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Android Development with Kotlin | Mastering Intents

Muhammad Ali Yasin

Android Development with Kotlin | Mastering Intents

Muhammad Ali Yasin

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10 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Introduction to Intents

    • 2. Creating our First Intent

    • 3. Sending data using Intent

    • 4. Receiving data from another Activity using startActivityforResult

    • 5. Introduction to Implicit Intents

    • 6. Explicit Intent: ACTION_VIEW and ACTION_DIAL

    • 7. Send Emails using Intent

    • 8. Learn to Add Google Place Picker in your app

    • 9. What is an Intent Filter

    • 10. Coding our own Intent Filter

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About This Class

One of the most important factor in android development is how different components work together. And in android we achieve that by intents. In this course, you'll learn different ways to use intents with activities, including both within your own app and outside. First, you'll cover how to use explicit intents to launch an activity within your app. Next, you'll delve into how to use implicit intents to launch an activity outside of your app.By the end of this course, you'll have the fundamental knowledge of Android intents, and how to utilize it to have different apps working together seamlessly.

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1. Introduction to Intents: you must have guys sa y taken welcome toe first intense tutorial and industry Jer, we're gonna be understanding what is an intent An Indian. Basically i n t e nt is basically similar to web. You are L u r l on. That is like google dot com una google dot com in the address bar and you go to google dot com. Okay. Similarly, an indent is an address. It's an address which tells the Andre toe open up a particular page or a particular up, uh, app or a particular activity, whatever you want to call it, so it opens something else, but it is more powerful than you think. But in simple words, intent is usedto open something at a specific address. But if you don't have that address, then it gives you the so fears or the APS that can open those programs or those files. OK, now I'll be creating a new project. If you don't know how to create one, you can follow me. But if you know you don't need to follow or you don't need to complete this video, you can just end it here. Okay, guys, So let's get sorry I'm gonna create a new project on I'm gonna call it. Ah, and course one. Andi, I'll use the FBI 19 then next on an empty activity. And next on. Then again, finish not go to tools and Copeland at in here. Configure Courtland in your project on Android with griddle on all the modules. Now, let us add the extensions. Blufgan, we're going to see Apply plug in here, Courtland Minus Android minus extensions and sink again. Come back in here. Double shift. And in here, we're gonna say, Convert Courtland Dow five to Copan. Sorry on we have it in court. Okay, guys, that was old for this trill. And also in the next trail. Bye bye. 2. Creating our First Intent: you know, some guys at Semicon. Welcome to this tutorial. In this story. We're gonna be creating our first intent. So let's get started. First thing first, we're gonna create another activity. So we're gonna go to jail folder, right? Click in here on. We're gonna create activity and that activity will be empty activity. Now, this empty activity will be named as second activity. Let us finish this. Now let's go to court on convert the Java file to call them. This is done. No. We're gonna go to the second activity and in here. Basically, we're gonna have a text Real, which will match the apparent master parent on it will have text second activity and it will have the text size as 50 sp. Now we're going to go to the main activity the XML file on in here. You're gonna see it, but on obviously Victor would be math burned on the heart will be wrapped content. Don't we need the text text? Really? Click me. The last thing we need is ideas. So we're gonna say btm uh Click me so sick. Me? No, we come back in here. So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna say BTM Click me. Don't step on click listener. Okay? No, in here, I'm going to save our or well, better intent is equal to intent on this intent. Takes permitted this on. Also the file that you want to open or the activity that you want to open. The activity I want to open is called second activity. Second activity on double cooler Java class. Plus it's, um, this selected classed odour on in here. I'm gonna say, start activity, start activity and the intent in here. So what is happening? The first thing I'm doing is I'm saying when I click on the button, this court should run. So the second line says I'm creating an intent. Who's context? Is this on? It will open up the second activity Jolla file. But if you take this, it will not work. Find So you need to have each other in here after that start activity. Basically, I am saying start the intent. Whose value is this? So I want you to start this intent? Yes, from this. Now, if I click on this as you can see, the second activity opens up. No home, but I click, I create a button which will take us to the first activity. We're gonna cope in this. We're gonna