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Android MVVM Firebase Full App Live Coding (8 Full Apps)

teacher avatar CLEMENT OCHIENG

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

33 Lessons (4h 53m)
    • 1. The Full App we are Creating

    • 2. Create Android Studio Project

    • 3. Add Gradle Dependencies

    • 4. Add Custom Fonts in Assets Folder

    • 5. Add Transition Animations

    • 6. Prepare Drawables and Menu Resources

    • 7. Preparing Value Resources - Colors,Styles,Strings

    • 8. Model Classes (a). Scientist

    • 9. Model Classes (b). RequestCall

    • 10. Global Classes (a). App

    • 11. Global Classes (b). Utils

    • 12. Global Classes (c). CacheManager - How to Cache Data permanently to Hard Disk

    • 13. Progress State Layout

    • 14. Base Classes (a). BaseActivity

    • 15. Base Classes (b) - BaseFragment

    • 16. Adapter Classes (a)1 - SearchableAdapter MODEL LAYOUTS

    • 17. Adapter Classes (a)2 - SearchableAdapter

    • 18. Adapter Classes (b) - FragmentsAdapter

    • 19. Repository Classes (a). ScientistsRepository

    • 20. Final Firebase CRUD Cache activity crud

    • 21. User Activities (a). Splash Activity

    • 22. User Activities (b)2. Dashboard Activity

    • 23. User Activities (c)1.. CRUD Activity LAYOUT

    • 24. User Activities (c)2. CRUD Activity - Firebase CRUD

    • 25. User Activities (d). Listings Activity

    • 26. User Activities (e)1. Detail Activity LAYOUT

    • 27. User Activities (e)2. Detail Activity CLASS

    • 28. Fragments (a)1. Search Fragment LAYOUT

    • 29. Fragments (a)2. Search Fragment - Search Firebase Data or Cached Data

    • 30. Fragments (b)1. Listings Fragment LAYOUT

    • 31. Fragments (b)2. Listings Fragment - Fetching from Firebase and caching locally

    • 32. Fragments (c)1. Latest Fragment LAYOUT

    • 33. Fragments (c)2. Latest Fragment - Fetching from Disk Cache

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About This Class

Firebase is a suite of web technologies that alow us to build our app, improve the app quality and grow our business. This suite comprises several technologies including but not limited to:

  1. Firebase Realtime Database
  2. Firebase Storage
  3. Firebase Analytics
  4. Firebase Performance Monitoring etc

In this course we want to cover Firebase Realtime Database in a very practical manner. Our aim is to not just learn theory but to apply it in a real world project we are creating. For this reason we will develop a full android application supporting crud operations. This will teach us everything we need to use Firebase Realtime Database.

What is Firebase Realtime Database

Firebase Realtime Database is a NoSQL cloud database owned by Google that alllows us to store and sync data across several devices. This happens in realtime and is device independent.

It stores data in JSON format and supports Android,iOS and the web through Javascript.

What You Will Learn

Here are some of the technologies and design patterns you will learn in this course:

  1. Android Firebase Realtime Database - perform insert,select,update,delete,pagination as well as search filter.
  2. Using MVVM(Model View ViewModel) pattern.
  3. Custom hard disk caching to create an app that works even if there is no internet connectivity.
  4. Create an app with many pages(activities and fragments) like dashboard screen,splash screen, listing screen, detail screen, data entry screen, search screen etc.

Let's start.


Tools You Need

  1. Android studio
  2. Ability to access basic internet connectivity - We will use third party libraries which will require us to access internet. Furthermore our data will be store in Firebase which is hosted in the cloud.


  1. Be familiar with android studio. Be able to create a hello world in android studio.

Meet Your Teacher

Hello, Clement here. I studied software engineering in college and is passionate about sharing to fellow developers and students my skills. I also own website as well as ProgrammingWizards TV youtube channel. If you are coming here from my website, then I recommend you join Skillshare as you will not only have access to my courses but to thousands of other instructors as well.

