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Analysing the Data of 31 Days of Advent - skillshare 2017

teacher avatar Philip Campbell, Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. 0.0 - introduction

    • 2. 1.0 - the 31 days setup process

    • 3. 1.1 - understanding the december data

    • 4. 1.2 - changes we are rolling out in 2017

    • 5. 1.3 - the problems of creating daily

    • 6. 1.4 - plan to be platform agnostic

    • 7. 1.5 - the roundup & social

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About This Class




Analyzing the Data of 31 Days of Advent

31 days,
31 mini courses,
doubled my premium enrolments,
2.5X my usual monthly signups

now 85 courses made and 910 followers, well on the way to my first targets! (100/1000)


I'm in the process of redesigning in this course, I've taken my original template and I've started to put together some of the features that will help in making courses, I've got the 'bones' of the system together and I'll be building on it during 2017 - next is to start building overlays for screencasts so that I can drop that over the top of screencasts that I do which will also drop the courses. exciting to have spent a few days time out to get clarity on it. 


one thing I learned in December is that timing is everything, putting out these courses before the premium minutes changes in January was a bit of a power move. I read the 'market' listened to what the 'startup' was going to do and adapted my course style to suit.  I'm going to build on that so the content is completely transportable and this format will be something I use on other platforms.

in this course. . .

  • what we learned from making thirty-one courses in the month of December (advent)
  • our setup process and time it took to develop the advent calendar in each area
  • understanding the skillshare December data to help with premium minutes change in 2017
  • changes we are rolling out to improve our skillshare premium minutes this year
  • problems to be aware of when trying to produce courses and digital video daily
  • why you must become platform agnostic in twenty seventeen to increase earnings effectively

I hope you enjoy this course and it helps you plan for 2017... expect higher quality video and audio improvement in February, please support the channel by watching all the way through and leaving a review

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Philip Campbell

Crypto, OBS Open Broadcaster, Screenflow



I make courses as often as i can (in between blogging daily that is) my courses are about things I've learned or already done online -- i never make a course about skills I don't have yet! an internet strategist teaching anyone that wants to efficiently learn digital skills and tools often with free software based in the cloud - twenty-five plus years of expertise with all things digital and covering the latest trends today (and weekly in our podcast!)

--- the backstory --

hitting the road, working mobile, exploring across the uk and america! remote working 

building out creative media assets in obs and screenflow for clients during pandemic for business zoom

