any mission indicating that it is beauty your a p k file. Just give it a few seconds. It should be quite fast. Okay, It has finished booty. So the next thing we want to do, he's to open your he are moved by for go to your mobile phone. So these men move forward before we can start our TPG far we need to any bird mobile phone to allow it to install a B gave us from unknown sources. So go Theo our foreign setting and then go to additional setting which is this? Have a icon and then blue for privacy that money and then scroll down and Lou for this setting car. I'm known sources allow installation of f from unknown sources assure you allow it. So now we're ready to start. So open your chrome browser in your and rifle and then you should be able to see your newly built project your newly built A PK five. If you do not see these, just refresh the speech. I forgot to mention You need to log into this website Bill. Don't forget dot com not in the same using in the past, which you use to signing into your would get Ah, Kong. So coming back to the your mobile device. Teoh, open your brother and keep this fiber dress angry. Who, then? Locking. So now that your project is, say, de money and then you will be able to see Blue install button my money $2 the A P K file, and then you'll be asked to confirm the location and is a button for each attempt. Damon Dollar and then you're done has started and his completed Donald even CD uh, that those coming up from the bottom, you can also pull down. And then that on the sun, talent complete and issue, she'll show you. You can also go to your phones File five. Explorer and Lou for a dollar should be there so that that money to install there's a button for you, too. Click on his dog, so go ahead and they want it, and it is installing finish installing, using them on launch, which is is modern. And they were lunch and a so so enter the first number for second number fight and in then when you add button and you should get your results night. Now it's time on the clear button and issued clearly input. So is how you bill you a PK for and down. Look into your phone for testing. So that's all for this lesson who see you in the next one. 30. 29a direct upload to phonegap: Hello and welcome back. As you all know, I mentioned elsewhere that there are two ways to upload a project to forget. Built the first way is using Get up. There is a simpler way. Wishes to die really hablo your project. So I'm going to show you now. This direct method off alluding first you need to Xenia far. So go to your project Had a and Dele is hidden photo Get we don't get many idea really are alluding to phone yet And this hidden folder It's not visible. But if all you would have anybody first before you can see here. So in this case, I've already anybody. So that's why I can see. So I select this gin and deleted this get for their and then next I Was it the other project directly King hand zipping it. Now that is, it is ready to be alluded. Log into your phone again, Bill, Project account, and then delete the Owen here. So click on it and then going on setting and screw down in clean. Really? Okay. Okay. No, me and you have And so like the private that and then make sure that you doing any other problem project. If you already have one for some bloody everyone here, I will not be a lot to allow to Albert another private project. So I have you delete this first nuclear on this and then here on setting. And then here click on duty. Okay, Now I repeat, it's empty. Clean. You have streaked private. Then make sure I don't have any other programs. Now I can have her. Is it far? Play on this button. Okay. I need to refresh my page. Try again. Hubble. Is it far? Then I go and look for my foul, which is sin. See, Dr. And this is is it far free? Open And it is a blooming. Remember, if you want to add another problem, help, You have to delete anything. One first. So now it is a little click on this button, ready to build. And if you start doing soon, There you go. He started bleeding. So once his finish building, you can download it. Any story on your food, just like how we did before. So that is all for this video. Thank you for watching 31. 29 intro sign apk release: How does come back in the previous lesson? We created a project and then he alluded to be that have not come And um sorry the gallery to forget And, uh, he used forget to build the project into Ah Deborah A p a p a The Bible a PK is on you for testing. You cannot have a lot of these to go play. If you want to elaborate go play here. We need to Ah, do extra step. That is to use a key star and sign you a big Eva Then only you can, uh, get released. Build a PK. So in order to to sign your your project with the key star you need to absolute this key star to ah build Forget not come So how do we get this key star to get this kid star? We can create it using her program called Key tool and key to comes a Java. So we need to Eastern Java before we can generate a key star. So, in the next few lessons, if you will be see how to tell Java and use Ah, the key to generate Yogi Saw and subsequently to Avalon the key star too. Don't forget And then to use forget to sign your project and release and build a release. Good A BK. So I'll see you in nice lessons. Thank you. 32. 30 download java jre: Hello and welcome to the new resident. Ah, In this lesson in and also in the next few lessons to come, we will be doing Ah, getting ready to sign our a PK fire for release in order to be able to sign the A p k far for release, we need January key stall And you know that the general kissed all minute who download any is tall the Gabba key tour. So the first step is to install java before we can have access to the Iraqi who so in this lesson you down any style java runtime environment? I know that if you already have Java, you can skip this step. So open your browser and search for Don Jr E Java runtime environment. And frankly, on the real first result for me is the first results. And then I'm choosing Java runtime environment hit So Klay on a set the license agreement and then look for the Russian for your pre system mine is you in the 64 bit. So I will click and download this version. Jerry, you to 11 in those excessive for you see? So if you start downloading, sir and he requires to science. So if you don't have an account, create one now and discreet, create account and then issue you for your details. You're dis icky. Your details create a passport. His possible must have upper case in the gaze. At least one number and at least eight characters. Return the passport and then give your name and you can just in your phone you one hanging create, uh and address anything and then click on critical. And he asked you to tell your email. Elgon, Teary mu, Just take it King on your verification email and verifying your this Why is ready to continue and now you can Well, thank Teoh Idea Link. You can search for Donald. Yeah, you again. And then a 78 cents and take one more time. The version that is suitable for a machine And now you consigning you. Here you are. Count him. He made possible. And then you can see it has started a duality on the bottom left corner. So you stop here for this. Listen and listen will go through the installation process. See you next lesson 33. 