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1. The Full App we are Creating: up, please. How did you were coming to this additional program uses TV. So this part of the 100 farb iscause that we're covered in Great. Now. And of course, we're going to see how to cut off for application based on Farb is on in the prosthesis implements several design Perkins week. The same pattern on also implements over techniques like pagination Such filter Crandall provision. It is a so this is Roger. Okay, the upward creating the up is goingto consists. As you can see, 1st 3 cricket a sprog skin is being shown then designed dashboard screen in the dashboard gives us access to several pages we can choose to add Editor become me typing on the literature. Okay, so I can just the editor select star selected galaxy selected it easy on the inside. We can also view existing the castle If I come feel are you can see it brings us radio and it's true off preloaded erotica This detail it tests This is being polluted for more disk. Okay, we're going toe cash Rodica permanently in our discussion on this Rachel in the our designer going toward for more fibres full time. That is So the deter, Reacher. If want to refresh, we just pull. And then you can sing country fresh litter. And then, of course, as this car, you can see by this time the large state, um is this Capra? Roger. Now, as the continues calling, we continue loading more litter throughout more imagination until we reach the last pitch. Okay, so this is our last item, butcher. We will be leading a data. You can see no more funding for attempt a lot more. Let us. This is very important because we're seeing out perform pagination approach er, meaning that it's going to make up for efficient at. Moreover, we're also seeing how to cash are the time in the disc permanent. Rick. Okay, No, Farb is normally allow us to cash the tabac time. Probably in this case, we're going to implement our own custom caution. In fact, this one of the main features of this cause the triggering teacher these so that you're up can be completely offline. Even with the Internet connectivity it these are contracted. Their litter was going to see how to such detail will be performing the such against from his real time that is, as you can see and will also be searching our local cachet, which is very, very fast. Okay, as such will be highlighting or deter, you can see, right? Yeah. OK, so come such and then sell it. You consider transition to the next activity, as you can see. So suppose you wanted to edit for example, this user or the scientists already to this Come click on the button on this front in action Motrin Future. And from here, we can edit so far simply fronted change this star system. We can come and give it the star system if wanted to chance, did it? You just click on. Then you come select. They did. Okay, we have this beautiful lit picker. Their log. You can just select it. Okay. And then come quick a plate. You can see operation in progress. It will give us the progress, Reiter and then successful applet. Successful. Richer. Okay, if you now come off a rager, you can see very, very important. It's reloading or later. Okay. It will clear our cachet and then to load our data. Now you can see if we can poacher. Let's see. After that you can see our operators actually been played. So basically, once you've made an update, we're going to mark our cash is dirty. So marking it as that would mean that we're going to get her automatically come to this tub where we're going to refresh Malika. You know, as you refresh we, of course, French data and then save it again in our cash weekly or cachet. Cachet, of course, is well, Cashner between the disc, Okay? They had disc, and then, yeah, we said we trade there, so this is very, very important for us, Okay? Because these Ramaker up completely offering this is the type of occurred or friend Faster percussion mean that these air contract with it with no Internet connectivity after. Okay, So this is this gays, this is what we're going to cover. And of course, to this, you're going to run several features. Roger that. You need to cut off for a precaution on a petition that is very fast. That is very efficient on which is going to save your users, Abundant. Okay, so this is it. This is what we're going to learn. Let's start 2. Create Android Studio Project: Okay, so gets a vessel. The fasting for us to do is to create our project. So go trundled Studio, go to file the new project. This Dalek will be invoked. So alone each of these two countries interactivity. Then come click next. Now, if you click next to this game toe, bring us to this pitch. Okay, May Studios just hunt. Let's give you Tom image and here we go. So already no need two days to come Taper up temperature. Okay, now, of course, for the zone. Try to choose something. Your domain name. If you have any. Or, of course, something unique. Okay, which can make her protection unique. You can give your application a unique idea. If a product to presto then of course, you go ahead. Choose the location, creature. Our source language is going tobe each over and then please make it separatist. And perhaps and then make it his Andrew decks. Artifacts. Okay, so those are what we need to do. Oh, so well, so then that one just click finish so that you proceed 3. Add Gradle Dependencies: the first things for us to add this project so far this real time, the troubles. So what you need to this to come and then come to tourists and then come choose firebase. Okay, we're going to use for Ibiza system. This is going to go fast. Way off. I think this project to Ferb Israel print That would be so far. But of course, the crowd best the troubles. So we need to register this application with developing as a Furbies up course. I know what you lied is a Google account, so please make sure you have a Google account. And then one Sudan, that one didn't come Treacher. And then choose the little time that Rob is, then click seven. True. True. No. First and foremost, we're going to connect. And then once you collected, you can click address time. Roger. Okay. So, of course clicking this Andrew time. Okay. Clicking connect is going to show you are there. Look, mine is already connected. And then from that dialogue, you can create a new a petition based on your Google account. Protect. So it's very easy, Rachel. Or or monetary? Caroline. She attempted Prozac Now also done the trump. Then we'll need to come over 12 kredell scripts. We're going to add our for biz, um, scripts manually. So what you need to do is to come. You can see we have to graduate skits. No, just if you right, click them. If I right, click men and then you go go to Shane Explora. Let's write it. Of course. You know, exporter for export. Okay, You can see Reacher that we have. The 1st 1 is located at the root of the project design. Call it the project that we're building Kredell. It's rocketed in the root of our perfect. Now, if you go to the APP folder, we have another period of credible. This is called the period level. With this story, the uplevel or the module ever build a credible. So this is going to add most of our dependencies. Okay? No, just something off course. Once you've connected your father's project to Herb is real time the tribe is. Then you're going to know that some Jason configuration file on that file I require you get to a detroiter. Okay, This a failure. Big do will be notable. And our loved ones to follow that project. Come, bring that fire will change the uplevel Bernard Godard as they conserve 100 main. This is very important because this is what contents or configurations This fire, It's adjacent. Fail. Just come on the Treacher. Okay. And in fact, this assistant is going toe added for you. If you just follow the steps on, if you just follow the steps that will be provided for guests. So what you need to know to do is to come on but the dependencies. And then at this cross. But so cross path Congo Googled Gelmis, then Google Services now Amazing off slightly older fashion. Triple toe zero. Of course, you can let it user and recovery rate of Russia. Um then very important camp greater. And then add this repository so you can see these are repositories. Formal charge Dependencies will be fished. The first is Googled, then J center. And then you have the marvel encroaches from oven. The libraries which were not to be hosted either This toe, we're going to fetch them from jet pack. It s a place at the zone. Treacher! Okay, now, once it added, it is also adding them. You know, predictable building Kredell. Then you come to their root river. Sorry, They are clever. Build a credible. So what we need to do? Future changer. Minimum is decayed Russian to 16 Now this is because so get easily pretty which will require that. Okay, so well, so then the term. Then come on. This compel option statement Compile options to get compatibility 1.8, then says compatibility transplanted. So where we adding this to where we want to support You ever ate? So you know project will be subject in Java eight features. So that's so You're adding this compatibility. Who do you know? Country? The dependencies. The zoo are good drug dependencies. Start by adding a compact from which you're going to often most were standard. Ah, widgets. Then you have the constraint load. Then you have already said travel writer. Then you have the material. And then the cup feel No, This a standard 100 X components way will now computer okay. One of going to use any off these from components This reason on the cross instead come. And then this life cycle extensions as well as the lifecycle compare. These are lifecycle components. Their goal to allow us to implement the Avivim designed properly. Gigantes. Okay, then you come. And then under far biz, real time that Rob is amusing. 18 point 01 You can see we have 19.0 is the latest on that return 18.1 creature off of Israel Time That obvious desire must, because fab is, is the true good is so you have to add design off. Corsican is a little Russian. No. Once it done the trump, then you contract this. That practically progress. Starting the mature later icon. No calligraphy, Acela's vou pump desert going to allow us to inject custom forms, interpretation in activities, then lovely, their log or just due to for galaxy guest. So, of course, in our demo, or going to obtain them from this matured Allegri Perry, then, of course, the picker maternity picker. This is what McGinty's toe pick on its OK, so yeah, now this on. We don't need designed so we can deal. It is, um and then instead would come over to Are this resolve war there is off. What? This is goingto be our cash in library. I told gets a good temperament in the discussion. And this is the library that is going to facilitate doctrine. Okay, so once you've added them, president forgets trough. Prayed this plug in right here from it's going toe. Okay, So once you've done that from the new sink or project, then of course, you can then move over to our resources and start quitting or up. 4. Add Custom Fonts in Assets Folder: now our next April. But to other custom funds, So are I recall this two days to change. Come greater and think changed the view from Andrew to project. So if you change to from under to project camera aerator in our main package, they're not you're going to do, is there try going to create a new director and corporate assets. Now, if you don't like using hundreds Dietrich Little direct Chris, you can camera same the explorer and basically quitter for all right there you can see inside the main you get a new folder called Assets and say the assets critical and the full accord falls. Then add these funds. You cannot daily front from online in front of the twenties. OK, you can just type funds for dollars online, and then you can do a lot for something at them in my up on going to his differ gonna as me main front. So please you at this front straighter on the difference because we're going to use them in our way. Guarantees custom. Francine, our project. Okay, Celia, At this funds 5. Add Transition Animations: Okay. The next thing is for us. Toe. Never get over towards success. We're going to start with the Alim Secreta knew the true Rocha called him. Of course, one had a way of creating a literate trees to do it over the Explorer so I can come over to the Explorer under their resources, then quit on new Fola called it a limb, then inside richer. We're going to create several examiner first started defendant to take Zamil and then you under foreign could This is going to allow us toe a play this holy find of course, Daily mission for fitting in So a front If ed in the new Egypt, we're going to use his own future. That's right. Down. This is first trading down, then stride in left this then emission called persuading in left stayed in Crete the straight No Clift say the trait and then straight up and then top to bottom. So talk to bottom as there was defending. We're going to use this toe in a splash screen now, of course, will use them, of course, play them toe our jets. Basically our logo as well as our text feels where they're there to Okay, the other six or five. Well, sorry. Close, but only mission first. These adults were going to use them as transition on emissions. Basically, if we're moving from one activity to the other, waggled his distance rotor. Okay to Slade in smooth. Three from one activity to the other. So desire only mission fails. Place at them. Right in this are slim Florida. 6. Prepare Drawables and Menu Resources: the next step will be to come over chargeable resources. So I have several images, Rachel. In fact, what you need to do is that you just don't know citizens from the project. Okay? So you'd country Lee. Of course. You're get them if you don't get this Sasquatch. Okay, so, yeah, is that just image first? Some of them will ease. Some of them want is that these are our trouble resources. We're going to come toe a menu resources, so we'll have, Of course, five menu millions. The first is the deter pitchman. You know, what is the role of this deter page menu? Of course, this will be inflated into the menu items for our deter pitch. No, you can see we have just one item, and it's such Do it, Rachel, closer. If there's a will, click this and then we'll every bit days are to our crime activity. So this is our This is, of course, the menu which were going toe inflate and Shane are Trouba in auditor pitch. It's going to have one menu item, this edit stretch de literature. So this is it. Okay. This is our deter pidge menu then of course we come over to the totem page menu now ended a 10 page manual. Does it mean where this is the menu which will be in front And, of course, for crowd activity. So remember, conductivity is there were going to be It's actually, well, we're going to be, of course, performing or kind of positions. Now, this kind of positions will include ending neuter ended existing guitar as it was deleting the tax. So if we were to do the editing or the deal it, then we're going to infect this meditative menu that I see for to add, then will in front of the new later menu. So we'll see how to the different programmers. Calvino, for now, already need to do is to add, isn't okay, determine you edit menu item These I will click this save background ones is actually edited toe return later. If these are wants to deal it, then you click this deal it If he wants to go to the page for whom or lard it up. You click this feel are okay, so this will be inflated. 12 hours toe up, litter litter, then next to have the listing pigeon menu. Of course, you can imagine this will be used to will be inflated, Of course, in our listing. Secretary. Pretty well. We're going to be showing off fragments now. You can see we'll have toe attempts de frustrated with such. So we're going to shut this search icon in our listings activity. Then when desire will pick that, such Aiken will open for the fragment allow, you know, hard to such. Okay, then they had actually knew Reacher will allow us to actually go to the page for in setting a new low temperature. So basically, this is the menu which will be confronted in our listing. Secretary T. So, in fact, we need to correct these owns. It needs to be few slash you I slash activities slash listings activity. This is not the rates of kamiyah who can have it as view. Okay, it is listings activity. We're Dizon is the productivity. So can come and save you crowd activity or design. We're with the dictator activity. So come and see. Deter to retake culture. Okay, So clear. You can see we have this. Such as well as the new. If there's a clicks new, we'll take him to the addict in pitch the paid for dinner anyway, Term where? If there's a quickly such we're going to display this such fragment. Okay, so that's what we'll do right there under the menu, then next to have their new 18 menu. So the zone winners have been frightened in our crab activity. So this will be fretted if our intention is toe under new item working Saturn in Britain, as opposed to edit an existing later. So if there's a will click save, then we're going toe set. Okay. Now, if there's a quickly are will take him to the pitch for viewing or okay, so in the new item or meditate. Um, but neither of them were been fitted for productivity based on my intention. And, of course, we'll see how to switch between end of business, Mr Nine Tension. So, Santis Page miniature. As you can see in this case, you're goingto have. Of course, this isn't inapplicable deal. It is, um okay, will no longer using it. Just delete it on this for going to be our menu attempts Deter page, menu and detective menu, then listings page menu, then last treat. We have the new. I mean Okay, so there's our menu resources. Please make sure you covered it before we move over. Talk would 7. Preparing Value Resources - Colors,Styles,Strings: So next we're going to come over 12. Value resources was such that the arrest Take their men. No, this is going to basically a statue. Curry that your container? Callus, Take note of denim. This car, so going to write them off? Tantrum off course. Will rendering auditor in or Doctor. Okay, so basically, this whole content references to work out I know you can see that color slash slash two slash three dtc. So this callus, we're going to defend them. Preacher, they can ask Detective Miller so you can see we have coloured. Or do we have to carry live in ever? We're so have a catalyst. Okay, make the color primary. It is he so basically, this will contain the color codes are the Calista tools May is wilderness arrogant teaser of them between just having them re test that we are able to use anyone who contended the characters who wish. Okay, so there stood. Rita has us tactic resources. So these are colors to take them in. Then they missed to take the Merrill. Content is dimensions then not This shouldn't be here. Rachel. It's go ahead. It is on Sorry. Their strength to take the mirror, basically container up lame. We're stairs, the tags, immeasurable containers, Tailings. This very important because you're going to use some customs tailings as well as a player on emissions. Reacher. So, first and foremost, of course, you probably have this act him that is deriving from the dark action. But now what you need to do is tow Abertis on Drood window on the mission and then that style, my actually missions. So come Rachel on defend ism. In fact, let's just put it right at the top. So we're going to start by defending this my activity. Charlie Michelle. So, as you can see, it's containing of course, they it's specifying the and emotions so guarantees, when entering an activity, will exiting. Okay, well, closing it easy. So basically refreshed them from a nympho RDA for them for a name search had been left. So this will contain references to an emissions on these animations. We're goingto play them, of course, toe activities. Of course, in this tires of the things for this activities. So, for example, active are the activities that will is this app, Tim, Of course there. So be able to use this and emissions as you specified. Temperature now up team no action by horses have autism. And then we have the active about overly and then acting proper properly. And then you have the cut him router and then dispatched him. So of course you can change the color says you want and then lastly, the home team which will be applied for dashboard. So this is it gazes at the things that dignity is in fact. Let's see how we're using them. If you go for 100 manifest the tank Similar first. Of course. You need to make sure you added the internet connectivity so you can see our first splash activity was played. Dispersed him then in the national activity, they hold him. Then in the listings activity, you can see we're using the look. No action back. Okay, very important. No action, Paracha because you're guilty, Czar on custom. TOBA said this is why we're using this direction. But then the crowd activity will Is the club him the little activity? Of course we'll is the captain place if we don't specially the team express itri in the acting is going tobe east. Okay, so this is it This is our 100 manifest off course. They'll forget to have the permission for alternate contribute e If you do so, if you forget 20 then deprecation is not going to be able to fit data from only yes. Of these deserved the resources, The training. Okay. As your eyes are untrue money first, let's move to the next part. 8. Model Classes (a). Scientist: first and foremost, you're going to come through this scientist generator, create this failed. If, servant, of course, he can see have credited in the entity for that which is located in my murder. Okay, so this is going to be on it. Our object. So let's start. They creating the class as there was defending our inputs. So we're good to We'll go to import their exclude, then you're going to import diverted iron cereal is about then public class scientist improvements. Cereal is about then private string in my date. Name description, Galaxy Azul esta. There'll be dear d a zealous kick. So of course you can see first cereal is able richer, which is a mark rent office. So we want to need toe implement any method. But this particular interface will do a very important for for us because it's going to mark this particular scientist object as having the capability to be serialised. Okay, so it can be civilised on these will allow us to pass a whole object across our activities . Now, once you've done that term, then of course, we come and then different the properties off this scientist, then public scientists there no going toe critter empty constructor, which is needed Bay Farber's. Then, of course, we're going through a raid that construct with another constructor, this time taking off course our properties. So if namely trimmed it, of course, Empty the name equal to Mr known him. And then this didn't inimical to name is the description, equality, description and so on. So what we've done is that we've created two constructors now very, very important in fact, daily constructor that we need these days on the first time. Okay, now with these only feel like you can omitted because who can pass detracted these particulars and the subject of our set of methods which you're going to defend shortly. But this as their constructor, this deferred or empty constructor, This is needed by far busy. So you need to supply it, writer. Okay, once you've done that one, then of course, they cannot come and engineer a target hasn't set us. And here we have what it does and set us Okay. Is that basically get on Ceta methods. No technology of the Western. Actually, the last two the key gift and city. You can see that tour. I'm not touching it with this at exclude Rachel Attribute. Okay, now this will mean that of course we're sending off course. Are Santee subject to far biz? The kid's going to be excluded. We're not going to set the key. Of course. Send it. Of course. Too far busy. OK, it will be excluded. No way Are you excluding it? Were who excluding it? Because this kid property this will be auto generated by far biz. Unusually don't need toe. Send it there. It will be auto generated for us. So we're just including the traitor. Because between allow us to identify a of course, our scientist objects. Okay, so this is it right here, for example. Only one talk that we'll need that kid talk. Let reform to deal it. We're still needed. So this is our scientist The Java class. So next to a good toe come toward deter. We're going to start to the entity when in this causes scientist in Java Now you can see this is it in hundreds todo So you can see of course are empty Constructor President Forget ism then the constructor, the truth and ours too pass items to this particular class and then we also have our guitars are set a methods as the gays come see. Okay, so this is it. Sunfeast implements cereal. Izabal This is it in hundreds to Dio. 9. Model Classes (b). RequestCall: next thing come over to a murder. And then, of course, you can quit for luck or process. No. Then add, of course. So a fire known as request cars of Java Okay. And empty fire Know what is their of this request car? Well, it's going to be close. Basically McGrew class or choose represent for us. Her requests to farm. It's okay. For example, if we perform an insect or a select our anapa later, deal it. These are requests that you're making against how far biz reflect the trouble is on that process. We're going toe represented with this particular class important Javadi tutelage list. Then you go to put our custom class called our scientist, then public class request call, then privet into set us then private string message and then private list scientists so physically considers will be the properties of this request the status of the request that you're going to represent us an intelligent than the message okay can be in Aurora success message and optionally. We can have course a list of Santis, for example, when you're selecting well, good can have this list of scientists which we rebuild their loading from off. There's no just like other. Of course, moderate classes were going to generate its gators and Ceta methods, and here we have them. Okay, I'll get us on settlement. That suggests this is it. The important thing to note is that this class will mostly be using need. Of course, in our repository, Plus is going to represent, of course, their requests that you are making a gives off our best reclaimed the country's. But if you come over to this quest calling 100 studio, you can see we have it here in hundreds to do OK, I'll get on center methods as the Lazar Privet instance, First request core very, very important for us. 10. Global Classes (a). App: Now this is the first thing we're going to do is to come to our Java. So go ahead, credit this particular file off course, this is going to make a power precaution. Close the stretch away. We're going to start by providing our inputs. Of course, with that bay important application, then you're going to important cash a manager. Then we're going toe in Porto calligraphy confided as a lesser calligraphy interceptor. The annual important view pump, then public class extents application This how credit application cross know straightaway. We're goingto radar on crypt method. So at off arrayed public, vote on credit. Then you come and say SuperLotto on credit. Then you're going to say if not cash Amanita discussion initialized. They're not going to say Kasher manager insurers Cash. Then this is our context. The Ville pamphlet Finish the pump that had interceptor nuclear crafty interceptor, then new calligraphy conflict builder. Then the set default front path front stress for dinner, then set front attribute tidy after trap tribute that front path, then that build, then the build on This is it. So of course you can say in our own credit method will bring two things first we're checking it for disc. Cachet is initialized to them. If it is not initially is to are going to initial, is it OK so would revert to defend our method Cachet Manager called initials Cachet of the country. This is this is off course the method that will initialize for us cash. Okay, so that is it then. Of course, once you've done that run, we're going toe or so initially are calligraphy which is our front reading light product Remember, we'll be using custom fonts in our profession on blazing calligraphy said this is how initial is it? No way. Oh, initializing it in the AP class where of course, as you can see, this is the application Plus now, under the tablet application is one off on boots main components. So it also has its core back committed to take this on credit. And of course, the advantage of initial is in great days because we're initializing our stuff before activities are created. Okay, so this on credit will be called when the application is being created on. But this time the activities are neutral created, so that's why we re initializing a traitor know just one thing you have to registered this particular across for Toby. I played Okay, So to register it, just come. And then at this name, property, and then look up. Does it this at each other. Okay, so let's look at our up. Of course, this is the back in the 100 studio. Their application crosses you've just covered. OK, so he has the car different visiting the 100 studio. This is it. In 100 studio update Java or every Monday gazes to make sure that it's registered in the 100 manifest. Given that it's one of hundreds main components. So, please, for don't forget to the doctrine of the race are cash is listening to be initial list, and neither will our kind of crossfit class which will play for us the custom fronts. 