Android Application Development : Part - 3

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32 Videos (4h 11m)
    • How to Change the old Package Name and assign a New package Name to App

    • How to Change Application Name

    • Radio Button Method-1 || Interface of " onCheckedChangeListener "

    • Radio Button Method-2 || Inner Class of onCheckedChanged Listener

    • Radio Button Method-3 || " onClick " Listener : Attribute in XML

    • Custom Radio Button || Adding Graphics using Selectors

    • CheckBox Method-1 || Interface of " onCheckedChangeListener "

    • CheckBox Method-2 || Inner Class of " onCheckedChangedListener "

    • CheckBox Method-3 || "onClick" Attribute Listener inside XML File

    • Custom CheckBox Method-1 || Using Image Graphic and Selector

    • Custom CheckBox Method-2 || Using RGB valued Shapes instead of Images

    • Implicit Intent Codes to View a Website using Browser

    • Implicit Intent Codes to show Google Map Location

    • Implicit Intent Codes to Send E-mail

    • Implicit Intent Codes to share Image and Message in Messengers Apps

    • Implicit Intent To Dial a Number

    • Run Android App on your own Phone (USB Drivers and Settings) 4.1.2 & Below

    • How to enable Developers Option & Run Android App on your Phone 4.2 & above Version

    • Android Device Screen appear on your desktop screen with droid at screen jar

    • Installing Genymotion Emulator - A 200% Faster Emulator

    • Notification Part-1 || INTRODUCTION

    • Notification Part-2 || Normal View || Regular Activity : Project Setup and Codes

    • Notification Part-3 || Normal View || Regular Activity : Intent & Pending Intent

    • Notification Part-4 || Normal View || Regular Activity : Action Button Codes

    • Notification Part-5 || Big View || BigPicture || Regular Activity

    • Notification Part-6 || Big Text Style || Inbox Style || BigPicture Style

    • Notification Part-7 || Special Activity : Setting Up Project and it's Codes

    • Notification Part-8 || Special Activity : Detail Codes of Notification step wise

    • Notification Part-9 || Special Activity : Pending Intent of Action Buttons

    • Notification Part-10 || Small Icon vs Large Icon

    • Notification Part-11 || Set Sound || Vibrate || Set Light

    • Notification part-12 || Update or Summarize Notification


About This Class

This Course is continuation of previos Android course as published on Skill Share.

The course is intended for those who are looking to pursue their career in Android based development. There is no such qualification to join the course as it is designed in a way to facilitate a newbie to understand the myriad of opportunities that Android can deliver. With easy-to-understand course materials backed by practical classes one can quickly grasp the aesthetics deploying Android as a platform.

Upon completion of the course it will be easy to develop Android based applications with all new features of android KITKAT ( 4.4 ) and above versions. The training not only imparts the programming side of the development but also delivers valuable suggestions behind developing a pleasing and effective UI (User Interface) design. The professionals involved in the training all hail from organizations of repute having vast experience in Android domain.

Get All the Source Code of the Projects done in this class from project Guide.

This course covers Latest ADT launched by Google and is based on KitKat and above Versions. A complete professional App is made in this course covering all android widgets, components and covering all fundamental concept. Starting from installing software to publish app in Google PlayStore all Topics are covered well.

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I am ur fan man... u rocked ... android seems so easy now
keep on uploading smart herd. The video quality is awesome. thx a lot





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