31 installing java jre: Now that you have downloaded the installer for the Java Jerry, it is time doing started. So in a Donald's photo, you can see here your screen on it to start the installation process. Yes. And then he was Start the installation. He really insulted toe a d former fish Heidi for path. No need to change the folder Quick install. And now it is started installing, as you can see here. Ah, I would like to. And it The reason why we're in stone in Java is because Java comes have her to call key tool and we need the key to in order to January key stall. As I mentioned earlier that he start, he's used to sign the A P K foul for release. And so it is homeless done now and is give it a few more seconds and you can while waiting for any complete you can open up. How come online Soviet successfully installed Java? No that now if he were to type, then he created screen first. Even with Italian Java, all key to you will get no response because he will command line terminal and does not know where to find the Java wineries. So by default, the general binaries should be found in here. See Dr Program Files. So I'll hit over to my C drive program, files his 86 and look for Java. If you don't find it in here, you can do for the under folder. He's programmed fouls and it's here in Java. Holder. So what we do? Is he going on this? And this is a full of everyone, and they're being for the so meaning this path shall be copied this par regularly. Copy. They're going edges to the environment. Variables. So such for environment and click on the I. D. Added the system environment variables. Next, Clea R Michigan Ionia have on step be on environment variables and then go down to the water system. Variables. Great new, uh, no need to click new do for path and then clean. You already look at it and then here creating you. And then we're here. Just peace. Are you Jerry here? And then once you've done that movie up to the top Clear. Okay, be ok when one time and other. For these, an environment variable to be available to your command line, you need to close it and reopened again. Quick search for CND and then going on common problem. And this time he tests homework time by typing java. And we should get some response Any of you with a tacky too. He should also be getting some response. So congratulations here. Successfully install the Java runtime environment. It comes with the key to this is off for this medicine. We will continue in the next lesson. Thank you. 34. 32 installing java jre: Now that you have downloaded the installer for the Java Jerry, it is time doing started. So in a Donald's photo, you can see here your screen on it to start the installation process. Yes. And then he was Start the installation. He really insulted toe a d former fish Heidi for path. No need to change the folder Quick install. And now it is started installing, as you can see here. Ah, I would like to. And it The reason why we're in stone in Java is because Java comes have her to call key tool and we need the key to in order to January key stall. As I mentioned earlier that he start, he's used to sign the A P K foul for release. And so it is homeless done now and is give it a few more seconds and you can while waiting for any complete you can open up. How come online Soviet successfully installed Java? No that now if he were to type, then he created screen first. Even with Italian Java, all key to you will get no response because he will command line terminal and does not know where to find the Java wineries. So by default, the general binaries should be found in here. See Dr Program Files. So I'll hit over to my C drive program, files his 86 and look for Java. If you don't find it in here, you can do for the under folder. He's programmed fouls and it's here in Java. Holder. So what we do? Is he going on this? And this is a full of everyone, and they're being for the so meaning this path shall be copied this par regularly. Copy. They're going edges to the environment. Variables. So such for environment and click on the I. D. Added the system environment variables. Next, Clea R Michigan Ionia have on step be on environment variables and then go down to the water system. Variables. Great new, uh, no need to click new do for path and then clean. You already look at it and then here creating you. And then we're here. Just peace. Are you Jerry here? And then once you've done that movie up to the top Clear. Okay, be ok when one time and other. For these, an environment variable to be available to your command line, you need to close it and reopened again. Quick search for CND and then going on common problem. And this time he tests homework time by typing java. And we should get some response Any of you with a tacky too. He should also be getting some response. So congratulations here. Successfully install the Java runtime environment. It comes with the key to this is off for this medicine. We will continue in the next lesson. Thank you. 35. 33 generating keystore: Hello and welcome to this lesson. Today we are going to generate a key star. So before we do that, we need to create a folder where we are going to keep the far directly. Then they stop. And then we're going to create a new folder here. You forget it. And then I was typing the name off the voter. Okay? Still, and in this open common, come on 19 0 and go to your new folder. Which is honey there. Stop. And once they're in this folder, Okay, I security this common. Ah, I will put this command in downloadable results so that you can Donald in I a copy and paste into your tummy. Nice. Well, so I'm gonna copies Come on and in pieces year and then press enter now the name of the key stories test darkest are But you are welcome to give a different name from this If you prefer, then press enter and the name off The user name is test tst. So presenter And he asked you for a passport so it isn't password password will not be shown Although it is being recorded presente and entering at a time. That's impossible. And us, for your first and last names Press center ask you for organizational unit. Anything you like his presenter, the same organization again. You can time any tingling you like and every city just price. And why and why and why. And you are welcome to time your city. If you want that, I'm just going to keep it simple. So over here is a confirmed. He's just correct. He was correct. He was supposed to talk. Yes. Why? Yes, he has. Because it before is no to press enter. And then now he has generated your key store and any accident the new bus will again for the east or so press enter his presente And that is that is home is done. So now you can see a key store here and is a key saw. So that is so for this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson 36. 34 upload keystore to phonegap: hello and welcome. Today we are going to upload the key start to be forget not come. So go ahead and log into your bill. Thought forget not come account. And then on the right hand side, he was seeing Icon Graziani, a king on any account. And then over here three times going on the center, one signing keys. And over here silly he android Ah, icon and then below it and dry it on at key and given in for this key. Call it this And then the aegis should be the same esta alias you use when you generated he all kissed. Or in this case, it is DST so key in just tst Exactly over here. And then I will here choose to file Thank you so far which is on the desktop selected frankly, an inkling on some G and you are done So your key store has been a Buddha successfully. Now this is all for this lesson and next I said we will continue if working using the key star. See you then. Bye bye 37. 