11. Global Classes (b). Utils: so we're sort of a by coming over to the sutures each other. So what is the purpose of this crust, where it is a very important crust? Because it's so it's going to allow us to. Of course, he is defending his utility methods. So what? I utility methods? Or, of course, these are methods resemble methods. Which off course, we're going to defend in one place and then we'll be reusing them. Throat our project. Sorry for that sour Berries and then throttle project or going to make them static so they want you need as to you said shit, the class for us to access them so their utility methods the ecstatic we're going to defend him, of course, has crossed members. Now you can imagine, for example, things showing a toast message, performing validation, sending an object from one activity to the other. These are things we're going to need across many activities. No, it's actually much better design to defend them in one place and then trees them instead of defining them in a activity is going to save us from a little Bulla Preta card as the last done dances. So he is this is a Treacher. Let's start by defending your inputs. So official, we're going to start bay Important or context? Subject, then our intent, then our and the text. Then importantly, trudge it the test, then 100 X into the compartment. Top top corporate activity. Then you're going to import. Earned it picker. Okay, Fragment their log then our lovely standard dialogue. So we'll continue Abdullah inputs then public cross you tails. Okay, so here you go different. Are you transmitted straight away? We're going to start by defending, right? Trust a method for sharing a toast message So public static Virtual contact. See the string message then just to make text, say the message then toasted and shot that show then public static bullion Very did it detects Param and detects. Then detects name text equal toe at the took cereal. Then description texting at the text turn then vaccine 60 it detects to then you come and say if named 60 let's get text equal to name equal to know and named Succeeded Get texted to string that is empty Then name takes it it set ever. Lim is record plates didn't return first. If description takes, it'd get text ical Turner or description Texi that get text the history that is empty. Then this Christian takes it. It set error description is record. Place didn't return first. Who did the same thing that Doug Galaxy done first at the ice we return True. OK, so that's our problem. Over addition, then public static for it. Clear it detects it, detects Param detects then for detects that detects in detox and the text that said Text empty and does it. So basically what you've done is that you defined three static methods. The first is the show method. This method is going to allow us to short toasting if it all I need is a contract subject, there was the message being passed to us as parameters. Then we have the next method called Violated. As you can see this method, of course, it's going to receive a param off detects. OK, think of the zone as at the number curry of the texts. So basically, can person arbitrary number off Eddie text Now, this is Param Preet, check so you can see we're going to obtain the festival. Just they way we do with the race. The first and the text is going to bring them than the second description turned, Of course, Galaxy. Okay, they can pass more Reacher because of this program, Rita. And then we're going to perform or validation, basically checking if they're not empty on the International. If they are, then we're going to set ever and then return first. If they're not, then we're going to return. True. As for the zone, richer, Clear detects. We're just going to look through our detects and then clear all of them. So public static, void, open activity context see than class class than intent. Intent equal to new intent. Sit in class. The seeded stock activity intent then this method were around was to show on in for dialogue anywhere in No up. So you come and say, public static void shortened for their log, then failure up corporate activity activity. Then string filter than string message and then new. Lovely. Stunned that there look, then activity, then lovely standard. Their log didn't but a lot of presenter then said top calories. Us undercarriage. Indigo, then said weapons, calories us are good color that the deep orange then that said taken have trouble in for then that's it. Tighter, tighter. And then that said message message then said positive. But from okay, Then we enter into lumber expression. Then that said neutral button open activity. Okay, that's the method body. So this board activities ultra grant weapon, then that set negative Bertram activity that finish, then show. Then, of course, public static Vered selected then are compact activity that detects the 60. Then they texted, Settle quick listener. Then that picker fragment their log the local call to new that picker Fragmentary look Britney instance. Yeah, month of year as a day of month, then string month day then if Monta Via is resident in then month equal to zero press mint off via of the lease meant equal to string the value off Monta via If Dave Month his resident in then they equal to zero plus day of month. It was they equal to string that well off day of month. The Texas set text here plus month plus day. Then Della Bleacher. They did get support fragment manager than the picker and does it. So what have we done, Rachel? Where? It will defend three methods. The first is off. Yes, and what it's doing, as you can say, basically opening a new activities so fast, You said shitter intent object, then passed that intend to a stat activity. Who can invoke the start activity based on the context that will be passed then, of course, the next one is the show in for dialogue. As you can see, we're selling various parameters, including are tighter as the last. The message, the tradition in this info Della. Then, of course, we're using a lovely standard dialogue future. So loveless. 100 delegates apart Party Library, which gives us access to mature deluxe, would defend it or specified because our dependency okay, so you can see we have a stretcher. Lovely standard there. Look, it's one of the best delicately Paris or so techno two years. I have armature that pick up so we come. Of course, we're going to set our top color or button. Scala, our icon are tighter. Our message. Then, of course, we set, of course, the click events or are about on surgical series England expressions and I just be read it for you to be booties from the expression ing or project. That's a job for eight features. So your project has to be comfortable with 1.8. Okay. Stooge ever ate basically come. And at this compelling options radia know, once it's done the trick, then of course, we're going to invoke the show creature that your show for us, our info dialog, The user of the select that so we need on activity which is going toe hosted this fragment being passed to us if there was the text where we're going to set the selected it. So we come breacher And then we listen to the click events that the Dixie Then, of course, this is what you're going to do. We're going tins and shit. Our debt picker did pick a fragment dialogue using the instance mattered. Now you can see day month Acela's you're being passed us Now what you're doing with this if there's conditions, is the checking who want consistency. Of course, in Holender are that's as there is four months. So for example, if month of year let's eight something like nine or eight, we're going to show it a 08 or 09 if it's rest. Benton were going toe perfect situ zero. Okay, this is what you're doing, creature. And you said the same thing with the day off month then at the end of the day was we're showing Sorry the momentum of a day in our text. E. Of course, to show the dialogue relating took the show, it should cause us to pass it off course of fragment manager. So we're going to attend the support frog milk Manager on their passage to our show method . So does it deserve three methods? Let's continue. So this method will allow us to contract Astrue into a Java, tutored the subject and then return that that so public static that give me that string string that then Trey the simple bit for much as difficult to know simple. Get for much concerns the date format. Then return s different pass string that catch pass exception e Either prince stocked risk and then return Mel. Then we cannot say that disease knitted will allow us to send a serialised object, of course to a specified activity. So send Santis to activity Now. Is that the parameters than intent? I equal to new intent. See the class? Then I did put extra Santis key scientist. Then said It's affected which I then this is a loaners to receive the serialised scientist than the serial. Is it public static scientist Inclusive Scientists intent intent Contact. See the tray Return intentionally to get cereal visible. It struck, then Santis Key. They catch any exception. If we have any, then we print it out. Organ Shayt, of course. In our trust. The new tunnel, then public static Bullen Scientist Ixis streaking. So for scientists, scientists in Crusher Manager Little Memory released cash If scientists that get k equals que then return true at these return first and does it so basically created more static methods. The first, of course there's a metal which is around us to convert to try and then convert a string into a debt. Okay, so if we succeed, we'll return to the subject of those who are eternal. No, the second method is allowing us to send, of course, are securely subject because activities. So this object traitor, You can see scientists key with specially the key. Then, of course, we send it, then designated will allow us to receive the object. Okay, So because it's a object, of course we're using They okay that object? Of course it has to be serial Izabal Noto. Make it your object cereal. Izabal, do what we did to a scientist. Nature implemented this Javert Io. That cereal is a brilliant office. Okay, does it? No, that does it there then. Of course, the last method is a method which is going to allow us to check if a scientist already existing or cash best on the key that is applied to us. So you give us the kid. Then we looked through our memory list. Cachet will check. Of course, if the key these are scientists to that particular key. If so, we return true if not to return first. So these reacher of creditor, you tears crust Okay with the utility methods, let's move to the next. But so Mexichem patrol Utor stage ever as the name suggest. This is good. We are you, Terry, Discuss. Its main role will be to contend the static methods which will be our utility methods. Okay, which can actually be reused now. There isn't over making them static. Is that true alternators? And should the cluster fuck them? You know these They're determined bus the class members because they can just be for directly from the class. For example, if want to show you just infra que tres left Show it front. Overly did just interpreters that fairly did. There's no need to stand shit the class. Okay? Said this is it you terse do java. 12. Global Classes (c). CacheManager - How to Cache Data permanently to Hard Disk: So we're going to come to this very important, classy Chickering Kasher manager Know, As the name suggests, it's going toe. Allow us, of course, to cash or cash. Er deter. Okay, So off course our data source. Of course. I mean the tasks, of course, is the fibers real time to Travis. But of course, you don't want Toby every time loading data from Faber's designate for efficient. Okay, It's actually much better toe cash. Get off. Rain on. In fact, actually, for business providers with this capability, okay, Forbis can cash or deter locally for a given period of time. Okay, Now, I know the problem. Is that when, of course, you killed deprecation, and then you re started. Of course, that that I will begun. So it's temporary. Okay, now, what you want to do is that you want to provide a permanent cautions relation for our application on. We're going toe cash are better in the disc. Okay, so that deter off course. Then when we upload new data or one, of course, Richard Data. We're going toe state, of course, in the disc. And then when these is using the up, we're just be fetching it from the disk. Consider, from from this this is very, very efficient Because this allows you to save user, of course bandwidth. So that of course, they apple your time to be known learning that every time. Okay, so let's create this implement class which ghetto allows to cash on data and let's talk to bay defending our imports. So we're going to start be important the context cross then, of course, the Log 100 Literature Drug 100 and rejects the place they call the clave deter, then contradicts that life cycle. The two mutable live better then this is the leopard we're gonna tease. Okay? Reserved For then of course, we can turn voters off, Forget core back. And then we also have our reserve war put car back and then will also have, of course our tape talking and then our exception. Then our type and then Jaballah tutela literalist then our list then, of course, our custom classes, then public class caution Manager, can you come and say public static bullion discussion initial listing quarter first, Then such drink equal to empty. Then memory least cachet equal to new are released. So of course we're going to cash a debt aggressively, but on the disk and when memory. And this is going to make applications very fast. And also, as he said it, the up will have food offline capability. Okay, so this will mean that you're up. Where will be working with the day's A has Internet connectivity. I want to note. So we come pretty. Of course. First, it started by importing several classes, including this to the lab data, which is an obstruct class, as there was the mutable editor, which is an implementation of the late details. So this, of course, will allow us to Of course, we are saying, of course objects, Reiter. And then those objects will be observed by their observers, the Children to defend literally in our user interfaces. Okay, so, for example, basically does data our data from our cachet. We're going to attach it to a mutable lived attack. Then, of course, our service will be ableto listen to the changes in those particular letter, then update themselves. Then, of course, we have this which will allow us to, of course, saver litter to the disc. Okay? They're goingto lost to cash. Are litter no comfortable critter class. Then you're going to start by defending this static properties setting with the discussion initial list. So this discussion initial list off course it's public. So we'll be able to the difference it from anywhere within our application to tell us that there are cashing was actually initial list. Okay, If it is not, then will initialize it, then Such drink. Basically this going toe crusher for us. Are such drink temporary as such? Then, of course, memory list cachet is going to cash for us. Our list of scientist in memory okay, basically as a static or released. Yeah, said there's since we have, you know, our first task will be to cash. It actually initially is our cash. So let's did the trick. So come and say public static void initial is cash a contract city. Then try reserve would finish, then see? Then we passed the number of bytes, then cash in Malaysia. The discussion initially stickwork true at the race will catch our eye exception. And then blood, of course, and ever richer. Okay, then cash in Malaysia, this cachet initially sequel to first, you know, let me just explain what you're doing before terrible. Something really important, Reacher. So of course, this initial is cash. This is supposed initial is for us. Our days of work which were baked the library will be using to crash A are better. Okay. Said this reserve were richer. Of course. It's an open Cicely Breivik. No, first and foremost to use it, we need to initialize it. So this initialization will do it in our up close in our profession. Close off course. You need to pass the context. Object. Acela's this size off the cachet in bytes. OK, so you can see in this case are specified 20 kilobytes or 20 0 48 bytes. Rachel. So this, of course, the continent is figure. So if you want her allege Akasha, you can change it. If front of small on you can reduce it. Perchance that this is the size off the cash. It is very important for Gets to know then, of course, Reiter discussion issue is we're going to city to true Now. If you have any exception, traitor, then of course, we're going to longer this error message. Just one thing just to make sure I really say detected a bug in this particularly pretty quickly. It's working perfectly. But when it comes to this particular exceptions, then try to get the message radian shaped. Okay, it's probably going to return now and then it's going to cause the application toe cash will attempting to initialize it so you can just show you a custom in a message off course . If this is unfair Stretcher, then of course, you know that the initialization as failure, you can look it out now Don't try to yogurt the message from the exception. It's going toe because I'm era. Okay, trying times. So that will be a problem for you. Get. You can get some bad. Our traitor betrayed the develop off the library. So does it. That's how we're going to initially our cash. So let's come on. Defending metal toe cash or cash our scientist. So crash a scientist, Then if discussion initial list, then reserve would put, I think, constants that sent his car shaky. Then scientists then new reserve or put core back. Then after varied, then public avoid on success. Okay, and though is after worried on failure, then you're going to look out in a message. Look pretty. Then put in Cash it to discovered again. Rachel Cachet. Santee. So this method, of course it's on. This is the method. But your countries to insects are cachet, of course, to the disco toe cachet. Our scientist, the disc already need two days to receive that list of scientists and then this methadone hours to just past the whole list. OK? Don't need toe looked through the list. He said we just passed through the list. But also we have to specify the key. Okay, that can be a story. Truth. That particular list. Now, this is with specified structure off course to listen to our core back methods on success. And on Fulla, you can see we're cashing auditor. Of course I synchronously okay, no, there Two ways to convict synchronously or a synchronously were using the synchro chur. So if wanted to do something on success Yeah, you can do traitor now, of course, for the failure Okay, again related to the bug. Don't try to obtain the message from the exception, Reacher. Of course, if you have any, then it's going toe. Of course, return l which will crush your applications. So instead of trying to obtain the message from this exception you can put out. Or you can log out on custom message. Okay, so this is very important for our their own failures that you're gonna 100 Rachel trying? Not so. Of course. Yeah. Trainer. True. I would put the message yourself. Okay. Instead, just put China so off course, obtained the message from the exception class instead. Trey to just right to our own custom message. OK, Rachel. On custom message to look out. So this is Vicky's will regret this method which would allow us to cash a our scientist Rachel so public static live deter. Then list of Sunday's then banned from this cash? I think so. Motor believe Deter then Santee slave that are equal to new motor. Believe Twitter then, if not disk Russia initial list, then fraternal at the Ways type reserve paper equal to new type. Talkin then passed our list of something. Then they get type. Then reserve would get us think constants that Santis cash shaky, reserved type. Then news of war get called back. The new going to override our methods Public Floyd on success list of scientists. Then scientists live deter. That said Tuvalu scientists and does it. If we fail, then you're going to again. Output are on the message that we look out our own message. Okay, a sink refresh from disk failure. And then scientists believed it had a set of AlumAl return. Scientists live Twitter. So this is what you are being greater, as you can see. Get a sink. Reiter. This is the magic myth that is going to allow us to obtain. Are cachet a synchronous week? Okay? Or the nature distance? I played the key. Then, of course, our our paper object. Of course, you can see we've prepared our type is in the type token router, self playing off course, our list of fantasists. Okay, then. Of course, this is what will be returned to us. So least of seventies, which you can then set, of course to our life deter our new to believe it are Object. Now, if we feel we're going toe output are custom message and thinks it over, Lieutenant, at the end of the day, were returning that suitable level Jetta, the gays does it. This is how we're goingto be cashing our deter and fearless of course, returning them now you can see. Of course you're doing it. Us incrementally say I will be can be able to read it and efficiently, you know, using purpose. Okay, so we'll come over tour cash a manager. So just wanting to remind the guests which you probably didn't being cut. I need you guys to come and then add this for remembers the with their rotor. Okay, you can see Wouldn't at this caution attributable priests Don't forget on it. Public static. Brilliant discussion. Dirty. This variable is the frog that will tell us so that the cash is that s so that you can't refresh it. Or, of course, with a It's not lettie so that you can just load Ardika without needing to French to connect to only. Okay, so this is the variable. It's very, very important. You need to add a traitor because once you've made changes or any tender litter, I wouldn't go too few are litter will need toe be able to recognize that changes were made . So they took an Fritsch fresh litter. This is the variable between the different for us, and we're going to set it to true any time that we make an edit. Or that if we deter okay or who perform until it in, it'll perform a crowd operation. We're going to, of course, tonnage. Of course. Set it to truth. And that will allow us, of course, to load our refresh a little. So please make sure you did that. Okay? And then, of course, you can see it is the rest of the Contra chur for our cachet. Malaysia cash money to each other. 13. Progress State Layout: Okay, so I guess we're going to start to be looking at this statute. Examine no step to take the Melisa Capdeville. Basically, you can think of it as a cut through That is getting show for us. This state off our progress. No. Normally, of course, to show progress, you need the pro Chris back. Okay, now, what would be instead of just showing a single simple progress? But we're so going toe, show some information. Today's are such that, for example, if an error is raced, then we're showed that error in this particular cab. Okay, So for example, you can see we have this horizontal in your local state section. It's divided into toe to the left to have a progress bar to the right to have a Capdeville that could fool. We have to. The rate has a traitor, as it is about time to cross as it was a message text ville. So the message text will be used to show the message. The close battle would allow us to close the cab where the traitor will allow us to shut the tight off the operation. So this is it. Linear loud as our route element. Then that progress bar to the left. Then the cut. Phil, as you can see to debate now that Khadr, who has the title to show because dictator off position and then of course, was to have a in maybe button that will allow us to close. OK, then we have, of course, the message writer. So this is it. This is arrested the tech Zimmer. 14. Base Classes (a). BaseActivity: So we're going to come and then quit. One activity is Go ahead. Read this activity. We're calling busy activity. So what is the role of this of this activity? Where, Of course, as the name suggests, it's came to be a super activity. Are these activity? That means that, of course, that activities are going to do right from which Okay, so of course, this type of design can be very important for us, especially if want to defend some reasonable properties. Of course, that can be reused across activities. Okay, Risible property there cooperative with human activities instead of defending them separately are defending them. Of course, In some static class somewhere, you can just quit the biz activity from which those particular the activities are going to derive. Now this, of course, allows to make use off object oriented a pill, a stranger, for example, the inheritance. Okay, so it can just encapsulate those properties in our biz activity. Then through inheritance, their activities are going toe direct from them. Okay, in fact, is this is how of course this from works very controlled. Do work for them. For you. Different features in the apcom productivity. Then we can just derive from, for example, Norman activity. Who can then be brave? The features off that have comfort activity, of course, into our custom activity is exactly the same pattern that you're trying to cover right here . Okay, so let's go ahead, clit. How are inputs? Angeles critics Particular class. So of course which we started by importing or 100 boy or is the tundra Then you go to patrol gravity. Then our ville then, of course, are rare. Doctor, then was good toe import our every text, the neural same part early, Nial. Ouch. Then And the widget are Chris back then another jet. Our text to do then, of course, are toast. The news of going to in part, of course, are up compact activity. From what you're going to do, then we're going to go ahead and then import are compact image battle. So we'll continue it. Nicola inputs then public class busy activity extends. Have compact activity, then public village of your picture, then public Cabrio Trouble out. Then put protected Vered show string message then just that Make text. This the message. They test the strength. Shut them to show. So what? You have done greater. Of course has conceded that you created on activity this activity disfavoring from our upcoming party activity. So off course, who started by adding several imports suited already looked at then off different toe public properties. The real picture. Acela's the tablet out. So this is good because this group pigeon tablet, we're going to access them from this activity off course. Yeah, of course. The classes better goto derive from this biz activity will be able to access the zones. Okay, So all they need to do is to reference their first defend them in the cloud, then difference, namely losing find food. By now we wasa defined. Of course, A custom show right out you can is to show you a pissed show. Of course, we're toast Message so protected Vered Select region. Then finally and you text string, pipe, then string Galaxies, then different Galaxies. Okay, as a Marie. Then string starts the new defend Arrest us, then stream verse, equal toe type. Of course, locus starts today's Galaxies then, of course, our way and the doctor equal to new than this. Then as the context then of course, 100 are declared a simple list Ultima while they pass off. Then new lovely chase dialogue The SEC Top career visas are good calendar duck difference Then did step Tater tape plus speaker, then the sec Tater gravity gravity the center horizontal Then that said icon are trouble. Look, Aimster. Then they set message Direct the okay where these I was born Then, of course, we set our message gravity than we set our items. You can see how setting them, basically passing in the adapter and then you invoke the show. So, Leslie, 6.1 gun where we want to create one resemble mattered rich economies, of course, to show the dialogue for our Galaxies, a zealous dissed us. Okay, so these give access and stuff with the scientist, the things that will be ableto pick them from Chase Taleb a single cheese dare look. Okay, so we're going to defend the to our race which are going to contain those particular over this The faster container Galaxies the second Centeno's tests Now Then you goingto create a battery which of course, is goingto check it for type. Okay. The type they use is going to specifically type. For example, if it is distance than the is. I will specially this time. If that is the case, then follows is going to be equal. Toast us, Okay. No. If the type is the Galaxies, then of course, the violence will be equals. No Galaxies, No. While she have that Vallas, then we're going to proceed. Toe are Rachel. Then once you have or doctor instance, we're going to be able to set our attempts. Basically big passing this and Dr Toe are Satan's littered. Then, of course, position and item. This happened return to us as Param Mika's so can just obtained the returns and then set it toe are only text. Okay, does it? That's how we work. We have created a single reusable select ritual. Which countries okay to show the girl, of course, to show for us. Um there look for picking it. That galaxy sourced us. Okay, so does it treat their Let's proceed. So protected food credit step cat strung tighter. Then strong message. Then bullion is showing them. Brilliant is running than instead. Then we will defend. There was two jets. So you start to the menial out, which is the state section fan feel by Heidi Abdu Tidy. Let's take section, then prove crisper. Find Ruby I d. Agitated Step progress back then State traitor TV, then agitated state title to be well, step message TV, then are pretty set, Mr TV. And, of course, our up compact image beckon. Africa tidy. Did steady close Burton. Then Khandala handwriting called the new 100. Then vulnerable. Delayed hiding. Quarto step, sexual outlet said Visibility of your gun. No, if he's showing them stead. Sexual largely center visibility. Village visible. If it's flooding, then step progress. But it said visibility viewed it. Physical toys step progress, but it set his ability. Village gun sketched. I contributed, said Text tighter instead to message a TV set text message. If stead equal toe constants that error that then state TV that such text color waitresses get cholera 100 collateral Duck instead to miss objectively the subtext. Camera get raises, get cover and read. What are the color? The total red light. Then Handwara that was delayed. Delayed heading than 10 seconds. There's if steady, equal to constants that Procrit state. Then step straight activated, said text color that Reese assistant get color, then 100 are color. The toll of blue duck and then set the message TV the text color. Get Reese assistant. Get color 100. That are the color. The total of group. Right? There's if stead equal to a constant. That success state then stitched iterative idiot said text color The true success it'd get color, then 100 are good. Color the Torah cream duck. Then sit, Mr DVD set text cover. Get three successive get color, then I'm good. Are the color the total grill late then? Handwara that post delayed hiding delayed hiding 10 seconds. Paris ST section allowed to the set Visibility viewed gun, then stayed close. But under set on quick listener instead, section loaded. Sex disability viewed it, girl. Okay, so what have we been doing this long? Piece of code, preacher, Where Deservedly important method for us. Okay. And this busy activity is the perfect place to define it. Know that is because this crowd state God, this is like or pro Chris card. Okay, so what you want in this are up with creating a mechanism? I want to show the tighter when to shut the message, and then you want Oh, of course. It's a sure put, Chris, but instead of just showing our progress. But I want to tell these are give these that information. So for them, play fun. Focus when they have to be able to fill the air, of course, just within the activity, and want to do it by creating this method which you countries through our activities because we're going to be performing or cardinal provisions. Just England. Of course. You know productivity, but will also be loading or deter access to your Farber's within. Of course, the listings activity physically a fragment. Okay, so what you're doing great is that chocolate in one resemble method. Which country is this method? Of course, that little complains of different. We have, of course, the linear lot, our progress ba text. You tow them one for showing a traitor, one fashion. The message. The image button, Which will be our clothes. Burton. Then, of course, So going to the Handwara to delay off course real different stuff was simple to delay hiding this particular Burton hating the cab of the battle. Okay, so, for example, wants to show the success they were going toe after a given number of seconds, hide or dismiss the the cut So what we do later is that we'll check if it's shown that is favorable debt. Who has been passed? This variable will indicate to us with that they stepped. Cut is currently visible. So if that is the case, then of course, they're going toe set are allowed toe visible. You're going to check if is running. Okay, that is if we in the progressed it, then you're going toe show our progress for there is Of course, we're going to dismiss it. No, because he Rosa should the tater fellas, the message which would be packed as perimeters did this particular method. Then we took If of course, it's still showing right here. So if static or to concerns that arrested, that is, if we're having a letter, then of course, we're going to use the red for the total sorry read for the title and then regulate for their message. No, of course, once you've done that, then you're going to dismiss Deckard after 10 seconds off course economy. Change this figuration. So basically what you want, for example, it's a well trained connect Farber's. Then you obtain a letter. Won't you should That too. These are for 10 seconds before this, automatically dismissing this tab future? No. If the set is in the progressed, it then of course, we're going to set our collective blue. Okay, this British cross, okay, that is different. Progressed it technology that with the progress that we're not hiding, of course, our we're not hiding, of course, or card after a short way. Because, of course, that progress Will is just an intermediate step before leading to the success or an era No , under the health, if the state is the is the success, if, with the success to a traitor then of course you're going to use the green. It is a greenish callus and also going toe hide our progress credit after 10 seconds. Okay, so that's what your doing, Richard. I also listened to the click events for our clothes. Burton six. These are closest diverted. Then we're going toe. Dismiss. They kind right here. Okay. So basically, the important thing to noble this method is that it's going to allow us to show progress, as those messages are chanting, as well as error messages to these er, and it's going to be very convenient because it's able to automatically dismiss itself after a given number of seconds. So this is it. This is all we need to do in our based activity. Okay. Very little important. Where here. We have, of course, are busy. Activity in 100 studio. You can see. Of course, it's containing our methods. Show selectable John their credit state card. Okay. So, yeah, we have it. If they can minimize is one that you can see he had. Those are biz activity. 