Android App Development For Complete Beginners Part 2 - Building a Weather App

Lee Falin, Software Developer and Data Scientist

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10 Lessons (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction - About APIs and JSON

    • 2. Creating the UI with Constraint Layout

    • 3. Retrieving the Weather Data

    • 4. Parsing the JSON Response

    • 5. Formatting the Temperature

    • 6. Fetching Weather Condition Images

    • 7. Using an Icon Font for Weather Images

    • 8. Getting the Location from the User

    • 9. Refining the User Experience

    • 10. Conclusion / Next Steps

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About This Class


This tutorial is the second in my Android App Development series.

While we'll be building a weather app in this tutorial, the skills you learn can be applied to developing any application that needs to access a REST API or work with JSON data. Since there are so many different APIs available, this is a valuable skill that you can use to create an endless variety of apps.

In these lessons you'll learn how to access a REST API, parse JSON data responses, build a user interface using constraint-based layouts, use a scalable icon font, and how to integrate 3rd party libraries into your project.

Note that this class assumes you've already completed the first course in the series, Android App Development for Complete Beginners. If you haven't completed it yet, click below and complete that introductory course, then come back and jump right in to Part 2.