35 signing apk file: Hello and welcome back into this lesson. We are going to sign our hippie Que filed with the key star Before we consign the epic gave up with the key store. You need to unlock it first. To unlock Nikki stahr, click on this link here and sell a heady account. Select the tech signing keys, scroll down and look for the android key and the name off your kissed. Or in this case, it is test. On the right, there is a button. The icon shows a lock. At the moment, the key is locked, As you can see here is law to unlock it, click on it and then enter the passport. I wish you used when you created the key star and then click Summit Key. Next, go back to the helps by clicking the X Step and then to sign this three on it. And then you will get the option to choose to Key. Great on this and Sally the Task E, which is at the moment unlocked and automatically he will see the message spending and you will see the animation around the n dry icon indicating that the signing and the building process has started. Just give it a few seconds to complete. So in future you can know how to unlock it by clicking this button here. Now it is already sign Congratulations. So in the a p k father is view already to install And this epic Afar is known as the release built. So I'll see you in the next lesson. 38. 36 testing release build: Hello. Welcome back. In the last lesson, we used a key store toe sighing our A p k far and to build a release built a PK. We are now ready to down on these to our mobile food for testing. So open your mobile phone and they go to use your chrome browser and go to the website, build the phone, get dot com and lock in with you. Here's a name impossible. And you will see. Now you have these. Uh, you have to go there so clean on me, them in a more before and here are now ready to download this. So this, uh, debt Morningstar and issue begin downloading. Now, the city confirm so clear on the download button and don't share started. And now you see it about them. The screen shows Steve, huh? And you notice that the name of the father was release. If you miss that, Hello. You can go and check their fall. Open your file explorer and you can see over here. This is a new newly Donald hbk file. Didn't you name called dash release compared with the earlier far? The earlier far his team happened nationally, but So this is how you know the difference between release and the popular? We're now going to install the releasing bill. So money you in salt He asked you to replace? Okay. And in Tamerlan install it is now in starting and you have bridge finishing star 10 1 launch. And now we confess it. Oh, and, uh hey. And seven, then one Tamerlan and button. And you get yourself if didn't them with fear and he kiss and you can also see the icon on the desktop. Yeah. Who were here on the right? You can see. Oh, have I can't do that cider. He can also take money to launch yet So congratulations. You have now successfully build epic a release And this really CBK can be uploaded to the to your Google play store account for submission to go play If you want to send me this a big A to go play you can hit back to yo to your beautiful and get that come Potter and click on this button here. Happy key! So clear on it now. And Madonna, the release pig ate your computer and as you can see on the bottom left he is downloading and finally finished. So we take a look. So this is Ah, that's released Epic A that you can sum it to Google placed all. So that's all for this lesson. We'll see you in the next one. Thank you. 39. 37 intro tab bars: welcome to a new section Indecision. We are going to learn how to create a multi patient, perhaps by using that boss, an example of a dead body is shown here. As you can see, their tree that bus items here home forms an animation and Deb ask and I'd be placed on the top. Oh, at a bottom of the screen. So we'll be looking at how to do this in the next Coming few lectures. See you then. Bye bye. 40. 38 creating new tabbar project: welcome in this section, we are going to create a new project. It will be, ah, that bar project. So open your full again and then remove some of these hope projects by clicking the minus icon and kicking. He expected leaving only one project click plus icon. Then click. Create new Forget Project and click Blank Project Click Next juice. Did he fought for their for Contain your new project, which is you, Demi Dish Hansenne. And then in the name call it three dash then bah that for the name off the i. D. Cordy on sent that by him. Click on Create Project. You would then have three folders in our parent directory. There are we created to one dash page and do that had a and we already of Lucca to that had it get happy and also he a p k file using phone. I will not forget dot com in this step. Okay, we are going to see how to create a multi pe shops using the on send component. And if you want to refer to documentation, you can hit overthrew on sent you and then over here on a search. Frankly, that bar. And then he will see the documentation for grating the timber. Now that our phone game that storm has finished creating a project, we can open our issues to your core and see, Then you project here. So this is how we create a new project. We'll stop here for this video, and in the next video, we will then make some changes to the existing fast and photos so that you be ready. Toe, begin building our de pa. Okay. See you then. Bye bye. 41. 39 editing configxml file: who will come back next. We are going to make changes to our temper fouls. First thing we do is the conflict xml going to change this it is ready to do. This is to copy Leo contents from the old project. Open up your to other projects and open your on the external file. Copy everything from here and then pace it into your here. And you PJ treat em bar. We're playing a confessing our file needed all of this and paste the one issue copy into this far, then changed the name off me up here. The idea Taste your own scent. Denton bar at And the name? Yeah. T to tree dash, then, uh, have. And then his griffin right on said debt in bar demo and the rest you should make sure it's your email and your him and the rest. No change. I said for icon, icon Isono change. But you have to create an icon and putting in this folder. So we'll do that in the next lesson. See you then. 42. 40 adding libraries: next we are going to at the libraries to our project. So again uses waste copy from your project. So opened the two day shed for you and copy it is for their see essays for their and then open the three Temba and Pro J inside your W W W folder. Piece your CSS food there. Next, we're going to copy the jazz food there from the ad approved J and then PC in the 3 10 By that would I be there before the Now we have to library CSS for the and yes, for the so that a next unit to configure the indexation afar. Okay, we'll do that in the next lesson. 43. 