go to the second activity, and we're gonna say behind it to create a Burton. So but But then we'll have wrapped content on grab content. Or maybe match part of Dr Contents, a witness, a match. Parent lit. Andrea, it will be above this, and it will have I d for no beauty in one. I mean, here, I'm gonna declare orientation that is vertical. And in here, I'm going to say text go to mean on in the second activity. I'm gonna piss my court, the same court which I got from here. And actually, I think there is a district. So I'm gonna piss this court on instead of Britain, Click me. I'm going to say began one Dorset own click listener instead of second activity, we're gonna sent me an activity. So you're gonna be opening me and activity on your way. Take out these. No, let's run this. Now. Let's click on this. It takes us to the second activity. If you click on this, it takes us back to the first activity. Now in here. You see nothing, Because if you go toe back to second activity, I click on this. This thing is actually not in the region is a problem in this. That's why it's not in the region. Because direct is Iraq. We can say match parenting here. So kitchen appear now. As you can see, second activity appears. And if I do this again, I mean rent this again. This is the first activity main activity. This is the second activity. We go back to the main activity. This is the second activity. Okay, guys, that Russell. And also in the next trip. Bye bye. 3. Sending data using Intent: you must have guys sa Lincoln. Welcome to today's tutorial. In this job you're gonna be learning. How can they send data from one activity to another using intense. So let's get story in here. You're gonna say interning, agent. The one we created in the previous video, This one intent door put extra basically means I'm goingto add extra things with this intent. What do you want to have? The first thing it us is what It's us. A string on this string is basically a key inherent Bigness it. Right name. So this is a name off the value. Now we have this name. And if I put coma and add available Let that is Ali for this. So this identifies. So when I go to the other side, if I ask it to bring me the data for my name, it will bring me. Okay. Now, if I come to the second activity in here and in this part, I'm going to say intent, ok dot Abstracts. Yeah. Get string in this. Get string it us for key on in here. I'm gonna give it Keep What key is it? It's mining, right, But buying in here I will not bring this. Which one? Do anything, by the way, because we didn't ask it what to do. Let's ask it, toe. Put it in the text. So let's go to activity to on Let's give this I d. One idea is txt accurately to Unless come back and in here reading this it txt acting. Get through dot set texts that that's not sit there, said Cats. And that's caps is equal to this value in here. So I would just like this booking was in here. And now let's try this again, no less. Click on this. As you can see, it just plays early in here. If I come back in here in this place, it's in here is just playing second activity. But when I click on the button in here, I send data this extra editor with the I D. I can say with the idea off my name on it's really is similarly, you can add as much better as you want, so I can say income now I want to send This didn't toe the second activity. Obviously, in this activity I have to receive this. So what I'll do is out from in here. Uh, I'll see no one thing to note that while added in the video are chemicals this from that? I didn't put ah double cooking here, but this that's our only accept the string value from mature. You have the strength. So these are strengthened. These of the 30 instructor Look, you guys that muzzle and also in the next room right by 4. Receiving data from another Activity using startActivityforResult: You must have guys. Osama American. Welcome to Distrito. Really? In the future, we're gonna be learning about something out. Start activity for result. Basically, it means starting another activity. Doesn't have to be wondering. According Toa official documents off Android studio. They say you can also start another activity and received the result back. So basically means if you start an activity, you should have a power toe. Get something from that activity back on to risk to do that, we use something called start activity. Purcell, let's take an example. I'll go to my mobile phone. This is my mobile phone. And this is a m o plus that I used to call to my country. Okay, so how top on contact on I get list of contacts in here also is the 1st 1 and you will apps off something that when I choose something, I get some results back from there. So again, let me go in here on. Let me choose Ayman. I get his number back in here. So this is really really useful on is really used in a lof applications after. Okay, so let us come back in here and let us see hearts than a work. So we're gonna say start activity. How do start activity? You basically start activity by the sing new intent on basically creating an intent and saying start activity for result for that unit toe have the intent and the our request court. So this has actually created I'm in the main section in here in the main body of mine. I'm going to say, uh, when I click on the button so obviously Bt and on click me So it's