<... See full profile

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1. 0.0 - introduction: They've really welcome back to a new course and new layout for 2017. Today we're going to look at what we learned from making 31 videos in December for the Advent calendar, a set up process on the time it took to develop that whole month. And it was a long time. Trust me. Look at each area of that understanding the skill share December data. So actually going into some of the data in terms of the enrollments and the sign ups on the premium minutes change in 2017 what the difference is it gonna be changes We are rolling out to improve the skill share premium minutes. That's the most important thing is that we're swapping over from premium enrollments, which is how many people you get to sign up to. How many minutes somebody watches, which I think is a better system because you get to see people are more invested in your course, rather than just clicking through and signing up and never taking the actual course problems to be aware of when trying to produce courses on digital daily legacy every single day. There's a lot of weird things that can happen from broken keyboards to a Bluetooth mouse. Power enough with batteries and things that just get in the way from repetition, doing things every single day and how important it is to have backups because you got almost mission critical situation and finally, why you must become a platform agnostic in 2017 to earn effectively. I think most people are making courses whenever there's a change with a course company online or start up online. Everybody's looking to make sure that they get the most out of it. I think being distributed this year is gonna be massive. 2. 1.0 - the 31 days setup process: brand new in 2017. These are skilled cards. Do check out some of my other courses. Also gonna be dropping Easter eggs and surprises in here as well. All right, then on to 1.0 are set up process and time it took to develop the advent color in December . The key part, I think for me to get the daily content going out was building a proper spreadsheet. A Google spreadsheet could be anything piece of software that you got yourself or making sure that you've got those tractor you RL's in there. I had the image you are l I had the free the premium links to the actual graphics in the cloud so that I could just jump in any time of the day. You get straight to the course, created all the draft courses, all the 31 draft courses ahead of time. So I didn't have to go in there and do that. I just had to concentrate one particular job. So I think that was one of the key points for me. Would be more organized about the deliverables. Which part had I already done had I done the image that I had done the description had I done the keynote. All of these separate steps were tasked in their own right. What ideas? I concentrated on those particular areas. So I spent a morning mapping out the 31 days graphics. For instance, on camera, I did one graphic and duplicate the 31 days and change the text and change the background colors a little bit. That was one task done that took me like a morning. And then I also spent probably two or three hours in the afternoon making a block of all the 31 images. That way, I I know in my mind that I've done the images. When I create a new course, I don't have to go, and I don't have to change my process. My mind. I think that's one of the biggest problems is compartmentalizing each part. I'm gonna do the graphics, gonna do the text when you do. That recording is very difficult, at least for May is very difficult to switch my mind into a different task to be able to kind of production line it that way. So what I tend to do is I work on a particular area on dual that area, and then I know it's done. I can put that into the spreadsheet. Like I said, I created 31 draft courses on skill shared and put the whole description or text in there. I just gave it. The title went through for each day to one day. The courses I actually did put the graphics into each one of those courses that when I brought the draft up, I knew I had the right course for just a little bit of power Tip that I linked them all upon the spreadsheet as well, so that I can click on the U. R. L and jump straight into the draft course and start working so I could record the course on uploaded all the videos without having to dig around. It's not the easiest admin in the world to find a draft courses once you've got things set up. So just having been linked to be on a jump in time saver, I wrote out all the descriptions on projects for all of the courses. I did them five at a time. So again, this was another test that I did. If I felt in a certain mood if I got up late or if I got up early. If I didn't feel like recording because I was still waking up, then I would spend an hour, two hours, maybe three hours on just working on those five descriptions, putting the descriptions in, putting the project and making sure they had the image in there putting tags in all the different skills, just so that I knew that all out to do for a task. Then was recalled the keynote edit, the keynote uploads. There was different processes that I did, and that works better for me because I can look at my days, have 12 hours a day to be able to do work, which areas to walk I want to work on. And if it's late on in the day and I've already done the video editing that I can just go through that like chore of Eddie editing things and put them up so it works for me. It might work differently for you. You might want to work on one thing and then another and changing up throughout the day. But I find that I I work better when I concentrate. Make sure I have the assets to be able to do one of the jobs very difficult for me to do. Video recording, for instance, in the evening. I prefer that that morning energy and then do the editing later on because I can multi task and do other things. So I created 31 keynote files. Actually did those separately is a separate task or with different colors. I got all those colors from color lovers dot com. I'm not very good myself picking colors or matching colors. So there's a great website color lovers, the do palates and all kinds of different styles of pellets that you can import into your favor. Graphics programs. And it probably took me about 1.5 to two weeks to get all of those templates done. So I spent a quiet, quality amount of time on getting those 31 days templates done obviously now, in 2017 of redesigned the templates moving forward. Each was 20 minutes to record 50 minutes toe edit inside off screen flow and then an hour to edit inside of my movie. Yes, I still use I'm movie. I cannot afford final coat Pro X. If anybody wants to donate it or give me money for it, that would be great. I would love to learn it. Andi have a bit more skills of video editing power that. 3. 