41 referring to libraries: Hello. The next thing we need to do after Oh, the adding CSS Js libraries is to make reference to them in the history Mel file. So you're going to follow what we d In the other project, Silvio opened the editors pro J and look idea HTM Afar and C at a top. We need to have these two references to the star she so copy and then go back to your new project, the Chebaa Project, and face it into their heads section se v nice. Go back to your had a project again and copied e This creeps your script references and about them and they see into your 10 bar project at the bottom. Nice. You must greet the FGs fall for all of that by pro gay so directly on this history www for their you far and call it yes, and then saving. That's all you have now completed modifying the edit editing DJs in the HTML far to refer to make references to the Stashes and the JavaScript. See you in the next lesson 44. 42 adding tab bars: The next step is to add her pitch into our body. To do that, you refer back to our earlier pro J two Edda. And here you can see the happy on speech and a tuba and the content. So we will do the same thing you add. Ah, on speech and then inside the on special we have a Cuba, and in the toolbar we will have our title. The title is indeed and you call it Dead Body. That and the location is center. Give it an ideal center sin as the earlier project hanging. Lest anyone is to put the that bar. So refer to on San Io search for that Bob. And this is how you said a member. So it is. Copy this court from here and basic in do the Body Day and C V. The next step is to refer your debt bar. Refer your tab are to the very spacious. So on step the first step that would be referring to 10 1 html. So here you followed a court fish equals that one his Jamil, and do the same thing for the second test. Pesci Close Step two the H. D n A. After that, we have to create two pages. And they were do that in a nice lesson. So that's all for this? I was uns, isn't 45. 43 adding tab pages: beyond. I'm going to at the two pages to our project. As you recall, they do. That page is being referred here in their first dead. They have the that one dot hasty ml in the second that we have stepped to dot his Gmail to rightly directly on www for click on you file. And I mean that one the ish html and directly again and I that duda html And here there's a small correction chases to e. Then Now we're going to insert blank some pages inside here so we can ah, I use ah ah example from index. We can call p the own speech from here to We need to put your bar. Okay. All species from here. Okay, we need to put out that bar and you cite how on species we cut this and put in sight. He can refer to the documentation over here. You know that by you say he on speech that he's got a now we are going to create he Ah bitch Forward that waas corporatists and busy in here and inside here he removed this and then we just type dif and see this He's beach is he stepped one html Clint. Then then we can study center. Oh, give it simple. Next recall Pittis, Siri First and Casey in that too hasty mill and changes to that Do his email content and the title The changes Who do that Do pitch See Likewise, We also changed this tighter too that one beach safe. He also safety checks html and any quick go life to test. Now we you suspect and we can see here that one that do so many press on basic anti money. You click on this thing attempt to however, today some additional things we need to do toe prove on this. As you can see, he, uh, have to title bar and thought so in the next lesson we're going to improve on this had thank you soon and listen. 46. 44 adding icons to tabbar: into this lesson. We are going to remove the unnecessary title bar here and also going to add icons to each of the top items. So go to your project. Open the index's Jamil file. And then we removed the Cuba from the main beach day next year. Yes, Tedy safe. And now you see there's only one tab Schedule ba Next we're gonna at the icons to each of the time a time item here. So go to the O in this HTML. And then there were here. That's Yeah. Hey, Con equals and that MD And instead of a dish icon, her dish home. And for this you type Icahn ecos, Andy Settings city and then check See, you have now the icon for home and also for the settings the other icons say you can use. You can open your on Sen How are you? Bake and Greek here and search for icon and you will see here you treat different kinds of icon and the one I've just sure you east material contrary We just didn't get bring on the deer icons. He bring on this icons here and you can see all the area but I can set you can use. So if you are choosing ah, particle icon, just put the what settings put there was MD in front. Let's say you wanted to use all these icons. Mostly, most of them are were good. Let's say you want to use as to use one KB, adjust your settings and then let's try illustrating for So let's not even use this icon. So we should types MD dashing for chorus number here and the dash in full. See, and then check out your and you see the icon has changed. So it is how we can change my guns and also how we can kiss the title bar. So that's awfully speech. Hard this lesson. I'll see you in the next lesson. Thank you. 47. 45 centering and swipeable: Welcome back to start off. I would like to make some corrections that I could open your that one his Jemele, and changed his i d to class. Siri open that tuition email and changed his i d to class and see then refresh and now is correct. The next thing we want to do is you want to center the title, Open your dead one html and you said her style because thanks, dash lying center, copious court saving and also paste it into you're in the your step to his Geno and see. And now you will see the title he sent it. And these two buttons here should be blue in color if it is active. So let's close this and reopen again. Click on these two. Q is over and click. Go live again and inspect and now you will see. So I did it again. Keep the server and it's select index html and then click Go life. He had to go life while the index html has selected inspector and you will see the active that is blue in color. Other things you can do to improve on this is to also center the content. We can center the content by creating a default content. We can do that by opening D Fear in the 10 1 not necessary. The deficit recreated only need to do east competed style that's a lie. Center and busy. Do the opening check for it if and do the same thing for that, too. And now everything looks. It is center. Other things you want to do is to be able to swipe on the content. Not at a moment. He's not survivable, so you can make it swappable by opening the indexation. Well, grain duty on state bar. And he said, the attribute. Describable, We're safe. Go back to your that and now you can sweat left and right. You may also one at space some space margin here, and you can do that by going to that one. And in this style, you can put no bedding Hall betting Betty 20 pixels copies. And so, basically here, put a semi colon bearing talk to any pixels. Six both and then check again and you see there's some petty on top. Now it looks much better than before, so that's all for this lesson. I'll see you the next one 48. 