here BT and click me Agnes it dot set on click listener sat on Click Listener on inside in here Boo, Let's take a kickoff distance. Okay. Inside in here. I'm going to say you are intent off type in tank which you can forget about this. You can use just physical to intent. No problem. And in here really do this on obviously the second activity where we're going. Second activity on Poland fallen on the job class and here we can just start the activity. But we can't can't say start activity will say start activity for result which takes the intent and the request for Okay, so first thing it will take is intent as normal start activity. The second thing it will take is the request core on the request court can be anything from zero to any number. Okay, so if you have too intense that the suppose I have to intense on this intense needs to be off off court. One request called one. Why? Because the decrease courts are used to classify one intent from another. If you have multiple intense in your activity or in your program on this can be any number , you can have 1000 reddit and zero, but it should be different than the other activities or at the intense. Sorry on other intense requests court. So basically, this is it. This is it. This is all. I'm not in the second part, but this is a very the fund starts. Okay, so I have my second button one that is this button in here? I have it. Ah, open. What I need to do is first in calculate an intent. An empty intense. So I'm gonna say war intent is a gold toe. Enter conduct is so I have a neck tive and empty intent. No, I need to put some things that right? So I'm gonna say intent, Don't put extra. Put extra, and the name will be txt on the values will be. This is my text. Okay, on. We're gonna say, set the results in here on set result takes two parameters. First perimeter is result Court and Result Court means result okay or result canceled. So obviously, if the result is ok means it is working correctly, then the second thing is the intent, the data that we want to send that is all you can finish in here. Mexico? No. What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna come back. Number one. You call this a connected number two? If you have some data to send back to the first activity, you will put it in the second activity. The last thing is that you need toe. Have something called on activity results. So on activity return the result. I don't remember correctly. So, control. So I'm gonna say own activity result on this will have couple of things to do with this. I'll have a couple of things to do with this. Number one when there is something back. First of all, the check If the result request Caught request called physical toe. The Quest Court that is in here. Riches zero right, which is 1000 sort. So if the request court is 1000 is equal to 1000 means we're dealing with intent that we have on. We need to check if the request scored. Result board is equal toe result. Okay, then the first thing is request court which we don't fit this rechecking if their quest cause is correct. Second thing we're checking If the result is correct Third thing now we're gonna display the later The way to display the data basically is you say of our results or returned that I returned data on inherent. You're going to say result Sorry. Data don't get string, Get string Ah, by extra s or not by extract just extra And in here you need the name of the string that you had in there So if I come back it's called txt. They hate you need to say txt Can't you need toe put the value inside the text field that you have in here So I'm gonna say txt result court dot sat text not instead of tax I want to say Return date, huh? And that is a walk. But if I select something if the court is not right you can just specify the else condition to in here. You can say else request cord. Sorry result Could is equal to result canceled. Then you can say there is a problem for example because that t x t I'm gonna just get this up a bit. Yes. Txt court set text is a total there Waas our problem now the moment off trusts. Let us come back in here on do something before we do something we need Ah, no, we need to tell it it it it really can be No, no problem. Which it shouldn't, but let us about it can be No, no, I'll click on the click Me Unless you can see I go to the second accurate. And now in the second activity, If I click on Goto man then first thing first it will go back to me and I didn't specify in here Go back to me. But because it knows that it needs to go back to men because it is an intent which is supposed to return something. Then it will go back to me and by itself. So if I click on this hopes Come on. This guy's so this is my text on if I come in here, See, this is my text. So it is returning back Something from the second activity towards the first activity. Okay, guys, that was old for this trail and also in the next trail by 5. Introduction to Implicit Intents: us of guys are taken. Welcome to this tutorial and industry. We're gonna be learning about the implicit intent. So let's get started. First of all, what is implicit intent? Well, implicit intent is basically another intent. Their intent, we know, like it will take us toe some other activity. Oh, some other. Uh, this is intense. Now, this intent in here does would, for example, I want to, ah, send