An Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Managing a Virtual Team | Rebecca Livermore | Skillshare

An Online Entrepreneur’s Guide to Building and Managing a Virtual Team

Rebecca Livermore, Blogger, Author, Content Manager

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16 Videos (1h 17m)
    • Introduction

    • Objections

    • The High Cost of Doing Everything Yourself

    • How to Know You're Ready to Hire Help

    • 3 Lists to Freedom

    • Setting a Budget

    • Temp, Part-Time and Full-Time Workers

    • U.S. Vs. Overseas

    • Agency vs. Independent

    • Training Team Members

    • Sharing Files and Passwords

    • Practice the Golden Rule

    • Communication

    • When Things Go Wrong

    • Growing Pains

    • Your Project


About This Class

Have you ever felt stuck as an entrepreneur? Do you sometimes feel like the amount of time it takes to build a business simply isn't worth it?

If you've ever worried that you simply don't have all the skills you need to run a successful business, or if you've ever been overwhelmed by all the work that goes along with being an entrepreneur, then this class is for you!

In this class you'll discover:

  • The benefits of building a team
  • Low-cost ways to build a team
  • How to determine whether or not you're ready to build your dream team
  • The best way to decide which tasks to get help with
  • Tips for hiring your first team members
  • How to train your team so you can put things on autopilot and never have to worry about whether or not important tasks are being done properly
  • How to securely share passwords and files with your team members
  • Tips for communicating with your team to keep everyone on the same page
  • How to nurture loyalty in your team members
  • 5 ways to deal with team conflict
  • And what to do when things go wrong

Bestselling author Rebecca Livermore knows better than most how to build and manage a virtual team. Not only does she run a successful blog with the help of her own team members, she's also worked for top entrepreneurs such as Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, Marcus Sheridan and Patrick Bet-David. She knows firsthand what it's like to be a virtual team member and what it's like to manage virtual team members of her own. Her unique perspective will help you grow a strong and healthy team that will not only work for you, but that will help you nurture team loyalty from your virtual dream team.





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Rebecca Livermore

Blogger, Author, Content Manager

Rebecca Livermore is a bestselling author, blogger, and the owner of Professional Content Creation, a company focused on helping business owners use content to market their businesses. She has worked as a freelance writer since 1993 and has served as a content manager for top bloggers such as Michael Hyatt, Amy Porterfield, and Marcus Sheridan.

Her passion is helping others create content more strategically so that they get the results they desire through their content marketi...

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