46 variation top tab bars: now I will show you a variation. We are going to put the tab on top. And before we can do that, we need to remove the individual TOBA from the two pages and use a general tuba that applies to both, so that when this step by is pulling up every look nice. First thing we do, he's and 30 that one. Open the index space and here on the on state bar, specify the position you close. Don't. If you say this now and go back, he will see our temper has moved to the top. But it looks ugly because off the tuba. So we need to get rid of this tuba for each of these pages and create a general tuba for both, which is on top. Go back to your dead one and D v The tuba and Casey. Hey, the on speech off the index, his Gmail far. And you call this step bar on demo? Next. See if your 10 1 and go the tech to his team l and also delete he owns tuba safe. And now you will see how a new user interface it's September in a common title bar for both . So this is a variation which you can try. That's all for this lesson. See you in the next one. 49. 47 project add multiply: Welcome back here isn't exercise for you to try. Try to design and creating at that can add and multiply your project. You have a debt bar. Why, with one pitch for adding like this and there is input for entering two numbers. Drink menu. Click on it. The result off the adding will be shown as a notification. There's also a second page call. Multiply when you enter the numbers and on the multiply button. He reassured the result again as the notification A toast. And it's also the clear button, which should clear the, uh input. So go ahead and try this on your own. And in the next lesson, I will show you the solution. Thank you, good luck. 50. 48 solution project add multiply: This is the solution to the project, adding and multiply. First few do PK the Project tree by copy and pasting Dan Marine Amy has four. Okay, Head Day. Mom, do you play? Then we'll open in the issues to your cold chase your conflict chasing the I D to on send the multi play. As for the name changing, too, for a day, uh, dish multiply. As for the description changing to on sent debe Hey, and multiply that saving control us. Then you can go life. Close it first before we go life. You need to select the next HTML far, then click Go Life. Next. We need to change the title. Do something that reflects this project. So go to index in the hasty and no changed the title to hangar at and multi play Safe and in chief, the Tyto for this file, rename it to that day at and renamed the second file that to rename too that dish multi play place. We open the earlier project to Dash Agger and copy. Copy the DIF from here to here and basically into that that at his Jamil overwrite this during this and based on your content be contained in the tech Multi play Basic. First they did this and this and just to great multiply and chase the labels on the button to multiply and the formation to multi play numbers. And here next we go to the AB Jess copy from the previous project and go Teoh, you project at Multiply and base Everything in here. Next we copy that. Don't function basically low and Carly multiply numbers and chased the sign here to multiply. Then we take our you need to change the picture to refer to the new pages that they had And that dish multi play JC icon from and the home to End the Plus And I mean four chased you, Andy close these who be the plus and the multiply icons. Now we check Makes me Tess and the two and three that results five Clear Any clears for that, too, and the three and four multiply result zero. So there is herro here, going check for that. That multiplies to zero. All right, there is a mistake. We shooing him this second idea differently from the first. So for this he called a Monte play and this year's ahead, multiply it's and then through the dead multiply for this second number, I d he also time multiply here also, see and multiply in here. Then try again. Two and three fi. Four and five should be 20. So that is how it is done when you clear issue clear. But it's not clearing. So again, issue modify by aiding and other do more elements here copying base and adding this multiply and deploy here as well. And now we can at two numbers two and three five. Do you you've yet put for five months advise to any here and so it is working. Next we want to rename the labor for the two pages. So for the stent one, he go to index html and changed illegal to have city and therefore they do taste able to quantify and saving. So now we have had and multiply So next how I spring briefly how it works. So the first, uh, that he step at his game now maybe input the two numbers Angry in the button The button you will call the head numbers function beachy scene mgs He would then a strike me to values from it to input by the ID's. And the idea is his first number and second number, the first to the idea of the two inputs, first number and second number. After getting the two values, he would convert them to numbers. They were our generous strings. And then we add the two numbers and Syrian results. And finally be sure notification pops up from the bottom as the toast for Multiply. He also I strike two values from the two ID's. My idea is different from your first page. The first fish. He's, uh, first number and second number. The second Vichy's. The idea is our first number multiply and second number multi play every click on the button to multiply. You call a different function. The function is multiplying numbers, which is in the suggests, so multiplying on the fashion. When then I strike the values from the two where two inputs first party pie number, first number buddy applying second and nobody play ID's converted to numbers and add them and shoot. It is up the tree input. We also I strength he their use, uh, when I started, and it will refer to the input, values and assigned them as empty strings. So therefore in push 1234 referring to these, yes, this and this and then even sang and history into them. So that's how the inputs are being cleared. So if that Ah, we complete this, uh, lesson on the solution 51. 49 building apk for add multiply project: in this lesson, we are going to have lower our project to built that forget dot com and then Bill, how a PK far and then download to our android phone for testing. The first thing we need to do before we can have is to make sure that we already have an icon for our four day I've already created icon. As you can see here I come on 44 and this is what it looks like for our four at multiply. We have this icon and I would provide this icon for you in the resource section for downloadable station. So everything we do, he's Z power project directly. And then zip it So it is already, is it? Now we look into your bill. Don't forget dot com Frankly, on the new at and notice you already have a problem up here, so you have to delete this problem at first before we can add another one. So select the private head so like settings scroll down and click. Delete. Okay, Now click on and you have hinckley on the private depth. Only problem is if our and you give you ah, warning my say so you are currently using more than the Cota One problem Now this is a force message because you already deal it your private at so just big refresh. And now you knew it at new EP against cynic Pro Net click travel. Is it far and then select? Is it far that you are going to Ablett? Okay, but and it is up building, remember that for probably FC. You can only have one problem at And why are we choosing? Perhaps because we want to have looked Zafar directly. The other alternative is to use open source and over and saucy can have as many I see like you do not have to delete any of them. And we have seen before in early lessons for open source projects. Unit use get up. And now our four days are blood and he should be able to see this ready to build blue button. He for any reason