a message. So I'm gonna say, send a message, for example, that I suppose I give something come on like this. I say I want to send message on this. Come on in here will go to the android function a android OS. You can say whatever 100 system and the android will say they someone who wants to send a message. Is there any up? It's gonna send the request to all the he's gonna say. Is there any app who can accept this request? For example, there's ah, messenger app, and there is, for example, a YouTube app. Okay, on let's a letter suppose contacts up or messages up. Okay. And lastly, whatever happened because, uh, a game, basically maybe So there is a game up now. out of these. This will receive Dirk wrist on it. Yeah. I can't accept messages because my center can send and receive messages. Some messenger will accept the request. Okay. The neutral won't accept the request. The messages are half will also accept the request. So but the game will not accept a request. So those who accept the request will be listed like this. So this is the messenger on This is the messenger. So this is how implicit intent folks. Let's look at a simple example. Let me go to my browser in here, and I will search for the in Phoenix. Now, in here, I'm gonna feel my mobile phone and let s go to, For example, what's up? It should be possible now in this world. Surplus Supposed. I have a message in here with the picture. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna share this picture now. The request for sharing will Goto all the abs and those up who can share this picture will accept the request on come into the list. So these are the apse which Kant's do something with the picture which can share the picture. The messenger, the what's up the anymore Gmail ever not maps and so on. So for these ABS received the request on. Now they're saying we can do something with this picture. So they received. They accepted the tradition, and this is how it works. And after that, it's up to you. Whatever you want to do. For example, if you want to send it through Ah, messenger. When choose messenger. And as you can see it now, you can send it toe anyone you want. Is he right? Okay, guys, That result for this trail. And also in the next trip. Bye bye. 6. Explicit Intent: ACTION_VIEW and ACTION_DIAL: you must against Semicon. Welcome to this tutorial and indecent here. We're gonna be taking a simple intent example on implicit intent. So let's get started. So first of all, let's look at this. This is Ah built an implicit intent from developer stood on dr dot com. Okay, so first thing you see is that it says you are right number. You're I don't parse on telephone this number in here you are. I basically is somewhat like a link. So it is saying that I have this link. I have this Ah, link in here on I want to party. I want to understand this link. So how do I understand this link? Or basically, I want to ah, decode this link so that we can understand Where does it take or visually take or what should it do? Okay, so you don't have to understand this, But basically, for example, if I have a you are I if I would say first of four Bt and one Don't set on click listener on in here. I suppose I have. You are right, Gloss. You are I that is equal to you are I don't farce. And in here, I suppose. All right. Http. Colin slash slash Injectable ology led. Well, don't come right. No, I want to do this. What can I do? Obviously I can say in here that intent or I can just directly to start activity. And this activity, I will say intent in the previous intent we have. We had this example. The words it this the main activity is something like that. But this time we have to say intent thought action review. So that is supposed a select action view. And what do you want to do? I want to view this U R I Yes, you are right. So and actually will try toe view. Show this to you. Show whatever you put in here to you. Now this euro is understandable by us, but computer will Ah ah! I mean, d chord this and try to understand which APS can accept this. And then this is a center request doors app. So let me try this. I'm gonna click on this and open the in Phoenix. That's right. For a couple of seconds now I have a click on this. It will try to go to google dot com let me click on this. It says you want to open google dot com. Okay, these are the abs that can open google dot Home. So in here, when it's so it's it's so a stripy. It knew that this your girl needs to or this you're right needs to go with the browsers. That's what similarly, as you can see, first of all, let us read this. Obviously, it's not a big deal, as traders after that will try the telephone one which be so. So as you can see, we went to google dot com Now for the tough 11 Nothing special if I said Tell me food on deserve 59 for 543237 And let's try configured using it with action view so it will try to view this in any possible way. No less coming here and click Excellency it tried, tried to show you, and it when it went to you are it knew that you need the telephone merger. So in here, instead of dial, you can use telephone, by the way, So in action dial weakens the actual tells action. So, for example, if I said dialling here. Action dial aren't last, right, This one. And let's click on this. It seemed nothing different. Okay, so it's all the same now, this