15. Base Classes (b) - BaseFragment : eso Previously we just looked at the biz activity. So the biz activity. And of course, now come toe our business fragment. Okay, so the best fragment group, not pinstripe any Corden said we're going to You can see of course, deaf. The code that we need to defend Reiter. We've already defined them in our of course. In our biz activities are all we need now to base. Explain. Of course, you start a business fragment is a busy, busy fragment as the limb suggested a super fragment that the friendless are going to be away from it. So if you have some common properties which you want across are from France, this is the best place to different them. No example in darkest we have toward us. We need shortlist message. Understood. Need to show the progress Cut? No, with computer would defend our progress card. Okay, so let's see. It was troubling off course. Previously we looked at, of course, have biz activity Brooklyn and you could see this activity. We have almost the same things with our crowd. State cut. Now the only things that with Red State Cab Fruita raising the friend fueled by idea directory because the big designer to retrieve richer. Okay, so it has desolated called friends will be dead, which we can easily used. Toe reference, of course, are for us widgets. No. The business fragment, on the other hand, were an interview object. Toby prostrated vacancy. We're passing in a throat Feel right here. Okay. Deserve object which you can release to invoke. The friend flew by. Okay, so this is the reason, right? We're not reason. Of course. They what? Credit this credit card, Rita. Okay, because the zone we already have Of course, an inbuilt friend will be i d But the fragment cross doesn't transcend said we need to invoke defend you bay i d from of you object so that will object will be passed radia, as does the only difference. Okay, this daily different between this lettered and emitted defined traitor. So of course you can. Once we define designs. Traitor, then of course, you can just copy pasted that we did right in the biz activity. You can just cope, repressed it and bring it right here to our fragment. Okay, The same way you probably done with the customs Said so. This is This is our best fragment. Nothing grew special about it. It has those two methods similar to this activity. Only that this is a fragment. Okay, so yeah, that's sort you're doing great. Yeah. So, yeah, that's all this fragment click there. Know this Biz fragments, of course, already defined. This base crosses feature. They won't have their He's ain't offices there. Just based classes. We of course, the other classes are going to derive from them. OK, so that's all. We don't need to defend their loads or something like that. They just going to act? Of course. As Hoda, they control for us. Of course. They properties that you weren't because their Children okay, Said this is it. So biz fragmenting 100 studio. You can see Treacher, our business fragment. It's just clean up this inputs. So here we go with our this fragment reach over 16. Adapter Classes (a)1 - SearchableAdapter MODEL LAYOUTS: place a design. I don't think we need this one. So which is going to delete it? This a lot Moderate examine and said Well, come about through a margarita tech simmer. Now this is going to be our A mugger for recite travel when you are entering our data Really nearly using the linear love to manager So you can see Of course, we have just Kadriu, then interactive Lord, then mature letter. I can't the left of course. The name please see a description text a Acela's galaxy pixie lets it. Of course. Our best element is our cargo inside me to have one child. They lateral out the directive A lot has three Children maturity Achon then of course, in 60 and then description Text e and then the galaxy 60. Okay, said this is what you're going to have where we also have the McGrew cred. Some moderate good is designed to be east. Of course, with the crowd loved manager where if we're entering our to say credible, better off Cassina agreed manner OK, so you can see we'll have mature it er a cat do physically the menial, out with particulary in Kachin richer and mature it icon at the top. The name txt description. 60 Galaxy. So this is literature. It's very, very simple. Our control Azzarouq element, then millennial vote. Of course, As the Data child off card group. Then our items have been orange virtually maturity icon at the top. The name txt than the galaxy tick. Stay on then. The description text so or of the Marines Dramatically. So this is it. They are group cred. The Examiner. 17. Adapter Classes (a)2 - SearchableAdapter: So we're going to come over to this crusty, chuckling to such a broad up top. No, this is going to Birmingham after class. Okay, so, of course, as an odd appetites name for a little bit to bind. Of course. Auditor Toe, are you all right? So not only that turned backers of hostile in front. The model out now we're going to have Of course, I'm a drill up, which is going to defend for us, of course. Our So I tells for artists. Kravis, if you come to our resources first, you need to make sure that we have these, for example, have the McGrew cred which will allow us to show off course are adverse in a good format. And then also have the mugger which will allow us to, of course, have okay to show which we're going to use The zone. We're going to inflict the zone when using the linear loved manager or the murderer cred will easy to in using the crude routes. Manager. Okay, so those two nights are going toe being fretted by this particular cross desert class, okay. And then the data that will be bound to the result from true jets Also within this crust Also going to listen to the cook events for a single Kacou has opening our detail activity then were so going to highlight our such results right within this particular class. Okay, so it's going to have several functionalities right here. We need this crust for us to be able to work with our love you. So we're going to set being putting our context object then our color then under the techniques pardonable then un good detects the style that for ground can respond Then 100 due to tell the type Tuvalu, then 100 The two of you declare things then 100 view view then under the view that view group then under the two jet the filter So we're going to president in Angela inputs. So we then defend of course our fear, Senator, Once you creditor class context background Acela's mature kind of switches and Marie, then our scientist which is of course, in a release to initialize it. Then of course they lay out. So of course, right here you can see what we did Firstly, a data inputs and of course he came and then defined the class as I'm Dr it's going to extend their secular view. The basic lovely little bacteria chur and then, of course, are such about a product do hold across. So the view hold across, we're going to have it other than in a class. So that's one then passage as a generic parameter for these adapter. Okay, then, of course, you come different these stance fears writer. So the context subject will allow us to inflate. It will help. Of course, during the inflation creature off our gets it's required, then cloned and materials callus This we're going to use these two rivers when setting the background for our icons. Then, of course, our scientists this will contain the list of scientists that 21 200 in our secret's over Our doctor Then this interject could rule out, is going to hold for us the loud which needs to be inflated. Okay, so that's the outcome that is. Did this mugger off moderate creed or arm of grilled treater We're going toward them is particularly vulnerable. So will come and say inter office item quick listener, then void only time. Click into position, then public cross the hola extends recycle of you little feel hurt her implements Village on Click Listener The new Come on, say President Framer text You know text e then description texting in galaxy Dixie in private, finer, mature. A little Michael and Macon in privilege I think. Rick Listener. I don't click listener than View Herta The View Turn Phil. Then super I turn Ville, then a Michael cult item. You would find food by Heidi after tidy little mature icon. Then tell your friends will be I think our i d Lightning 60. Then our i. D. That came Galaxy text in description. Texas Every then amputated that Chemical exit 60 then 18. Feel that settled quickly. It's not this. And then, after varied public would on Click do then this that item Creek listener on night and click this Get rid out of position and then forward said, Right on clique Listener. I don't click Listener eight and quick Listener This Did it end quickly is not equal to eight and click listener. So we've defined. Of course, we have two definitions. The first is an interface traitor. As you can see, our interfaces content is obstruct method called the only time click this method has paid signature. You can see it received an intelligence which is the position of the crypt item. Then of course, we've come and they created a heart across. It has to implement the view. Hola from our recently cross. Of course, we're going to implement the on clip listener defending 100 with a view to you class then, of course, make any class to just come and then defined our instance. Fears then, of course, the Have you heard Aerator The constructor has to receive every object that will object will represent the view attack the love that will have been in fronted. For example if in freedom of drilled out our model critter Umberger, the result countries which will be passed Rita then that eight every were friendly straight to the super class which is this one Then of course, we're going to use it when toe defense our individual rejects okay. Using friend fueled by day. Now we're setting the unclip Listening to this given that you've been promoted, isn't office. Then move over, then the on click right here, and then defend a method which would allow us to expose or this even Item Creek listener, which you can then set to our Koran. Ok? Yeah. So public Such a good actor list of scientists then loud than this The scientist ical to our scientist. Then this developed quartile out then public such a good doctor. So if scientists equal to now, then scientists equal to new our list. But there is this ditch in the article to our health Look mugger then publicly at our list The new scientist this int initially in the show say the quarter scientists that says OK then scientist it at our necks and his damn it for a turn crunch insulted and the sure size then uses the same. Then get frustrated my day African scientists that get then scientist the size means wanted Get kids the private for prepare little icons type travel in type value equal to know type ful Then see that get him then for sort of actual boots Our retractable states electable background then in type fellow a brilliant past him then mature off course We have our critical hard every chance a Limoges explain what we've done. Yeah, of course. First created to construct us. Okay. No, of course the fast constructor is going to receive two parameters. Assad list off scientist as there was still out. So all we need to be still, we assign this respective parameters to our local definitions which were maintaining in this class. Then the second panoramic desiccant constructor is going toe check before sentences. Now then it's going toe initialize it to empty. And then I was going to initially several out to demagoguery out as a deferred loud. Then we have this method called are no. The purpose of the method is to allow us to add, of course, are turtles to, of course, our crumbled into fresh death crusade travel. So what we need to do a stiffer subhed in the face, okay, over a scientist. Then we're also going to come and of course, get that nice anti something at them. Okay to, of course, our local scientists. Then of course, going toe, of course, as you can see, not for a term French inserted play, so not really a temperance, and suddenly, in this case, is going to refresh our doctor or we need to pass. It is the initial size, as it was, the new scientists that we've added a zealous the size of the scientists. Okay of the new scientist the size of the scientists that you've just added. Then get lost. Sight of my day. This will allow us. They will help persuade pagination because we just want to know there that scientist. Okay, so that you can use that for scientists as our starting point when refreshing when fetching . Of course, the next page. Okay, so, scientist that says menace on. Then get Kate. That will give us the last scientist I d. Okay, then prepared it. Icons. Physically he is so the beautiful letter. Ike also using where this is how we're going to prepare them for us to inside shit, a type of object. Then, of course, we resolve our troubles. Average, touchable, dis electable timber ground the pass protect for little deal possible in. Then we'll prepare mature colas. No would defend, of course, on array of kindness in our colossal, it's just go over to our resources and that different lists will have the colors richer. So in the colossi, conceive of a little kind of definitions like desserts. Then in the race, that example you can see you have those callus. Okay, so yeah, we're learning this currency. Consider named Pallas. So this is how well the ding ding crater on reiterated cast. And then, of course, you tend the resource de from our tape followed The city's has the background this background integer then in our own credit harder. Very sitting of your group has arrested a few type Then of course, we get the context OK is how we've been testing context. Object to our ocracy verbal the nuclear prepare ITER icons Then we in front are out Okay you can see who in fretting it using the left in footer then the resultant If you were going to set its background the background is designed creature And of course, the visited was supposed to return off who object yellow bulletins and shit one and then return it Then after varied on bind villa several important knitted for us So have you heard objectors as they position a pass to us? The new going to attend the current scientist So Feigner Santis T quarter san tested get position that they find it Of course that told it's so wholeheartedly takes it a step text message Get name, then as they get description. Then as you get Galaxy then certainly shares true then set in issues number toe, then settle it does his country. Then said ship color Metropoulos New random look Next integer the amateur class different Rendall callus Then set letter as they get him. No, If large, equal toe a little group cred then Well, that it is a village that's set background color. Cover the past If position not dressed oh, equal to zero then holder rotator view that said background, color, color Look past color We're going to get our name and galaxy so name equal to s did get named to lock it the center of the galaxy Then we're going to highlight our name text to her Such a said This is how we're going to do it So if limited contains such strength and such trained it is empty then interject starting position equal to name the 10 ticks off such stream intelligent and position equal, distant position press such treatment This parables pence string equaled is pardonable but factory get instance the unexplainable then holder that limit exceeded get text then spun string that said spend new foreground correspond production and then start position as it was in position. That's pardonable. Did spend exclusive exclusive, then hola. Lightning takes a set text span stream. No, we're good. Flow her later galaxy This same some well done. First to check for galaxy contains such stream on such tree is not empty. If that is the case, then you attend The starting position isn't in Texas. Then we'll stop 10 day and partial by adding the stuff position plus talent off the street . The new prepare offspring. Never. Then once we have a response tree who said it spell so new for grown cannot span calendar blue Then start position and a position well past them, then spun it wouldn't spend exclusive exclusive. Then we set text to our galaxy. Who said this pulse true? No. We're going to open our detail. Activity will clicked. So let it sit tight and quick. Listener, the newbies rammed expression so we send our scientist to the detail. Trevithick last three. We're going to override the item country, get a 10 count. We basically returned Saves off our scientists. Okay, so this That was of course how long? Piece of country You know you can see. Of course, it's our own band. Feel hurt. Disney. We're going to find our later. Okay? Faster received. Have you heard of object as well as the position of the current treatment that's going to be very important for us because there's that position will allow us to obtain the current sentence and then that you hold on object will allow us to, you know, just Okay. So these are widgets, which were goingto be held by our food order? No. We obtained the name, discretion and galaxy, and then send them to their respective with its. Now we're seizing the maturity taken. So this will allow us to set different properties. Okay, of course. You're going to show Handem callus E ships. Okay. You think this should said should color? No, of course. We're playing Rachel with some background off course. You can check this can drastically. So, for example, if you want to show our permitting background color, you can actually change them. These are not mandatory, but then you can play with them. For example. Changed the colors. As you wish. No, of course. We've prepared toe reverse name and galaxy. No name. Of course. We check if it contents are such drink. If that is the case, then you go to related to highlight. We need toe pain, The starting position as alleged and position. Then is this pan able to highlight now? Also highlighted the text were going toe reset it, of course, to Arlington Steam. We're going to do the same something toe galaxy. Then we're listening to the click events for Of course, our item will clicked. We'll go to open the detail activity. Get item country. In this case, we're returning the size off our list. It's against this. Is it here we have, of course. Our such a bore adapter. Basically, which is our main er, doctor. The two grantees, they re sacra Few. Okay, where? We know have us pressure activity in 100 city richer Selves. Fresh activity. The chopper in our 100 studio. Okay, sudden, These marks the end of this wrestle. Let's proceed to the next reason 18. Adapter Classes (b) - FragmentsAdapter: you give him. Have already seen from the demo that rising several traps. And of course, our capsule actual. So capable. Okay, so we had, Of course, this types each time, of course, had, of course, a fragment. So if you clicked a travel, of course, it would navigated to a different fragment. Now it could also swiped the fragments. Okay, so of course, in this case, hazing they tablet out were also using the bill pigeon. Okay, So what we're going to be is that you're going to defend this one class, which is going to allow us to create our tab sizzle us allowed us to stop through them. Okay, we're calling this class or fragments and Dr. Okay, basically gift on us. Talk to the guards. Jealous off view Pajero, Jack. So as the show will start defending inputs And of course, we start being putting the view object. Then we'll go to import or fragment. Then, of course, our fragment manager, then our fragment, Pedja Gupta and then our ville picture the mucus a guilty and put our tap it out. Okay, You proceed in portal every list and then the same porter custom classes. Then you defend the cross fragments adapt up greater so clearly you can see we've actually imported the crust for more 100 exit fragment, topical fragment pitch in Dhaka? No, this is what is going. Toe allows toe. Of course, Defend our adapter for view. Frigia. Okay, so what we need to distance? I will lead to some trust this fragment Project doctor. And then, of course, overheard a corporal records. Let's this up. So class my Pejeta, Paxton's fragment Project Doctor, then frailer Our list projects or fragments equal to new. A realist. Then my page a doctor fragment manager from these are constructor. So we passed the fragment manager to the Supercross. The move arrayed our get item. Of course, the position will be passed to us. Okay, we get the pitch and then return it. Descend with the good count. Basically get the size off the pledges and then return it. And you also have the did page traitor. Who is that position again? To obtain that peds and then casting towards Crume. Now we also have admitted court on a pitch which are ours. Toe under fragment to our pages list. Very really simple, richer. Yet for important. This is our page adapter literature. Okay, extending the criminal pejeta top. They're released in this case is getting couldn't hold off fragments in memory. Okay, so, fragments or prejudice? No May Pejeta, we have to separate these constructor richer. Of course you have to posit a fragment manager. No, of course. Just make sure that we're passing. Of course, you're fragments. When making in parts, it's very important that you be careful. So the phasing Andrew decks then try to have consistency. Roger. Okay, he is there. Contradicts beta fragment fragment money. Just fragment page a doctor if raising the compact Okay, support libraries, then use them exclusively. Okay, so you don't want Toe Bay, for example, using then Trid X fragment and then using the and we'd support library fragment manager, you are up with crushing that kissed. So have consistency. Of course. The fragments as their estate classes, supporting or fragments Whoever dental methods. That item, of course, with me, plus the position so can basically is it to obtain the current pitch and then return that page, which is a fragment object. Get count. Basically, we obtained the size of our progestin tonnage. They get paid agitator. We is that position stopped in the current pitch, then Kasey Twist right now are fragments are going toe contain, of course, have to struggle method which will allow us to cast them toe string. OK, so we'll have a rate that to string so that we're able to share something meaningful, of course, as our pitch traitor and then add pigeon. This case basically lost to I had provide a way for ending fragments to this particular list. So days does it. That's our my page adapter, remember, Was defined it as Alina plus so public would set up traps biz activity, then object or the base fragment fragments is your project v P. Equal to Edwardsville Project. Then tablet out, topical toe ed tablet out. Then my project doctor with just adapter equal to my page adapter. They did get support from my manager. If a instance of listings activity, then if fragments plant is greater than zero, then for bizarre fragment fragment in fragments, pigeon pages adopted would pitch fragment IHS tap that set visibility view gun, then for ton no VP, that set adapter, which is a doctor and then topped it, said Tub gravity. Have reaction of crab to feel, then cabinet set up. Withdrew Peja VP, then tablet at on top. Select listener. Okay, Cap selected loosely, then private tablet out on top. Selected list Tom Selected listener. Okay, so your picture object is being passed to us. We're going to turn off course tabloid on top selector. Then have dessert really mask us. We're going to worry the on top selected. Of course. That type of past us will get exposition passages. The current item in our picture. I was going to worried the untapped been selected as their as their own Cub Pre selected, then public void Select Strub Vu, Pooja Pooja than into position then Pedja that said the current rate, um position does it. So what have you been doing, Creature? Well, of course, as you can see, we've come and then outside our may page A doctor, we've credit this public. Little woods would allow us to set up our tabs. Acela's Orville project. So this is the public letter which we need outside this particular class. Okay, Now you can see. Of course, it's receiving a busy activity. So busy activity is an activity were defined as our biz activity. So almost all activities are going to drink from it so we can receive its object was going to receive an object off. Now, this object or even easy to pass data toe are fragments if you require. So Okay, then. Biz fragment problem is going to allow us to receive a list of fragments. So base pestering this is a problem. It means that the new Camden Pass, of course. An arbitrary number off fragments. Okay, No, because the fragments have to be deriving from the beds fragment which we're going to defend, then our feel pajarito ftp and then our tub. Basically, we're going to defend them, not basically out so ableto defense. Then you have worked Vigia pages San Doctor, which is the instance of my pejeta Cano. You these can see how well telling off support from great Manager were able to obtain it from our activity. Okay, they knew. Come and check if a instance of listings activity, that is, if a is a child or an instance of a fragment over listings activity, then this is what we're going to go fast. You will drop in the Lenton fragments if it is greater than zero. Then you're going to look through them. And for every tire Chaloner, ogle at the current fragment to our medicine doctor. No, if they lent is not greater than zero. Then you goingto hide our tub. Okay? Yeah. No. Okay, so this is a tribute then? Of course, As you can see, we're country me set and then setting our adapter open the selector toe loop. Aja the new set top participate property tub gravity, then set up with few. Peja basically this whole connect or tub with every project tub gravity field with these rural. Our tabs, of course. Toe accupay the hold with off our true back. Okay, then also going toe add Of course, our tab selected listener richer so added off course. This is how we defend that touts a little this Now you will see we're berating these three methods in Arkestra interested in the first method the on top selected richer We're goingto said the talent written off course in our view. Pajero too. Okay, said that Sit Then you also have this method called Select tab which can allow us to select on the fourth tribe. Okay, as the considerate here. So, for example, if we want toe, they differed. Select second tub. We need to pass one traitor. Need to pass in the second position. If one took selected at the taboo, need just need to pass its position as the as the flu. Peja. Okay, so this is going to allow help us? Of course. Literal will see how it would help us. Okay, So basically, what we'll be doing with this method is that if days are is opening up for the very first time, of course, there's no between our cash. These are has also Okay, if our cash is empty, the new going to select the tub, where the details going to be loaded by default. And that is our second tub. That that's what you're going to do. Otherwise, if we have some detained, the cash, the new going to select the first stub. That the purpose with this method writer. So this is it. These are fragments. Pejeta carried very, very important for us. Okay. Yeah. Okay. So to wrap up this cross, let's come prove it in hundreds. Todo this is our corden 100 studio off fragments adapter, which is with the loss. Of course. Toe work with the fragments. Okay. Yeah, 19. Repository Classes (a). ScientistsRepository: Okay, so remember off course, we're using the envy Veum Design Park in the mammography ville mugger. So of course, in our package in this data package, As you can see, we have three full us okay? Or three packages murder a zealous, of course. The repository. We've already looked at her model crosses. Let's now look at this repository Vulture organ Tavon Repository Cross Santis Repository. So what is the role of this repository Cross? Where? Of course this is the world going to perform or logic. It's where we're going to write our code, which is going to interact with the father. It's really time. That is okay then, Of course, it's methods will be invoked by the few murder cross which will prepare this data that will be returned to this bear it. This repository cuts it will prepare them off course. Today's ain't office, which will be responsible for inviting my editor. So in our repository, cross Reacher, we're going toe create our methods which again told us to perform the cloud operations. The credit rid, of course, update a zealous deal. It let's topped the creating this class as well as defending our imports. So we're going to set being put in my log then under the Ville Ville, then 100 X that like Saeko commuter believe deter very important for us then of course, off her base classes. Setting the details snapshot. Then I did have his era. Then of course, the farm visit the crib is dinar equity. Then of course, there are value. If interest SNA, you know, are released from our job Harder to tell Azarias our list. Acela's are objects. Then you go ahead. Importer custom process. So take note that you're saying putting this particular off our reverse traitor. Okay, Memory list Cash Azarias DDB then Jeff Tittel that objects that McConnell then probably crossed Entous Repository Private finer muta believe. Deter? No, not immutable Live guitar. Then public sent its repository. This did Donald mutable lived. It are equal to new mutable live data. Okay, so what have you done? We're first and foremost defender inputs. You consider great here Then of course, we've incense shifted This notable lived it up? No, of course you can see the object to the generic parameters will pass to a mutable live theater. Off duty will be held by our mutable if Jeter is their request, iCal okay will come in a constructor. We initially promotable live. Deter. So what is this Request call would already looked at it. As you can see, it's basically of course, a modern class which would represent the process. The request process has the has the better associated with that process. For example, if you perform on inside yeah, this that will be represented by this request called. If you perform a selector, you fetch data or your letter with lit. This is at the processes. They will be represented by this object. The object of this class. Okay? No, of course you can see these status messages as well as the scientists. So this is it? That's why you were going to return it. Of course, with our live deter. Okay, So public mutable. Live, deter, then select. Then you come and say request car are equal to new request car. The list scientists equal to new realist then our that said status constants with oppression in