is blue button is not shown. Just click fresh and you should be able to see the blue pattern so clear on it and give it some time. He was start building soon and you can see the big processes that has the animation is going on. And get your phone radio once. Ah, the process completes this icon Britain Blue meaning you are able to use a mobile phone. $2. This. So now I get my mobile phone ready. And this is my phone video Project Day to refresh my screen. All right. And so the multi fly should be day. The projects you have finished building right now and he has finished breathing. As you can see, he has finished building, so I can go over to my phone. You should use your android mobile phone. Ezra, open my website for before game and I can see my day. So I click on the install button to download the app to my phone and select Donald. Once it's finished downloading, you will see Ah, open here. So clear on open and then demo in star again. Get on lunch and there you have it. Let's desolate. Yes, and number Do five present yet and issue. See the desirable tha This is showing here. Click on clear and should clear now try Do you multiply? They will multiply. And the first number that's a six and the second number 97. And now that will multiply. And you should get 42. So that's it? Yeah. This is how you have look. Your project to build a phone cannot come and then using, uh, the hung up to create you a pdf for and download it to your phone. So see you in the next lesson. 52. 50 intro side panel menu: Welcome back in this new section, we are going to learn how to create apps. The ah site Benham Menu. This is a site banya menu, As you can see and on iPhone A looks like this site Daniel menu. The site penny menu typically comes with a menu Icahn on the tuba. So you click on the menu icon, any open society and you and the same menu will have a list off available items you can drink on to never get so the respective pages. So I will see you in the next few lectures and see how to do this. See you then. 53. 51 creating new sidemenu project: Hello and welcome back. Now we are going to create a new project. So open your phone, get and click on the plus a con Select great new forget project. So, like a blank project and click next Then Jews did you fought main folder, which is you Demi Hansenne Take on said I folder and for the name we should call it So far we're up to four. So that's why should be five So we'll call it five dash site menu at and then for the i d. We'll call it on ST dot site menu done at and then late on the create project. Yes, you'll be our fifth project for this car so far. And this cost, uh, this part off the costs. We show you how to create a net. They contain a site Daniel than you. So give it for some time for forget $2 the components and Billy Project. Once it is completed building you also have a separate folder. As you can see here, five days site menu had. So we have started creating a new project in the next section will continue with this by anything The conflict xml far See you in the next one. Thank you 54. 52 configuring configxml: Welcome back. Next they will configure the conflict XML foul. At the moment, the conversational file is the default one that is given when we generated this project using forget death stop at So the quickest way to configure these issue Copy the his number convict SNL far from the previous a pro j Okay, which is this one under Ida and multiply. Ah, that by whole any of the islands. So will copy from 10 multiply from Ed multiply. Um so open the we'll copy from the dead by it so openly 10 by at and in the index in the confidence single file for the dead by copy everything and then come back toe the site menu Have Gilly all the contents and in peace the copying content here. So this is the content the copy from the earlier project. And now we have to change the i d. So go through the I. D and candy, too. Site menu at and then for the name. Who? Cauley. If I dash sign venue Dash had And for the description Right down on the sand site menu at and the rest. You should make sure you enter your own e mail and your own name here and the rest No need to change for the moment. Just click. Say, I just saved his fire So we have that you have configured how ah head multiply Config XML far so and here for these ah lesson. And we'll continue in the next one. 55. 53 adding css js libraries: next river. Add the CSS and Js libraries. So going to copy the CSS just I breeze from the Hope Project into this folder www So open the old Project four and modify open the gavel. Oww Fouda Copy the CSS folder and basic into the site menu have projects www folder basically in here. And he's done next Copied Js folder from the other project and Pacey into www folder. Oh, dear site menu, that project. And now you have copy both. So that's all for this lesson house you in the next one. 56. 54 referring to libraries: next, we're going to edit the index html file to refer to the CSS and JavaScript libraries. So open up their index HTML file and then open up the earlier projects index html file and copy these two lines on top here. The reference to the style sheet for you on send You I and basic in your index html file. Often you project in the hit section and in safe go back to your earlier project. The indexation far scroll down to the bottom. And Kobe, these four lines, you should be first to the JavaScript. I'm sorry. Only three lights Copy these three lines and then come back to your new project. You next Tuesday. My file and basic right. Head about them just before the closing off the body and save it. Next. We need to create mgs file. So coming back to your new project directly on the www foda said I knew file and name it. Have the Yes. And so we have complete completely referring how ah yew project do the CSS, Tashi. Oh, listen, you I and also complete that linking her to the own send you I javascript libraries as well as the bakery libraries and also referring to the how, uh, fgs filed How fgs phone. As you recall Israel, we will put all our customize JavaScript code. So that's all for these lessons. I'll see you in the next one. 57. 55 adding project files: next we are going to create the other files which we will be needing this help so openly. Frankly, on year www for their select new file and I in every Dana html Nice. Rightly Therefore there again at youth and not a new file and call it home not hey html directly again. And at another file quoted head not hasty ML and one more time directly and at you file call it most you play not hasty email. So these are the fast wish you'll be needing. We indexes Jamil who opened the navy container Maybe container open home home would then be able to open you at Oh, you're multi Play your home A s, a front fish menu and from the index agree will also be id'ing the site Panya menu. I will be spending all these in the next coming like just so have you stopped for this one and I'll see you in the next lecture 58. 