action dial or action viewed the actual tries to solve it as a Z much as it can. For example, if you take the example of Geo, as you can see in here, we have something called Geo location. Eso this geo the scope of this action view it's again action. So we're gonna cook with this on. We're gonna put it in here now. This location, this is a location. Now you are I will ah, split it in couple of parts. The first thing it sees is a geo means. Then it sends a request agencies which one accepts geo on that will be used to show this. So in here. We need to say you now let's run this no less Click on this and exigency, I have Google maps and I have uber which can take the geo. Ah, for example, never did you a location so they can take the geo. You are. I may be on. That's why they accepted the request for the Geo and said that we are the ones who will be ableto are who worked with the geo locations So we can select any of this For example, this one. So if I select the, um, Google Maps now it shows me the correct location. I don't know which from where there is this location, it's just Google Plex. Whatever. So So this is how you use the interred iol and intent view. So that was all for this trail and also in the next trail. Bye bye. 7. Send Emails using Intent: us of guys are samurai. Even welcome to destroy Ariel and industry. We're gonna be learning. How can we use intent to send emails? So let's get started. First of all, let's go to our browser on in here. Last search for something called Common Intense. Uh, in here, the first thing you find is common intense from android developers. So in here, don't ask. We're gonna go for email and from email, we see couple things in the action section. We have actions in two actions, send and actions and multiple. So the one we're gonna be using is action. Same too. Because we're not gonna be using any attachment on before that. Let's go up in there a star unless look at maps in here. Remember the last time I used Geo? Well, I got it from here because in this document, it tells you the data you are I structure or scheme using which you understand how the you are. I will look like Okay, now let's go back to email. And this is the one we're gonna be using. So let's get started and I'll show you step by step, how it is going to work So the first thing we're gonna do is we're gonna save our intent is equal to intent in this intent. I will have, uh, intent No action send to because the center has one attachment and sent multiple has toe to arm or attachment. So the same two has no attachment. The first thing. Okay, the second thing is intent That set type now the SEC type has Ah, this m i m e this thing here, you can either use text or plane or this thing in here. I'm going to use this one so that you can see how it's going to work. So I'm going to use this one now. After this, we need extra. So we're gonna say intent dot Uh, put extra extra in here. The first thing is a meal. So we're gonna say I intend goat extra e mail and the value of the email. For now, we're gonna say PSG for oh, on. Then we need the subject. Were against intent. Don't. But extra. And in here at Reagan is a intent not subject on the very will. Be, uh, hungry. Not really, but I'm hungry. This is a subject intent dot put extra and in here really intent dot uh, extra text. And this is the text. Text me somebody. So in here, witness it. Um really hungry. Please, uh, sent me some food. It's just a joke. Well, I don't like it, but okay, we have already done it. So now in here, we're gonna write lasting that. Is this thing in here? We're going to cope with this aunt. We're gonna write it in here. Basically, it's gonna check if there is any application that can handle this or not. If there isn't any Begins else. No, Let's play this and see whether it works or not. And I am sure that it won't work, but still, let's try this. Now I click on this. I see that there is no application compatible. Why is that? That is because off that data types or the data basically said data we didn't set any data on. We need to set data. Solar has come and send data. Said that orbited cle. I can copy it from here. Andi, I can paste it here and now. Let's try this Now. If I click on this as you can see through the Gmail application opens up on. We have our subject and we have our boy. But the problem is with the two section that is the email address. What is the problem with that? All the problem is simple. All you need to do is create of our You can call it, for example, e mails on we can say physical toe array off. And here you put the emails, for example. The first email I'm gonna put is because you're for a large enough from maybe there is another email that I want to include. That is a test at gmail dot com. So I have to emails on this requires actually, the data type it requires is a rain did it? And that's why we have to give it already today. Now, if you try this click on this on, come back. No, If you click on this, nothing have us. Right? So let us come in here and discard this. Now, if I click back as you can see, the emails are being added. Okay? Eyes that was old for distant trail. And I'll soon in the next trip. Bye bye. 8. Learn to Add Google Place Picker in your app: us of guys. Esau, highly consult him to this tutorial and industry tutorial. We're gonna be learning. How