progress. Then our that set message fetching Sandy's. Please wait Then are that sets scientists Santis, then don't look mutable. Lived retired that set value. So what have you done? Creature were of course, They've created a method called Select. This method will return a mutable lived atop object. Now, of course there recipient off this move that notable every tower. Then be able to observe the changes that okay in that motor brave deter And those changes will occur the secret to the request call which of course, will be the type of deter that we're be of course, returned by our mutable lived it So will come. We in san shitter request call object Then we in such shit another list of Sunday's. Then you set the state us okay constant state operation in progress as the status of the request color. Then you send the message. Then of course, he said the scientists know by this stage of course, the scientists is still empty. Then of course, he said the value toe our request call no. Once you then that one who can no come. And then, of course, communicated there for business. So come and say debido child scientists then add value If interest in the new veru different listener then will come and say that worried public food on little change in data snapshot, deter stamp shirt. Then if get a snap foot that exists on detest snapshot do to get your and count is greater than zero then for deter snapshot D s in detail Snapshot Let's get Children. The new going to say we're going to get our scientist objects and then populate our list So they come and say scientists, scientists equal to D s to get through Santis did cross, then objects frequent internal Santis Let Seki the s did get key. The scientists that ad scientist. Okay then are that said State US constants, lip operation, complete success then our that set message Don't look complete and then armed it said scientist scientists There's are that said state US consensus Did Oprah vision complete Sexes Are they said to message no data found. Then don't notable. I've just had a post follow out of Okay, so what have we done? Of course, as you can see, first debate which remember were greatly defined in wood ready would would defined it, of course, in our constant straighter basically is the difference toe offer this time That was No, of course You passed the child. Think of this as pressuring the table. The table where you want to retrieve her. Deter. Okay. Designed this, then the child is like they're not off the table. They should continue or detail. Then add follow event listener. Now, in this case, so goingto listen, tow car back metals. The first. Is this on the touching? No, on the questions. Basically desert. Allow us to retriever data. Adidas Natural object will be given to us so you can check if that deter snapshot actually exists on if it's Children count is greater than zero. Then it means that charitable has some deter. Okay, so what we're going to do is that we're going to look through the Children. And then, of course, they currently testing should object. We just call, it's get over low, then scientist, it cross. This will give us the scientist object. Now, we obtained the key yourself from that bitter snap foot. Then, of course, set that k two R scientist No scientist that ab we under scientist toe Our scientists are her list. Then of course, we set our state us who said the message and we were so set the scientist. No. If the data snapshot didn't exist or actually doesn't exist, are its Children found is zero Then, of course, no data found. We're going to turn to the user. And then, of course, you can see we're posting off. That value has to be a request call because that's the generic parameters which was testified in our notable live data. So yeah, this is just one of the core back metals. Let's come override our second car back. So after varied, then public weighed on concert later this era, little this era. Then looked that day five disc read that I was 800. Get message, then. Our that said state us Kanstantsin it operation complete failure. Then are the sect message? Did Travis ever to get the message? Then don't look Moe. Trouble lived retarded. Post value return Dollard move Table live data. Of course he conspirator. In this case, we're basically 100 off Mullah your foot in a detailed this era we will talk then its message set it then, of course, set, of course, the filler as our state us and then pushed develop using the post available method of our immutable live deter. So yeah, this is this is it. We've seen how to select. Okay? Yeah. So public motor believe Deter such, then strong query. Then you come and say requested for our equality New request car then list scientists equal to new a realist then our that set status constants that operation in progress then our except message fetching scientists Please wait then earned set scientists, scientists. Then the Lord mutable lived a tribe. It said follow are okay again the same something only that this time around we are receiving a query. Okay, so with the veteran then of course, we set our request. Ical object wants to set its properties. We set It has developed off on Dollard mutable live data before common quitting there for this So query fab is such query equal to debate a child Santis, then audible child name then started query than in fact query. Then we come and say forbids such query that Advil event listener New value event listener Then you come and say after worried then public avoid on deter change then deter snapshot, deter snapshot Then if the test no shirt that exists on they just snap shut due to the Children count is a critter than zero then for data snapshot. The is in the test natural to get Children. Then we come and say Then off course scientists sent is equal to the best Get follow. Santis did close then objects the Quirinal scientist that Seki the s did get K and the scientist it add scientist and then our that set status. Constance did operation complete success then our except message now would complete then our it said scientists, scientists there's added it said state US operation completely complete sexes only that you don't have any details an auditor found. Then don't look notable left. Deter the post value are okay said this is a traitor. What we've done is very simple. As you can see, first prepared are such query. Okay, we've prepared Are such query or going to such against the names rotor in our scientists Look No, of course you passed the query. That's where you're going to start at under so elegant And that then, of course, once you prepare that query, we're going to listen to the follow events. So we have took our backs again on data change bay which we're going to retrieve looked through our litter then Richard, the current scientist, and then added to a scientists are released and then set that are released toe our said Sant estimated. Okay, if you have no deter, it's still a success. Okay? Only the treatment of really deter off course you have to post that follow toe are mutable like deter. This is our on the kitchen's were so going to operate the one. Okay, the UN canceled method. Okay, so with the UN castle just at this piece off contractor. Okay, then. Of course, you are turning our move table. If Twitter so does it. This is for our such okay, Yeah, that's our such no, of course offer. We've looked at our query or how to such auditor. We've also looked at how to select or deter. What you know need to do is to see how to actually in such or how to post our later. Okay, so of course stopped bay typing the following code. This, of course, is basically a simple inside method definition, as the same probably can't see, we're receiving a scientist subject. Then, of course, I moved double live literature. We're going toe internship one which we're goingto be returning Okay, then, just the way we've been doing. We insensitive Quest car. Then of course, said our of our looters are no, let's go ahead. Let's continue typing or could So we're start Bay performing some very edition. So if scientists call Turner now earned it said State US opposition, Complete failure, then let's set message. Volatile filled. Very different field neuroscientist received. Then Muta believed it had set value. Are then return Notable live deter. Okay, at the ice continue that sets status Constants that operation in progress. Then are the set message in something. Scientist, Please wait. Then move Table lived a target set. Follow our then we're going to know Push that are 12 hugs that rob is okay, child. Which recording scientist? So come and say they bathe the child scientists that push then that set value scientists that had one complete listener then tasked this animal expression. If task it is successful, then you're going to say our let's set stepped us constants Little Parisian complete success. Then our lets it message Congrats inside. Successful then are its its debt US consents little position, complete filler Then are set message and successful. Then Tuscan to get exception than to get message then looted. Believed it had a post Follow our then return Motaba River Deter. So, of course, this is how insect are later. Okay? Of course, you can see we've started big performing or politician. The new computer tops in starts. You basically pushed that are too far. But Okay. So first you need to specially the child. No, If this child doesn't exist, it will be credited. Okay, So push. And then he said value. Then of course, you passed your object. Now we're going to listen to completion events. If our task is successful, we're going to set these messages that there is this business. Then, of course, we have toe post of Coastal value writer toe a mutable live deter. And then to the dates that moved to believe that they are returning off course. Yeah, so visit Case this How we're going to instruct Araneta. This is so low. Cut a method which will allow us to update our litter. So again the same something will start by defining or method update. Of course it'll return immutable editor and then it's going to receive to Santee subjects enough. The 1st 1 the fascinator. These are scientists before it separated than the 2nd 1 is the Santis, objects containing or a polluted first within should promotable, if deter, set its value as our quizzical object. So if all scientist in Cortona or words New Santis, stick or tunnel, then are set status constants that operation complete Philip, then our that set message of revolution failed. Then our scientists received, then moved a belief to target set follow our then returned mutable live, deter. And the ways, Abbott said, state US constants. Little Parisian in progress, then are the sick message updating Scientist, Please do it then, mutable. I've determined that set. Follow our then the bidder, child scientists and then the child or scientists to get Kay. Let's set follow Nix and his own completion listener. Then, if tasked it is successful, are the set status constants that operation complete, then add Let's set to message. Congrats, update successful. There's are said status constants that operation complete fuller then our except message and successful, then task. It'd get exception to get the message. So after the trainers you can see we post are follow the new eternal immutable, live better. Okay, So let me just bring the zone later. Okay? So what you've done, of course, is straightforward creature. Of course, he said our scientist will be a Santy subject containing our old follows. Then, of course, new scientist Who will be there something. Actually, these are just the same scientist, okay? Their kids, This them on Lee that we're using them as auditor. Hold assist or scientists were contended. Scientist object, Of course with the older fellows. Okay. Yeah, where the new one will contain Course this scientist with the values that on top of it, trying to replace the old follow suit? No, we just obtained the key check. If both of them a national, then of course, if that is the case, then if they know we're going to set Disney suggest okay, If they're not, then we come. Richard David, a child scientist. Sorry for the Nice, then ripped in the key. And then we set our value as the new scientist. If our task is successful, then of course you're going to shut these messages now. If not, will show the exception message at the end of the day. Were posting or request call, so yeah, that you make up, of course, are obliterated. That's how we're contracted. Our letter against Farb is no already no need two days to come and see how we're going toe . Of course, The lit data okay, has the last crowd operation that you need to perform. So let's come defend the method. So we'll come and see. Sorry. So then we will start to be defending or metal the same from the censoring the selected fantasist. That is the scientists who want to deal it. Then, of course, we prepare our mutable live data and you prepare our request color, then set it to our mutable live deter. They'll continue taping ruffled. So we're saying if selected scientists a quarterfinal basic level addition Rachel are the sets set us constants, ditch operation, complete failure, then our sect message. Very addition failed because now scientists has been received at the then Muta believed it had set a value. Then return mutable over at the ways Are that set status Constant slit operation in progress. Then Arnett said message deleting. Scientist, Please wait. Then Metabolife data that set a value are then failure String selected scientist key equal to selected scientists get came Then maybe the child sent his detailed selected Santis Key , not remove. Follow then did add on completely snow. Then tusk. If task that is successful will come and say our lets its debt us constants, little Parisian complete success then our that sent the message. Selected scientist It get minimum plus deleted successfully at the eyes and it sits tipped us constants that operation complete Fuller then our with sit message on successful, then tasked it Get exception Didn't get the message, then mutable lived retarded. Post value are then returned. Mutable rave glitter. Okay, so does it. That will make up the end of this repository so you can see the literature basically would prepare. Mutable Editor will prepare our quest car. We performed physical additions off for validation process. Dayna, we're going to start by obtaining the key. Okay. We obtained the K from our selected scientist. That is the scientist one to deal it Then of course, we passed that kid as the child of our scientists. Then we in folk they remove followed the new listen to the completion difference. So if complete, we're going toe of course camp later on post our volatile Roaches off. So we'll come most of our which is our request car. Okay, then. Of course we're returning on mutable, cuter. Now you just need to go with the mutable. Live better. Of course he's is the survivor truck. And so even though, of course, we're working a synchronously, Rachel. Good for business. Now, even if you return the mutable live deter, it will inform its Observe us when, Of course, the completion of cast. Okay, It's of course, by the time we're returning it, 20 really deter. But then when the completion focus, Reacher, it's going to update their observe us. Okay, the post value will be covered, and then it will update apps ever so their cost call object containing our latest messages . So I guess this is it. That's how we deal it on later. So suffer in this sign. Repository cross. We've looked at deal it. We looked at how topple it. We've also seen how to inside. We've also seen how to such and reserve. We've also seen how toe select okay, dessert, the credit positions that are needed for you to create almost any type of application. So does it gives Does it. Rita, Our Santis repository. Close. Okay, so let's come revealed this sentence repository in 100 studio. Of course, you can go ahead and clean up optimizing this particular inputs. So scientists repository As you said, this is the cross where we're going to write our logic. It's ah, we're going toe perform. Of course, our credit positions at this stuff are these real time that obvious. Okay, so you can see it's very, very simple. Just like with Dan knitting. He's just contents are crowd metal select. Then you also have this such limited for such an orbiter. Okay then yeah, select then such richer. And then you have the method for insulting then the method for predicting the limited for deleting So basically the crowd Operation Smith abs rotor. Okay, so yeah, they, as you can see, we have it. The scientists repository very, very important 20. Final Firebase CRUD Cache activity crud: the next thing we're going to design a beautiful for produce is going to allow us to editor editor or going to call it activity Crowd. Little Shamila. This is the Pichardo activity that is going to allow us to edit our tow it. Or of course, Chan set our data. OK, you can see. Of course, it's the same creature. Of course we have a header. Then you have a Capdeville. The cab do have a traitor. Has there as instructions? Then of course we had We've divided into sections personal letters to show the personal letters nickname on description. Told hours to enter. This deters the residents, deters toe loss to enter or select the galaxy. Or this time and then the table in deter store loss to select the debts. Of course, At the root we have a linear a lot with vertical real traction. Then you, including the state Take the Merano State is a disloyal to created which allow a student are our state. Okay, so the state of our new professional, for example, if are turned into insect then the state of the progress of the operation we're going to shake in this particular of Arab. Sorry. In this particular kind, we have Oscar vulture McCollum inscrutable. Phasing us Korver, you have to make sure that it must have only one day that child like we're doing later with these villians out then the header. This this text view then another Texas instructions. Then of course we have Hida. Then these detects. Let's look a tits could, of course, are Linnean low. Treacher will set some nice background color. Then you've included the statute examine, Then ask your view. Okay, So can come. And in fact you can form a tor could so for my good So you can see this curve is richer inside this carver One day that child is we have of course, these are linear, bloated vertical orientation. Then you can see who have Texas A Zalazar dictates. So the Inditex, the first Lady Tex, is the name 60 which would allow us to enter the name, description, text, you know, take note in the description. The minimum number of lends his three then in our residency who have also the detects, but no take water and its see what you've argued. Richer fork. Assemble first on, then for possible Tuchman. True. Okay, so this is a The effect of this is that if days I would press remove the castle to this particular and the text we're going to show, Of course. There. Look immediately. Okay, so we'll see how, too literal. We're just going short there. Look with witness Suddenly, uh, showed the keyboard for these after type because that's how intention when these are teachers. OK, so just is, it just touches the detects, and then we pop up our there. Look, know that you're not going to do to the galaxy was again to do to the static state creature . Okay, so that's what you're going to get then our timeline will have, of course, to detects one for entering the debt onto someone for interim the ditch of better. Zahra's different did. OK, so yeah, this is it. This is our activity, Credit examiner. 21. User Activities (a). Splash Activity: now. First and foremost, you got common creditors. Press Quran know what is the purpose of us? Press screen, where these any can use it first. If you like. You can easy to preserve Reddit Er and certainly you can use it to show you up front. So of course, when quitting your application, you want to have a custom brand for your company. That of course you want to portray to your users the spread school is a very good way for dessert. However, in some applications, you may not necessarily need to shows process cream. Okay, because then you don't want toe twist any second straight there. So we're going to give away in that you can show this prospect better. Someone put the number of time that the sprog skin is going to be shown so that you can decide. Okay, if want to show you totally for 1/2 a second, the near you can deduct on now camp greater that this plush activity The cover. If you don't have it already, then delete everything in it apart from the package name. So once you have the package name, we're going to start berating our inputs so it's touch as the sure by important, more context object. Then you're going to important. Bender then will import our animation classes 100 village on emotional crisis. Okay and emotionally tears there. Then, under the trajectory it image feel then import 100 metrojet Texasville. So proceed on DMA cola in parts, then public class pressure activity extends based activity. Then, of course, as prescribed views. Private image. You Emma logo, then private text. Rio Main Tector as there was this update er the no going to initialize the ridge. It's OK, so you come and say private fried initialize rejects. Then you come and say am logo called to find you buy are tided em longer than main tater Agitated two main traitor then Sub Tater are the tidy that sub tater. So this is how we're going to initialize them. Basically using friend view by d Okay, different between this activity then, As you can see, we've already defined this to three this toe Um of course declared Russian traitor M logo, which is an image you were going to easy to shut their logo for a company then, of course, text you This too will leaves them short traitor or the company name is there as the sub tater who have extended their busy activity of the busy activity would ready to find it in our beds package. And of course, its role is to different for us. Some methods Souci can easily reused. Okay, in several activities. So, for example, if you want it shortest message balconies dismounted on. Of course, in our editing activities, you can also select the region the galaxy as a register. So that's where you extending the biz activity inside of the computer activity directly because you can have access to those methods. Okay, so this is it, So Okay, we're going to show us pressure. New mission, of course, using deadly mission cross. So we're good federal budget will come and say private food show expression emission. Then you come and say on emission on emission equal to an emotion you tears declared an emission that this which is the context then our anim talkto welcome. Which is our only mission then, Emily Good statin emission, then passing the animation, then fed in the quarto animation it tears the blood on emission are returning That fed in main title that certain mission the new person or fed in an emission, the sub tighter were played as well. Okay, Now the next thing, of course, is for us to go to our dashboard after a given number of seconds. So private fate go to dashboard thread t equal to new threat dinner too Worried public voted run Then try then sleep half a second. Okay, 500 milliseconds. Then you tears that open activity splash activity that this dashboard activity that cross, then finish, then super literal. Then come and say catch interrupted exception He then needed Prince doctors. So this is our go to dash good method t that stop to start that thread So we're going to worry the touch base context method. So after worried, then protected food a touch business context context new business, then super little touch base context then ville prompt context Rapper Trump the new past The new biz which is a context then Leslie, of course, we're going to create our own credit method or over rated. So bender object fell short is being passed to us in the one crept past that blender Object to the on correct the supercross said content do activities brush than this? That initial is read. It's than this. The chill special. New mission. They're not too worried. Protected food on presume support it under assume then this that go to dashboard. And Okay, so what have we done? Will, of course, from what you can see later defined several methods. Maybe our most important method being this just pressure innovation. Because it's right. Yeah, we're going to loader on emissions. So to let designing missions to unity is the animation you tears class and specially invoked the Lord and emission richer than you pass in the context. Then, of course, the a new mission Trento Blood once of luggage, then we can apply it to the ville or the ridge it that you desire, but may in fucking the statin emission that particular ville. So we've done the zone, of course, to our longer richer, we're going to drop it or move it from talk to work. Um And then, of course, for our Tater, as it was the sub tighter, we're going to fed them, All right? Yeah. Then, of course, go to dashboard. As you can see in this case, we're going to insult shit. A thread object. They never read the run. Then we're going to sleep our thread for, of course, half our second in makers. The right here. So you can, of course, extension contended this particular treatment router. Okay, so if you want to show it for something larger, of course you can increase it. Okay, Have be very careful. You don't want to make it very much like more than two seconds. Because, of course, these were not necessarily doing any work in this particular splash. Okay, so you can actually admit these practical activity from your project. So it makes us I'm just rooting for her 1st 2nd richer. Then once you've slept or threat for this number of time, then we're going to open. Our activity is in the U tears Open activity method. No. A touch base context. No view pump context, product trapped. Then you pass this context object to our blue pumps context. Rippers submitted the reason we were being dishonest because we want toe pry our custom funds to this particular activities. Okay, So any activity the 20 player cut storm fronts will need to berate these approach base context and then passed the context class or the context object. Of course, to their admitted off this Prattville pumps context Tropper. Now remember, we're using of course, calligraphy. Okay, so calligraphic within that initialize it. So all we need now to do is to pass the context to our business review pump context. Trump class. Okay, so what babying the Trinh we are marking. Okay, We're basically telling are up there to want of course, the custom friends to be a plated these activities will then last will come and then operate two methods on credit. A zealous day on countries ing. So on credit, in this case, we're going to initial is widgets. A zealous show us pressure on emissions right there. Then on resume, we're going to go to dash, but okay, basically go to desk. Good radia. So there is a way who are doing designing the own presume is because, for example, if we're resuming your up your busy clippers who made from of course, oppose state Okay, you are resuming food from being post. So what you want to do is that not every time we're days that be contracting with your up? Of course, from a position of it being from the from a position of your activities being activities, being recruited, nothing, sometimes with them. Put these a country zoom If these are, cares your application or possess it when the expression invasion when our special is being shown then of course, in that case, when they it's being resumed, its going to be resumed from a posted. So what you want to do is that you want to go to dashboard when they are activities being resumed. Because otherwise, in that case, if they is, I was to resume it then These methods have already been called. Okay, so what should have happened is that your application is going to just stop right there at showing this plush screen with their consider taking days off to the dashboard, which is a bad idea, because this person is that just is this a passage for us to go was to our dashboard. So please invoked this method in their own resume. Creature. Okay, so this disease deserves plush activity there again, remember that it's the sun activity, so of course you are. So need her the activities brush OK, which you really looked up and it's very simple. You can see design it by including your image. You text feel, of course, to Texas dictator. As there is the subject later, so does it. Let's move to the next. 22. User Activities (b)2. Dashboard Activity: so we're not going to come over to our dashboard activity. So what is their over Dashwood? Well, of course, it's a centralized location from which you can get toe the parts of the application. For example, if these air wants to inside deter out to other new deter Who going to have a big pattern, of course, Or a big Capdeville in this dashboard. With these, I can click that Capdeville off course to be taken to the medical pitch, okay? Or the registration pitch If they wanted to view there already. And the data, This is a button for that. If they wanted to exit the up, of course, these are button. And of course, you can add more functionality straighter. So that's why we're including this dashboard. It can allow you gaze to add more functionalities, more pages, and then you can converse right there to give you, like one central location, from which days I will be able to enough get your up. So this is very important because at any time, if these I was supposed was confessed, well, we're losing our protection. He or she can just then never get back to the desperate and then click a battle and then be taken to wherever he wants. Okay, so let's very frustrated the card for this activity richer and they're going to start by defending inputs. So as the show you start bay our importing or context, then are under, then our linear. Then of course, then public class. This would activity extends biz activity. So we're going to set the initializing are cuadros and then you're going to listen to their curriculum. So come and say private food initial is widgets. Then we're going to focus OK in the dashboard. So come and say Lennie allowed Ville Santis card equal to friend will be I d argue Tidy Little sent its card then at Santis card are But I did it at scientist cub, Then the sub card argue tidy the card. Then the Santis cabinet set on Quick listener, the normal expression you towards the top in activity dashboard This then listings activity did cross then that scientists had that settle quick listener, you tells that open activity the productivity this then crowd activity. That class then turned that settled. Click listener. Okay, you test it show in fort down. Look that would activity that this then our title. Zalazar message. Then close Cut set on quick listener. Then finish. So we're going to parade? Of course. The past In this context, Reiter. So after varied protected food, a touch base context, then possibly context object, then super due to touch base context. Then veal parm contacts republic trap. Then you pass it in the context Object toe are admitted Then of course, when these are present, the back veteran. Okay, so let's overrate this process. So on back pressed Superdawg on back pressed, then this finish. So we're going to come the Nova Rada on credit committed and then call initialize widgets. So on credit, a boundary object is being pressed Trust with prostate, of course, to our Supercross. Okay, No. Then we're going to specify a activity. Dashwood. Then you're going to initial Izarra widgets. So what you've done in this case is that we've created Of course, these dashboard activity they called their activities is going to extend from the busy activity. Now, this will give it access to some of the business functionalities that you have a very different in this. Of course, as you can see, the busy activity. So what you come and do first and foremost is with some initial. Is this particular cut this? No, this campus they out a loud for this convinces are linearly wrote. So that's why we are refusing them, of course, and holding them in linear loud objects. Okay, So to reference them, we used a friend will be i d then, of course, there then to set listen to their click events on here. Want to concede? Of course. If you're new to Java, this is I love that expression. Reacher Quickly So did they left to have the inputs. And then, of course, to the right to the left of this arrow you gives us in this arrow to its left to have because the inputs and then to the rage we have, of course, the body for the method. No, this is how we're going to defend our core back sequences. Distance singling. So there's a replacement to using the anonymous crosses right now. For you to be able to take advantage of this feature, you need to set your project to be able to support the Javert. It to digital, go over to your build that global. And you need to have these compel options. Now you can see the target compatibility as the masters compatibility. Who said it stooge ever to 81.8. Okay, Yeah. That's what will give us the ability to suffer Java eight attachments context, as yet said earlier on in their activities, would do it for the sake of or calligraphy, which will be injecting custom falls, of course, into these activities. No, we want that if there's a process the on back pressed instead of going back to this process screen Want to finish this current activity creature? Okay, because remember the previous activity after the dash Good is this brush screen. We don't want to shut this press screen if there's a presses the back button. So this desperate activity now in our own creditably need two days to initially our agents . This is it. This is our dash, but activity The Java, of course, would already looked at It's allowed. Okay, they activity dashboard. So this is activity just good richer for our dashboard activity. 