56 indexhtml ons splitter: Welcome back. Let's greet another file directly on the bleed. A Buddha before there, new file and call it menu. Then we'll go to the index and in the next we are going to, he said. Something called the Splitter. So tight pants dash Peter breast depth during Press Center and and, uh, haunts Splitter Day site dead and, uh, and then Great, Another type quality spitter content Breast that and toe So their aunts fitter consists of two parts he owns. Speaker site. We should be our site by menu and on spitter content, which we show them the the main page place. You want to customize our on speaker site so press center and there again in Type I. D. Close menu percent and specify the location to be on the left side off the screen. President there and the Ritz specified to be around 80% 80% off the total bit off the screen and specify the initial default state hes collapse. Also make it swipe a vote so that you can use your fingers to close it all opening and then so I target week, specify has one and then specified a fish that this site menu we refer to, which is menu dot html. Now we will create the menu is Jamil, which is this one? It's sorry he's already created. So let's move on then, for the content that's close to reality for a content. Let's specify the settings. Content is what will be shown the S A T for pitch. Who any at first loads given idea content. And when the fish lose You wanted to show the levy container not html beach, which is this file Over here, maybe container. So with debt, we have ah done our index html. And in the next ah lesson. We will go ahead and complete this. Good. See you then. 59. 57 navicontainer home: So at this time, if you were to run the he had, you won't see anything because we're not creating the your menu. And also the old bitch let's create our home base was his day. So your home fishies what will be shown in year in a center? So the first thing we do home page here's to create Hang on speech on speech and given I d home. Then he put a tuba and in his center we are going do for the title which is, uh, site venue site Bano. Then you that and you have to give a class to the diff which is called center and again on the right hand side. You agreed, Teoh Ah, he had to give a class. Right? Is your beady item on the right side of the menu and on the right in sight, we are going to insert Atouba a tuba button. Sorry, a toolbar button on Stuber, but and we are going to assign one click on the toolbar button is clicked. We're going to run this function called FN Open menu and then inside e Cuba I but any So we're going to specify and I can A The icon is going to be Ah, navigation icon dish Navy con with devia menu. So savy All right, now how do we feel it? Yeah, you have to use the navy container. So go to the navy container and timing Aunts The speech. We have these of the page first and inside it you're going to put Navigator. Okay, given I d my now we gato on the beach. You were open home that hasty. Well, we take a look and they have it. But he's spot is so this part you appear here, so let's see how to fix that. Oh, okay. This is wrong. So you to cut this and put it in the duba Saving and you go back in now is correct. He's on the right side. So this the title and this is the menu. I can't if you clicked open the site panel. So let's center this title here. Go back, go home. And here we can give a style tea. Carly takes a lying center, save it, and now he's sent it. So this is what we want. Now let us examine how this works. When in next, uh, next Tuesday My first loads. It will also look the spitter on. They were a lot of the two things firstly, velocities, theme menu, html. And if he will be, but even show it. So this managed email, he's the Cybermen, which will be doing next. And samba Manu is supposed to look the menu hasty Mel. However, for the front page, he will look the on speaker content and honestly, the content. We're lucky in every container. So on spreader content is what you see here. Holding and just holding is the navy container by the never even Tina itself is empty. It needs to look a beach. So in the navy container Because in this file, we Hartstein aggregator to look the home bitch. So the home his Tamela is a whole bitch. Which is this bitch? So that is why you see this? So that is how it works. No, we can put something in the content temporarily just to demonstrate. See? Maybe a paragraph to say this. Is he home? Hasty airmail. Peach. I, Davey Cantina. Hey, html city And you will see this message here. And how many click on this? I think happen set because you haven't returned the court toe open the site by menu, so we'll do that in the next lesson, Soudan. 60. 58 adding code to open sidepanel: Now we're going to record so that chemically on this menu unbutton he will open a site by no menu. Goto he next history file and you will notice the on sweeter has already got the menu History. Male patient ready to open. Probably need to activate this on speaker site. You're the I. D menu. If you look at your home history now day sti Tobar button these two about 10 over here. And this refers to this button and you were not very quick on the button. He will trigger an article even which wouldn't run this function hoping menu. So we are going to implement dysfunction now Open your fgs far and you hear we are going to time some JavaScript to open the menu. So the first thing you do, he's to create new commissions. Time window, the FN, And this will be a collection of functions and a collection objects like functions. And every day you find our first function. We know that event and we call it open menu. And this is a sign commission. Here's a function key with, and we create a bearable home menu. And then you call the document, get element my i d and be passing the I. D call menu and then we call the menu object on opening. Are we clear on this menu and issue open these I panel. All right, we have to define the manual check. So let us create something they put in an on speech and then agreeing Lansley's and then the first item on the earnestness it is going to be home. Well, maybe they put So that's the cities. And given that that's and we have many times a day, maybe at another. Before that, let us give a handler for this on click he calls function look, and you want the look the he, uh, not his Jamil far. And you want to make this step abou so that we have the step animation and the user clicks . Honey, repeat Mike openness and we change the target. Do multi play and chase the text to multiply. Save it and you can see he's working. This is the animation for capable. So the next thing you need to do is to put in the content, hope very quick, and you open the fish. And then we clicked on what you play here over the money by page, and we'll do that in the next lesson. 61. 