can we create a place speaker? Such answers? If I click on this, I'll get a place picker in here using which I can pick up place. I can search a place and select that location on once I have slept knocked location selected, that location. I mean, I can just, ah, click on the select location on I'll get the application, for example, if I click on select location now, I get this disc ordinating here and I'll I can say select on a second. See, I get the latitude and in longitude in here. This is really, really useful while creating maps so less get started, the first thing you need to do is go to council canceled the developers dot google dot com Once you're in here, create an empty project from here. Any project with wood? Ah, you can click in here and create a new project on just click on create and after you have create wanting to do is go toe a library. Let's go toe Will Andre maps FBI on enable this and then let's go to library again on a last click on will places a peer because the appear that we're gonna be using for this is from the places api. And as you can see, the places FBI has already bean Ah, in April. So all we need to do is go back in here on go. The credentials on create create angels on FBI key on its going direct us an a p a ki So, first of all, let's copy this. No. The second thing is you need to go to project on go to Jolla and over here you need to right click and go toe a new on go to Google 100 or click on Google Maps activity. Once you click on who will maps activity, you will be redirected to this page in here In this page, all you need to do is just pissed. The key that we have just created, as you can see in here is my cake. And that is all. This is the first step that you need to for now. The second step is that you need to go to school. Search for Google, please. Services ap eyes AP I may be once your hair, you need to click on the first thing that you get and from here, you need to go down. And here you see a lot off AP eyes in here. The one we want is the play services. So police say sorry. This is the Google places. So we copy this on Goto our trillium. Let me close this. Let me close this unless go in here and just writing like this was a implement implementation. Then we just need toe paces in here. Okay, so now we're done in here. Uh, I already have it, but I have a low point open for. I didn't use the 11.4 point two. I didn't want to use it. I don't know why, but I just like the older version. Better? No. Once I have these services or these services installed, I can click on sink on. I will have those services. I know the work is really tedious, but the result is also so little bit of work with awesome result. Doesn't matter. Now. Let's go to Google on search for place picker Android on. We're gonna go to the first page on developers told Google that. Come on, this is the This is our first snippet. So we need to create a builder intent builder, and then start activity for result and build a door built and the place because request easy. Right. So you're gonna say it. Come here back in here. We're going to say you are. You bend up is equal to place picker dot Intent builder, this is the first step. Is this the second step? Is, uh, we're gonna say start activity for result. Start activity for results. The first thing is the intent and then is the request court. So what is interned? Well, the builder dot build on this. This is the in terms that we're gonna be using on the request. Goldwyn. Busier. No. Once I have this, I can go and check out what happened with my project. I can come in here, click on this. And now if I click on this, I get that. But what? That I had last time I showed you the review of the application. So this is the papa. It was a little bit of work. But as you can see, the result is awesome. With just two lines off court. Now, if because we are returning something, we'll come back in here on, we'll go to control or bigness its own activity. The result on. So the first thing we're gonna be doing is we're going to say if the request core is equal to zero on the result court is equal to results. Okay, then. Then we're gonna come back in here and go to places FBI. And as you can see, we have places. Uh, object says place picker Don't get place so we can come in here and say Warren ah, places off my place. Physicals replace picker dot Get place. Now we require two things the context and in turn, the contacts Is this on the internet is the data. And as you can see, we have this. Now we're gonna say places dot Get a life long means latitude, longitude dot Uh, let's your So you can. Seeing your Marlatt is equal to let your similarly, against Ivar Long is equal to places dot lifelong dot long Guichard Megan is a txt one door step Text inside in here. Everything is it. Next shoot no effect. Click on this and select the creation aren't click on Slept as you can see I get the latitude and I get along Get your okay. I see that, Russell for Destro and bye bye. 9. What is an Intent Filter: yourself, guys. Osama Recon. Welcome to this tutorial and industry. We're gonna be learning about the intent filter. So let's get started. First of all, what is an intent? Filter? No, don't go on the name. The name is really creepy. I mean, intent Filter. What is it supposed to mean? Well, in simple words, it means what kind off intent? Well, you're