1.1 - understanding the december data: or then so 1.1. Understanding the skill Share December data to help with premium minutes change in 2017. Big change in 2017 is that skill shares moving away, premium enrollments and moving to premium minutes. I doubled my enrollments in December and actually went past it by 50 premium enrollments for December, which is huge for May. Yes, it was a lot more work because I was doing daily videos, but I felt like it gave me a really good base of data toe work. From out of those 31 courses, 10 had more traffic and more minutes watched in the rest of them. So that means I can concentrate on those particular 10 courses because it's obviously of interest to people. Means I can expand on. Those go into more detail, do screen casts. I found that regular daily content did not see anyone unsubscribe, which was the biggest surprise. May I thought doing daily video would put people off daily courses because it be too annoying to frustrating to be able to get these updates. But I felt like it really worked in December and especially because it was on the Advent calendar theme. I noticed throughout December that the followers just kept on growing at my biggest growth in the six months in December. Actually, I realized that I must increase the course length ideally by three times. What I'm already doing a lot of the courses throughout December around 10 minutes 11 minutes, 12 minutes. That's just not gonna work in 2017 because it's all about the premium minutes. I think it be really difficult for me to actually carry on during those in 2017 and get any effect from the new former. So I've got I've got a multiply that by three of the 11 minute videos need to be 33 minute videos, and that means I'm not gonna be padding out those videos. What I need to do is go into more detail. I need to do step by step, and I just need to increase the size of the file so that people watching the course, admittedly, they want those quick 20 minute courses. But for my instructor side, I need to be able to make sure that's worthwhile me doing courses on skill share, so I need to almost bring more value, and I think that's I think that's a fair. I think that's a fair thing that skill share doing. They want the quality courses to write the service, so I'm bringing up my quality and increasing that to suit courses with screen casts going into detail outperformed those without them. So I'm gonna be doing a lot more of those screen Cascos. People seem to spend more time on focusing on them. I'd love to be able to get a breakdown per second, similar to the way that we steer dot com works bail to see where people are stopping and starting. Are they actually playing a video and then stopping them, writing down notes and doing it for themselves? I love to be able to have people on our live stream, for instance, on want one actually walking through the process themselves with any questions they have, because I think that would improve. My course is also same. People use the same free coupons and have similar non watching stats. So I think in 2017 I want to be moving away from free. I think free is getting to be quite pointless. Now. People are doing this thing where they sign up to something, but they don't actually watch. And I think skill sheriff noticed that, and they want all of these basic courses or the ones that are not being watched for whatever reason, to sort of fall away by the wayside in the popular ones rise to the top. And it means that the instructors that are going to do well are the ones that have content that people are watching all the way through. 4. 1.2 - changes we are rolling out in 2017: don't forget to check out some other skill cards. Got loads, Of course, is that I didn't in December. If you didn't catch them, right, that 1.2 changes we are rolling out to improve our skill share premium minutes this year. I want to increase the visual quality off the presentation off all of the teaching elements . By doing a cleaner designer. Hope you feel that this is a nice, cleaner design of change. The font put some more styling into it and actually gone through under a lot more optimization on the engagement. You following along more hands on screen cast walking through everything step by step to the end result. I think a lot of the stuff that I put out was a little bit subjective. I was kind of telling you how things were happening, but no, actually showing you said that you could go through and install those things in your own digital strategy. I'm gonna definitely do that in 2017. I'm gonna be rolling out additional content additional to the courses as a bonus. So uploading archive live streams, for instance, when we do the live stream review shown very excited in 2017 to be making a live review show where we review other courses. It could be skilled. Share could be you. To me, it could be any course instructor is doing something really special online. We're going to try and cover as many of those as possible looking for four or five existing online instructors. If you're out there. If you want to be part of that life show, do get in touch. Gonna be putting in time features. I've already started with skill cards to make watching the complete course all the way through mawr importance. I'm gonna be putting east their eggs in their little contests, time sensitive things. So people who take the course for the 1st 24 hours they signed up to a link that might only be tens places on that link and so incentivizes you to go through the course. I'm not gonna put in the same location every time to put in different places throughout the course, so you won't know where it is. See laughter. Watch the course to be able to find it, which I think is a nice little tip. Testimonials and interviews with successful online course makers that is, engaging personal oneto, one with course instructors who have been doing this now for 23 years, I have established themselves as a sort of pioneer in their field. I've been doing this for six months. I'm very interested in turning this into a full time job newsletter. Scheduling with better call to action of Just started using get review this year, I heartily said, suggest that if you've not heard of it, it's almost like a trimmed down version of off Mel Chimp like a newsletter Systems really easy to use, pushing out more updates this year for learning and action instead of that sign up apathy of people just signing up but never taking the courses. 5. 1.3 - the problems of creating daily: Okay, 1.3 problems to be aware of when trying to produce courses on digital video daily. Obviously, for 31 days of December, I felt pressurised in two or three off the days off December, I felt like I had no control over it, even though I have my spreadsheet, there was things external to life, as there always is when you're trying to do some this toe work, work on the computer to be able to do the online courses. And so there was a couple of times where it was kind of difficult, so I wanted to put those together so that you don't have to go through them so that you can be ready for them if they do happen. I believe that the Advent calendar worked because people understood the idea off a daily Advent calendar release. I don't think daily courses is a thing that should be done on any course website unless it's themed around a certain season. Certain idea, maybe Easter Christmas. Valentine's something like that. I think the only reason people didn't unsubscribe in December is they will get a new content every single day, and they understood the advent calendar. The idea of opening the door and seeing what's behind that door very similar and approach. And I got a lot of support on Facebook, with people saying that it was a good idea, which made me a bit more enthused to do it. Skill share does have a problem I've noticed from time to time with encoding your video, it can fall over. You need to upload it again. So I didn't rely on doing same day uploads because that gave me some sort of anxiety and stress that will. This will blow today. Will it go live? Will I not have a course uploaded today? And will people have been following along daily be annoyed that they didn't get a