59 adding code to open menu items: we're not going to write code so that when the menu item is creek on the multiply me, I demonstrate it opened respective pages and ah Ph is open. Will also have a back button the next you're going to put in a court for you at his Gmail. So we get equal from the early opinion and multiply R p Oh, he's called here and basically Dooley head. He's came out, then the okay, we need to add a back button so the back button is enabling you to go back to the previous pitch. So the bank button will be, uh, in the left. So we created if it across more left and young, open it up and insight we put back. But then on there, bank button bones. But the But then the wrong spelling. Great. And then the insight retained. They would hope. But home loan. You show on my iPhone on Andre, wouldn't you? You just show the Baquero and then no, we do the same thing for the Marty Bright. You compete e text from the is your project and in case it into our multiply. And he also put backing. But then on the left. Copy the school and who he here and we also fix, Maybe see graph here for you, for the center taste. So they should be center. You should be left. Same thing here. You had a class. Now the next thing we do, he went to go back to I have yes and yes, we're going to write Quote to open the you. Oh, his time home. A new his team. So we type window, not some mission. He's a sign function and excess to perimeters, the fish and the title on the beach. We create a variable content and assigning document get elements The i d the navigate. We're going to use the navigator to push the bitch. He also creating and menu and just a document. Get Harriman my I d and passed the name menu. Next we create an object Colavita. And here we create Keith, the first keys, your title, my titles and special Fine e animation. Yes, Like how menu is going to sighting? Find me You Connie content on Jack, which is actually a navigator. Oh, he release his navigator says that makes more sense. Maybe you need this navigate navigato So here. Congress, Navigator, Navigator is going to push your pitch. And the base today with Bush, He's fish, which contains feasted. Many years of promise are using the one. Then once the business pushed here on the close to menu and IV I ng Hey, menu to this passion. Okay? And then this low function will be come from from here. Look. Okay. And yeah, I did that. The second para meter would be the title of the page she's had here will be multiply you ask you to try. All right. We can see and years your bellybutton the ego. Is that big brother citing proof on this. So first the one. The menu. Too close. So the menu who have an idea Menu. This is you. The menu will be in next this menu you wanted to close and you close Who is a wrong spelling here is correct. Should be close menu. Okay, so I'll be dragging and menu closes and the menu closes. All right, now here we want to have a Cuba, so go back in. 60 missing Cuba show. Okay. Despising misty. There shouldn't be a class here. I'm sorry. Should be a classier Instead, we need to have a tuba soon to buy being on Stuber and in the tuba, you put your very mutton and you also he, uh vital. So you should be in the center. And if you take the style textile lying center. So yes, copy from here. And that should be at. And now we can do the same thing. Bank of being is good safety first and placing it into the market you need in the sun and remove Hey, city and give it sir Eggo. Now you all right? Next thing going to do is to implement a code so that we click on the buttons. You actually perform some calculations so that in the next lesson 62. 60 adding functionality to add multiply: this fixed e, uh, fish here multiply. She showed the multiply as a title. Houthi Marty, play and change the title to monthly brain. Save it. And now it's great. Next Agreed to implement the buttons for what he play And also for the at. So open your Jess. We're going to copy the oco from the earlier project and they sit down here, go to the via O. J for and not to play and then open ease of jazz far and co ped could from copy everything and then come back to the current project. Simon yet and busy now here Syria and then ready. Enter the first number Second number. Any results? High Clearly Chris Back button hooks going on menu Select psyching item Their first number second number multiply resulting de quickly any place. So it is a dear because the idea through so you can push it. Thea second, I'm a multi play first number Multi play compared it with the we should Okay, let's debunk this able short if US first squad but isn't the holy sinking one cannot set property value now find 84. Why did you for Oh, okay. Who you splitting informations hopey and again for the first fund, he's, uh, being puts. 2nd 1 is English, too. Had every d. D. B s two year and in cables to be put to he's brought in here the English, too. Porter Month. You pay no meat, right? Hip, hip books. How we tried theory a first input. He is. Okay, so they was how the next step we're going to do is to add to on some button on Scott. Now, over here. So there will be critically on scanty open. Ideally, had anybody bray, so we'll do that next lesson. 63. 61 adding cards to home page: we're not going to replace this texture with the two cuts. So I've already created the graphics you're gonna put for you on Scott. And, um, you're going to create a food, therefore, yet sorry. Here. Big angry? No, to have been that with every right thinking food according images, and then have a lifespan. This two images for you and the three Regis I will provide in resources for you. The Dallas. So I I did. This is singing Skip. So that makes parties respond is to how project you mean. You heard it. Cody's head enemy at Hamish and secure. And you'd be a PNG fa. No, I support a steak England thing, and I don t play also appeared. You, huh? Okay. So we can go in now. This toe images from the resource folder. Now we're going to change these whom leading this texture hang. They're going to create the on Scott and Young Scott. Then who have the an image? All right, you cleaning and even issue come from our images for you and first images. And then you want to specify what happens when you Gregory So he's specify on equals two. You're going to call the function. This location is the same s a venue so you can get from here. So when you're manually Cookie, I could and pc here. Have you got it? Then? We repeat this for the second. Okay, by before that, let's give you the title. And this day has class off title And here, the labour from a tackle we're going to say at and you have some description as well. They should know this. The class project description is content. And here we see simper edition. Oh, do not this. I think that should do it. Can we repeat nickel copy and paste And then for this change the image to while the by And then here the time will be chief, you multiplies. And the description we say Simple multiplication, half the numbers. And he won the image to feed it. So we need to import a star style 100% so that even on site border have you competed? And these here's how Now we're really the test navel outfront bitch. So it is written in the person. You sure? When the it's at pitch gave you click the 2nd 1 he opened the modified rich. So you don't here from me that our project? So now you see, you can click on the menu button to open the side panel Simon uba and open the head fish from here open the month. You might be from here. And then you can also have, uh ah, home. Who needs generally shows two cuts. And then you click on this. Can you open the respective Oh, the mother by a pitch. And also we have a button, which is a feature of the navigator so easily backed by button. It comes back to the old bitch Cindy here. Cleaning botany comes today. Do the home bitch. So Okay, debut competed, and we'll see you in a nice lesson. 64. 62 project: Hello and welcome back here. Finally come to the end of the cost. Congratulations. And now you know how to create more by excusing and send you I and forget. Now it is your turn. Go ahead and create a point, Jay. And to create a mobile and then share your project with the class for us to see what you have done. I'm looking forward to seeing a project you can share using the community section Boys here under the projects. Ah, that off your off discussed. So go ahead and do it. And I hope to see you again in my other future causes. Thank you very much and all the best.