application received. For example, we have Google Maps, right? So Google mapped receives the intent which started G e o right. If I have geo than I have the coordinated like 25.36 68.4, 36 point 25. So if I have let's shoot and longitude on that and long So so this type of scheme the, uh, Google Maps, except similarly let us suppose you are making a similar app that is called run cheering. So let's say right sharing is an app that you are making, and it basically can accept the ah NGO values so it can accept the Julies. So what you're gonna do is you in a make sure that you add a filter and intent filter which will make sure that once someone us for Geo location. Your application also comes into the list. For example, Google maps, Google Maps on then the uber, as we have seen in the previous videos, and lastly, we will see our right tearing up, which will be able to open the geo locations. So if you want your app to do something or to accept the these kind off intent on, then that basically is done using intent filter. So to recap what we have just said, basically, intent filter is what kind off intense do you want to accept, For example, do on tracks of the browser intense or the geo intense or the YouTube intense just giving you as an example? So if it if I'm trying to play a video, it will open up you chip. If I'm tryingto display a map, it will display a map, so we have to give in here a geo location. Similarly, the browser Basically, we have to make sure we add an intent filter, which will say that except the intent which are asking for the browser. Okay, eyes that Russell and I'll see you in the next trip by 10. Coding our own Intent Filter: You must have guys American. Welcome to this tutorial. And in this tutorial, we're gonna be creating our own intent filter. Now, before we start, let me tell you that an Intent filter has three parts. The action, the category and the last one is card data. So it does actually cooperate this from the main and let me go to my second activity, which is the second activity. And I'm gonna place my intent filter in here. No, let us actually take this to. So as I told you, the first thing is action so we can have action on action, hasn't it? On that? 1st 1 is basically. Then we have this. What is this action? Well, this action refers to this action in here, right? Intend or action view. So if we want to do something, you would say action view. And in the manifest, it will know that Oh, it is calling for action view. Basically, this application might be the one. Okay, so it will consider your application because the actual you are trying to do the same as action. This this action Number two, you have to go give all the information category, then you just sit way. What kind of aps will it be? Ableto support, for example. Is it village view the map, perhaps? Or will it view the browser APS, Orville, its beauty email APS as also over. So we'll say possible. Means it will accept the browser APS. Now, the last thing we need is data. So if I come in here and say it data in here, we're going to say Skip. So we remember the data skin is like, for example, Geo or something like that. Remember, last time we had this? Let me take this in here from here. Let me put slashing here. Similarly, if I say data on under its scheme on in here instead of this, I'm gonna say yes to Tippi. Yes, in here instead of geo, I'm gonna say, uh t By the way, you can't have Colin here. That's why it is giving you an error. The last thing you want to do is you want to add last category That is category Dufault. So I'm going to say category default. The category default basically is used to be considered by the start activity or start activity for results off. If you want to use this, you have to have this. It's something like default. Have it so that in turn filter can know that this is an implicit intern. Now, what we're gonna do is, uh we're gonna go to our main activity. And as you can see in here, I have You are right. Action view this your eye goes to geo this of this. I'm gonna goto, http. Uh, google dot com. So if the value starts with scdp, then it's got used. Our activity means second activity. If the venue starts with https, means you are I starts with actual progress. Is still it will consider, however, divinity that is disconnected not only has played this and let's see how it proclaims. No, if you see in here, I have something called nearby. Drivers means this, But in here, certainly nearby drivers. If I click on this button in here, it will ask me for I'm basically I'm asking it to go toe, uh, this Lincoln here as 22 p dot google dot com. So when it sees that this year, I then it's considered all the applications that are accepting that are accepting such invitation so extra to be is being accepted by Google by UC browser by the puffin browser on the pH experience. Similarly, it is being, uh, considered or being accepted by our activity. Second activity. So if I click on just ones for this time, as you can see, it opens up of her second activity. So intent filter Basically the first. What kind off intense do you want to accept or in what kind off? Ah, or in what kind of implicit intense do you want your your activity appear in the chews up? Andi has chooser refers to this thing. This thing in here is called chooser. Okay, I sat sold on bye bye.