day? Or will I drop a day? So I tried to upload some of the course is a couple of days in advance, and I got to a point where I had three recorded and three to edit on. I will be uploading. Those courses would be two or three days ahead, which was nice because then I didn't have the anxiety. But there was a couple of days with skill share, especially near the 20 year 21st where the uploads will go in a bit. Walking. It wasn't working. I was thinking that people actually off work or finish for the holidays on I was a little bit stressed. How about that? So don't always rely, amount or played a blowed on the same day. Always check your audio before making a recording. I had two occasions where the audio was completely distorted and I didn't get anything out of it. What so ever had to re record the whole course, which was so frustrating? Anybody who does this, I will tell you that having to re record something is an absolute nightmare trying to have a replacement equipment, especially when you have a wireless keyboard or a mouse watch. The weather reports. Some days I couldn't actually do any recording because of the rain on my roof. I don't have told you this before, but I live in a caravan where I do my courses and rain on the roof equals riel noise on the microphones. People don't want to listen to me doing a course in the rainforest. Buy a cheap external USB three power drive for moving your original work files to to make extra space. I probably got through 200 to 300 gigabytes in the 31 days, which obviously slows down your machine. Put that onto an external device. Get off your machine just speeds up your machine when it comes to editing. 6. 1.4 - plan to be platform agnostic: to check out these extra courses. This five links at the bottom, humble dot link forward slash and just take any of these courses. I would really love your support. Why you must become platform agnostic in 2017 toe. Earn effectively online. By the way, I did put this image on here on the right outside. Go and check it out. It's a fantastic podcast. I'm just giving them props in the hope that they won't tell me off about putting their image up. But they have got such cool image that ought to drop it on here. The skeptics guide to the universe your escaped a reality fantastic podcast that you should definitely be listening to in 2017 especially if you're a course maker. It's really nice time in the background while you're working on building out your course. Startups for selling courses can change at any time. What they say benefits you not always true, have not felt in the last couple of months that by the changeover from the premium room role, Mr Premium Minutes, it was very quick. It happened like overnight, they said. We're searching to this. This is happening. I felt There was a big disconnect there between skill share on us, the community of people who putting courses out. I think they put a clear message out about who they want on their platform, what kind of providers they want on the platform, and that's fine. But it did give me cause for concern, and obviously I've changed my game a little bit to be a little bit different as a skill share presenters. So maybe that worked out in their favor. But it also made me look at hosting on my own website and look at other providers because I didn't feel in that moment. Very invested in as a supplier, of course, is any course startup that's been around for a while after a certain amount of growth tends to get a quiet, have seen this hell of a lot. After a year or two years, you start to hear little murmurs in the background of a company wanting to acquire another company, and then most sites are shuttered. That means our shut down or at least his crew. The team behind the product is put on a skeleton staff. That means you only have a few staff There's no advancements, there's no updates. And then, after a year after acquisition, probably really good to make sure you have backups of your stuff. Not that they won't give you a download. It Scrabble your content will be able to download it in some way. I just These things happen very quickly, as we saw with the premium enrollments. Go to premium minutes, have backups and start looking around at other places to host. I would recommend you don't have one site just host on anyway. Host on other sides, increase the course size host on your own site. If you could do that, increase that email list. That email list is gonna be paramount in 2017. Moving forward because you want to be able to transport and move that community to the platform that you want to work with. I think in time, on demand platforms linked to devices like the Amazon Echo, Alexia will start to increase. Imagine coming home, your average person saying I really want to learn how to do video editing in final cut pro . Tell me whose current who can tell me how to do that? Be enough to say that audio to a little thing like the Amazon echo, and it bring you upon your set top box a course from skill. Cheryl, you, to me doesn't really matter at that stage to the person the client watching, what platform it's on discovery ability of your course is gonna be paramount. So I'll be really looking into that in 2017 because we're starting to see a lot of artificial intelligence and set top boxes and Amazon a coming in really hard with their their voice activation stuff on linking that to different silos of video content, especially with their Amazon video direct. I think it's gonna be huge. Never have one reliance. That's my biggest take away here on one income stream. Always be adapting and reform that that content be agnostic with that content for all the platforms 7. 1.5 - the roundup & social: All right, then. So the round up hope this course helped you plan a better waiver putting together content in 2017. Remember to break everything down into chunks and focus on each of those areas independently. It may seem a little bit weird to just focus on that bit, and that's liver. And that's liver because it doesn't feel like you're getting anywhere. But over time it starts to build up. You start to roll things out regularly, and you realize that actually, by doing all those parts separately, that you can pull it off, please. Feedback on the new format I hope you like. It spent a good 23 days on working on the farm and the layout on the graphics and the video , and I really like it. Feels friendly, feels open, feels like nice and airy, so I'd love your feedback on that scale. Share now pays teachers for enrollments for minutes now, instead of the premium enrollments, so please watch completely all the way through the course. Go and check out some of those other courses with skill cards. That's something that I've come up with an engineered into my courses. Have you enjoy it. And just some social sites now for you to contact me after the course is finished. I really want us to take off together in 2017. I feel really good energy for January. You can get automatic updates of new courses by going premium enrollments from online training. Doc, click four slash may. You can get behind the scenes stuff that we're doing on the newsletter at Digest that Doctor s e double T d E e city. I would love to see on the live show looking for people toe watch what? I'm also looking for course instructors at Team Humble dot Link four slash live stream. And finally, for life stream events were putting up a Facebook group. I hope you've enjoyed this new course 2017. I'm really glad that I've actually got it out and done. And I will see you soon