23. User Activities (c)1.. CRUD Activity LAYOUT: Our next task will be to design, of course, activity desperate. The activity dashboard is going to be the centralise location which will ease give. Users have called the card Bruce, which days attorneys to never get our profession. So you can see we're using the corrupting to Aruba. And in our corrupting to about we have this built for image. Then you have the compass. Okay, so it's very beautiful rate. As you can see, this is our guest would however, as you can see there wrote off elements that you're using through design disease so that they biz are biz element is according it'll out. No. Instead, according it a lot we can divided into two sections. They have the back. Then you have the nested score view. So the Abbas the head apart. No, this Abba, you can see Quinton. So our collapse in Trouba so corrupting Trouba, then inside the collapsing Tebow. However, Trooper no. If you come over to the nested Scoville, we have, of course Alenia Loach as the direct child No announced its core visas. Baskerville Eso as a scrubber, it must have only one day a child. Okay, so you can't have many days, Charles. More than one. It needs to have one. So that one for us will barely near a lot with practical orientation. So, in a linear Latrobe intracellular card verse vacancy who have in fact in Arlen ilo to have several linear loads? No, two of them. The first is Dizon. Both of them are horizontal. Okay in the orientation. So the first, of course. As you can see, contest these to cab juice. You are, as there was, add the secular and contains the can through these earned Reiter. And then they went for exiting the up there. So if you go back, get to the canvas, he can say we have the image. Feels the image, feel the Texasville under the gun a little through. So this is the secret game to be the design of the contents of our confuse as a conciliator . And this is actually how we're going to design are are dashboard screen. OK, so let's come look at the card. Karsay congenital out his art element said, Just as we said, we have of course our bailout and are listed as Carvel as the related Children for our congenital out now in according it allowed to have our corrupting too badly hurt. So in the collapsing true belote, you can see we have or Trouba Ok? No, that's how are to rebut right there. Then if you come over to the distance curve you it will have only one day a child Which in this case, is our Linea allowed. No, this is really a lot will have particularly intention and then it will contain a Bellini allots as you can see two of them, each of them with on horizontal orientation. So you can see we have of course, Arkan Villa Greater So vaudeville. This is the size of giving them the cab vis a clickable and inside the cab who have our image juice, for example. This is the cut that is going toe. These are to view all our later when clicked It will send us today activity for entering our deter. No, we have these other can ville for adding a new scientist So we'll click is going to open the crab operation for us toe on a new scientist. We have of course the Adeline allowed Okay, you can surgery or intention is presenter and then you can see it's click a buzzer. No, this is our third card. So you can touch. Of course, Anything you want to do it. Okay. So differently to open. And a definite you can the using this cut. So let's really have a Chris card. Plus cab. Will Tricked will allow us to close the application by killing the current activity. So these Rachel is is our activity dashboard. All right? Yeah. 24. User Activities (c)2. CRUD Activity - Firebase CRUD: So we're going to come to this activity calling the crowd activity. So what is its role? Well, it's really will be, of course, to allow us to first insect or they're trying to FOB is then, of course, to edit existing deter a zealous deal it Okay, so if you have the crowd, this activity will allow us to perform the sea off course the U Acela's didi So credit update as there was del it. As for the rid, we're going to the deserts, of course, in our listings activity alongside, of course or fragments. So let's start by defending our imports. So as a shall we start bay importing the context object the arrogant, important orb under. Then we're going to import, of course, the menu. Then we're going to import the menu Antam, then hundreds to just sit and you text. Then we're going to import the text view, then our 100 x components. Then you're going to import our custom crosses. Then public class crowd activity extends with activities. So we're going to have several. For instance, instance fears including are named 60 or a description text e galaxy text a startext. They will be 60 there. Detect City had the text. Then our context object will with this, then sent Hitsville murder. We're going to have the Treacher. Okay, So received scientist will hold for us. They received Santis subject with no Come and then initial is those digits. We has trained you by a day setting the head of 60. Then them txt, then description texi and so on. Okay, so we have a trait that now of course, from what I've done, you consider first with middle inputs right there. Then you've quoted this better This crowd activity No, the crowd activity. As like that, the crisis is going to extend the base activity. So let's look at some of the methods that you're going to be able to inherit from this busy activity where if you move over to our busy activity can sing, have to my three metals being different. First you have of course, the shop shows the method that allowed us to show our trust message. Then you also have the select region select region allow us to selected at the start off the Galaxies. So these are gated. These I will be shown. Of course, the options later on, you can see we covered. Of course. It in depth. We're converting. Of course. This biz activity, we're creating activity. No credit stayed cut. This is very, very important. Because this is what is going. Told us to shut the progress. I have to report on progress back to these as quickly. So we come, Routier. We basically just initial is some of the regents that McGinty's most of them are in the text because we're goingto input our letter. So private food critic account, then scientists, scientists, then come on. Sacred state cut, then account Christian in progress, then registering pres weight. Then true. Then through them concerns progress that Then you come and see Play every model hotel value . Cordage that register scientist The new past this anti subject, then invoked off. Submitted who? Person? Of course. The activity then, of course, armed expression. Reacher. So if I record to know who going to Crete State God saying that registration has failed because of course, now being received that the race will proceed, and then we're going to get this tipped us off our so I don't get state us equal to consult the compression in progress. If that is the case, the new grunting from these are letter Profession is in progress visually, of course, our progress card. So constants dick progress that as if our gets did us equal to consent. That operation complete Failla. Then in that case, quit ST Cloud Era, then argued, get message, then truth in first, then consents did arrested Eloise. If are gets set us equal to constants, deter operation complete sexists, then crash a manager. The discussion that equal to true And, of course, quit state card registration result. Then after get message, then true, then first, then constants that success that. Okay, So what? That's what you've done there so physically we defend this letter. Richard, allow us to quit our counter. Okay? This is how we're going to load the Is that to register ending scientist off course to add a new Santee sort inside. So we're insulting or deter. We're going to be using this credited cut, which you've already since you've seen that this letter is taking several parameters. The first problem, it is the total. Then the second is the message. Then, of course, a bull them to bullion for rubbers is showing and is reading a play. So this will allow us to becoming. The market is visible. And of course, with that their profession is still in progress. So and then instead, traitor Basically the set of the cub. So that said can be three and in front to the ready friend, the states in our constants cross. So if you can go back to the Constance Chris, you can see we have the operation in progress equal to zero operation complete success equal to one and then progression complete filler equal to negative one. So there are going to be the three states that we're going tohave. Okay, Are those I request object will be passed us richer. No, we check if it is no notary post object back. A request car object with a very defend free gives. You can't remember. Would ready defined? Of course, That request color object that cross Halloran in auditor. Of course, under the process, the request card this is going to obstruct for us the particular process for sending deter or for retrieval later. Now that process will have the status that is the citizens of the progress. It can either be in progress or failed out. Of course. Success. Then we have also the message. Okay. And then you also have the Santis Trita to scientist. But this is a list ritual her for us, our scientist in case who succeeded. So that sort troubling. If it is now, then of course, structurally, we're going to show the message, Reacher. Okay, The area is a message. Now if it is in progress, yeah, we'll show it being in progress. If it is complete. And it first, you're still going to shut them every message? No. If it is successful, then of course, this is what you're going to do. First, we're going to mark our discount share as dirty, because, remember, we're cashing or deter offering. So we're going to set this discussion that is true, that were designed for doing The zone is dead. This is going to mark once you design a stroke, if you get back to our activities already, it is goingto be precluded from from is okay, because may default if you go to our fragments. The details being Fitch locally. So unless the cash is dirty, or unless if there's no detained, the cash will be fetching the time local, which is very, very efficient for users have us once days A has made some getting or some sense of litter . Then you're going toe plot arbiter. And for us to be retreated that turn, we need a variable that will determine for us so that the details Daddy are with the it's okay to write them of course offerings. So this is a troubling no credit stayed kind. Of course, me creating the state can't short message. Okay, so this is how we're going to create our account, create an account for our scientist object. So, having done the turned, the next thing for us is now to defend. How? Drop Dead scientist. Now for us to do that whenever it defined the method. So it's very, very similar or you need to do in this case is invoked the update scientist. Okay, now, in the credit account we invoked, of course, the register scientists, not this time we're plating or scientist, so please just invoke the applet scientists on. Then, of course, we invoke our apps submitted Then of course, we passed this. Okay then, of course, as a Gilmore group of Reda then we come and then we have all of the expression. So I request subject is being passed. Trust which activities now, If it is not, then of course, we'll check for these various states if successful again we're going to Mark or cash is dirty. Okay, so this is going to dinner Lower us to be able to upload data from far biz if interest we move over to our fragments suggest this how we're going to populate our editor. So the rest credit position that you're going to perform here? Of course. You seen already heard to create account or so defined. How topped it. No, we no need to see. Of course, how we can deal it. Very simple. With protect or deter. You can see this hoping to deal it again. Just checking. No, of course. You are passing us the scientists that we need to do it. We'll check your it is now. If it is not, then you return from execution and there is a proceed. And in folk they delete Santis Treacher. OK, so we invoke it. The new observe it then which our request Carl object will be passed to us then if I record to now And of course we're going to say that deal it filled that there is so going toe determine, Of course, the stitch. So if the state for example isn't progressed ID, then of course, is showing true is running. So Okay, so you get could remember was supposed to pass to Bull and for rubbers in Oxford ST Friend . So the festival and variable, of course, with stoppers too. Sure, if is damning for us. Of course. If the cab is showing, so is showing. If such a true, then we're going to continue showing traitor Now, if it's reading settled, then we're going to continue showing the progress back. Okay? At the Progress Spinner. So these are treading then? Of course, you check for worry estates. If the studies, they progress fit Yeah, we'll show with past boot to true. Okay is showing as there was Israeli. If I stayed, his complete failure then is showing true is running first. And then, of course, we showed the air on message. No, If the study is complete success, then it's shown true is running first. So this is a tripping and again one so dilated our data. We're going to macro discussions, Dirty as you can see in discuss. Then, of course, we show our success message creature our best message. So these sofas in how to delete it a zealous how to create account This, of course, at the main functional It is that this activity need to provide for us. So are we. Now need to do is to invoke these methods okay in relation of course, to our using profits use them would respect for user interfaces because so far we've just created the method. So let's see how to really deter data. Then invoke these little's so will come and say private food really did Then create account Then you come and say string them string description, stream galaxy Then start then date of birth and then they loved it. Then if you just that really did named 60 description texting a zealous galaxy 60 the inimical to name texted it get taxed looked Astrue Then description, description, text that get texted to string And then, of course, galaxy that get text the history Then once we have those three robbers were kind of ready to discuss And then, of course the date of. But okay, so we're paying them, then casting too strong date of death. Answer. Then we're going to say scientists pay equal to new scientist, then paid that set limb name, then paid it set description, description. Then pay that setting galaxy galaxy then paid it, said Star Star, then paid set Do you will be. Do be Then Peter said Dear Day, dear. They then create account. Then you passed the project. No show. Please fill up our 1st 1st Okay, so that is the for validation Dinked pass. So of course you can see what you've done. Great. It's very simple for us to prepared these robbers. Then we perform or validation using the you tear Smith uteruses across which you're supposed to contain our utility. Mittal's No. One of those main methods it contains, of course, is this valley details you can see and you can see we're passing up to remove any texts. So we obtained those detects and the new perform off tradition using. Now Acela's is empty Rojer. So that's what that we're doing the North served in that time. We're going to return true if over addition process if not the Newton furs? No, that's our valley Did. So if it returns true, Daniel will took 10 or deter from detects, then set them to us and kissed object and then create their account bay passing the subject to our critical committed. If it is first, the new gun should ease at this trust a message. Okay, so that is it. Should these adapters message So you see No to validate her account. Then quit. Varied it then critter count. Where was the need help too? Worried it then? Of course. Deterrent. So let's come Rita at in Adam, it'd richer. Of course. Mindfully Did they not get account now in these other things, method is almost the same to the perverse Um, they can see the difference is that this time drunk our scientist object will be the received scientist Your noting some shit in your new scientist object in said we are of course hurting the current scientists to be the received scientist. So a scientist object will be posted This activity if you were to update our data so that we seem to object of course is what will assigned to this school occur Scientist in different richer. And then we just set its properties as the show. Then invoke our abject Okay, that such a going to do in this particular method? Treacher. So let's come and say private food churches are there logs the new common says touch exceeded. Settle quick listener. Then select region started city, then star, then galaxy Tick said it set on quick listener, then select region galaxy 60 then galaxy. Then your bt exceeded Saturn Click Listener Select it, then you'll be 60. Did it exceeded? Settle Quick listener, You tres selected this, then you'll be 60. So what I've done creature where, As you can see, basically we have our detects. Then we're in fucking their own creek listener. Then off course, we're invoking this method called select Regions or select region for the 1st 2 that detects is going to allow us to select either the galaxy for that particular visa or the star. Okay, so in this case, we have this Galaxies was just us where the scientist is actually receiving So just that fictional for this particular up with creating row chair. Okay, so of course, instead of using relaxes against us in a real application your provided guarantees a province or our country or a country something licked item but in our case will just use the Galaxies richer. Azarias asked us. So we want these the lack seasons test. Of course. A dialogue pick up there. Look, Prohibition these er Okay, so there's that that they're lovely there contentedly access or discuss And then things will be able to select. Of course, the region beat esta would be tagged galaxy. So we're going to come in if we're supposed to render the galaxy drove this stuff based on the type that would past that type is visit restroom. So, for example, in this case, if you passed the star, then we're going toe rented the starts in our dialogue if we passed the galaxy were and that they can taxes. So this is going to save us from Haven't do breath. It could Okay, now I can just reuse the sender log t render our guitar it It's very, very efficient in terms off. Saving us some time are saving us the lengths. Of course, the truly to tape on maintain no Also have the debt said there be ticks and Deer Day they're based on sedative, but did they censored details that So I only need to do this time room this select debt select. That is, um, 1/3. We've already befriended no u turns class. So if you can go back to the hitters class, we have business and course elected it. So selected is allowing these are to shut this date picker fragmented dialogue. And from here, the consulate that so the debt will be in terms off the the month has arrested the day off month. Okay, so we talked about this, um, in our utilize class so you can go back to that class for more explanations. So this is what you're doing in this church? Is that their looks? So the next thing for us today is to override a couple of methods. The fascinated is their own back pests off. What you want is that if these are clicks the back button, this method will be rest This car back their own back pressed. So what you want to do that wanting from these are with their he or she actually wants to never get back. Okay, so you take the train for download this, then we want these. Are I sure you want toe exit? OK, Because if they present the back button after typing, then the intention of Visa in this case is to go back. So we just want to confirm that intention so that these air doesn't raise the data he had already typed because he clipped the back button being steak. So were so common. Dinner varied this incredible chance. Men, you know, see what for. Do Ritter. We're checking if our received Santis stick or to another no, receive scientists with this object which is supposed to her for us. The scientists subject? No, of course. If we're going to update our data, then that was said. Scientists will not be know because the scientists to be uplifted will be passed along when creating this activity. So if that is the case, then we're going toe inflate our editor item menu. And then I had the texting will be added existing scientist. Okay. No. If this received sentences now, then we're going to inflate our new item menu. And how a that takes. He will be a new scientist. Okay, so this is the magic that is allowing us to really Is this simple? Could, is rocked will allow us to be about stories. Of course. The same activity for performing different functions. Okay, so we're basically check if there is It's anti sequel to know. Then we never take that desire. Wants to that these actually wants to add new litter. So because of that, I'm not going to inflate the new item menu, which is the menu that'll allow these two in such litter. Okay, so that menu would defined it in our menu resources. So if you go back to this menu, you can see we have the new item menu. Rachel, save a zealous div. You are deserving the menu items. Then you also have the meditator menu. Now meditating will have save. Then you can see of course, a different global Icahn distinction. Then you also had the deal. It and also have the view are okay, so yeah, this is it. This ultra during this is inside on credit options to menu. So after varied in public Berlin on options items selected, then manual terminate. Um then you come and say switch. I turned it to get Temer day. Then you're going to say kids are irritated that insult to menu item, Then validate then credit account. Okay, No, we're time to of the ways. If our I d did a determine your item, then we'll check if received sentences not equal eternal. Then you say worried it then update account, though, is we should These are Oka OK, that determine he works in the mood returns. True. You know, if our tidy the deal it menu item, then you're going to say If we said scientist is not cultural, then the little account, the new past they received scientists object. At the least, we say they did. It only works in the editing mode, so they literally works in the mood. But it's true. So if it is our decided to to view or menu Haltom than YouTube's left open activity this then listings activity that class, then finish, then return. True? No. If it is under the taboo tidied at home, then no, Vitter's didn't get up from same task. Okay, so this is our token to do. Rachel, you know what you've done is that, as you can see, we have overridden this election sytem circle normally worried this method alongside their own credit Transmit you on credit options menu allow lists will allow us, Of course, to inflate our custom menu will on options. Items selected will allow us to listen to the selection events for the menu item that was in frittered richer. So we come and check the I attempted to selected based on the term i D. So if the item i d. Is in such menu, then you're going to valid it. Then fruit are count. If it is a did, then we're going to read it. Then the tar count. If it is, deal it, then you're going to delete our current. Okay, so, ville or Ameliorating, in this case, we're goingto list all our later. Okay? No, we list all our data and then we make sure that to finish the current activity. That's what we're doing right there. That so we're going to listen to this election events for our menu items. So we come and say perfected food have touched this context, context, new business. Then we're going to say super due to touch base context. Then view pump contacts reported trump the new pass, our new biz. Then we're going toe Of course, when activities resumed, we're going to receive our letter and then set them to their appropriate with its. So they come and say after varied, then protected. Vote on resume, then so product on resume. Then you come and say scientist or equal toe you tres exclusive Scientists then get intent than context if it is not a court. Another receipts scientist equipped or then named Exceeded said text. Receive some tasted kitchen. Um, then this Christian takes it. That said text received scientists to get description. Then galaxy takes into set text, get the galaxy, then start to exceed the state text gets. Do you be texted a set text? Get deal. Be the same thing with the deer day. Okay, then let's come off our radar on quit mated before explaining or troubling. So worried. Then protected food on quit. A bundle object is being passed to us. Then we come and say to product on it. We passed that seven sunset, of course, to the supercross, then said content for you activity crab, Then are you murder? Who initially is it? This The initial is did it than this. The church's at their legs and does it. Okay, So what have you been doing? Richer. Where of course you can see first would delivery this a touch base context now, contexts, objectives past us and only needed to do was to invoked their up method from Arvo Pump Concepts. Reponded trust the context object Know what's happening greater is that this will pump context proper Acela's Okay, The real camp Actually, the library in this case, the real pump. That's library alongside what we're calling the calligraphy now in our building creditor you guys could remember with added or different toe Les Purvis. No, the 1st 1 is calligraphy. The second was Ville Pump. So of course we're using real pump to inject because the context to our blueprint context rapper Richer as you can see No, this was then allow us to be able to use the custom fronts in this practical activity. Our aim is to be able to use fronts Okay, custom fonts that you have defined. We defend it once on the way, but is them across all activities for an activity to be able to have the custom fronts what we need to these two ovary desert touch base context and then, of course, invoke the group from Context Trap. Pass it The context, the context object that two fisted from the party's context. OK, so this implemented this will allow us to inject our custom France in this activity then very, very important Is this temperature on resume, President Miss Or don't ignore this perpetrator because this is the petro we're going to receive for deter. So come on, resume now or to receiver data we need to destroy in folk they receive scientist. This isn't a method that would already different in our U turns cross. It's allowing us, of course, to receive a serialised scientists object. Then the several is it and then return. The decision relates to object Writer. Okay, you can see how we'll bring it. Basically get cereal is able extra. Then we passed the key on. Then we returned the scientist object. So once you have that scientists object. We're going to check if it is not 1/4. No, no If it is no, then it means that activity was opened. Of course, For the sake off, I think OK? Or in setting a new user know if it is national, then you know, it's been open for the sick off. Did things are already to do? Is that you need to obtain the name description, Galax, Sister details because it has deterred it on, then set them to their respective detects. Okay, so this is very important right here inside the own resume. No, Leslie, we come and then overrate the one crit on credit. Of course, These are typical on credit mentored colony to this to inflate our activity crowd. Now we also initializing on full murder. Are you Modric crosses? Dissent is full model. So probably can is a better name than the temperature, so scientists will murder. We initialize it. Treacher Okay, President, Forget finish visit because you're using it in the other methods. Then initial his digits and then shot shoes have their looks on. Does it that sort organ tell this is going to be our productivity 25. User Activities (d). Listings Activity: Okay, So the next thing we're going to do is to come over to our listings activity. So this activity is going to be the hold off fragments. Okay, so you can see we have this through fragments listing fragment latest fragment as there has such fragment. No, this fragments are goingto be contained in his activity. Just a fragment is basically sub activity, and you need for a new activity to host off fragment. So let's get this activity which is going to host for us or through fragments. Now, we're going to start by defending our imports. So we're going to start bay important or context? Object. Then we import our blunder. Then we're going to put our millions. Then you're going to put the main in fritter. Then we're going to put Army Meltem. Then you're going to put they TOBA. OK, so we're going to continue making our inputs. Then you come critter class probably passed listings, activity extends biz activity, then private food. Initially, zoos then trouble out equal to fend view by agitated tap alert than our duty trivial picture and does it. So you consider it your first defender in parts of the show. Then off created activity. Now you consider activities extending the biz activity and this actually missed that You're going to be able to inherit some off the stance fears that her do just that you're going to define in the biz activity. So we consider kill were referencing What happened out with darkness are defending in the listing subjectivity. So that's because we're inheriting that particular tableaux trousers Defu Peja from this particular Afghan productivity. Okay, so you can see public will pay Javal project public tablet out tablets of the Children these days activity I have no able to inherit this toe properties but there was or ever to invoke these methods that have defined this protected metals. Of course, they are available to the instances of the biz activity off which listings activities