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Android Material Design Animation

Annapurna Agrawal, Developer and Trainer

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8 Videos (1h 16m)
    • #4.1 Android Material Animation: Explode, Slide, Circular Reveal, Shared Element Activity Transition

    • #4.2 Android Material Animation: Ripple Effect Animation | Touch Feedback

    • #4.3 Android Material Animation: Shared Element Transition

    • #4.4 Android Material Design: Circular Reveal Animation

    • #4.5 Android Material Design: Explode Animation Activity Transition

    • #4.6 Android Material Design: Slide Animation Activity Transition

    • #4.7 Android Material Design: Fade Animation Activity Transition

    • #4.8 Android Material Design: Activity Transition Overlap


About This Class

In this series of classes you will learn:

1. Explode Activity Transition
2. Slide and Fade Activity Transition
3. Circular Reveal Animation
4. Ripple Animation or Ripple Effect
5. Shared Element Transition

We will have a demo application as example for each topic that we will be creating while implementing this android material design animation. 

Touch feedback animation: basically it refers to the response that we get while interacting with the ui elements in the app. We will be covering various forms of ripple animation:

1. default ripple with border
2. default ripple without border
3. custom ripple with border
4. custom ripple without border

How to assign this effect to widgets other that the button is shown here.
We will also be learning how to customize default ripples for our views.

Shared element transition: refers to the animation which is defined for various common widgets/elements that share different activities.

We will be implementing this transitions using the java codes as well as the xml files. About the animation for the exit of 1st activity when second enters, the animation for entry of 1st activity when 2nd exits, the reenter transitions, about removing the overlapping of this activities' entry and exit animations.
In short, how do you smoothly bring in your activities and take it out from the scene, in detail, is explained in this class. 





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Annapurna Agrawal

Developer and Trainer

I like teaching and sharing tips and tricks. I started as a Bachelor of technology from India. Right now I am a part of a software organization Mindfire Solutions as a software engineer. I provide tutorials online in collaboration with Smartherd Developers. I start my courses with basics, explain and proceed through each topics step by step. Each topics is explained with example and codes with building demo applications parallely. With the end of my courses, you will be proficient in the resp...

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