one of them. So once you've done that from the next thing for us is to ovary two methods the fastest their own credit options menu. This is going to take off course Armenians are parameter on. Then we're goingto get her in fritter. And then, of course, we're going Take that menu we're inflating, Of course. The listing speech menu. So infertile rooting for it, then our determine you literally stinks. Page menu then would pass. Of course, the main object has the second parameter, you know, inferred, minted. So this resting speech milieu would already defined it in our listings in Under our menu resources. Reacher, they can see we're going to have to Layton's first the such and then secondly, the new. So the such Make it fast. Okay, we're going to have it first. When there's a will create this, such battle will open. We're going to open or such fragment off They said This is what we're going to direct You said this is our listings page menu and will come later. Of course we confronted so well civil for today. Then you need to calm and they never read the own option. Satan's record. In this case, our menu item object will be passed to us. So come and say such we're going to switch through our turn, get traitor my day, then case under tight detection noodle you tears that open activity. This then productivity's class. Then finish then Rutan. True case after tidy detraction such then you're going to say such fragment Ripley installs the that show they'll get support fragment manager than such fragment dentro tankful. Okay, so what? You've done great things that we created these sweet step melt Insider on option Satan selected richer. So this as you can see of course, we're switching through our terminate this So a menu item has been passed us on. What we do is that you obtain it's I it's I d on the lawns. We have the idea they're not going to switch through the desert. For example, if the idea is the actual new, then you're gonna drop in the crowd activity. This activity for, of course, creatine. Our new scientist. Okay, that of course, we finish the current activity of entry control. Now, if there's a clicks this such battles in October, they were going to in such it was such fragment were critical such fragment literal but comings and Shetty, traitor. And of course, we should. So to show fragment Okay, what's is basically to shut their look fragment which really to be student toe invoke the show lettered. And then, in this case, the goto pass You need to pass two parameters. The first fire dramatized defragment manager No way but cooked in a fragment manager using this little given that if of course, they activities of the worst ever going to host or fragments. So invoking this gets support from my manager will give us a support from MIT Malaysia, which you can then use. Okay, so who can bill pass it? Traitor! And then the 2nd 1 is our tug so target can pass any text structure. So this is the only option Sytems selected A zealous day on credit options menu Let's move to the next part. So in the next prepped of course are different. Include, these are just method silver raiding The first is our touch base context. Then we have the on back pressed. When you press the work worker, we're going to finish. Of course, the current activity then of course, they have their own credit, Which is, of course, activity car back. So what struggle today is the trigger concrete here and then taper could so to rebut Trouba equal to fund will be I d are irritated, TOBA. They'll set supper traction back in Cuba. Then this initial is this then no fragments And after that set up tops Then this ville Pedja. The richest fragment. The new instance. A K latest recommended new instance and then listing fragmentary new instance. So what you've done, of course, we're going to use a custom Trouba as opposed to action. But so we first reference that particular Trouba. So we're going toe, obtain it using this idea. Roach answer. If you go back to activity listings, Listen, go over 20 surface on that. The Lords, we haven't activity listings. Now you can see. Of course, as are busy element to have the congenital out. Then you have the up barrel out, then the trooper. Okay, so this is the two robotic to reference in great Charlie using a custom tour back. And if he is a Trouba, then of course, you were custom tuba, like we're doing creature. You need to make sure in your stairs. Let's go back to our 100 manifest and then gets consider stale. That raising so off course we have the activity listings activity said you can see Rachel. Okay, so I think it No action back. Okay, Now, this is what you're gonna tease Reacher at style, then acting the right. No actual back. No action by because Of course, we're using our custom. Trouba. No, If you go back to the stairs, then you could be able to see that through did different. That particular film, Let's go to our value resources on to come over to the stairs to take Zimmer. And then later you can see we have the APP, Tim, that no action on delicacy winter, no action by force on the window window action before And then we look below traitor. True. Okay, So please make sure that, of course, you define their particular style in your stars Knit. Examine on then you in your 100 manifest, you have to space fate right there. Okay, Said the determine No, of course. So I see reference or Trueba who set it as the action back for this activity. Then we initially service using this liquored. Then we're going tells a shit or fragments under par and then you're going to invoke the set of tablets set up types as you consist. Typically, several parameters including this which is, of course, the context not necessarily context, but the activity. Okay, so if you go back to our friendly said Dr, we can see of course the definition for their particular limited, you can see, is taking a busy activity on object. Acela's this Param off beds, fragments. So that sort or passing richer. All right. Yeah. So this is it. This is our listings activity router. Okay, Yeah. Listings, activity. The jumper. 26. User Activities (e)1. Detail Activity LAYOUT: were such bay looking attractive ity deter? No, As the name suggests, this is going to be used to show the deters for, of course, a single item. And in this case, the item is our scientist object. So you can see this is the design creature we have this book to for image feel okay in our collapsing Trouba. Then whoever nested screw vulture allows to score. Of course, the deter sort This particular is that so Let's look at the structure, of course, at the business or a lot of element. We have this coordinator out. We have the Abalo Trent in the nest. It's Corfu, as its neighborhood Children. Then they have been allowed has, of course, collapsing through bailout as its child, which in turn has the image feel than the tour about then the floating action button, which, when clicked, were sent us to the addicting pitch. No, we also have our nested scribble which must have one day child. The child is our linear load. In this case, it's vertical orientation and they knew, including the detail content it you're going toe Look at in a second. So let's come look at the court for this activity. Deter? Of course they could in Italy out. Then we'll have the ABA, then the nested squirrels in the ABA and have, of course, they collapse in Trouba than the image ville in the TOBA than the fruiting action button are of them inside are collapsing to bail out. If you come back to the nest, it's curve ill. You can see who have Disraeli allowed that sits there up, child. Then including our detail content, looked examiner inside it. Okay, said this, then Princess, to deter content. So control be will take us to the editor contract to take them in. You can see we have a traitor. Okay, so let's look at its design. This deter content, you can see Basically, it's a cab drew containing or deters. No, we have the car drew the nested Askar vel inside it. This crew has of course, one day the child was just selenia loaded vertical orientation And then we have a cost this canvas richer, So name tv to shut the limb. As you can see then we have, of course their description TV to show the description and then the galaxy TV to shut the galaxy. Then this top TV to shut the star they told, but on been digital death. Ruta So let's look at the code where Of course, our car drew as a root element. Then we have honest Ed Baskerville. Then, of course, they have this really allowed vertical orientation creature. So, in fact, what you're able to do in this case, Is that okay? Yeah. So linear looted vertical orientation. And then I'm seeing a new opportunity for us to actually on which one? I had 21 little traitor. So I think they were able to make desert. OK, let's see what it's Yeah, there's only congest admitted because you already have another. Any allowed so already two days to delete it and then come and then get it out. Okay, so let's see. Okay, It's still Yeah, I can just deleted or over 10 drone over linear loads, so this shouldn't be great here. Okay, So this is our Lillian Treacher. Of course he can see. Ask Carville will have one day. Child. This really alerted vertical orientation. Then we're going to have the textures whose we're showing our header section hit us then below the section had I will have our can view, which will continue our content. They can discuss the content like the name TV. Okay, this is the level then this is going to contain off our list. No name TV, then description TV as well that there's a personal letters. Dylan Nada takes me to show the residency as our header. So one section the residency, then build the residency will have, Of course, under the capital. Who Children are our galaxy. Acela's off course. But the labor as there was, didn't the value Okay, so good laxity Visit Will should develop now started. We will shut this time then will come on, have the period superior we're going to have the date of But as as they get derivative it to shut the deer be well, of course, the additive ity. Should the deer the Okay, So this is the true nature. This is our large still content. It will be included in this activity detail. Let's examine, as you can see, a future 27. User Activities (e)2. Detail Activity CLASS: this air next to going to come over to our detail. Activity with sits right? As you can imagine it, sir, is to show our editors the editors for, of course, a single scientist. So the things that we're going to list our activities in or from Blitz, then we'll click a single. I will tell, of course, from their recyclable or going toe open its little activity and then friendly deter straight there. So import 100 look content that context. Then import 100. Always the commander, then input 100. Feel little menu and Ridgeville determine you enter under the village. A few 100 the two jet text So continue on Michaela in parts, then public trust. Little activity. Extents are comport activity than implements filled it on Quick listener. They'll be able to define our instance. Phil Switch Emilio Just private text field, MTV Description TV. The laxatives started V the double TV Do TV, then private scientists research scientist, then collapsing to bail out and collapse into Belote. Then we're going toe initially the street. It's private void Initial is Regent's. Then you cannot say no MTV equal to find ville by day. After tidied up on MTV description TV are irritated Description TV and so on. A case of Rachel just initially Zoologists off course. First we need we needed to defend as it it sounds are instances you can see that our corporate activity has implemented this on click listener rotor. So this means natural to worry doing obstruct method the one click committed. Okay, so this is our digital activity now, given that initial is these widgets are nets Method will be responsible for binding detected them So we come we're going to know receive and then show our guitar to the appropriate of is three come and say private, freed, receiving should deter then received scientist equal to you tres reclusive scientist Then get in touch then interactivity did this then If received, scientist is not a court another then limp TV The subtext sit scientist Did you get them then? Just David said text received scientists that get this scripture then in corrupting to bail out the sitter, receive scientists get name so going to his name is detector then in collapse into bellowed that set expanded total car They re surfaced that get color are colored tweet and does it so very simple, richer, of course, phasing the recent scientist method, which would different in our futures close so he can see Treacher off course. It's allowed no steady cereal. Is the scientist object which will be positive, this particular deter activity. Then, if it is not, then of course, we obtain its properties and then set them to the appropriate would. It's Then we're going to come on deliberate these two metals. They on Credit options menu as there is the option Satan selected, of course, in the zone Going to inflate charged her page menu. The detail page menu is defend under the menu resources. If you come to richer, you can see we have when menu later, the edit. Okay, so what you're able to do is that we're going to come pro chur on. They listen to the selection refills for that particular item. So will come and say such I turned it get turned my day than kids are tidy live action and it Then we'll say you terrorist that send scientists toe activity than this the stoop scientist, then productivity cross. Then, of course, finish and then return True. So case on drainage. Adit. I did at home. They love you. Terrorist. Definitely get up from same Tusk than this. Then finish, then return True. Okay, so what we're interested in is that if these clicks the edit, then we'll go able to send the scientists toe productive. It'd cross remember our era in the province. Mrs would already looked at this crowd activity, and they say that it's for was to actually in our studio it off a new A team or even do it . Of course, if contributor deal it, then a really to this too quick deception is a traitor, and then we're going to send the current scientist to the activity for you to be able to delete it. So the next task is still for us to come, and they never read a corporate methods, starting with the quick So I'll click is a method do for reading during that have already implemented. This will do to click listener No, All click listening is an interface different in our 100 village to view class. So of course, given it's an interface, we have two implemented some struck methods, which in this case is designed the on creek. Yes, we can serve you object is being passed to us. Okay, so this will give us the bill that was actually clicked on the new girl talked in its I d on then. Yeah, we actually click event, so we'll come and say into I d equal to video. Get I d know if I d call to add a tidy that trouble the neuters that send scientists toe activity. This received scientists then productive, which you could cross then finish the orchard during richer. Is that overturned? The idea for the bill? It can be, of course, any I did. So check if that idea is the addict from this is a trible. Todo were doing the same. Something that you did when they clicked. The action did basically sent the scientist to the crab activity then, needless to say, we're operating. These three methods are touch base context within hours to inject custom falls in this activity. Then on back pressed, of course, we're going to finish the current activity and crypt, then on credit, basically initializing or widgets then the sitting and shoulder or deter. This is it. This is our deter activity 28. Fragments (a)1. Search Fragment LAYOUT: but next to come over to a fragment, such a fragment, such that examine this will be inflated into a there. Look, fragment, and you can see It's very simple. We have a Capdeville at the top, and then certainly Capdeville, because such will then believed to have, of course, are inseparable. And we're changing them, using the constraint loud. Okay, so we have the front right there. Then, of course, you can see constraint route such ville. Okay. And then there is a level this big our such Phil. 29. Fragments (a)2. Search Fragment - Search Firebase Data or Cached Data: we're going to come toe such fragmented. You never know from the name. Of course, you can imagine that organizations designed to such our editor that's its roots or purpose . No, it's going. Traber is going to be able to allow us to such, of course, but from online as well as offering remember, application is being supporting, of course, on a friend cachet. So this means that we're going to be able. If these is actually offline, they will just such the offering deter. But if this is connected, then you're going to connect and then such from only OK, so we're going to be able to. Such a five is data data, but off rain, Acela's only I was struck by a defending inputs. Importantly, the ice that bender in portended ruda clerk and fitter. So we continue on defender inputs, then probably class such fragment extents There look fragment the implements such ville built on query text prisoner, then pulled it Phil Roe. True then private or secret, view our feet. The private scientists view Mugger Santis to fill murder. Then such a bore doctor adapter equal to new. Such more then have, like static such fragment new instance. Okay, return such fragment, then. Private food. Initially this then our free quarto. True. But Frenzel by Heidi under tidied it and Arvid, etcetera Tamala Gia new lily a lot manager get context Then after we did sit under productor and then such do such equal to root You will find food by i d on the tidy, the fragment such full Such a distinct inquiry Textual. It's not this the private would set top recyclable list of scientists, scientists, then RV that settled up by Quito New Such a border Scientists are literally with hunger. So what I've done is that we've created this such fragment of course sequences at their look fragment when promoting the inquiry Texas Nha that is defend in the such room and profess. Then we have these objects, including output Phil. Now this just have you object would were going toe which is going to hold for us they inflicted without for this such fragment. So remember this fragment as a fragmented needs to have its own loud Okay, so will computer and then we're going to defend the fragment. Such no formal such as you can see, is this particular lot with constraint load, of course, as our route element. Then it has a such real and Harrison travel router. Okay, there is very simple. So this is what will be inflated too. As these ain't office for fragment socom Preacher will defend this object that is going to hurt. They inflicted ville and then they're recyclable richer which is get her for us. There isn't cover Then of course, the scientists ville murder or charge guarantees of course to of course, in folklore methods for such ng Ok, said this a little more class Then we have the such a bore doctor which would allow us to rent our detector are recyclable. They have this such fragment Now we have this link instance related It's omitted deter guarantees of course to in touch it off such fragment on then we come initially Jews. So in this case we just referencing our friend our secret as there is a fragment. Now take note that we're referencing them, raising their true that there is this fruit Woocher This is the inflated fragment such Ok, so we're going to use it to reference those particular widgets And then for the recyclable who will set. It's not a manager than the adapter. We're going to set it. Usually set other permitted. Don't forget dessert. Who go to set the inquiry? Texas. Not this. Given that you were really implemented these on Quetta, Texas, late office, then setting a principle is very simple for us. We just posit, on instance, or such a bird doctor. And then there's such a protector will have our scientists, which would be the film that scientists. Okay, then, of course, there, mugger. That chanting is so this is it. This is Yeah. Okay, let's continue this such fragment. So let's start by defining the metal that is going top for your hours to such our leader. So come on, say private for it's such a string query than scientist humidor. That such query then looked up self this than our, which is our quest mugger object. If our equal to another, then you trust that show. Get context, then error narrow pursuit. Ours are quizzical object know if our little get state are sequel to operation in progress , then okay, there's if I have a little bit statistical to opposition, complete fulla eaters that sure get context, then error then argued, Good message. Then there's if our to get set us equal, it'll operation complete success Then if our get scientists is not a core color, then list of scientists in scientist equal to our little get sentenced. Then it fell. Scientists that size is greater than zero. Then, said Dr Sy Proview, AM scientists, the new terms the chop get context. The stranded fall off in scientist says Here's Utor stitcher get context then no scientist found, so does it. Okay, this is how we're going to perform or such richer you can see this hallway will perform or such against our farm visitor biz We have authentic film order which is defending for as a method of course, such So, if you can go back to that room Cross, these are repository. Where is our feel mugger where of course, we have it as a root package. They're going to come right here, scientists, Real murder. So it contents. Several methods can see envelope doesn't Is this such? Which is receiving a query And then, of course, invoking with such that is defined in a Santis repository for clay. So we invoke it. Then, of course, is going to return for us. A move to believe, deter object. You can see with their request called as the genetic parameter. So we observe off course that live deter culture. Okay, we just have for of course, it's deter. So when the data changes okays going toe, inform us altitude for must be return for us. Our request call object if they're free. Critical is now. This is a tribune should Liza. No. If it is national, then you're going to get its state us. If settles is in progress, then what you can do? You can shop for Christmas. Okay? So because short progress by if you want to digital, I just let you shop progress by which, of course you can add it to fragment and shoe Traitor. No. If it is Failla, then of course, we're going to shut this toast message with the message. If it is successful, then we're going toe plastic. If our scientist is look well okay, if it is a national, then you're going toe. Attend the scientists. If we have more than one sentence in that list, we're going to pass that list. Of course. Two already say club. Who set up recyclable method, which is going to bind the scientist two over his travel. Then, of course, in this case we're social in the size art as a toast message just for the button purposes. So this is such this whole going to perform or such of this artistic of richer in this such fragment. So after varied in public bullion on cortex, admit strong query, then such query, then return first. Then you're going to say or to avoid public bullion inquiry Tex change, then string query. Then kosher manager did such spring equal to query the objects electric wine and then bind from discussion the tops off than this then scientist. Then you say, if scientists equal to now then such query at the least. If scientist in that size is greater than zero and you're going to say adapter that scientists equal to new our A list been for scientist A. Since scientists string name equal to estimate, get him and then stream description, according as they get description, then strangle actually get and then such So if name bridge to Lorca's that compels the inquiry, then we're going to say adapter scientists that AB as if description true. Orkest that contains query Bill. A doctor that sent his ad is as if galaxy did to Lark. Is that contains query, then? Electra scientists that had this. Okay. So because our process then adapted it. No trade. It has changed. There's such a quickie. Okay, great. So what of ident? Richer. Off course. As you can see, we've first over it in two methods. We needed to write these two methods because they're obstruct on their defined in our own cortex listening office, which is a knit office defending our such few close. So, yeah, come over. Addendum off course in the first hole. Cortex. Admit these. Okay, of course. If you type the horror would and then click, submit battle, then that case will connect replete too far biz. And then send a query, then returned results Something bind them. No, this is what this such method, which we already looked out for us. No one did. The help from quarry texting. This is if hostages is typing was still going to such in real time. Okay, so visit clears you type, then we're connecting. And such an include time a little bit. So this is a total retail. You have to process off course. A queer is being given to us, Reacher. Then what you're going to is the tour going toe cash that query in or cash in Malaysia, the cashier manages across to the red Recruited a general. Who shall I was to cash, literally. I detected the discounters. Such memory? No, of course it for cash into memory. Basically going to do it in from afar. Rivers has your girl right here. So, for example, the such strewn or richer, we're going to cash it in this such Know why I would do that. Where? Because we lied toe access it in other crosses. For example. In the such a body up, I can see what about important this Russia manageable string. And then what? They never to use it? We're building or deter. Okay, so come pre taken, See if limited content sexual, who can? This is going to help us in her latest. Roger. Okay, So this is what we're doing. We're cashing it in this such truth then, of course. Objects, electric wire landline. Basically, we're just going to the desert if we don't receive love. Okay, so Ben from this cachet, I think is a little different in our cash in villages are. So if we come, preacher, you can see we have this little could bailed from discussion asleep. So this will analysis of coastal bynder editor. Okay, basically, for more cash in your return or deter for more cash. So we come, we upside the changes, of course, that that I will be standing some over live guitars. Normally in most cases, issue normally is, of course, have lived it out with the rumor grew close. But in this case, we just uses with the static classroom teacher who don't want to go to quit. Several classes were just going to do future. Now that's notable if that I will be able to observe it so groups have it. And then, of course, at least off scientist objects will return to us our first step over to check its that the Sizzler. Then we're going to use this such method to query our families that time is directly okay, because it means that we don't have any little for more cash it? No, if Oh, no, If it's not, If that is not the case, then, Okay, that is if it is a national, then you're going to check its size. So if scientists decides, is threatened and zero, then first and foremost to a going to set our stand is to list to nt quickly. Baylin start shitting it. Then we're going to look through the list of scientist. So for scientists, still scientists who took 10 it's the properties of the scientist. Then you're going to check if name is in or Query Goto ad the object, of course, to our list. OK, no, If it is description of still good and it if it is, give ACSI we're still good and it Okay, so we just had twins. If it is available native, then we're going toe just act it wants the same raising the first condition instead of at the the mortar Partain says that you're having of course lubricants. So that's sort of going to do then. Of course, we outsider for look Google toe not free our doctor that the details it has changed so that can profession itself Now that is, if the size is greater than zero know if the sizes residents zero. That means that we don't have very much in our cash. So what, we're going to do that to go to connect to our only far biz and then for French, okay. Or such from there. Okay. Using this such method. Okay, so lastly, go ahead. At this following methods the dismissals sort of move or writing them so you can see the first Mr Duval reading is the concrete ville. Now, this is the way. This is very important. This is over. We're going to fit our from such loud so computer we inflated the US I need to do to object that we talk about our rural. Please make sure you passed the right allow cause you're doing theater. Okay, then on clicked, You know, in all critical. This is one service has been, have been created. The zoo were no guilt. Initially is our other objects. Okay, so this computer on paper So we're going to say Santis, Vilma, Greek word of wound from my doesn't off. Then this. Then you get Santis view McGrew crust. Then this detention. Let's truth. And then this did get there. Look, it's a total such fragment. So this is going to do for us Okay, This is inside our quick You mother. No. Who will come to our own Destroy? Well, if the activities destroyed, we're goingto empty This such struggle to defend in our cash in Malaysia. So there isn't We were anything. It is that you don't want that. Of course, they're very secular views because we're going to shut the same a doctor. This is the same adapter that Toby is Toby Angel. Our little. Okay, this is very important. We're using this time same adapter, which is saving us sometimes. So what, you want to visit? We don't want. Of course. Highlights. Of course. Um there are editor toe are recyclable. Toby highlighted. Of course, in the fragments which are not this such fragment the hey, let's who want them to be really applicable in the side fragment. So that's why we're entering this kasher writer. Okay, This stream. So there's a trade there? Of course, we've come richer with initially. There are few murder with initially. Tell us who set or traitor? Yeah, this makes it okay. This is the end. There's a fragmented Is the end of this fragment different mints such which is going toward hours to such Oh, uh, Editor 30. Fragments (b)1. Listings Fragment LAYOUT: Okay, we know. Come over to our fragments. Static defragment are fragment are this is will be inflated, of course, into our listings Fragment No listings Fragment his different men. That has been to allow us to download Aditya from off Abbas Real language, hobbies. And as you can see at the root we have, of course, the lineal out. We've included a ST Cloud state Can dude already looked at it and you said it will show for us the center or progress. Then you have a lineal out containing or header on the button. And then, in our swipe, of course, I swiped to refresh note away, including our recyclable and then below them will have on horizontal progress. But let's come see what we have where lineal out as the root element Then it's two Directive three Derek Children could they're really allowed then, of course, that's why professionally out we're just going toe Who for much dessert. Okay, so so I professional Linnean Lotta Salazar from Brisbane. If it started then at the top this is going to contain our header. It's horizontal. Recite will have adopted they left and then to the rate a new button? No, you guys can see that you have seen some layout tweet for them for dessert have 0.8 and then this will have Let's have it a zero point. True. You can have it a zero point this button. The new button creature. No, we That's of course. Then you come over. Trump's I professional artists are going travelling One element which is this recyclable Disraeli Waas too. Show off course the refresh button and actually start our of fresh. So this is the advantage of wrapping literature. Who can take advantage of this? So I professional out which men swiped down, but when pulled alone will show for us progress, Pena. And then you can then take that opportunity to refresh are better for more fibers Now at the bottom, Morgan. Tough. Of course they progress back. It's horizontal as a guest can see. So, yeah, this is the case. This is our fragment or the text email 31. Fragments (b)2. Listings Fragment - Fetching from Firebase and caching locally: So let's come, Right. Natural distance fragment. This is our most important fragment because zero we're going to The editor from our father is reeling that okay, now they're the fragments Lettuce, frog, mental building auditor for more cash or the such fragment will be responsible for snatching auditor. However, this is our most important fragment router. So let's come on Start by defending inputs so important directed toys the wonder, then input under the ville detracting fritter then importantly, the through the through then 100 to the group, then 100. The digit did out the absolutist view then that image weapon So we're going to continue and other the inputs before quitting or class. Okay. So he would have word the inputs the treated. Okay, so you can see them. Creature. Quite many inputs, okay? No, of course. Most. Some of them. As you can see, we're basically importing some static. Fierce, richer. Okay, consider cash in on a general discussion is adjust for rebels to important static methods. Sorry. Static over reverse radia. Okay, so let's come on, define or class then define our instance. Feels so we're say probably class listing fragment, extents, biz fragment Then we'll say Private Phil Brookville, then prove it. The SEC Review our feet in private so professional out say prefer shirt, then prove it. Linear load Malaysia Load manager, then prove it. Such a bore. Doctor Amour Doctor. Then Privet Progress Bar PB then private into M post package equal to for them private. It's crawling equal first, then privet into current scientists, total scientists and Squirtle scientists, then private bullion rich and equal to first, then private scientists. Real modern scientists ville model in public static listing fragment New instance. Return new listing fragment. Then private food initial is juice. Then you'll come and say people equal toe What will defend view by Heidi I tidy in progress , but blood then retreated. Friend Roubaix I D r But I did all recyclable. Then loud manager equal to newly near loud manager, then passed the context in a foetal ultra manager prostate after manager. Then so I profession out equal to friendly by i d are rotated cyp to refresh than image button New button Equal toe are But I did its new button new button that set on click listener. Then you arrogant is a number. The expression you tells the top in activity past the context as it was, the target plus set up recite problem and discuss will receive a list of scientists. Then passage toe our settled up, permitted alongside the instance over such a bore doctor, then private food. Listen to refresh where sweep refreshing outlook post, then sigh professional with set refreshing to truth. Then Cypriot freshly out with set on refresh listener, then Lord paginated. Okay, so what you've done great. Your first and foremost is that with extended the business fragment OK, so based fragment is that fragmented created earlier even which of course, is defining for us some business that state of countries across several fragments. These two methods include the shop for showing a toast message on DMA. Unfortunately, the crowd state cut which allow us to show the state of our progress. We're learning or deter. So come preacher, and we're going to first defend our instances. Then once you've done that on new instance is all fucked remitted it will be responsible for returning the instance of this fragment then initially is losing this case. So just initializing or views including our progress bar are the cycle of you then Arlotto manager, then our sweet professional, a Zalazar New Bertram then set up recyclable basically is binding. Deter toe are execrable using the second group committed No, listen to refresh off course in this case, we're going to set refreshing to truth. Okay, To show that spinner for our fresh, then sigh professional, etcetera. Refreshments Not basically We're going to load our pigeon. It'd deter OK, it's a lot. Paginated is omitted. We're going to defend in a short trail, which is what will be responsible for our imagination. So this is it. Let's proceed. So the next Mr Google took lettuce Probably one of our most important methods in this particular class. Because there's limited the trailer I was to perform our actual pagination were loading or deter. Okay, so the pagination rogel to perform it on the server side. Of course, on the far business world, doing that is side. So we're going to perform. We trim a tree. So let's come and defend this method. It's very simple. So we start present, forget scientists. Then you're going to receive the Nord idea which are guarantees. Then you're going to sharp progress Bar soap, imbula set visibility it is a book, the new different or query. We're going to check if for no data. Islam, then query, quarter far business visited, get instance that the true friends, then the child scientists, then that order by key and then that limit to first impulse package that noise query equal too far. But the trouble is that get instance to get truffles, then the child scientists, Dender or the Bikey. Then let's start at not I D, and then the trim it to first and post per page. So what we've done as it gets conceived with credit, this method, its scientists, it's going to receive a string that string would I can think of it as they're not idea for . Of course, our data, no first and foremost, begin to set her baby progressed but visible. Then we defend our query playoff RBIs quick. Then you come and say, If no day there is no which activities now, then this is what you're going to do. We're going to insert shit off her best. Isn't this get instance? Then obtain its reference. They set the child as our stand. He's been under Bakay, then limit to first so basically we're going to fetch for items. You can remember this post property it set it to for Okay, so this needs that you're just going to fetch our 1st 4 items if they're not idly is no okay? No. If not ideas, literal, then we're going to fetch for I tell starting at that particular job. So you can say this is basically how you perform pagination in far busy. This is our most important part of this particular method. Fruit. So what you're not going to do is that you're going to listen to the events for this particular query? No, that reveals an shooted. It will come and say query that ad listener for single follow event Novalee Ventress Nha. Then you come and say, or to parade our first emitted public food on the touch INGE. Then later snapshot little snap shirt. The new girl to say list scientists equal toe new are released. Then we're going to say if little snapshot is logical, Turner and little slap should that exists, they're not going to say for the test. Snap shirt is in the testing effort that get Children then will come and say if they get Children. County is a traitor than syrup. Then loose a scientist scientist equal to destroy a bit. Follow Santis did cross the supremacy. Require another scientist. Seki, obviously get key. And then, if you tears that send scientists this. Let get cake, then wrist and 1/4. True, although he's rich and equal to first in that case memory list, caution would add, scientist and then stand. Is that ad scientist. Then you close it. That, though, is show the testing should count is zero. There's sure deter snap shirt doesn't exist or is no if not her ridged. And then m adopted it on our scientists and then cash Germany juggled cachet. Scientists memory list Cachet. Yes, cachet. Manage a ricochet scientist memory list Cachet, baby to set of visibility, you go. They also professional riposte say profession out. Let's set refreshing first. Then you come over a door last metal so public vote on council. Then the tablets era will be given to us. So come and say PB That's it. Visibility of you to go. Then show the Chavez era. Get message on, does it? Okay, so this is it. This is I'll get sentenced. Our most important method in this particular fragment. Off course, you can see we're listening for the single movement. Then using an only must cross, Rachel going to worry too. Methods. The fast method is the only touch. INGE No, this there were going to do majority of our stuff because this is where that a snap shirt is going to be returned to us now. This detested option, of course, is what allows toe poked in our data. It's actually snapshot to run. Overview off are detached from or from Israel a little bit. So all we need to do first is to prepare a list of scientists which you can touch our litter. The new check. You first make sure the target a snapshot is literal and that it actually exists. If it is actually now or doesn't exist, then you're going to short us to message, okay? No. If it does exist and its national, then we're goingto look to its Children. Ruta que So we looked through its Children. They know going to obtain it. Children canto As you look through its Children for every child we're going toe 10 There child count richer. So if there's that get you and Candace better than Cyrano. If it is not greater than zero, then you're going to show it is in a toast message that did just captured County zero. Know if that is, if it is greater than zero, the new contract in the current scientist. Okay, Bay passing the scientist, the class, you know, get problem. Method off a little snapshot, object, class radia. Then once you have the scientist, we're going to set its key. Okay, as long as it's natural, we're going to invoke it. Seki then obtained the key from one little snapshot on Set it to the scientist. Then we check if our scientist exist. Of course, we're going to get get taking. No. What is this doing for this is very important. Is the grain of corn creature? No scientist exists is basically omitted ritual. It's good treat and see, we did definitive. No u turns crusts. It's really is very simple to check if we have a scientist in the memory cachet. Okay? No. Remember in this cross to in this particular up recruiting, we're implementing two types of caution. The first, of course, is the discussion where the second is the memory card she basically crushing using on memory reason. And I released. Okay. No, of course we don't want to have duplicates. So, what you're going to do that we're going to check based on the key because of the kiss? Have Toby unique for you scientists. So where is the key to check if the current scientist does exist Now, if it does exist, then you're going to set reached and to trow. Okay, this is how we're going to let that you've reached the bottom off. The are deter, you know, solve this return that are busy if we already have that time, Of course. Locally. Okay. Now, if that is not the case, then reached Andrew aesthetic to first and then have that scientist or memories cachet, but also added to this list of scientists are released That would prepared nature. No, they're outside our if statement, we're going to come and check if you've actually released, and then we're going toe under the Santee store doctor. And then we're also add, Of course, we're going to cash. Took a share. Our scientist. Okay, So, cash, a manager is across the diff contains metals that are close to cash toe crusher and retire , of course, in the heart Discussing Kansi. Roger. So we're going to cash this list Day did other to have a normal morning. We're not going to cash them. Of course, in our disk. Okay. So to the detriment or we need to do is just invoke this crusher scientist. No, we're going to the different if we reach the end. Of course, if we don't treat the end, we're still going toe cash This particular letter, OK, radia So cash a manager did cash scientist the past that moralist kasha did not say that if condition we're going toe dismiss our progress bar the new so going to dismiss our sweet profession they setting refreshing, rejected first Okay, Now the last method over it is the own counsel in this case and return these areas be given to us or you need to do is to dismiss up for grabs ba They showed that the tribe is era, of course, to our visas using the trust message. So this is it. This is our most important method now only no need to be still implement reasons is little and actually perform 100 pagination, of course. Locally in our recycle a view so that such a do next So will come and say private food look paginated than my moralist cash 1/4 muralist Then you come and say a mother Precor to lose such a world. Then you come and see our free that Ceta DACA Then get scientist now No will explain everyday at school is not the new recycler voted on school Islam then art of arrayed or frustrated public food on squarest had changed after colonel with a credible then introduced it then superglued all skirts to changed recyclable the new state Then okay, we check for its cursed it if listed equal toe absolutist room with Oscar this net It's crusted Schatzker then is scrolling equal toe and does it so basically what you're going to do in this case is that already we've seen how to fetch progenitor return from they get Santis method that you different now all the lonely to do is to implement it so troubling to this first prepare or in apthe on. Then we're going to listen to this curve evidence for their secret. Remember the score mechanism that try using is called the road map. Basically, the pagination mechanism using is called there of more pagination. So as this there will be scrolling through our editor. We're going to be listening to the stepped off this curb so that if these air reaches the end of the bottom off the recyclable automatically load more later. Okay, so for us to be able to the detriment we need to listen to this car events for this particular recyclable in a war to need to do is just a touch or scroll is no real chapter Respectable bay in fucking this ad on scroll Islam. Okay, then you will be required to, of course, pass design early Must metered richer new research probably Oscar listener. This anonymous class this requires to implement to Mittal's now the first minted is this once crusted change? No, this will be faced with us schooling, state changes. So what we're going to do in that case, if this is curling, we're goingto step set is calling for the boat true. Okay, then you then come and then over Radar. Second little. So we come and say are worried. Then public would skirt on skirt. They recycle of you are free introduce than each doing. Then super that Oscar, he said. Travel DX then doing, then come and say, Haven't scientists equal to loud manager, Did you get your child? Count the torture scientists equal to alert manager there to get a 10 count, Then skirt out scientists equal to we're going to cause it to linear lot manager. Okay, require liminal then just a clever did get rain yellow to manager but find faster, visible o TEM position Then, if it's crawling on currents and his press corps scientists equal to that our scientists then we're going to say its current quarter first. Then if the Y is greater than Syria, then you going to say okay in this case, your schooling up. So we're going to say if not trashed and then get scientists and my doctor that get lists Last 80 my day People set visibility food visible IHS sure no more right in front is it's curling down in this case. OK, so we're going to say and does it. So let me explain what we've been doing richer. So of course, first we initially would created a method core get scientist which you say those are most important method because that's where we were the thing to afford this. Reclaim the Tabas defense and then running or pigeon. It'd deter, however, for us to properly 100 pagination attorney do only 200 of course on the remote side. But there's only 200 locally with that the Cyclops. Rocha. So what you're going to do first is that we're going to prepare a name to a list, Rachel. Okay. As our memory list. Cachet way. We're doing this because as days or will be scrambling, will be fetching. Knew the attacks of the data that you're going to hurt is only the editor for the current pitch. The three very start shitting on a moralist cash. Okay? No, we don't want to hurt or later, Rajeh. So we're just going to be holding the details of the current pitch. Now, if there's us cross up to page five, we're going to hold it on for pinch five in our cachet, not the previous purchase. Okay, Does previous pages will be added or saved in our discussion? So we know treason them. But of course, for us, for our memory, for us to be between is a small amount of memory. Then we need to just hold a few items in normal moralist cachet. Okay, Instead, off hoarding everything now such a board of darkness and shit. It then set that left a tourist travel. Then get scientists to No, no If invoked it Santis TUNEL, Then it missed that the first Ardeche ascetic skin to bigger loaded from the very first pitch. Okay, well again to let before fast for items. And this is what this will do for us. Then we're going to know Listen to this current events they are touching. This handles colorless nurture. And then we're waiting to methods on skirts to change as well as the skirt. No, All most importantly is the skirt creature. So what you're going to do is that current scientist who can get it just they getting the child country. This will give us the current scientist the current for scientists that you need to show no torture scientist give us or the items that, of course, have bean bound to our execrable. All we need to do is to get in focus, get turned contra chur this crowd out scientist Of course, we just find they first visible a temp position and this will give us this curdled sensed. So what, you're going to lose that we're going to check if r is scurrying is true And the addition of the current scientists and score scientists is the same as the torture scientist Then we're going to set is clearing to first. And then, of course, if there's Askar stop, we're going to check. If we have not reached the end, then you're going to say get scientists. Then you get the last item my day from or doctor on. Depositors are no lady. They dismiss a progress bar. No, If we reach the end, then you're going to Sundays and no more time fund. OK, so this is only need to do it is how we're going toe 100 our pagination, of course, with a recyclable in this capitulated method, Let's proceed. Okay, so let's complete this method Bang litter So required owner Kasher, manage EDAC mail from this cashier. Think then the tops off this than scientist the new going to say if Santa stick or TUNEL our discussion dirty, then you come a se lo pigeon. It'd at the least. If scientists that size is equal to zero then wrote pigeon, it'd and though is memory list cachet equal to scientists and then sigh profession out there Post sigh profession out that set refreshing first, then set up recyclable the moralist cash and does it. Okay, so bend from did that. Basically, this is responsible for binding auditor. So if the men are deterred from mama moralist kasha No, remember memories Cashier will be populated from our discussion. OK, so we're going to first fit your deter a synchronously from or discussion? No. If you have some data, then of course you're going toe. Bind it, Rachel, If we don't have any deter, then you're going to load opportunity data was a vento originated deter. If the discussion was that is marked as dirty. That means that you need to refresh or later. Okay, that these are talking to do. Huta, this is our listings from mentalists. Proceed. Okay, So go ahead and then avoid moment foods the first night. That is their own credit ville. In this case, we're going to worry, inflate our fragment or and then return it. Then in the envelope quoted were going toe in focus. The initial is vicious, and then they listen to refresh. And then in our one stopped, we're going to bind her editor and then two strong. We're basically returning our effect treat to customize particular fragment was strewn. So this is it gets This is our listing fragment. You know, it's almost important fragmented because this you're going to load a letter from our fathers fruit on the table and then popular it. Are this cash okay? Yeah. 32. Fragments (c)1. Latest Fragment LAYOUT: so we'll come over to fragment will attest it, Examiner. Okay, It's able to render off Corsican. See this fragment? Rightist. We're going to inflate it into our latest fragment, the General. So the letters fragment his defragment that will be responsible for actually showing our data from our cash. So cash a remember will be locally. Okay, We're going to be to be, of course, having or editor or cashing our little locally, of course, to improve or message our piece of the experience and to minimize the bandwidth that ties as well. Inca. So what she being will be cashing or detail locally. And of course, this fragment this is the fragment which is going to show our cash is okay. No, If the cash is not fresh, basically, if some changes have been made in, you're going to automatically switch to, of course, the fragment for the loading. A letter from forbids ripping a little bit. So for now, was just come, including Lena noted particular intention at the top. We're going to have, of course, a state God lady, 40 sexually then then Alina low to the presenter which will contain the header, as it was art or group button, then? Of course. Sorry. Say cover. They were from great after. Let's see what we have in the code where four years off these are okay. So vertical orientation, then our state cut. Then of course, takes to you. Okay. And then Beloit. We have this veteran ta group, but one traitor, no below them. We have recycle of the sites are very simple. Out this fragment are the techs a mirror? 33. Fragments (c)2. Latest Fragment - Fetching from Disk Cache: So the first thing we're going to days that I required this to come to this fragment under they eye this packages get content or fragments. Remember, we have three fragments. Such fragment. We've already looked at it. This is the fragment responsible for allowing us to such on is actually the dialogue fragment. Then you have the listing fragment and then this latest fragment. So what's the role of the latest fragment? Where it's where is to load Aditya the latest of course scientists, and it's going to lead them off flame for more cachet. Okay, where that the fragment the listing fragment will be exposed before loading the cashier from different this debtor visit This latest fragment is into load are exclusively from the cachet offering cash Okay from the have disk said this is we're going through that is no. If you don't have any detained they had disc or supposed these actually made some changes to the data on the cash. Is that is that? Then we're going to automatically switch to the listing fragment. Let's start berating what inputs so important Road graphics that color then import 100 eyes . That blunder import 100 would feel the trout. Alpharetta, then important with Phil Group, will continue rating inputs and then public class with this fragment extents biz fragment, then private fu True, True Then prove it Recycle of you are free then private scientists Zo Mobile then scientist If you mugger then we'll say public sector created Strug mint new instance then common Say return new locust fragment, then privet void initially juice Then you come and say Are you call toe friend feel by I did then rd under tight in terms with the Krever, then RV that setback Alcala tread then our read it settle ultra Manager No quick alert manager the context them toe then perfect food set up recyclable list then scientists then you come and say RV Let's it end up No such a broad apter than scientists they are cleared from a group could. So what you've done is that we've created or fragment and we've created it from our business fragment. This fragment is this fragment cross which were created area which is continue our business . That's like our show which busy close to show our message and then our secret state cut secret state could of course, can a loss to show. Of course, the progressed it We're being deter from more for business. Trip is so what done is that festive Defined this instance first. And then our new insults method which is public and static, will allow us to return the instance off this fragment. Now, this is how we're going to instant shit or fragment trita. Okay, this is the better approach instead of differently. You're constructor, so you can use this fact remitted. Roach urchins initiated no private void in chalets. Verse writer were just initializing are respectful of you. Then in the set up, recycle or we do is we receive our list and then set it to Roberta. Our doctor, of course, is such a broad attack which you have looked at Karen private food buying deter. Then objects the tricorn ulnar, then cash among the job went from discussion. Must think, then the tops off. Then you come and say this. Then scientists then listings activity activity called that activity. Then once we have our activities with friends, we're going to check if our scientist is another. If that is the case, the new frankness adapter that select tab off Jack's Dietrich Woerner. Until then, activity then feel pridget them one. Then show scientists know if that is not the case, then you're going to say if scientists that size is equal to zero, then we're going to do the same thing. New fragments adopt target. Select tab. Then we're going to say objects that require nominal in activity, then few pigeon in one. No show Santa zero at the ways. If the size is greater than zero, then we're going toe in focus. It are present room. It'll then pass our scientists then show scientists, then scientists. That says, then you're going to close our if condition on does it. So this is the method which is going to allow us to bind our data. Now remember, Will said earlier on that in this latest frogman, we're going to be fetching data for more had disc okay from our discussion now would already defined our method in our cash in on a class called Bind from this cash. I think so. Men from this car straight, I think, is this method, Rocha Okay, it basically allow us to load auditor for more cachet. No, once it then that one then we're going to check. We're going toe check if our scientist is now. Okay, that is, if you don't have any detail, you know, cash, then you're going to switch over to the second tub, which is our listings fragment. Now, listings fragment will be responsible for bending or fetching or later for five days fruit during the troubles. So that's why you're going to switch right there. So this selective is omitted. Redefined in our fragments, Doctor, that allow us to switch to the any top two. And okay, conceits, definition creature. Physically forget it said current opens. Then we pass in the position on off course. We're going to switch to the position. That's what you're being writer. Okay, so we'll do it if our Santis is now, or if the size of the scientists zero. Now, if that is not the case, then really, today's to invoke a set up recyclable, then pastoralists of scientists to be bound to our recent level. So the next thing we're going to override two methods these metals out, of course, or fragment core box. The fast matter is the incredible. The second is the unfilled created. So all credibility or method which will be erased, Of course. Well, our ville for fragment, ease and professes created okay, is being created. So what you're going to be in that process is that you're going to inflate our frogmen. Criticized from recklessness is the loud which will be responsible for defending. These ain't office elements for this particular fragment. So if it come richer, he can sing Herbal fragment latest The Examiner on. Basically, it includes our state card. Azaleas are recyclable. Okay. As there was a toggle between Treacher, which you can needs to talk. Okay. Said these are recent clever, almost important rejecting this vote so that you have been fretted. Then set up okay. Assigned to the route through object, which is a object rotary was different rage as an instance ill so that you can use it in this initial Israel's Okay, So, please, you have to make sure that this is in fretted has done it and then returning Treacher No one who created will be in fucked. When have you been created? So what I'm going to do Where? First and foremost to pass the inflated view objectors. Ella's disturbed in san, sure to pass them to the super Little. Okay, this is permitted of design field cretins. The new initial resolved through mobile. So Santee Stream Order called, probably the then Sen tis remodel it cross. Then initial is our budgets. So the next thing is to overwrite tumor methods the unstuck as well as the restaurant. No, testing is very simple. It's a method which will be of course, it's very, very vital for us places. You have to write this to string, no physical exam ITER that gets invoked if you try toe conflict or to try to cast his fragment into a string. So in that case, if that is done, then you're going to return the latest site. In fact, this is what will happen in our doctor. So if you go to a fragments on that, then if you come creature in our Richard. Okay, get Paige Tater. So get picked ater. What you're doing is that from our pitches past the position talked in the current fragment . Then you can sit drawstring, so they casting a 12 string. Of course, this to string method is going to be invoked. So whatever you pass, Reacher is a true based on the tight off the fragment. It's very important that true. Overrated. A days You're going to get some friend, um number. Okay. The hash code for their fragment being Iniesta's your fragment of your tab total. Okay, So please make sure you for something readable nature. So this is it. And then you can protect toe unstuck. Now this is going to be invoked, Of course, when they do for our Well, the view for our fragment, of course, comes into visibility. So what you're going to do this is we're going to load our data. Okay, inside this unstuck Tritscher under, say, if this cachet is that, then a listings activity activity equal toe that activity. Then we come and say new frog Lisa, Doctor, that select tub then objects the tricorn internal an activity, then the rupiah, then one of the ways if memory concussion that size is greater than zero will come and say , said Cyprus, like, reviewed in memory list cachet. Otherwise, we say this didn't buy deter. So what I would doing creature where we have to type of cashing the true implementing in this up. First you have the discussion and then you also have the memory crushing, which is very simply, just a stirring Or better, of course, in of her new book. So we're fast check for discussions. Dirty. Then it means that you need to run out the tax. So we're going to switch to our listings story. We're going to switch to the second tub, the second tub after tub numbers One in this case is going to be all these things fragment . So in the listings fragment that so controllable, bitter from or fire busy. Okay. And we need to pass, of course, this to in our select tub. So we did that trend. If the cash is that you know, if that is not the case, we come and check the memory list cachet. So if the size of the memory released cash is greater than zero, then you goingto set up a recyclable best on that memory list. Cash? No. If that is the because then we're going to in folk by later. Okay? Yeah. Come creature Bain deter, which will order detached from our discussion right there. So I guess this is it. I have looked at these listings for military Let's test fragment, which is very important for us in this case. Given that it's so we load on the top from our discussion. So this is it. Let's proceed.